1843 - Letters from Settlers and Labouring Emigrants - [Advertisements for books]

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  1843 - Letters from Settlers and Labouring Emigrants - [Advertisements for books]
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[Advertisements for books]

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And to be had of every Bookseller in the Kingdom,

In Demy 8vo. with a Map and Plates. Fifth Edition, price 3s. cloth.

An ACCOUNT of the SETTLEMENTS of the NEW ZEALAND COMPANY, from Personal Observations during a Residence there. By the Hon. HENRY WILLIAM PETRE.

"This is a valuable contribution to our sources of information respecting New Zealand, and the best proof of the Author's very favourable opinion of this country, is his making immediate arrangements to return there as a Colonist."

"A remarkably clear and well written pamphlet, to which an excellent Map and some clever Engravings give a more complete interest; the proofs of its sincerity are unquestionable."--Examiner.

A smaller edition of the above work has been published for the accommodation of Emigrants. Price, without the Maps or Plates, 1s.

Just Published, price 2s. 6d. cloth.

NARRATIVE of a RESIDENCE in various parts of NEW ZEALAND, together with a Description of the Present State of the Company's Settlements. By CHARLES HEAPHY.

"Of all the Works about the New Zealand Settlements, Mr. Heaphy's will best tell the inquirer 'What they are like.'"--Spectator.

"This is a valuable, unpretending, and well written narrative. It contains much useful information, and, in the hands of those who intend to emigrate, it will prove a valuable directory."--Atlas.

Post 8vo., price 8s. cloth, with Maps and Plates.

NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, and NEW SOUTH WALES; a Record of Recent Travels in these Colonies, with especial reference to Emigration, and the advantageous employment of Labour and Capital. By R. G. JAMESON, Esq.

"Mr. Jameson is an intelligent and unprejudiced observer, and has made good use of his faculties."---Spectator.

"One of the most intelligent accounts of New Zealand and Australia that has yet appeared."--Colonial Gazette.

"Those persons who intend to settle in either of the places which Mr. Jameson treats of, will certainly be made familiar through the medium of his book with many things which they might otherwise only acquire at the expense of a long and dearly-bought experience."--Globe.

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Price 2s. sewed.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION relative to NEW ZEALAND, comprising Dispatches and Journals of the Company's Officers in New Zealand, with Descriptions of the Natives, the State of Society, and the Agricultural and Commercial Capabilities of the Country. By JOHN WARD, Esq., Secretary to the New Zealand Company.

Just Published, price 1s. stitched.


"In the pamphlet before us, the authors--from a well-grounded conviction that their statements will tend to promote future interests--have brought before the public numerous facts tending to show that the cultivation of flax,in the rising and flourishing Colony of New Zealand would be attended with great success; while we sincerely trust that the suggestions thrown out will not be lost sight of."--City Chronicle.

THE NEW ZEALAND PORTFOLIO. Conducted by H. S. CHAPMAN, Barrister-at-Law.

This Publication contains a Series of Articles upon New Zealand, highly interesting to Emigrants, and those who have Property or Friends in that Colony, and is published at the commencement of each month, with the Magazines.

Six Parts are now Published, price 6d. each.

Just Published, price 1s. sewed.

LATEST INFORMATION from the Settlement of NEW PLYMOUTH, comprising Letters from Settlers there, with an Account of its General Products and Commercial Capabilities. Illustrated with Wood-cuts.

In Demy 8vo., price 3s. 6d. sewed.

NEW ZEALAND DESCRIBED: a Series of Letters on the Colonization of that Island, and on the Present Condition and Prospects of its Native Inhabitants. By JOHN DUNMORE LANG, D.D., Principal of the Australian College, and Senior Minister of the Church of Scotland in New South Wales.

"To persons who may have formed an idea of betaking themselves to this new asylum, we earnestly recommend Dr. Lang's book, a seasonable, authentic, and highly useful pamphlet."-- Times.

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Recently published, in Demy 8vo., price 2s. sewed.


Observations on the Climate of New Zealand, particularly with reference to its superior Sanative or Healthy Character, and its Congenial and Remedial Effects on the English Constitution; with a General Account of the Island, its Animal and Vegetable Productions, its Agricultural Resources, and its Commercial Capabilities as a Residence for British Emigrants and Capitalists. By WILLIAM SWAINSON, Esq.

"This is a clear and faithful resume of everything relative to the climate of New Zealand, especially in reference to its influence on the health of Europeans."

Small 8vo. Price 1s. stitched.


"This is the best Tract that has yet appeared concerning these Settlements; it is short, yet full of information, and written with the strictest impartiality. His picture of the Natives is extremely accurate and valuable."--Atlas.

Published under the Patronage of the Aborigines Protection Society, 8vo. Price One Shilling.

NEW ZEALAND and its NATIVE POPULATION. By Ernest Dieffenbach, M.D., Naturalist to the New Zealand Company.

Now ready, in post 8vo. Price 1s. sewed.

The COLONIZATION of NEW ZEALAND. Translated from the German of Professor CHARLES RITTER, of Berlin,

"This unbiassed and valuable account of New Zealand, by a distinguished foreigner, will be perused in England with all the interest it has so justly created throughout Germany and on the Continent generally."--London Review.

Just Published, in Demy 8vo. Price One Shilling.

REMARKS on NELSON, the latest Settlement of the New-Zealand Company; its Climate, Soil, Productions, Native Inhabitants, Geographical Situation and Capabilities, &c.

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Just Published, price 8s. plain, and 5s. coloured, with a descriptive Key,

A Large VIEW of LAMBTON HARBOUR, in Port Nicholson, comprehending the Water Frontage of the Town of Wellington; beautifully executed in Tinted Lithography, from the Original Drawing, by CHARLES HEAPHY, Draftsman to the New Zealand Company.

Also, uniform with the above,

A VIEW of Part of the TOWN of WELLINGTON, looking towards the South-East, and comprising One-third of the Water Frontage.

"These splendid Views are exquisitely drawn on stone by T. ALLOM, from the Original Paintings recently made by C. HEAPHY, Esq., and convey a most faithful and complete idea of the general scenery of this very beautiful and interesting country."--London Review:

Just Published, price 2s. 6d. tinted, or 5s. beautifully coloured after Nature.

A VIEW of NELSON HAVEN, in Tasman's Gulf, including part of the Site of the intended Town of Nelson.

Price 3s. plain, and 5s. coloured.

A Large VIEW of MOUNT EGMONT; taken from the North Shore of Cook's Strait, the foreground shewing the Natives burning off Wood for Potato Grounds. Executed in the highest style of Tinted Lithography, by T. ALLOM, from a Drawing by CHARLES HEAPHY.

Just Published, price 1s. 6d. in sheet; and 2s. 6d. in case, coloured.

A MAP of NEW ZEALAND. A complete Map of the Islands op New Zealand, brought down to the Present Time, from the Government and other recent Surveys, and including the various Settlements of the New Zealand Company. Engraved from the large Map of New Zealand. By JOHN ARROWSMITH.

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Just published, Price 5s. coloured.

A large Panoramic View of the NEW PLYMOUTH SETTLEMENT, in the District of Taranaki, New Zealand, taken from the Anchorage Bay, showing the range of the Houses recently built by the natives in anticipation of the arrival of Emigrants. From a Drawing taken on board the Brougham. By GEORGE DUPPA, Esq.

On a large Imperial Folio sheet, price 5s. coloured.

A Complete Plan of THE TOWN OF WELLINGTON, the

First and Principal Settlement of the New Zealand Company. By CAPTAIN W. SMITH, Surveyor-General.

"This is one of the most beautifully executed Plans of a Town we have ever seen exhibiting the natural features of the surface, such as Hill and Dale. Every Town-Acre is marked with a double set of Figures, shewing the original numbers in the Surveyor-General's Plans, and also the positions of the respective Allotments, selected in the order of choice as drawn at the ballot in England, by which Proprietors of Land in this favoured spot may see at a glance the exact position of their respective Locations, and also that of their friends.

"The extent of land around the Town, reserved for Parks and Public purposes with the Native and Church Reserves, are also distinguished.'

Just completed, in large folio, price 5s. coloured. A PLAN of the TOWN OF NELSON, beautifully engraved on copper, from the Original Survey, by F. TUCKER, Surveyor to the New Zealand Company; showing the numbers and orders of choice of the allotments.

Just published, in imperial folio, price 4s. coloured. A PLAN of the TOWN OF NEW PLYMOUTH, drawn on Stone, from the Original Survey, by FREDERICK A. CARRINGTON, Surveyor to the New Zealand Company.

In demy 8vo., price 1s. 6d. sewed.

AN INDEX REFERENCE TO THE ABOVE PLAN, being a Key to the Numbers of the Allotments. The Plan and Index Reference together, price 5s.

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Just published, in a large folio sheet, price 8s. A COMPLETE CHART OF COOK'S STRAIT, NEW ZEALAND, from Cape Campbell to the North of New Plymouth: compiled from the Charts of CAPTAIN COOK, and the more recent English and French Navigators; with additional Surveys and Soundings.' By CHARLES HEAPHY, Esq., Draftsman to the First and Second Expeditions under the New Zealand Company.

To the above are added extended Charts, with Soundings of Port Nicholson, Tory Channel, Port Hardy, Port Underwood, Current Basin, Torrent Bay, and Nelson Haven; with complete Sailing Directions.

Just published, in imperial folio, price 2s. 6d.

A GENERAL PLAN OF THE DISTRICT SURROUNDING PORT NICHOLSON, showing the Numbers of the Country-Sections. By W. M. SMITH, Surveyor-General.

Just published, in imperial folio, price 3s.

A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN of the HARBOUR OF PORT NICHOLSON, with its various Bays, Islands, and Soundings, showing also the relative positions of the Town and Country Sections for several miles round the Town of Wellington, and distinguishing the rivers and state of the Soil, &c. throughout the respective districts. By W. M. SMITH, Surveyor-General.

"This is truly a comprehensive and highly interesting Map, beautifully executed. The whole of the Allotments in this valuable and extensive tract of country are clearly pointed out and distinguished by Numbers which at once show the Estates of the various proprietors."

Just published, price 2s.

A CHART OF TASMAN'S GULF, with the adjacent Coasts and Harbours, Cook's Strait, New Zealand. By CHARLES HEAPHY.

Intended for the use of Vessels bound for the New Zealand Company's Settlement of Nelson.

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