1932 - Elder, J. (Ed.) The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden - BIBLIOGRAPHY

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  1932 - Elder, J. (Ed.) The Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden - BIBLIOGRAPHY
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1. Marsden's journal of his voyage to New South Wales of 1793-4 is in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

2. The following manuscripts are in the Hocken Library, Dunedin:--

Two copies of Marsden's journal of his first visit to New Zealand (1814-5). The first, which is prefaced by his "Observations on the Introduction of the Gospel into the South Sea Islands," is written on foolscap folio (Watermark Britannia and W. and F. Fincher, 1833), pp. 184, the first 54 pages being occupied with the "Observations." This copy, which is in boards, was obtained by Dr. Hocken in the office of the Church Missionary Society in London in 1903. It is written very legibly throughout, the handwriting being not Marsden's but probably that of a clerk in the Society's office who copied Marsden's original after it had been used by the printer. The "Observations" refer to the King in the past tense, and must therefore have been written after the story of the voyage.

The second copy, written on foolscap folio, pp. 72 (Watermark Britannia and G. Pike, 1812) is written in a clear, neat hand, the signature alone being Marsden's. The "Observations" do not precede this copy, a short preface being substituted:-- "I am happy to inform you (the Secretary of the Church Missionary Society) of my safe return from New Zealand to Port Jackson after fully accomplishing the object of my voyage to that island, having been absent four months, and have the honour to transmit to you the following account for the information of the Society which, I am persuaded, will be very gratifying to all who love Zion." The final paragraph of this copy is not found in the first. Otherwise it varies very slightly from it.

The original of the "Observations," the Rev. S. M. Johnstone of Parramatta notes, is with other family papers at Gladesville, New South Wales.

The Church Missionary Register for 1816 follows the original closely.

3. Two copies of the journal of Marsden's second visit to New Zealand (1819) are in the Hocken Library. The first is written on foolscap folio (Watermark Britannia and Smith and Allnutt, 1817), pp. 99. The MS. is clearly and closely written, although the writing is somewhat faded; the signature is that of Marsden, the address to the Rev. J. Pratt being also in his handwriting. This is apparently the copy originally forwarded to the Church Missionary Society and printed, with some omissions, in The Church Missionary Register of 1820-21. The latter, in particular, does not contain Marsden's comparison between the Maoris and the Jews, drawn on the last pages of the manuscript.

The second copy, obtained by Dr. Hocken from the office of the Church Missionary Society in 1903, is in two parts; the first on foolscap folio, in limp covers (Watermark Britannia and Webster, 1832), pp. 92, is written clearly and legibly, ending on September 16th, 1819. The second portion is on small quarto, bound in stiff covers, pp. 128, and is roughly written in two or three hands, the last that of a particularly careless person.

This copy has a page of introduction and gives very little with regard to the voyage to New Zealand. It follows exactly the printed version in The Church Missionary Register.

The original copy of this journal is in the Turnbull Library, Wellington.

4. Two copies of Marsden's journal of his third New Zealand visit (1820) are in the Library. The first, on foolscap folio in loose sheets (Watermark Britannia and J. Bates, 1815; Hay, 1817, on some sheets), pp. 140, is signed by Marsden, dated February 5th, 1821, and addressed by him to the Rev. J. Pratt of the Church Missionary Society. The greater portion is written neatly and legibly, the last 45 pages, in another hand, show little care.

This copy gives a very full account of the visit. Extracts from it are printed in The Register and The Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society.

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A second copy, on foolscap folio (Watermark Britannia and Webster, 1832), pp. 107, is written legibly although the writing is somewhat faded. It is very imperfect, the whole of the last part from September 4th onwards being omitted. At the end (pp. 101-7) are a few remarks on Marsden's earliest contacts with the Maoris.

5. Three copies of Marsden's journal of his fourth New Zealand visit (1823) are in the Library. The first, on foolscap folio (Watermark Britannia and M. and Co., 1834), pp. 91, is in a stiff cover. It bears the title "Observations on my fourth visit to New Zealand" and is preceded by 69 pages headed "The Fifth Voyage" which, in reality, deal with the sixth visit. Pages 69 to 91 give a narrative of the journey as far as the wreck of the Brampton on September 7th, 1823. This is a very imperfect manuscript.

A second copy, obtained by Dr. Hocken from Canon J. C. Betts of Cootamundra, New South Wales, Marsden's grandson, is written on foolscap folio sheets (Watermark Britannia and Angell, 1814, and Hay, 1821), pp. 136, of which 1,18, and 32 are missing. Written by Marsden himself throughout, the MS. is in a very dilapidated condition, many parts being almost illegible. It gives, however, a full and complete account of this visit.

A third copy, written on foolscap folio sheets (Watermark Britannia, Superfine, 1817, T. Edmonds, 1819, and J. Rump, 1821), pp. 141, is taken evidently from the Cootamundra manuscript mentioned above, although the copyist, perhaps one of Marsden's family, makes occasional slight errors.

6. Two manuscript copies of the sixth journal are in the Library. The first is that mentioned above as bound up with a copy of the fourth journal. It has many important omissions, but, on the other hand, contains at various points remarks not included in other journals of this voyage. A second manuscript consists of about thirty pages which have many omissions. It ends with two pages in Marsden's handwriting. The rest of both manuscripts is the work of a copyist.

Dr. Hocken had access, through the courtesy of Miss Betts, Marsden's granddaughter, to the original in Marsden's handwriting which he describes as written on small quarto, pp. 122. Of this he took a copy. This copy, amplified from the other sources, is that of the text.

The Register and The Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society give only short extracts from these journals.

7. Marsden left no journals of his fifth and seventh New Zealand visits. The narrative in the text, as noted, is compiled chiefly from Marsden's letters, amplified from other MS. missionary letters and journals, from The Register and The Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society, and from other printed sources.

Marsden's letters in the Hocken Library are bound up in four large volumes. These volumes contain not only Marsden's letters to the Society and to various missionaries but much of the correspondence of Kendall, W. Hall, King, Butler, and others connected with Marsden's activities in New Zealand and in New South Wales. It has been possible to print only a selection here.

Many Marsden papers in the Library deal with the controversies in which he was involved in New South Wales, particularly the "Philo Free" incident, his quarrels with Governors Macquarie and Brisbane, and the Douglass case. Among these is the "Appendix for the different letters which I addressed to the Governor and the Magistrates"--an echo of the incidents connected with his public life written evidently about 1827-8. All these papers, written on loose foolscap folio sheets, are in Marsden's handwriting.

Other manuscripts in the Hocken Library used in annotating the Marsden journals are the following:--

Butler, Rev. John, Letters and Journals, 1819 to 1824.
Clarke, George, Letters and Journals, and
Clarke, Rev. George, Letters and Journals.
These MSS. are bound in one volume and cover the period 1822 to 1871.
Colenso, Rev. William, Letters and Journals, 1834 to 1854.
Davis, Rev. Richard, Letters and Journals, 1824 to 1863.
Hall, William, Letters and Journals, 1819 to 1832.
Kendall, Rev. Thomas, Letters, 1816 to 1827.
King, John, Letters and Journals, 1819 to 1853.
Markham, Edward, Recollections of New Zealand, 1834.
Wade, Rev. William R., Journal, 1834 to 1836.

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Parliamentary Papers, etc.

Report from the Committee of the House of Commons on the Laws relating to Penitentiary Houses (1811).
Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Transportation (1812).
Report from the Select Committee on the State of Gaols (July, 1819).
Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry into the State of Agriculture and Trade in New South Wales (1823).
Report of the Commissioner of Inquiry on the Judicial Establishments of New South Wales (1823).
Copies or Extracts of all Communications received by the Colonial Office Relative to an Expedition sent out from New South Wales to New Zealand in August or September last (Colonial Office, September, 1835).
Report of the Lords' Committee on the Present State of New Zealand (1838).
Correspondence with the Secretary of State Relative to New Zealand (1840).
Report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons upon the State of the Islands of New Zealand (1840).
Historical Records of Australia, Vol. X.
Historical Records of New South Wales (F. M. Bladen), Vols. I-VII.
Historical Records of New Zealand (R. McNab), Vols. I and II.

Periodicals, Newspapers, etc.

The Church Missionary Register, 1813 to 1839.
Reports and Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society for Africa and the East, 1808 to 1826.
The Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, Vol. L, pt. 2.
Annali della Propagazione delta Fede, 1838-1839, and 1840.
The Sydney Gazette, November 12th, 1814, November 1st, 1817, January 12th, 1817, March 28th, 1818, April 25th, 1827.
The Otago Daily Times, December 17th, 1896, December, 1905, January, 1906.
The Australian, August 4th and August 11th, 1814.
The Journal of the Polynesian Society, Vol. VIII.

The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, January-June, 1914.
Transactions of the New Zealand Institute, 1900, and 1907.


Anderson, George William. A Collection of Voyages Round the World. London, 1790.
Bays, Peter. A Narrative of the Wreck of the Minerva. Cambridge, 1831.
Coates, Dandeson. The Present State of the New Zealand Mission. London, 1838.
Coates, Beecham, and Ellis. Christianity the Means of Civilization. London, 1837.
Cruise, Richard A. Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand. London, 1823.
Dillon, Peter. Advantages to be Derived from the Establishment of Well-Conducted Settlements in New Zealand. London, 1823.
------ Voyage in the South Seas. London, 1832.
Duperrey, Captain L. I. Voyage autour du Monde. Paris, 1826.
D'Urville, J. Dumont. Voyage de l'Astrolabe. Paris, 1830.
------ Voyage pittoresque autour du Monde. Paris, 1834.
Earle, Augustus. A Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand in 1827. London, 1832.
Forster, J. G. A. A Voyage Round the World. London, 1777.
Gregory, Olinthus. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Character of the late John Mason Good, M.D., F.R.S. London, 1832.

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Holt, Joseph. Memoirs. London, 1838.
Laplace, Captain C. P. T. Voyage autour du Monde. Paris, 1833.
Lee, Samuel, and Kendall, Thomas. Grammar and Vocabulary of the New Zealand Language. London, 1820.
Marsden, Samuel. An Answer to Certain Calumnies. London, 1826.
------ Statement, etc., relative to a Charge of Illegal Punishment preferred against Doctor Douglass. Sydney, 1828.
Montgomery, James. Journal of Voyages and Travels by the Rev. Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet. London, 1831.
Nicholas, John Liddiard. Voyage to New Zealand. London, 1817.
Pearson, John. The Life of William Hey. London, 1823.
Peron, Francois. Voyage aux Terres Australes, 1800-1804. Paris, 1807.
Polack, J. S. A Narrative of Travels and Adventures in New Zealand London, 1838.
Savage, John. Some Account of New Zealand. London, 1807.
Ullathorne, Right Rev. William Bernard. The Catholic Mission in Australasia. Liverpool, 1837.
Wade, Rev. W. R. A Journey in the North Island of New Zealand. Sydney, 1838.
Watkins, Rev. H. G. Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Richard Johnson. London, 1827.
Wentworth, W. C. A Statistical Account of the British Settlements in Australasia. London, 1824.
Wilberforce, R. I. and S. The Correspondence of William Wilberforce. London, 1840.
Yate, Rev. William. An Account of New Zealand. London, 1835.


Barrett, A. The Life of the Rev. John Hewgill Bumby. London, 1852.
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