1858 - Stones, W. New Zealand, (the Land of Promise) and its Resources - [Advertisements] p 1-10

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  1858 - Stones, W. New Zealand, (the Land of Promise) and its Resources - [Advertisements] p 1-10
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Free Gift of a Forty Acre Farm.

EVERY industrious Man or Woman of good character, and not, through age, infirmity, or other cause, unlikely to form a useful Colonist, will, on approval, receive a Free Gift of Forty Acres of Good Land, in the Province of Auckland, New Zealand, together with Forty Acres more for each Person above Eighteen Years, and Twenty Acres for each Child above Five, and under Eighteen Years of Age, whom he may take with him to the Colony.

The Order for this Land, which will be chosen by the Emigrant himself, will be delivered to all eligible applicants, without Fee, by Messrs. ALEX. F. RIDGWAY & SONS, Agents to the Provincial Government of Auckland, at their Offices, 40, Leicester Square, London. The only condition is that the party shall have engaged to find his own way to the Colony, and this he can do at an expense of about £16 for Passage, on applying to some respectable Ship Broker engaged in the New Zealand Trade.

Agricultural Labourers and Servants, Mechanics of various kinds, Domestic Servants (Male and Female), and Farmers, and others with Capital (although small Capital), are more especially elgible; but Young Men in the rank of Gentlemen, who have not been brought up to any profession or business, or who are without sufficient Capital to establish themselves in the Province, and to employ labour, are not generally desirable as Emigrants, and will, under existing arrangements, not receive these Grants.

Where a considerable number of Persons may desire to Emigrate in a body, and form a small community in the Province, the Provincial Government will favour such a community, by endeavouring to provide superior Lands and an advantageous location. The Agents will be happy to communicate with any parties desiring to form such a community.

40, Leicester Square, London, September, 1858.

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