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Proposed additions to the collection

Many potential candidates for the Early New Zealand Books Collection are not held at the University of Auckland and attempts are being made to locate them in other New Zealand libraries.

A partnership agreement has been signed with Auckland Libraries to include around 60 items from their collections, including missing issues of the Missionary Register. A similar agreement has been signed with the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

A start has also been made on including published collections of letters and journals from the period to 1800-1870. Some of these are out of copyright (e.g. the Richmond-Atkinson Papers, the Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden and Marsden's Lieutenants). With others it has been necessary to obtain permission from editors and their estates (e.g. The Founding of New Zealand: the Journals of Felton Mathew and the Turanga Journals).

The long-term goal is to make the collection as complete as possible as far as published primary sources are concerned.

ePub versions of complete books for online reading on devices can now be downloaded from website chapters.


Auckland Libaries contributions to February, 2015:

1832 - Busby, J. Authentic Information relative to New South Wales and New Zealand

1836 - Report of the Formation and Establishment of the New Zealand Temperance Society

1838 - Beecham, J. Remarks Upon the Latest Official Documents Relating to New Zealand.

1838 - Hinds, Samuel. The latest Official Documents relating to New Zealand

1839 - Walton, John. Twelve Months Residence in New Zealand

1839 - White, William. Important Information Relative to New Zealand

1841 - Bright, John. Handbook for Emigrants and Others

1844 - Colenso, W. Excursion in the Northern Island of New Zealand in the Summer of 1841-42

1845 - Churton, Henry. Letters from Wanganui, New Zealand

1847 - Selwyn, G. England and the New Zealanders, Part I

1852 - Shaw, John. A Tramp to the Diggings [New Zealand sections only]

1852 - Rules and Regulations of the Constabulary Force of New Zealand

1854 - Grey, George. Memorandum upon a Letter addressed by Lord Lyttelton to Sir George Grey

1854 - Malone, R. E. Three Years' Cruise in the Australasian Colonies [NZ sections only]

1854 - Richardson, J. The First Christian Martyr of the New Zealand Church

1854 - Richardson, J. A Summer's Excursion in New Zealand

1855 - Davis, C. O. The Renowned Chief Kawiti and other New Zealand Warriors

1856 - Brown, A. N. Brief Memorials of an Only Son [2nd ed.]

1856 - Busby, James The First Settlers in New Zealand and their Treatment by the Government [2nd ed.]

1857 - Baker, A. New Zealand compared with Great Britain in its Physical and Social Aspects

1858 - Moon, H. An Account of the Wreck of H.M. Sloop "Osprey"

1860 - Bell, F. D. Notes by the Governor on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet entitled The Taranaki Question

1860 - Voices from Auckland, New Zealand

1860 - Weld, F. A. Hints to Intending Sheep-Farmers in New Zealand [New Zealand chapters]

1861 - Bunbury, T. Reminiscences of a Veteran [New Zealand chapters]

1863 - Wakefield, E. J. What will they do in the General Assembly?

1864 - Muter, E. Travels and Adventures of an Officer's Wife in India, China and New Zealand. [NZ Sections only]


Auckland War Memorial Museum contributions to February, 2015:

1840 - Campbell, E. The Present State, Resources and Prospects of New Zealand

1840 - Johnson, J. Pitts. Plain Truths, Told by a Traveller [New Zealand sections]

1840 - Rudge, J. An Address to the New Zealand Emigrants

1842 - Fox, William. Colonization and New Zealand

1842 - Mangles, R. How to Colonise

1843 - Jennings, J. New Zealand Colonization

1844 - Waterhouse, J. Journal of a Second Voyage from Hobart-Town [New Zealand sections]

1845 - Scheme of the Colony of the Free Church at Otago

1846 - The Auckland Pocket Almanack for the Year 1847

1848 - An Account of the Earthquakes in New Zealand

1848 - Arrangements for the Adjustment of Questions relating to Land in the Settlements of the New Zealand Company

1848 - Byrne, J. C. Twelve Years' Wanderings in the British Colonies [New Zealand sections]

1848 - Mantell, G. A. On the Fossil Remains of Birds Collected in New Zealand

1848 - Owen, R. On the Remains of the Gigantic and Presumed Extinct Wingless or Terrestrial Birds of New Zealand

1850 - Mantell, G. A. Notice of the Remains of the Dinornis

1852 - Gann, A. J. The New Zealand Emigration Circular for 1852

1852 - Martin, A. Journal of an Emigrant from Dorsetshire to New Zealand. [Typescript]

1852 - Peppercorne, F. S. Geological and Topographical Sketches of the Province of New Ulster

1852 - Rough, David. Narrative of a Journey through Part of the North of New Zealand

1853 - Collinson, T. B. Remarks on the Military Operations in New Zealand

1854 - Golder, W. The Pigeons' Parliament

1854 - Selfe, H. S. - The Accounts of the Canterbury Association, with Explanatory Remarks, in a Letter to Lord Lyttelton

1868 - Melvin, J. On the Causes which seem to have led to the Extinction of the New Zealand Moa

1871 - Haast, J. von. Moas and Moa Hunters

1868 - The History of Local Government in New Zealand

Last updated: 27 July, 2014