1814-1853 - The Missionary Register [Sections relating to New Zealand.] - 1849 - Church Missionary Society, Wesleyan Missionary Society etc. p 219-222

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  1814-1853 - The Missionary Register [Sections relating to New Zealand.] - 1849 - Church Missionary Society, Wesleyan Missionary Society etc. p 219-222
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Church Missionary Society, Wesleyan Missionary Society etc.

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New Zealand.

Application has been made by the B F Bible Society to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for permission to print an edition of the Psalms from the Psalter forming a part of the New-Zealand Common-Prayer Book in course of publication by that Society. The request was very courteously complied with, and 20,000 copies of the book are now in the press. The translation is conformed to the Bible Version of the Psalms. The Committee have been also induced, on the representation of the Church Missionary Society, to undertake an edition of the Pentateuch and Book of Joshua in the New-Zealand Language. This work, originally prepared and printed by the Missionaries there, has subsequently passed under the revision of a Syndicate appointed by Bishop Selwyn, and has been sent to this country, with the Bishop's approbation, to be printed. The Church Missionary Society having asked for 5000 copies, an edition of 10,000 is ordered, one-half of which is promised to that Society, the other half is reserved for the use of the Wesleyan Missionaries. The North German Missionary Society has received a grant of 200 copies of the New-Zealand Scriptures, and 262 copies in English, Italian, and Spanish, for the use of their Missionaries at Ruapuki, New Zealand; the former books for the Heathen and Converts, the latter for Christian Sailors and Settlers, with whom they come into frequent intercourse--P. 217.


The sum of 100l. has been granted to the Bishop of New Zealand for a small fount of Greek and Hebrew Type; 500 Prayer Books; Publications for Lending Libraries, value 25l.; Prayer Books for Schools, value 15l.; and 920 copies of the Liturgy in the language of New Zealand. Also 500 Prayer Books, and Publications, value 8l, have been granted to Mrs. Martin for Soldiers, Schools, and rewards for the children of settlers--P. 217.


Three Students of St. John's College, New Zealand, have been ordained, and the College is beginning to discharge its duty of ministering to the neighbourhood--P. 217.


STATIONS AND LABOURERS --The Stations are taken in their order from north to south. Kaitaia lies in the north-west of the Northern Island; the five which follow are connected with the Bay of Islands. At a considerable distance to the southward

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Church Missionary Society--

lie Waikato, at the mouth of the river of that name, on the west coast, and Manukau, 25 miles inland: east of Manukau lies Hauraki: and further eastward, on the coast, Tauranga. Rotorua is in the centre of the Island--Poverty Bay, or Turanga, nearly in the same latitude, on the east coast--and Entry Island, or Kapati, off the south-west coast, and is the head-quarters of a district extending along the coast, from Port Nicholson on the south to the River Wanganui on the north. One Missionary till lately resided at Nelson, in the Middle Island.

NORTHERN DISTRICT --Kaitaia: 1834: Joseph Matthews: W. G. Puckey, Cat. --Tepuna: 1815: John King, Cat. --Kerikeri, with an Out-Station at Wangaroa: 1839: James Kemp, James Shepherd, Cat. --Paihia: 1823: and Waikare: Henry Williams--Waimate: 1831: Robert Burrows: G. Clarke, Sec, of Mission --Kaikohe: Richard Davis. Nat. As. 99 --Communicants, 996 -- Schools, 68: Scholars, 2689. There are 10 Churches built with boards, and between 30 and 40 native-built rush Chapels.

MIDDLE DISTRICT --Bishop's Auckland: William C. Dudley, George Adam Kissling --Waikato: Robert Maunsell: Kaitotehe: 1843: Benj. Yate Ashwell, Cat. --Otawao: 1843: John Morgan, Cat. --Hauraki: James Preece, Cat. --Tauranga: 1835: Alfred N. Brown, Christopher P. Davis --Rotorua: Thos. Chapman. 74 Nat. As. --Communicants, 955 -- Schools, 93: Scholars, 5418. There are nearly 100 native-built Chapels, and about 10,000 attendants at Public Worship.

EASTERN DISTRICT --Hicks' Bay: Poverty Bay or Turanga: Wm. Williams, Thomas Lloyd Tudor --Uawa: Charles Baker --Opotiki: John A. Wilson, Cat. --Wairoa: James Hamlin --Waitangi: Wm. Colenso. 115 Nat. As. This District contains five Stations, viz. Turanga, in Poverty Bay, at which Archdeacon Williams resides -- Uawa, 36 miles north of Turanga, where Mr. C. Baker commenced a new Station -- Rangitukia, near Waiapu, where another new Station was commenced by Mr. J. Stack -- Kauakaua, in Hicks' Bay, where the Rev. G. A. Kissling is stationed -- and Opotiki, under the care of Mr. J. A. Wilson, which has been transferred from the Middle District, in consequence of its more immediate connection with this District -- Communicants, 1668 -- Schools, 83: Scholars, 2519.

WESTERN DISTRICT --Entry Island: Wanganui: Richard Taylor- Waikanae: Octavius Hadfield, Samuel Williams --Nat. As. 75 -- Communicants, 1207 -- Schools, 74 -- Scholars, 3820. The Rev. C. L. Reay died at Waiapu on the 1st of April. Mr. James Stack and his family left New Zealand in November, and arrived in London in May 1848. Mr. John Telford sailed for New Zealand on the 11th of September --Pp. 217, 218, 407, 448; and see, at pp. 47-53, 105, 284-286, 320-325, 359-367, 444-446, 480, 481, many Particulars of the Mission.


(As given in the Forty-eighth Report).

Labourers in 23 Stations, 396; being 18 Missionaries, 13 European Catechists, 2 European Female Teachers, 315 Male and 48 Female Native Assistants -- The number of Attendants on Public Worship and Scholars is not reported.

There have been no fresh disturbances in the Northern District since the suppression of Heke's revolt. The outbreak in the South, in the Valley of the Hutt, has also been quelled; but in each case much excitement and unsettledness remain. A formidable insurrection has taken place on the Western Coast at Wanganui, of which an account has been given in connection with the Missionary Station at that place. These events are

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here alluded to, to remind the Society's friends of the difficulties which still beset the Missionaries, and which hinder the progress of the Gospel among the Natives.

In those parts in which there has been comparative quietness, an evident progress has been made in the religious improvement of the Natives, and the ground lost during the previous commotions has been partially recovered. The late trials proved a sifting time: multitudes have fallen back into a mere nominal profession of the faith, some few have apostatized to their old heathen practices, and some have been purified and their Christian Graces have shone forth with the lustre which marks the power of a Divine Operation.

His Excellency Governor Grey has manifested a very lively interest in the Society's Operations, having visited many of the Missionaries at their Stations, and encouraged them by his counsel and pecuniary assistance. He has frankly communicated to the Society his views of what seemed to him to have been objectionable in the conduct of some of the Missionaries with reference to land purchases; but at the same time bears honourable testimony to the labours of the Society, and to the great results which, under God, have been accomplished through its instrumentality.


STATIONS AND LABOURERS -- Auckland: Walter Lawry, General Superintendant of the Society's Missions in New Zealand, and Visitor of those in the Friendly Islands and Feejee, Thomas Buddle: George Stannard, As. -- Pehiakura: Henry H. Lawry--Mangungu and Wangaroa: John Hobbs -- Waima and Newark: John Warren, William Kirk -- Wairoa and Kaipara: James Buller -- Waingaroa and Waipa: James Wallis, George Buttle--Aotea (Beechamdale), Kawia, and Mokau: John Whiteley, Gideon Smales-- Taranaki, North (New Plymouth): Henry H. Turton --Taranaki, South (Waimate): William Woon --Port Nicholson, Kapiti, and Cloudy Bay: Samuel Ironsides, James Watkin --Middle Island: Nelson: John Aldred -- Waikowaiti, near Otago: Charles Creed -- Gratuitous Sunday-School Teachers, 395 -- Local Preachers, 289 -- Members, 3778 -- Scholars: Male, 3578; Female, 3085 -- Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, and Mr. and Mrs. Reid embarked for New Zealand on the 22d of December --Pp. 218, 219; and p. 160 of our present Volume.

The Local Reports recently received from the Society's Missionaries in New Zealand are calculated in their general complexion to stimulate to greater endeavours in the arduous work of elevating a barbarous aboriginal people to the privileges and enjoyments of Christian and civilized life, and of preparing them to unite with their White Neighbours-- the British Colonists--in one peaceful and well-ordered community. Many and formidable have been the obstacles which the Missionaries have had to encounter; but through the furthering blessing of Almighty God their work of Christian Philanthropy continues to prosper. The Gospel wins its way among the Native Inhabitants of the land; and its effects are seen in the beneficial change of character which results. If some of the Native Converts, yielding to the evil influences to which they were exposed, have swerved from their stedfastness, the Missionaries have cause to rejoice in the good conduct of their people generally, and in the addition of new Converts from the ranks of heathenism. Nor do the Committee appeal exclusively to the statements of the Missionaries themselves, in support of this favourable view of the present state and prospects of the Society's Mission in New Zealand. It is confirmed by independent testimony given upon the spot.


The Committee has voted 36 reams of paper and 10l. to the Rev. R. Maunsell for the publication of Tracts containing a History of the Events in the Old Testament; to the Rev. J. Matthews 20,000 copies of a Tract entitled "Scripture Ejaculations;" to the Rev. Thomas Buddle, of Auckland, who has remitted 22l. 10s. 4d. for Books sold, Books on sale value 50l, and 7150 Tracts; and supplies to a Scotch Colony.

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NEW ZEALAND--Chatham Island: Schirmeister, Muller, Beyer, Bankes, Engst--P. 219.


Ruapuki: J. F. H. Wohlers-- Nelson: J. W. Ch. Heine, Lay As. --Tarakihi--1846: J. F. Riemenschneider: T. H. Trost, As. --P. 219.

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