1846 - Marjoribanks, A. Travels in New Zealand - [Advertisement for books]

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  1846 - Marjoribanks, A. Travels in New Zealand - [Advertisement for books]
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[Advertisement for books]

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SMITH, ELDER & Co. beg respectfully to announce that they are preparing for publication the Travels of Alexander MARJORIBANKS, Esq. of MARJORIBANKS, in NEW ZEALAND--NEW SOUTH WALES, and the EMPIRE of BRAZIL, in South America.

These Works will be published in Three separate small volumes, each volume complete in itself, and as the price of each will be only 4s. 6d., they will thus come within the reach of the whole of the reading community.

The First Volume, viz.. - Travels in New Zealand, has just been published, and will be found to contain an interesting account of that rising colony. The two subsequent volumes will appear in the course of a few months, and will embrace the latest intelligence from the respective countries on which they treat.

The Author's Travels in New South Wales, which will form the subject of the Second Volume, will contain an accurate account of Transportation in general; with a detailed view of the treatment of the vast convict or prison population now scattered over these extensive regions. An account will also be given of the system of Bushranging, as practised in that singular country.

The Third Volume, which treats of Brazil, will give a description of the system of Slavery, as at present in vigorous operation throughout that extensive empire; with a few remarks on the important abstract question of slavery in general, its early history, its legality and leading features. This volume will also contain a brief account of the different British Colonies to which emigration may be directed, viz. The Canadas--The Cape of Good Hope and Algoa Bay, --Van Diemen's Land--Port Philip-- South and Western Australia--including Texas and the United States of America.

The Publishers have reason to think that these Volumes, when published, will be found extremely useful to all classes of the community, --forming in fact a complete Colonial Library in themselves.

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