1870 - Strachan, A. The Life of the Rev Samuel Leigh - INDEX

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  1870 - Strachan, A. The Life of the Rev Samuel Leigh - INDEX
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Aborigines of Australia, openings for missionary labours among, 99, 276--appointment of Mr. Walker to labour among, 112--solicitude of governor Macquarie for their welfare, 113--account of, in the "Sydney Gazette," 114--physical aspect of, 114--degraded habits of, 115--have no notion of a Supreme Being, 116--polygamy, infanticide, and cannibalism among, 116--notices of Bennellong, 116, 119--duty of England towards, 117, 236, 239--forbearance of, under provocations, 117--interesting particulars of the, at Moreton-Bay, 222--project for establishing a mission among, 226--appointment of Mr. Threlkeld to labour among, 226, 228--his account of, 239--efforts to meet the wants of, at Wellington-Valley, 229--interesting details of, at Jervis-Bay, 230--estimated number of, 238--unlike the Kaffirs, Indians of America, or the New-Zealanders, 238--specimen of their language, 240, note--ceremony of burying their dead, 243--severe treatment of, by the settlers, 265--discovery of other tribes, 276--success of missionary labour among, 289--death of a convert, 290--the discovery of gold in Australia, a special call to the churches and Parliament of Great Britain to make some provision for the, 296. See Australia.

Aborigines of South Australia, notices of, 256

Aborigines of Van Diemen's Land, account of, by Mr. Leigh, 106

"Active," the, purchase of, by Mr. Marsden, for the New-Zealand mission, 79--sails from Port-Jackson, and arrives at the Bay of Islands, 80--sails for the colony with Mr. Marsden, 82

Adelaide, described, 270--state of the work of God in, 272, 274, 288, 301--the bishop of, examines the children at the native institution, 290

Ahoodoo, attacks the mission premises, 202--attempts to murder Mr. Turner, 202

American Missionary Societies, labours of, in the South Sea Islands, 237

Angus, Mr., a sabbath-scene in New-Zealand described by, 349

Apostles, labours of the, alluded to, 38

Asses, singular account of two, 113, 122

Auckland, arrival of Mr. Lawry at, 344--establishment of a native institution at, for training native youths in English, 346--love-feast in, 348--arrival of the "John Wesley" in, 351--resolutions of the missionaries in the Friendly Islands and in Feejee, respecting the institution at, 351--opening for additional chapels at, 364

"Aurora," arrival of the, in New-Zealand, with emigrants, 331

Australia, appeal from New South Wales for a missionary, 23--Mr. Leigh is appointed, 25--his introduction to the governor, 35--establishment of the colony, 36--hostility of the natives, 37--anticipated greatness of the country, 37--social state of the European and native population, 38--the colonial government, 39--night-scene in the "Rocks" at Sydney, 40--the police courts, 42--Mr. Leigh opens his mission, 43--juvenile depravity, 44--establishment of a school, 44--purchase of mission premises, 45--Castlereagh and John Lees, 45--Paramatta, its scenery, 48--first religious service held in the town, 49--the female convicts and the

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factory, 50--establishment of an institution for the civilisation of the children of the natives, 50--the first public conveyance in New South Wales, 52--Windsor, its appearance and state when visited by Mr. Leigh, 53--Portland-Head, 55--Wilberforce, 56--Windsor, 56--Richmond described, 56--profligacy of the people, 57--Liverpool, 57--scene in an Irish emigrant's hut, 58--religious destitution, 60--establishment of Sydney Asylum for the Poor, 62--formation of the New South Wales Bible Society, 64--state of the prisoners at Newcastle, 68--the governor builds them a church, 68--execution of four Irish Roman Catholics, 71--affecting scene in the criminal court at Sydney, 71--visit of the Rev. John Williams and five other missionaries, 72--outpouring of the Spirit upon the society at Sydney, 77--arrival of the Rev. Walter Lawry in New South Wales, 82--state of the mission in New South Wales, on Mr. Leigh's return from New-Zealand, 87--the senior chaplain offers ground for a chapel in Windsor, 88--Mr. Scott builds a chapel in Sydney, and presents it to the Wesleyan mission, 89--Mr. Leigh lays the foundation of a large chapel on a site given by the governor and T. Wilde, Esq., 90--the governor gives ground for new premises at Paramatta, 91--Mr. Leigh supplies the church at Newcastle, at the request of the governor, 91--Mr. Leigh's account of the state of the mission on his return to England, 95--continued prosperity of the mission, 105--arrival of Mr. Leigh and other missionaries, 109--state of the work at Richmond, Windsor, Wilberforce, Castlereagh, and Paramatta, 110; at Liverpool and Sydney, 111--first anniversary of the Australian Missionary Society, 112--mission to the natives of New-Holland, 113--notices of these aborigines, 114--Bennellong, 119--arrival of the New-Zealand missionaries in New South Wales, 216--state of the mission in New South Wales in 1823, 216--the colonial mission-press, 217--a Tonga chief introduced to the governor, 219-- his return home, and description of the country, 219--discovery of new native tribes, 222--difficulty of producing religious impressions on the minds of the aborigines, 223--their social condition, 223--missionary meetings at Windsor and Castlereagh, 224--the Rev. D. Tyerman and G. Bennett, Esq., at Sydney, 226--proposal for a mission at Moreton-Bay, 226--anniversary of the New South Wales Auxiliary Missionary Society, 228, 254--appointment of a government agent to ascertain the state of the natives at Wellington-Valley, 229--his report, 229--a teacher appointed, 230--native school at Black-Town, 230--the aborigines at Jervis-Bay, 230--appeal in behalf of the mission, 233--future greatness of, 236--extensive influence of its piety, 236--degradation of the aborigines, 236--duty of Great Britain in reference to them, 236--suggested means for the enlargement of the mission, 237--the aborigines of New South Wales, 238--account of the, 239--specimen of their language, 240, note--scheme for their elevation, 244--expedients of the government for their improvement, 245--escape of the native children from the schools, 245--appointment of four additional missionaries, 255--Swan-River colony, 256--description of the country and people, 256--district-meeting at Sydney, 257-- general state of the mission, 257-- New South Wales visited with an epidemic, 260--Australian Tract Society, 261--Mr. Leigh leaves the colony, 262--state of the Wesleyan church at that period, 262--appeal for additional help, 263--first missionary visit to Bathurst, 264--establishment of public worship there, 265--cruelty of the settlers towards the aborigines, 265--the colony of Victoria founded, 267--its progress and present state, 267--extension of the work in New South Wales, 268--establishment of the South Australian colony, 269--its vast extent and the appearance of the

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country, 269--its population, wealth, and institutions, 270--attempt to establish the Irish system of education in New South Wales, 270--efforts of Popery, 271--spread of Protestantism, 271--missionary labour, 271--improvement in Adelaide, 272--government patronage of Popery, 273--its effects, 273--appointment of the Rev. John Waterhouse, and four missionaries, 275--native institution at Geelong, 275--injustice of the Squatters' Act, 275--missionary party of discovery in Western Australia, 276--condition of the natives, 276--opening of a new chapel, and the foundation of another laid in one day at Paramatta, 277--prosperity of the churches, 284--Swan-River institution for the natives, 285--Rev. W. B. Boyce assumes the direction of the missions, 286--missionary visit to Goulbourn, 287--state of things in South Australia, 288--the bishop examines the children at the native institution, 290--discovery of gold, 291--its probable influence on commerce, 291--its relation to religion and morality, 292--a special call to the Protestant churches of Great Britain, 295; and to the Imperial Parliament to make some suitable provision for the natives, 296--statistics from the "Sydney Gazette," 297--remarks on emigration, 297--general condition of the colony, 298--appointment of additional missionaries, 299--scene at the mines, 300--proposal to invest the Australian churches with self-government, 302--deputation appointed to visit the country, and make arrangements, 302--Wesleyan census for 1852, 303

Australia, South, colony of, founded, 269--its vast extent, and the appearance of the country, 269--its population, wealth, and institutions, 270--state of the work of God in, 272--numerous openings for missionary labour in, 288-- census return for the province, 289, note. See Australia.

"Australian Magazine," establishment of, 217

Australian Tract Society, operations of, 261

Australian Wesleyan Missionary Society, first anniversary of, 112

Baptism of infants in New-Zealand, 156

Baring, Mr., Bill of, for colonising New-Zealand, defeated, 323

Bathurst, missionary visit to, 264--described, 264--establishment of public worship in, 265-- progress of the work in, 269, 275, 285, 287

Bathurst, Lord, despatch of, respecting Sydney Asylum, 63

Bay of Islands, arrival of Mr. Marsden and the lay-settlers in, 80; of Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, 122--hearty reception of the missionaries at, 122--softening character of the natives, 129--teachers solicited for, 129--war-party from, arrive at Wangaroa, 145--the natives of, entertained by Tepui, 174--contemplated scheme against, frustrated by the illness of George, 206--intention of 'Hongi to abandon, 213--the natives of, demand satisfaction for the murder of the son of Pomare, 307--war-expedition of the natives to the Hokianga, 307--harbour of, the resort of the whaling parties, 320--state of morals in, 321--war breaks out in, 323--declared a free port, 342--arrival of refugees at, 346--incidental notices of, 125, 126, 129, 141, 165, 204, 209, 305, 335, 378. See 'Hongi and New-Zealand.

Beecham, Rev. Dr., opposes the colonising schemes for New-Zealand, 322--his pamphlet on colonisation mentioned, 322--elaborate memorial of, to Earl Grey, 341

Bennellong, buries his daughter alive, 116--death of, 119

Bennett, George, Esq., arrival of, at Wangaroa, 183--seized by the natives, and liberated, 184--arrival of, at Sydney, 226--visits the barracks, prisons, hospitals, and schools, 226--visits Paramatta, 226 --proposes a mission to the aborigines at Moreton-Bay, 226--the scheme sanctioned by the governor,

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227--visits Mr. Leigh, 227--instructs the agent appointed to visit Moreton-Bay, 227--presides at the anniversary of the New South Wales Wesleyan Missionary Society, 228

Benson, Rev. Joseph, mentioned, 21--cautions Mr. Leigh against excessive labour, 91

Beveridge, Captain, favourable report of Tonga by, 136--anxiety of, for the safety of his ship in New-Zealand, 144--arrival of, in the "St. Michael" at Wesleydale, 198

Bible, remarks on the claims of the, 338

Bible Society, British and Foreign, grant of scriptures by, for New-South Wales, 65; for New-Zealand, 317--sends out 10,000 copies of the New-Testament to New-Zealand, 333--mentioned, 365--the New-Zealand mission greatly indebted to the, 370

Bible Society, establishment of a, at Sydney, 64

Bishop, "desiring the office of a," under what circumstances proper, 386

Black-Town, Mr. Leigh's visit to, 230

Bland, Dr., disinterested labours of, 4l--medical opinion of, respecting the health of Mr. Leigh, 220

Blossom, Rev. T., letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 248

Bogue, Dr. David, notices of, 17, 20

Bowden, Mr., notices of, 24

Boyce, Rev. William B., appointment of, to superintend the Australian missions, 286--qualifications for his work, 286--his missionary visit to Goulbourn, 287--his description of the effects of the discovery of gold in Australia, 298. See Australia, Gold, and New South Wales.

"Boyd," fate of the ship, alluded to, 79, 131, 132, 142, 167, 197, 207, 210

Brazil, notices of, 93--popery in, 94

Brisbane, governor, interview of Mr. Leigh with, 120

"Brompton," the, arrival of, in New-Zealand, with Messrs. Marsden, Turner, and Hobbs, 159--sails for New South Wales, 161--is wrecked, 162, 221--the wreck taken possession of by the natives, 174

Broughton, Bishop, remarks upon a speech of, 239

Brown, Mr., quoted, on a custom attendant upon New-Zealand marriages, 186; on the progress of the New-Zealanders, 333; and on the proceedings of Bishop Selwyn, 335

Brownrigg, Lady, a beautiful letter of, alluded to, 64

Bumby, Rev. John H., arrival of, in New-Zealand, 329--death of, 330

Bunting, Rev. Dr., letter of, to Mr. Leigh, 99

Burra Burra Mines, opening of a chapel at, 288

Bushrangers, doings of the, 43, 243

Butler, Rev. J., labours of, in New-Zealand, 123, 135, 143--incidental notices of, 134, 141, 151

Butterworth, Joseph, Esq., notices of, 24, 103,109--letter of Mr. Leigh to, 222

Buxton, Sir Edward N., Bart., opinion of, respecting missionary influence in New-Zealand, 344

California, estimate of the importation of gold from, 291--state of society among the diggers there, 300

Camp-meetings, in America, alluded to, 69

Cannibalism, in New-Zealand, 104, 125, 132, 139, 169, 175, 213, 215--among the aborigines of New-Holland, 116. See 'Hongi and New-Zealand.

Capital punishment, a New-Zealand chief's view of, 146, 147

Carlisle, bishop of, his opinion respecting the civilisation of Heathens, 83

Carolinas, the, openings for missionary labours in, 237

Cartwright, Rev. William, letters from, to Mr. Leigh, 54, 92--co-operates with Mr. Leigh in relieving the poor, 62--biographic notice of, 93--tenders his services to superintend a school among the

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aborigines of Australia, 120--his estimate of the number of these outcasts, 238, 296--preaches the funeral sermon of Mrs. Fulton, 269

Carvosso, Rev. Benjamin, his description of New South Wales as a field of missionary labour, 110--appointment of, to Van Diemen's Land, 112, 233--baptism of the infant son of, 120--account of John Lees by, 225--appointment of, to Windsor, 232

Castlereagh, Mr. Leigh's visit to, 57--state of the work in, 60, 110

Census, for South Australia, 289--Wesleyan, for 1852, in Australia, 303; in New-Zealand, 376

Chapels, building or opening, notices of, at Castlereagh, 69, 95--at Windsor, 88, 89, 95--at Sydney, 89, 90, 95, 285, 287--at Paramatta, 91, 111, 277, 285--at Nepean-River, 95--at West-Maitland, Patnuk's Plains, Five Islands, and Liverpool, 275--at Richmond, 285--at Castle-Hill, Duval, and Morpeth, 287--at North Adelaide and Burra-Burra Mines, 288, 289--at Willunga and Walkerville, 289--at Sofala, 301-- of twenty in the Waikato district, 329--at Auckland, 351--at Katotauru, 355

Christianity, not civilisation only, is to elevate the Heathen, 84

Christmas-day, in New-Zealand, 172

Church, the universal sources of her weakness, 338--present requirements of the, 392

Church mission, in New-Zealand, notices of, 79, 83, 101, 122, 127, 128, 134, 140, 141, 143, 151, 159, 161, 168, 174, 176, 177, 190, 192, 198, 200, 206, 207, 208, 210, 212, 214, 215, 232, 237, 261, 305, 309, 315, 318, 328, 329, 330, 335, 336, 342, 354

"Church Missionary Intelligencer," quoted, on the want of success in the New-Zealand mission, 151

Church Missionary Society, attentions of, to 'Hongi and Whykato, 103--interview of Mr. Leigh with, 103--dismissal of an unfaithful agent by, 252--successful opposition of, to Mr. Baring's Bill for New-Zealand, 322--competency of, to judge of the merits of the colonising schemes for New-Zealand, 324--the agents of, in New-Zealand aspersed, 324-- has nothing to conceal in reference to New-Zealand, 327--exemplary course pursued by its agents in New-Zealand, 328--allusion to the income of, 371

Church of England, state of, in Mr. Leigh's youth, 15--inadequate efforts of, in New South Wales, 43, 62, 234; in Van Diemen's Land, 107--operations of, in New South Wales, 270

Church of Rome. See Popery.

Churches, Protestant, the discovery of gold in Australia a call to, 295

Churchmen, lofty claims of some, 217

Civilisation, mere, inefficient to elevate the Heathen, 84, 328--progress of the New-Zealanders in, 334

Clarke, Dr. Adam, correspondence of, with Lord Sidmouth respecting the appointment of Mr. Leigh to Australia, 25--incidental notices of, 21, 25, 388

Clarke, Rev. Mr., incidental notices of, 309, 310

Class-meeting, establishment of the first, in Windsor, 25; in New-Zealand, 315

Class-meetings, value of, 151

Clerical journalist, a, quoted, on unfaithful missionaries, 327

Clewes, Miss, marriage of, with Mr. Leigh, 105. See Leigh, Mr. and Mrs.

Coates, Dandison, Esq., successfully opposes the colonising schemes for New-Zealand, 322

Coke, a black boy of Moreton-Bay, death of, and its consequences, 223

Coke, Dr., interview of Mr. Leigh with, 21--missionary labours of, alluded to, 382, 383

Colombo Bible Society, a Report of, leads to the formation of a Bible Society in Sydney, 64

Colonisation, in New-Zealand, notices of, 322, 338, 374

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Colonising companies, misrepresentations of, 152

Commerce, probable influence of the discovery of gold in Australia on, 291--state of, in New-Zealand in 1852, 373

Committee of the Wesleyan Missionary Society, receive an application for a missionary to Montreal and Quebec, 21--appeal to, from New South Wales, for a missionary, 23--appoint Mr. Leigh for New South Wales, 25--first communication of Mr. Leigh to, 60--attentions of, to 'Hongi and Whykato, 103--consent to another attempt to establish a mission in Tonga, 136--scrupulous attention of Mr. Leigh to the instructions of, 137--appeal of Mr. Leigh to, for strengthening the South Sea mission, 255--response of, 255--communications addressed to, from the missionaries, 271, 272, 274, 285, 288, 289, 298, 300, 301, 312, 330, 331, 347, 350, 354, 357, 358, 369--send out six additional missionaries to Australia, 299--oppose the scheme for colonising New-Zealand, 322. See Wesleyan Missionary Society.

Conference, Wesleyan, receives Mr. Leigh as a probationer, 20--appoints him to North America, 21--he lays his schemes for the New-Zealand mission before the, 98--consents to the establishment of the mission, 99--places Mr. Leigh at Liverpool as a supernumerary, 262--appoints a deputation to Australia, 302

Contributors to the Wesleyan missions urged to increased diligence, 392

Conversion, of Mr. Leigh, 15--of John Lees, 47--of John W-------, 52--of Samuel Horton, Esq., 108--of the Rev. James Stack, 130--of Hae Hae, 315--of Katia, 317--of Matangi, 318--of Hone, 348

Convict, fearful death of a profane, 55

Convicts, execution of four, 71--affecting trial of two, 71--notices of the factory for female, at Sydney, 226--incidental notices of, 23, 43, 50, 57, 68, 69, 88, 265

Cook, Captain, verses occasioned by his name being found inscribed on a rock in New-Zealand, 378--incidental notices of, 142, 377

Cooper, Rev. William, instructed by the governor of New South Wales to lay the foundation of a church at Newcastle, 68--visits Mr. Leigh in his illness, 220--letter of, on the aborigines of Moreton-Bay, 222--views of, in reference to their elevation, 245

Cover, Rev. James, labours of, in Paramatta, 49

Cowan, Dr., medical attentions of, to Mr. Leigh in his last illness, 380, 382--characterized, 382--his opinion of Mr. Leigh, 383

Cowie, Rev. G., directs the studies of Dr. Milne in his youth, 18

Croker, Captain, movements of, during the political convulsion in Tonga, 279--conference of, with the chiefs, 280--is shot through the heart, 281--wish of, respecting his interment, 281

Crook, Rev. W., letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 247

Cross, Rev. William, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 250

Cross, Mrs., biographic sketch of, 251, 271

Dacre, R., Esq., cheering account by, of the progress of Christianity in the islands, 184--mentioned, 190

Darling, Rev. Mr., letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 248

Davis, Rev. Mr., incidental notices of, 190, 309

Day, Dr., medical attentions of, to a New-Zealand family, 365

Dead, ceremonies connected with the, in New-Zealand, 177

Death, of a convict, 55--of Duaterra, 8l--of Bennellong, 119--of Hinaki, 125--of George, 206--of Teuna,211--of Coke, 223--of Purcel, 243--of Pomare, 248--of Mrs. Leigh, 260--of John Lees and Mrs. Fulton, 269--of Mrs. Marsden, 270--of Mr. Marsden, 272--of Captain Croker, 281--of Mr. Waterhouse, 283--of Mr. Orton, 284--of an aboriginal convert, 290--of 'Hongi, 307--of the son of Pomare, 307--of

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Muri Wai, 311--of Hika, Shukkee, and Tungahee, 314--of Hae Hae, 3l6--of Mr. Bumby, 330--of a New-Zealander, 355--of Patea, 360--of Te Runga, 365--of Te Hira Tupanapana, 365--of Mr. Leigh, 382

Desart, Earl, official communication of, respecting the number of Europeans in New-Zealand, 339

Devon, Earl of, suggests a committee of the House of Lords on New-Zealand affairs, 322

District-meeting, at Windsor, 233--at Sydney, 257--at Hobart-Town, 283--at Melbourne, 290

"Dragon," the, receives on board the shipwrecked missionaries Marsden and Leigh, 168

Draper, Rev. Daniel J., letters of, describing the state of the work of God in South Australia, 288

Duaterra, encourages the establishment of a mission in New-Zealand, 79; but afterwards regrets it, 80--death and character of, 8l

Durham, Earl of, letter to, quoted, on New-Zealand affairs, 325

Eager, J., Esq., introduces Mr. Lawry to Governor Macquarie, 82

Early rising, Mr. Wesley's views of the importance of, 388

Earthquake in Wellington, 352

Earthquakes, frequency of, in New-Zealand, 331

East Indies, political state of, alluded to, 76

E Booas, furious conduct of the wife of, in prospect of war, 145

E Hede, illness of, and its consequences, 181

E Kau, strangles herself, 174

E Takka, taught to cultivate wheat, 188

Edmondson, Rev. Jonathan, characteristic remarks of, 21

Education, attempt to establish the Irish system of, in New South Wales, 270--state of, in New-Zealand, 316

Eqypt, colonising policy of, alluded to, 118

Eimeo, establishment of a secular mission in, 76--state of the work of God in, 248

E'i Too, cruelty of, 175

Emigrants, what class of, likely to succeed in Australia, 297--to New-Zealand, notices of, 333--caution to, 338

"Endeavour," arrival of, in Wangaroa, with Messrs. Tyerman and Bennett, 183--the vessel seized by the natives, 184--the ship is saved by George and one of the missionaries, 184--returns, and is again seized by the natives, 190--the missionaries arrive and save the vessel, 190--expected arrival of, in New-Zealand, 206

England, why made the recipient of the wealth of Australia, 292--policy of the government of, respecting New-Zealand, 339, 340. See Great Britain and Parliament.

"Enterprise" the, loss of, and all on board, 310

Epidemic, in New South Wales, 260

European society, state of, in New-Zealand, 321

Europeans, degradation of, in Van Diemen's Land, 107--number of, in Victoria in 1836, 268--official communications respecting the number of, in New-Zealand, 339--influx of, into New-Zealand, 366--their debasing habits in New-Zealand, 366--number of, in New-Zealand in 1852, 373

Executions in Australia, 71, 105

Factories, a system of, recommended for New-Zealand, 324

Fairbourn, Rev. Mr., arrival of, at Wangaroa, 176--in danger from the upsetting of a boat, 177--labours of, 177, 180--shipwreck of, 310--visit of Mr. Bumby to, 330

Fairfax, Mr., quoted, on emigration to Australia, 297

Fareahee, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 247

"Favourite" disasters of the captain and crew of, at Tonga, 279. See Croker.

Feejee Islands, openings for missionary labours in, 87, 237--visit of the Rev. John Waterhouse to the, 282--establishment of a school in, for training native

[Image of page 402]

agents, 282--incidental notices of, 346, 351

Festivals, native, in New-Zealand, 310, 345

Figures of scripture, aptness of those which describe the enlargement of Christ's kingdom, 61

Fire at the mission-premises in New-Zealand, 319

Fitzroy, Captain, arrival of, in New-Zealand, as governor, 334--conciliatory measures of, 339--meeting of, with Raupahara, 340--aspersed by Hursthouse, 343--his respectful reception of Mr. Lawry, 345--allots land for the institution at Auckland, 346--appoints a day of humiliation on account of the earthquake at Wellington, 352--grants a sum of money for a school at Waima, 258--tour of, through the colonies of New-Zealand, 362--spends a sabbath with the mission-family at Waipa, 362--letter of, to Mr. Lawry, respecting the enlargement of the Academy at Three Kings, 363--testimony of, to the value of missionary labour in New-Zealand, 371, 374

France, establishes a papal hierarchy in New-Zealand, 328

Friendly Islands, prospect of missionary openings in, 87, 97, 99--success of the mission in, 266, 312--outpouring of the Spirit in, 267, 281--visit of the Rev. John Waterhouse to, 282--establishment of a school in, for training native agents, 282--incidental notices of, 346, 351. See Tonga.

Fulton, Rev. Mr. and Mrs., notices of, 269

Furneaux, Captain, danger of, in New-Zealand, 79

Geelong, described, 268--notices of the native institution at, 275--progress of the work of God in, 285

George, of New-Zealand, his account of the capture of the "Boyd," 132--violent conduct of, towards Mr. Leigh and others, 145--conduct of, on the arrival of the "Brompton," 159--his explanation of the wreck of the "Brompton," 165--insults Mr. Turner, 169--his cruel treatment of his daughter, 169--explains the operation of his passion, 169--reconciliation of, with the missionaries, 170--atrocities of, 179, 181--the ship "Endeavour" saved by him and the missionaries, 184--invites Messrs. Tyerman and Bennett to Wesley-dale, 184--his account of Mr. Marsden's first visit, 189--delivers an oration before proceeding against Hwa Roa, 194--furious rage of, 196--desperate exploit of, 197--conduct of, in his illness, 206--death of, 206--the principal cause of all the assaults on the missionaries, 207--incidental notices of, 142, 167, 185, 199, 313

George IV., introduction of 'Hongi and Whykato to, 90

Georgian Islands, notices of Christianity in, 237

Gibbon, notion of, that man was originally a savage, refuted, 83

Gladstone, Mr., enlightened views of, in reference to New-Zealand, 341

God, sovereignty of, in selecting agents for his work, 19--supremacy of, 23. See Providence.

Gold, discovery of, in Australia, 291--probable influence of, on commerce, 291--viewed in relation to religion and morality, 292--England made the recipient of this wealth, 292--the probable reason, 292--the juncture when this discovery was made, 417--a special call to the Protestant churches of Great Britain, 295; and to the Imperial Parliament, to make some suitable provision for the aborigines, 296--effects of, on Australian society, 298, 300, 301

Gosport, notices of the theological seminary at, 16

Goulbourn, described, 287--missionary visit to, 287

Great Britain, defects of, in her colonising projects, 117--destruction of the Mogul empire by, 118--power of, extending in Australia, 236--duty of, in reference to the aborigines of Australia, 236, 239, 296--had arrived at a crisis, when gold was discovered in Australia, 294. See England, Gold, Parliament.

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Grey, Earl, despatch of, respecting the treaty of Waitanga, 340--reply of, to Dr. Beecham's memorial, 341

Grey, Sir George, on the relative strength of the European and Maori races in New-Zealand, 375

Griffiths, Captain, his account of the piratical seizure of the "Helen," 361

Gyles, Mr., secular mission of, 73--narrowly escapes being shot, 74--his mission rendered abortive through misrepresentation, 76

Habai Islands, success of the gospel in, 266

Hae Hae, conversion and death of, 315

Hall, Mr., appointment of, to New-Zealand, 80--incidental notices of, 137, 138, 141

Hargraves, Mr., discovery of gold in Australia by, 291. See Gold.

"Hazard," the, fires upon the New-Zealanders, 342

"Hebe," voyage of, to Australia, conveying Mr. Leigh, 27--arrival of, at Port-Jackson, 34. See Leigh, Mr.

Heke, and his warriors, cut down the British flag, and set fire to Kororarika, 342

"Helen," piratical seizure of the, 361

Henry, Captain, notices of, 246, 247, 255,312

"Herald," seizure and plunder of the, by the New-Zealanders, 310

Hika, happy death of, 314

Hinaki, about to visit England, 124; is dissuaded by 'Hongi, 124; who declares war with him, 125--killed in battle by 'Hongi, 125--description of his person, 125

Hitoti, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 246

Hobart-Town. See Van Diemen's Land.

Hobbs, Rev. John, arrival of, in New-Zealand, 159--compelled to abandon the mission, 215--protected by a war-party from Hokianga, 215--departs to New South Wales, 216--returns to New-Zealand, 304--affecting account by, of a New-Zealand family, 364--labours of, in New-Zealand, 374--incidental notices of, 310, 345

Hobson, Captain, proceeds to New-Zealand to protect British interests, 323

Ho-do-do, missionary visits to, 134, 191--described, 193--incidental notices of, 127, 130

Hokianga, notices of the warriors of, 185--Messrs. Turner and Hobbs protected by a war-party from, 215--described, 304--entrance of the "Macquarie" into, 304--treatment of the officers and crew there, 304--the chiefs of, assemble their fighting-men to meet the warriors from the Bay of Islands, 307--the battle fought near the mission-house, 308--peace restored, 309--openings for missionary labours there, 315, 320--aggressions of Popery in, 328--visit of the Rev. John Waterhouse to, 329--incidental notices of, 185, 214, 335

Holy, T., Esq., liberal contribution of, to the New-Zealand mission, 100--letter to, from Mr. Lawry, 105

Holy Spirit, outpouring of the, at Sydney, 77; in the Friendly Islands, 267, 281; in New-Zealand, 320

Hone, his account of his conversion, 348

'Hongi, arrival of, in London, 101--character of, 101--visits Cambridge, 102--has an audience with George IV., 102--visits Mr. Leigh, 102--attentions of the Church and Wesleyan Missionary Societies to, 103--seized with an affection of the chest, 103--at New South Wales, 124--wars with Hinaki, whom he slays, 125--his treatment of captives and slaves, 126--his opinion of Christianity, 127--proceeds against the Mercury-Bay tribes, 127--extent of his wars, 129--promises to protect the missionaries, 162--invades Wesleydale, 178--dines at the mission-house, 178--defeats the Kaipara tribes in battle, 208--marches upon Wangaroa, 208--attacks Maitapara, 208--his military operations, 208--again dines

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with the mission-family, 209--makes peace with Tepui, and withdraws, 209--renews hostilities with Tepui, 212--arrives in Wesleydale, 214, 303--drives the Nga-te-po tribes from their fortress, 214--is shot, 215--his last illness, 305--his affecting interview with Patu One, 305--his death, 307--incidental notices of, 80, 113, 124, 130, 134, 148, 178, 205, 206, 213, 305, 313. See New-Zealand.

Horton, Samuel, Esq., conversion of, 108--usefulness of, in Van Diemen's Land, 108--preaching-place built by, 283

Horton, Rev. William, departure of, from England, and arrival in Van Diemen's Land, 105--appointed to labour in Van Diemen's Land, 108,232; and in New South Wales, 112--incidental notices of, 98

Horton College, Van Diemen's Land, notices of, 109

Hoskins, Mr., notices of, 24

Howitt, Mr., quoted, on the scenery of Victoria, 268

Hoymonaneu, describes the feelings of his heart, 286

Hudi Wane, ceremonies observed on the death of his sister, 177

Hudu, delivers an oration before proceeding against Hwa Roa, 194

Hughes, Mr., appointment of, as schoolmaster at Paramatta, 50

Hunt, Rev. John, efforts of, in Feejee, in training native agents, 282

Hursthouse, Mr., asperses the governor and missionaries of New-Zealand, 342--refuted by himself, 344

Huru, the wife of, strangles herself, 174

Hwa Roa, 'Hongi's expedition against, 178--another expedition against, 178

Indians of America, alluded to, 239

Institutions, educational, notices of, at Geelong, 275--in the Friendly and Feejee Islands, 282--at the Swan-River, 285--at Auckland, 346--at the Three Kings, 353, 363

Invisible world, a New-Zealander's views of, 310

Irving, Captain, of Bristol, presents a large tent for New-Zealand, 100

Jakey, the sick son of, visited by the missionary, 172

James, Rev. John A., sermon of, on the death of Mrs. Sherman, alluded to, 354

Jervis-Bay, notices of the aborigines of, 230. See Aborigines.

John the Baptist, nature of his ministry, 392--such a ministry now required, 392

"John Wesley" arrival of the, in New-Zealand, 351--sails for the Friendly Islands, 351--in danger from pirates, 361

Johnson, Rev. Richard, labours of, in Paramatta, 49

Jones, Mr., of Sydney, benevolence of, 62

Kaffirs, alluded to, 238

Kaipara, state of the mission in, 357

Katia, conversion of, 317

Katotaura, opening of a chapel at, 355--incidental notices of, 360

Kawia, missionary visit to, 330--invaded by the warriors from Waikato, 367--progress of the gospel in, 367

Kaye, Mrs., marriage of, with Mr. Leigh, 379. See Leigh, Mrs., (2d.)

Kemp, Captain, of the "Macquarie," treatment of, by the New-Zealanders, 304

Kemp, Rev. Mr., notices of, 309

Kendall, Rev. Mr., appointment of, to New-Zealand, 80--accompanies 'Hongi and Whykato to England, 101; and to Cambridge, 102--arrival of, at Wangaroa, 176--incidental notices of, 128

Keppel's Island, notices of, 266--visited by the Rev. John Waterhouse, 282

Kia Roa, visited by the missionaries in his illness, 181--notion of, respecting a prevalent sickness, 183--discusses polygamy and the resurrection, 189--dream of, 193--his application of a sermon, 198--his opinion of the danger of the missionaries, 205

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Kiddu Kiddu. See Church mission.

King, Rev. Mr., appointment, of, to New-Zealand, 80--affecting account by, of the massacre at Tawiti-rahi, 174

Kingdom of Christ, figures of scripture in reference to, 61

Knight, Mr., quoted, on the scenery of Australia, 56

Knill, Rev. Mr., labours of, in India, alluded to, 77

Kororarika, burnt to ashes, 342, 346

Korrakorra, reception of Mr. Marsden by, 80

Ladrone Isles, opening for missionary operations in, 237

Lady, singular history of a, 95

Land Claims' Bill, alluded to, 340

Lang, Dr., severe strictures of, respecting the Rev. Samuel Marsden, 51; respecting the secular employments of the missionaries in New-Zealand, 211--quoted, on the schemes for the improvement of the New-Zealanders, 325--his personal attacks upon the missionaries, 325--remarks on his reflections, 325

La Perouse, his description of Navigators' Islands, 258

Lardner, Dr., opinion of, respecting the civilisation of Heathens, 83

Lawry, Rev. Walter, arrival of, in Sydney, 82--introduced to the governor, and to Mr. Marsden, 82--testimony of, to the labours of Mr. Leigh, 82--his report of the state of the work of God at Sydney, on the return of Mr. Leigh from New-Zealand, 87--letter from, to Thomas Holy, Esq., of Sheffield, 105--attends the execution of three men, 105--noble contributions of, and his family, 111--appointed to commence a mission in Tonga, 136, 233--his arrival in Tonga, and commencement of the mission, 140--labours of, in Paramatta, 232--arrival of, in Australia, as the successor of the Rev. John Waterhouse, 285; and in New-Zealand, 345--reception of, by Governor Fitzroy, 345--his account of the New-Zealand mission, 345--letter of Governor Fitzroy to, 363--incidental notices of, 136, 232

Lay-settlers, in New-Zealand, Mr. Marsden's, notices of, 80, 83, 85, 87, 328, 374. See Church mission.

Le Brun, Rev. Mr., notices of, 18

Lee, Professor, his Grammar and Vocabulary of the Maori language, alluded to, 102, 373--receives a visit from 'Hongi and Whykato at Cambridge, 102

Lees, Mr. John, hearty reception of Mr. Leigh by, 46--conversion of, 47--builds a place of worship, 69--devotes an acre of land to the mission-cause, 70--builds a second chapel at Windsor, 95--liberality of, at the first missionary meeting, 112--his ingenious method of raising his missionary contribution, 224--his disinterested benevolence, 225--his death and funeral, 269

Leigh, Rev. Samuel, his birth and early life, 15--unites himself to the Independent church at Hanley, 16--schemes of usefulness, 16--begins to preach, 16--enters the Theological Seminary at Gosport, 17--his mental peculiarities at this period, 19--adopts Arminian views, and leaves the college, 20--becomes a member of the Wesleyan Society, 20--accepted as a probationer by the Conference, and appointed to the Shaftesbury circuit, 20--offers himself for the missionary work, 21--appointed by the Conference for North America, 21--affecting visit to his mother, 22--his appointment countermanded, 22--appointed to Australia, 25--licensed by the Lord Mayor of London, and ordained for the ministry, 25--difficulties with the home government, 25--embarks at Portsmouth, 27--calmness in apparent danger, 28--undertakes to read prayers and preach on the Lord's day, 29--reproves the captain for swearing, 29; who swears no more during the voyage, 34--instructs the children on board, 29--extracts from his journal, 30--false alarms from the appearance of

[Image of page 406]

two vessels, 30--violent storms, 31, 32--amusing remarks of the sailors respecting him, 31--the gunner drowned, 33--instructs a young emigrant in Latin and geography, 33--conversation with the sceptical doctor on miracles, 33--baptizes an infant born on board, 34--arrives at Port-Jackson, 34--testimony of the captain, 34--first night at Sydney, 34--interview with the governor, 35--commences his mission, 36--state of the colony, 36--reorganizes the Sunday-school, 44--purchases a residence and a horse, 45--visits Castlereagh, 45--rough treatment by a settler, 45--his hearty reception by John Lees, 46--danger in travelling through the woods homewards, 48--visits Paramatta, 48--cordially received by the Rev. Samuel Marsden, 52--history of one of his first converts, 52--visits Seven-Hills and Windsor, 53--opens a place of worship at Windsor, 54--holds an inquest on the body of a convict, and delivers an address at his funeral, 55--visits Portland-Head, 55; and Wilberforce, 56--preaches at Richmond, 56--goes to Castlereagh, Macquarie-Grove, and Liverpool, 57--overtaken by a terrific thunderstorm, 58--hospitably entertained by an Irish settler, 58--returns to Sydney, 59--describes the extent of his circuit to the committee, 60--canvasses Sydney, to ascertain the amount of Bible-destitution, 64--letter of, to the Bible Society, 65--it is proposed to send him to work in the chain-gang, 66--defended and protected by the governor, 66--another complaint being made against him, 66; he explains the object of his mission at the governor's levee, 67--visits Newcastle, 68; where he occasionally supplies the church, 69, 91--opens a place of worship built by John Lees, 69--writes to his mother, 70; and to a friend, describing his labours, 70--attends the execution of four convicts, 71--is introduced to the Rev. John Williams, 72--narrowly escapes being shot by a settler, 74--receives a letter from Pomare, 75; and from Sergeant Ross, of Madras, 77--anxiety at not hearing from home for two years, 78--failure of his health, 78, 91--Mr. Marsden proposes that he should visit New-Zealand, 78--embarks for New-Zealand, 83--composes the differences of the lay-settlers, 85--reasons with a chief, 86--finds a child in the queen's hut, 86--forms various villages into a circuit, 87--returns to New South Wales, 87--progress of the work in his absence, 87--lays the foundation-stone of a chapel at Windsor, 89; and of another at Sydney, 90--embarks for England, 93--visits the slave-market at Pernambuco, 93--improvement in his health, 95--arrival in England, 95--his account of the South Sea mission, 95--urges the establishment of a mission in New-Zealand, 97--obtains the consent of the Conference, 99--appointed to New-Zealand, 99--visits the provinces to raise goods to be used in barter for the New-Zealand mission, 100--meets 'Hongi and Whykato in London, 101--receives the thanks of the Church Missionary Society, 104--marries, and leaves England, 106--arrives in Van Diemen's Land, where he establishes a mission, 106--arrives at Port-Jackson, 109--examines the state of the work in New South Wales, 110--holds the first anniversary of the Australian Missionary Society, 112--introduces Mr. Walker to the governor, 113; and to the aborigines of New-Holland, 119--takes his leave of the governor, previous to his departure for New-Zealand, 120--preaches his farewell sermon, 121--departs for New-Zealand, 121--arrives at the Bay of Islands, 122--reception on landing, 122--reproves 'Hongi for his atrocities, 126--ill-treated by the natives, 127--claims the protection of 'Hongi, 127--opens his breast to receive the spear from one of 'Hongi's warriors, 128--sails on a voyage of inspection, 131--is driven by a storm amongst the savages of Wangaroa, 131--in danger of being killed and eaten, 132--ingenious method of

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escape, 132--sails for Ho-do-do, 134--his interview with the natives, 135--his views of missionary fidelity, 136--visits the timber country, 138--preaches his first sermon in Maori, 138--risks his life to prevent the body of a young man from being eaten, 139--visits a dying chief, 139--sails to Wangari, 140--in danger from shipwreck, 141--sails for Wangaroa, 141--establishes a mission there, 142--the first religious service, 142--arrival of a war-party, 144--danger of the mission family, 144--his mechanical labours, 148--interposes to prevent war, 153--is seized and thrown down a hill, 153--severe illness, 158--is urged by Mr. Marsden to remove to New South Wales, 161--distress of Tepui at parting with him, 161--sails for the Bay of Islands, 161--detention there, 161--transmits an account of the Church mission to England, 161--sails in the "Brompton" for New South Wales, 162--is wrecked and lands upon an uninhabited island, 162, 221--providentially supplied with potatoes, 164--state of his health while there, 164--after three days is rescued and conveyed to New-Zealand, 165--writes to the missionaries to inform them of his deliverance, 166--state of the Australian mission on his return from New-Zealand in 1823, 216--vindication of the status which he claimed for Methodism, 218--precarious state of his health, 220--extracts from his journal, 220--letter to Joseph Butterworth, Esq., 222--receives a visit from Messrs. Tyerman and Bennett, 227--visits the native school at Black-Town, 230--recapitulates the principal incidents of his missionary life, 232--his extensive correspondence with missionaries, 246--his remarks on reading, 253--appeals to the committee for additional help, 255--death of Mrs. Leigh, 260--expressions of sympathy, 260--his health declining, he leaves the colony, 262--submits the case of the New-Zealand mission to the committee, 312--arrives in England, and becomes a supernumerary at Liverpool, 377--resumes the itinerancy, and is appointed to Gravesend, 377--receives a letter from the author of the Life of Captain Cook, 377--his second marriage, 379--failure of his health, and retirement to Reading, 379--his untiring zeal, 380--is seized with illness while addressing a public meeting, 380--his last illness, 380--his death, 382; funeral, and epitaph, 383--distinguishing excellencies of his character, 383--qualifications as a missionary, 383--his unaffected piety, 384--his moral rectitude, 385--his industry and punctuality, 387--his catholic spirit, 389. See Australia and New-Zealand.

Leigh, Mrs., (1st.,) marriage of, 105--qualifications of, as a missionary's wife, 105--departure of, from England, and arrival in Van Diemen's Land, 105--persuades her husband to proceed to New-Zealand, in spite of all dangers, 121--departure of, for New-Zealand, 121--progress of, in the Maori tongue, 131--visits Tepui with her husband, 144--commences an institution for training New-Zealand females, 149--teaches them to use the needle, 149, 372--an instance of her moral courage, 154--ingenious scheme of, to prevent infanticide in New-Zealand, 157--shipwreck of, with her husband, 162, 221--distressing circumstances of, 164--assiduous attentions of, to the sick during an epidemic at Paramatta, 260--falls a victim, 260--her epitaph, 260--incidental notices of, 134, 138, 144, 146, 165, 168

Leigh, Mrs., (2d.,) marriage of, 379--qualifications of, as a minister's wife, 379--attentions of, to her husband in his last illness, 383

Leigh, Mrs., sen. objections of, to her son becoming a missionary, 21--at length consents, 21--affecting parting of, with Mr. Leigh, 22--letter of Mr. Leigh to, 70

Liturgy, singular effect produced by the reading of the, in New-Zealand, 316

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Liverpool, described, 57, 58--notices of the work of God in, 111, 269, 271, 275

London Missionary Society, labours of the missionaries of, in Paramatta, 49--agents of, encouraged by Mr. Marsden, 51--arrival of seven missionaries of, in Australia, 72--anniversary of, at Bristol, 100--send nine missionaries to Tonga, 136--notices of their deputation, 183, 226--success of its agents, 257--incidental notices of, 77, 126, 237, 244

Love-feast, in Sydney, 111--in Auckland, 348

Loveless, Rev. Mr., labours of, in India, alluded to, 77

Lynch, Rev. James, labours of, in India, alluded to, 77

M'Arthur, H. K., Esq., lays the foundation of a chapel at Paramatta, 278

M'Gill, notices of, 240, 243

M'Kenny, Rev. John, superintends the Wesleyan mission in Australia, 270--account of the mission by, 271--preaches at the opening of a chapel at Paramatta, 278--interview of, with the governor, respecting the political convulsion in Tonga, 279

Mackenzie, quoted, on the paucity of religious instructors in New-South Wales, 60--on the food of the natives of New-Holland, 115

Macknight, Dr., his translation of 1 Cor. xiii. quoted, 384

Macquarie, Governor, application of, for schoolmasters for New South Wales, 26--cordial reception of Mr. Leigh by, 35--measures of; to reclaim the convict population, 39--establishes a school at Paramatta, 50--encourages the establishment of Sydney Asylum for the Poor, 63, 64--promotes the establishment of a Bible Society at Sydney, 64--defends and protects Mr. Leigh, 66--instructs the Rev. William Cooper to lay the foundation of a church at Newcastle, 68--animadverts on a malignant letter in the "Sydney Gazette," 72--grants land for a chapel at Sydney, 90; and at Paramatta, 91--interest of, in the mission to the natives of New-Holland, 113--candour of, in reference to Methodism, 218--interview of the missionaries with, on the state of Tonga, 279--sends the "Rattlesnake" to New-Zealand to protect British interests, 323--incidental notices of, 45, 50, 54, 57, 65, 67, 8l, 82, 120, 216, 244

"Macquarie," the ship, enters the Hokianga, 304--the officers and crew of, saved by the daughter of Wainga, 304

Maitapara levelled to the ground by 'Hongi and his warriors, 208

Mangungu, described, 304--establishment of the Wesleyan mission in, 304--visited by the Church missionaries, 309--enlargement of the mission-premises at, 312--an encouraging field for missionary labour, 315--baptism of one hundred and twenty adults at, 319--destruction of the mission-premises at, by fire, 319--excitement at, on the death of Te Hira Tupanapana, 364

Manillas, opening for missionary operations in, 237

Mansfield, Rev. Mr., appointment of, to New South Wales, 105

Maori language, specimen of the, 319

Mariner, Mr., danger of, in New-Zealand, 79

Marriages, in New-Zealand, barbarous practice at, 186

Marsden, Rev. Samuel, labours of, in Paramatta, 50, 51--Dr. Lang's severe strictures respecting him, 51--his cordial reception of Mr. Leigh, 52--defends Mr. Leigh against the accusations of a clergyman, 66--letter of, to a friend, 73--proposes that Mr. Leigh should visit New-Zealand, 78--establishes a mission there, 79, 334, 374--returns to New South Wales, 82--offers land for a mission-house, and attests the value of the mission, 88--writes from New-Zealand to Mr. Leigh, 104--letter of; to Joseph Butterworth, Esq., on the prospects of New-Zealand, 109--interview of Mr. Leigh with, 113--visit of, to

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New-Zealand, 159--inspects the state of the mission and of the people, 160--urges Mr. Leigh to remove to New South Wales, 161--sails with Mr. Leigh to the Bay of Islands, 161--interview of, with 'Hongi, 161--embarks on board the "Brompton," 162--the "Brompton" being wrecked, he and Mr. Leigh land upon an uninhabited island, 163--after three days of privation and suffering, are rescued, and conveyed to New-Zealand, 165--publishes an account of the New-Zealand mission in the "Gazette," 221--visits Mr. Leigh in his illness, 221--hospitably entertains Messrs. Tyerman and Bennett, 226--sails for New-Zealand, 270--death of his wife, 270--his death and funeral, 272--incidental notices of, 51, 80, 8l, 82, 83, 85, 113, 122

Marsden, Mrs., death of, 270

Marshall, Mr., quoted, on the value of missionary labour in New-Zealand, 324

Martin, Montgomery, quoted, on Governor Macquarie's humane expedients to reclaim the convict population, 39

Martin, Mr., chief officer of the "Macquarie," wins the affections of Wainga's daughter, 304--marries her, and settles in New-Zealand, 305

Matandi, missionary visit to, 195

Matangi, conversion of, 318

Matthews, Mr., reception of Messrs. Leigh and Gyles by, 75

Melbourne, described, 266--openings for missionary labours in, 274--prosperity of the work of God in, 289

"Mercury," arrival of the, at Wangaroa, 203--boarded by the Nga-te-po tribe, 203--the rashness of the captain creates a disturbance, 203--through the interference of the missionaries, the ship is surrendered, 204--she steers for the Bay of Islands, 204--is wrecked and abandoned, 204

Mercury-Bay, openings for missionary operations in, 113--war-expedition of 'Hongi to, 127

Methodism, contrasted with the Church mission in New-Zealand, 151--no antipathy to, among the early clergy in Australia, 218--vindication of the status Mr. Leigh claimed for, 218

Military, in New-Zealand, attacked by the natives, 347

Milne, Rev. Dr., notices of, 18

Missionaries, personal piety in, essential to success, 385--remonstrance of the Wesleyan, in New-Zealand, with Bishop Selwyn, 336--his reply, 336

"Missionary Gazetteer," prints Mr. Leigh's account of the Church mission in New-Zealand, 161

Missionary labours, benefit of, in Tortola, 229

"Missionary and the Mariner," verses on Mr. Leigh and Captain Cook, 378

Missionary meetings, at Castlereagh, Richmond, Windsor, Paramatta, and Liverpool, 110--at Sydney, 112, 228, 254--in Van Diemen's Land, 283--at Turangarere, 359

Missionary privations, remarks upon, 164

Missionary Societies, the calling of, spiritual, 84

Missionary success, not to be judged of by numerical data, 96

Missionary, an unfaithful, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 252--melancholy end of, 252

Mission-premises, Wesleyan, destruction of, at Wangaroa, 215--at Mangungu, destroyed by fire, 319--at Wellington, extensive loss by earthquake, 352

Moore, Colonel, encouragement afforded by, to Mr. Leigh, 76

Moore, T., Esq., notices of, 66--liberality of, 88

Moreton-Bay, interesting particulars of the aborigines at, 222--proposal to establish a mission at, 226--appointment of Mr. Threlkeld to, 226, 228. See Aborigines.

Morley, Rev. George, letter of, to Mr. Leigh, 255

Mount Egmont, described, 332

Murchison, Sir R. J., suspicion of, that the precious metals were to be found in New-Holland, 291

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Muri Wai, the missionaries preach to him and his people, 171--places himself at the head of his warriors to meet the Bay of Islanders, 308--death of, 311--the domestic scene that ensued, 311--character of, 311

Naval and Military Bible Society, labours of, in Sydney, 64

Navigators' Islands, openings in, for missionary operations, 237--described, 258--mentioned, 266

Nelson, described, 344

Nene, a chief from Hokianga, seizes the mission-boat, 200

New-Britain, openings in, for missionary operations, 237

New-Caledonia, openings in, for missionary operations, 87, 237

New-Guinea, openings in, for missionary operations, 87, 237

New-Hebrides, openings in, for missionary operations, 87, 237

New-Holland, appointment of a missionary to the natives of, 113--appeal on behalf of, 114. See Aborigines and Australia.

New-Ireland, openings for missionary operations in, 87, 237

New-Plymouth. See Taranaki.

New South Wales, description of, as a field of missionary labour, 23--difficulties in establishing a mission in, 25--how it became a penal settlement, 36--degraded condition of, 37--state of the work of God in, 95--progress of the work on Mr. Leigh's second arrival, 110--means adopted to extend the work in, 111--proposal to establish an agricultural institution in, 120--agitation in, on the attack of the "Endeavour" in New-Zealand, 190--state of the mission in 1823, 216--anniversaries of the Auxiliary Missionary Society in, 228, 254--encouraging aspect of the work in, 233--general state of the mission, 257--epidemic in, 260--extension of the work in, 268--claims of, upon the friends of missions, 273--state of, in 1816, 294. See Australia, Leigh, Marsden, and Sydney.

New-Zealand, account of the Rev. Samuel Marsden's first connexion with the savages of, 79, 161--notices of the Church mission in, 79, 83, 101, 122, 127, 128, 134, 140, 141, 143, 151, 159, 161, 168, 174, 176, 177, 190, 192, 198, 200, 206, 207, 208, 210, 212, 214, 215, 232, 237, 261, 305, 309, 315, 318, 328, 329, 330, 335, 336, 342, 354--Mr. Leigh sails for, and lands at the Bay of Islands, 83--twelve human heads exhibited in a village, 86--Mr. Leigh forms six villages into a circuit, 87--Mr. Leigh's scheme for establishing the mission, 97--obtains the sanction of the Conference, 99--is appointed as missionary to, 99--opinion of the Rev. Samuel Marsden respecting the mission, 109--destructive war in, 120--Mr. Leigh sails for, 121--his reception on landing, 122--state of religion in, 123--origin of the war, 124--'Hongi's march against the tribes on the River Thames, 125--Hinaki, and one thousand of his people, killed, 125--cannibalism on the battle-field, 125--treatment of captives and slaves, 126--'Hongi's daughter destroys herself, 126--Mr. Leigh addresses 'Hongi on his atrocities, 126--his reply, 126--arrival of the Rev. John Williams, 126--his opinion of affairs at the Bay of Islands, 126--ill-treatment of the missionaries, 127--'Hongi's opinion of Christianity, 127--intrepidity of Mr. Leigh, 128--five years' war, 129--leads to the diffusion of truth, 131--Mr. Leigh among the savages at Wangaroa, 131--Ho-do-do, 134--Wangari, 140--establishment of a mission at Wangaroa, 143--war-proceedings in Wangaroa, 144--establishment of an institution for training native females, 149--results of the teaching of the Church and Wesleyan missionaries, 151--the country won to the British crown by the Church and Wesleyan missions, 152--the tapu an instrument of political power, 154--experiment in agriculture, 155--first native harvest, 155--priests and baptism, 156--domestic training of boys, 156--prevalence

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of infanticide, 157--Mrs. Leigh's expedient to check the evil, 157--arrival of Messrs. Marsden, Turner, and Hobbs, 159--distress of Tepui at parting with Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, 161--Mr. Marsden's interview with 'Hongi, 161--a missionary wounded with an axe, 167--incidents illustrative of the native character, 167--the missionaries at Wangaroa assaulted, 169--savage conduct of a chief to his daughter, 169--the missionaries preach to Mudi Wai and his men, 171--friendly interview with Tepui, 171--the first te hakari, or "fair," 171--state of the aged and afflicted, 172--Tepui's entertainment, 174--the wife of Huru strangles herself, 174--massacre at Tawiti Kai, 174--cruelty of E'i Too, and of Rua Tarra, 175--examination of the schools, 176--arrival of the Church missionaries at Wangaroa, 176--ceremonies connected with the dead, 177--'Hongi invades Wesleydale, 178--atrocious conduct of George and Tepui, 179, 181--singular ceremony by a native priest, 182--first religious service at Whau Puke, 183--arrival of the Rev. D. Tyerman and G. Bennett, Esq., at Wangaroa, in the "Endeavour," 183--the vessel seized by the natives, 184--the passengers and crew liberated and saved by George and one of the missionaries, 184--opinion of the missionaries of these transactions, 184--a body of warriors enter Toropapa, 185--Tepui addresses them, 186--barbarous practice at marriage, 186--inquiry about the true God, 186--an attempt to interfere with the tapu, 186--signal encouragement to the missionaries, 187--the natives instructed to cultivate their land, 188--slow progress of the children in the schools, 188--tattooing of a chief's wife, 188--George's description of Mr. Marsden's first visit, 189--discussion on polygamy and the resurrection, 189--return of the "Endeavour," and altercation with the captain and officers, 190--the missionaries save the ship, 190--state of Ho-do-do, 192--interesting meeting at Tepui's, 193--expedition to Hwa Roa, 194--first service at Jakka Pau, 194--Matandi, 195--desperate exploit of George and his fighting-men, 197--assembly at Tepui's, 197--vision of the reinga, 198--progress of the mission, 199--the mission-boat seized at sea, 200--the missionaries landed in the midst of an army from Hokianga, 201--religious service with the warriors, 201--murderous attack upon the missionaries, 202--the "Mercury" boarded by the Nga-te-po tribe, 202--the ship given up to the missionaries, 204--a body of natives arrive to kill David and plunder the mission-settlement, 205--Te Pune restores peace, 205--death of George, 206--extreme danger of the missionaries, 206--'Hongi defends the Kaipara tribes in battle, 207--he marches upon Wangaroa, 208--makes peace with Tepui, and withdraws, 209--state of the schools, 209--death of Teuna, 211--a hostile message from 'Hongi spreads alarm, 212--Tepui proposes a general massacre, 212--state of Wesleydale, 212--three hundred fighting-men spread themselves over the settlement, 213--'Hongi and a fleet of canoes arrive, 214--the chiefs and inhabitants of Wesleydale flee to Hokianga, 214--'Hongi drives the Nga-te-po tribes from their fortress, 214--the mission-house attacked, 214--escape of the missionaries to Kiddu-Kiddu, 215--the mission-premises burned to the ground, 215--'Hongi shot, 215--close of the mission, 216--re-opening of the mission resolved upon, 232--departure of the missionaries for the Bay of Islands, 232--aggressive spirit of Popery in, 234--re-establishment of the mission at Mangungu, 304--character of the natives, 304--the first ship enters the Hokianga, 304--the officers and crew saved by the daughter of Wainga, 304--last illness of 'Hongi, 305--interview between Patu One and 'Hongi, 306--death of 'Hongi, 307--arrival of

[Image of page 412]

warriors from the Bay of Islands, 307--the chiefs of Hokianga assemble their fighting-men, 308--the battle fought near the mission-house, 308--peace restored, 309--loss of the "Enterprise," 310--plunder of the "Herald," 310--native festival, 310, 345--native views of the invisible world, 310--death of Muri Wai, 311--the missionaries preach to nine hundred warriors, 311--Mr. Leigh's appeal on behalf of the mission, 312--four missionaries and a printing-press sent, 312--death of Hika, 313--death of Shukkee and Tungahee, at Tonga, 314--visit to Wesleydale, 314--first native class formed, 315--remarkable movement on the native mind, 315--conversion and death of Hae Hae, 315--state of education, 316--conversion of Katia, 317--progress of the work, 317--a school-examination attended by a thousand natives, 317--the native ovens filled with human flesh, 318--conversion of Matangi, 318--specimen of the Maori language, 319--demand for teachers, 319--destruction of the mission-premises by fire, 319--outpouring of God's Spirit, 320--state of European society in, 320--arrival of the Baron de Thierry, 321--schemes for the improvement of the country, 322--France sends a Popish hierarchy, 328--activity of the Wesleyan press, 329--arrival of the "Triton" with missionaries and stores, 329--translation of the Old Testament commenced, 330--intense desire for instruction, 330--upwards of two hundred baptisms, 330--Hon. H. W. Petre and the New-Zealand Company, 331--establishment of a mission at Taranaki, 331--state of the people, 332--British and Foreign Bible Society sends 10,000 Maori Testaments, 333--eagerness of the people to possess the word of God, 333--arrival of 5,000 additional copies, 333--works published by the mission-press, 333--progress of the natives, 333--zeal of the converts, 334--appointment and conduct of Bishop Selwyn, 335--political state of the country, 339--policy of the government, 339--treaty of Waitanga, 339--consequences of its violation, 339--massacre of Wairau, 340--meeting of the governor and Rauparaha, 340--British troops defeated, 341, 346--burning of Kororarika, 342, 346--peace restored, 342--trials of the missionaries, 342--New-Zealand Company, 342--general state of the mission, 345--establishment of a seminary for native youth at Auckland, 346--the natives attack the military on the Hut, 347--stability and loyalty of the Christian natives, 348--love-feast in Auckland, 348--sabbath-morning scene, 349--change in the social condition of the people, 349--religious concern among the youth in the schools at Auckland, 351--the native institution, 351--Wellington destroyed by an earthquake, 352--establishment of an Academy at Three Kings, 353--profligacy of the colonists, 353, 366--religious state of Taranaki, 354; Kaipara, 357; Waima, 357 ; Waimate, 358, 369--sacramental meeting at Katotaura, 360--the governor spends a Sunday at the Waipa station, 362--report of the Academy at Three Kings, 363--its enlargement, 363--spread of religion in Auckland and its neighbourhood, 364--Waikowati, 367--Waikato warriors invade Kawhia, 367--fighting prevented, 368--the country in 1822 contrasted with its state in 1852, 372--dispatch of Sir George Grey, on the relative strength of the European and Maori races, 375--results of the mission, 376

New-Zealand Association, scheme of, laid before the Committee of the House of Lords, 322

New-Zealand Land Company, formation of, 324--first colony of, 331--vote a sum of money for the establishment of an episcopal see, 335--injudicious proceedings of, and their consequences, 339--failure of, as stated by Hursthouse, 344

Newcastle, state of, on Mr. Leigh's first visit, 68--foundation

[Image of page 413]

of a church laid there, 68--this church occasionally supplied by Mr. Leigh, 69, 91

Newton and Chambers, Messrs., liberal contributions of, to the New-Zealand mission, 100

Nichols, Mr., a singular incident in New-Zealand related by, 123

Nokes, Mr., notices of, 107

Oro, attacks the mission-house at Wesleydale, 214

Orsman, Rev. J., letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 248

Orton, Rev. Joseph, assumes the direction of the Australian churches, 263--official communication of, to the committee, 263--pays a missionary visit to Bathurst, 264--preaches at the opening of a chapel at Paramatta, 278--interview of, with the governor, respecting the political convulsion at Tonga, 279--death and biographic sketch of, 284

Paramatta, described, 23, 48--introduction of the gospel into, 49--progress of the mission in, 60, 96, 110, 233, 271, 285, 287--opening of new chapels in, 91, 111--made the head quarters of the mission to the aborigines, 118--epidemic in, 260--efforts of Popery in, 273--opening of a chapel, and laying the foundation of another, in one day, 277--revival of religion in, 285--incidental notices of, 53, 162

Parliament, British, ineffectual efforts of, to benefit New South Wales, 39--attention of, to the state of the colonies, 272--the discovery of gold in Australia a call to, to make suitable provision for the aborigines, 296--futile attempts of, to legislate for New-Zealand, 322, 323. See England and Great Britain.

Patea, happy death of, 360

Patterson, Captain, his promotion of the mission at Paramatta, 49

Patu One, equips twenty canoes for war, 200--promises to protect the missionaries, 303--interview of, with 'Hongi, 306--places himself at the head of his fighting-men to resist the Bay of Islanders, 308--message from, announcing his conversion, 319

Paul, St., calling and apostleship of, 14

Pelew Islands, openings for missionary operations in, 237

Pernambuco, described, 93

Perth, notices of, 256--progress of the work of God in, 285. See Australia, South, and Swan-River.

Petre, Hon. H. W., quoted, on the establishment of Port-Nicholson by the New-Zealand Company, 331

Phillips, Captain, arrival of, in New South Wales as governor, 37--mentioned, 49

Phillips, Dr., of Aberdeen, notices of, 18

Piper, Captain, notices of, 112

Polygamy, prevalence of, in New-Zealand, 157--discussion on, by New-Zealanders, 189

Pomare, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 75--death of, 248--son of, killed, 307

Popery, notices of, in Brazil, 94--blighting influence of, in Australia, 234--operations of, in New-South Wales, 270--patronage of, at home and abroad, 273--aggressive spirit of, in New South Wales, 285, 295; and in New-Zealand, 274, 328--arrogance of, in New-Zealand, 331--audacity of, in England, 390

Port-Jackson, Mr. Leigh's arrival at, 34, 109

Port-Nicholson, missionary visit to, 330--chosen as the first colony of the New-Zealand Company, 331--mentioned, 335

Port-Philip, establishment of, as a colony, 267--openings for missionary labour in, 274

Portland-Head, Mr. Leigh's visit to, 55

Portuguese Testaments, distribution of, at Madeira, by Mr. Leigh, 65

Pratt, Rev. Josiah, letter of, to Mr. Leigh, 104

Press, printing, arrival of the, in New-Zealand, 317--efficiency of, 317, 318

[Image of page 414]

"Prince of Denmark," arrival of the ship, in New-Zealand, 207

Propaganda, zealous efforts of the, 273. See Popery.

Providence, observations on the doctrine of, 13, 91, 292

Purcel, death and burial of, 243

Rabone, Rev. Stephen, perilous position of, in Tonga, 281

Rauparaha, meeting of, with Governor Fitzroy, 340--his perspicuous statement of the land-question, 340

Reading, remarks on, 253

Reid, Mr. and Mrs., appointed to the Wesleyan Academy at Three Kings, 353--efficiency of, 363

Reinga, the state of the dead, notices of, 126, 129, 198

Reformation, England at the time of, 293

Religious Tract Society, noble efforts of, in Australia, 296

Report, of the New South Wales Auxiliary Missionary Society, extract from, 254--of the Wesleyan Academy at Three Kings, 361

Resurrection, discussion on the, by New-Zealanders, 189

Revenge, different methods of taking, in different countries, 153

Revival of religion in Paramatta, 285

Richmond, Mr. Leigh's visit to, 56--state of the work in, 110--opening of a new chapel in, 285

"Rocks," in Sydney, affecting tale of the, 40

Ross, Sergeant, letter of, to Mr. Leigh, 77

Rotumah, visit of Mr. Waterhouse to, 282

Rouse, Richard, Esq., presents land for a chapel at Paramatta, 278

Ruapaka, a snowy mountain, described, 330

Rua Terra, cruelty of, 175--uneasiness of, 176--sows a portion of land with wheat, 188

Sabbath scene in New-Zealand, 349

"St. Michael," the, arrival of, at the Bay of Islands, 136--return of, from the Friendly Islands, 140--danger of, upon the rocks, 141--arrival of, at Wangaroa, 198

Salt, manufacture of, by the missionaries in New-Zealand, 210

Sandwich Islands, notices of Christianity in, 237

Schier, estimation of, in reference to the importation of gold from California, 291

Schism, remarks on, 390

Schools, notices of, in Australia, 43, 44, 60, 61, 95, 111, 216, 230, 270, 272, 284, 287, 288--in Van-Diemen's Land, 109--in New-Zealand, 176, 180, 181, 186, 188, 200, 209, 213, 216, 316, 317, 332, 349, 351, 353, 361--in Otaheita, 248

Scott, Mr., of Sydney, builds a chapel for the Wesleyan mission, 89

Scott, Sergeant, integrity and usefulness of, 44

Selwyn, Rev. G. A., appointment of, as bishop of New-Zealand, 335--arrival of, in New-Zealand, 335--quotations from his Visitation Journal, 335, 337, 338--divisive proceedings of, 335--reply of, to the remonstrances of the Wesleyan missionaries, 336--consequences of his proceedings, 337--the key to his success, 338--statements of, not always to be relied on, 338, 366--quoted, on the land-theory in New-Zealand, 344

Shari, marriage of, 209

Shepherd, Mr., his account of the introduction of the gospel into Paramatta, 49

Shepherd, Rev. Mr., critical circumstances of, 146--narrowly escapes being blown to pieces by gunpowder, 160--labours of, 175--incidental notices of, 141, 144, 160, 190, 192

Sherman, Mrs., of Surrey chapel, dying experience of, alluded to, 354

Shukkee, death of, at Tonga, 314

Sidmouth, Lord, letters of, to Dr. Adam Clarke, 26, 27

Simon Magus, sin of, 96

Slanders on the missionaries and others, refuted, 51, 66, 67, 152, 211, 324, 325, 342, 343, 344, 346

[Image of page 415]

"Snapper," arrival of, in New-Zealand, with missionaries, 160--sails for the Bay of Islands, 161

Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Dr. Broughton at the Annual Meeting of, 239

Society Islands, notices of Christianity in, 73, 237

Solomon Isles, openings for missionary operations in, 237

Squatters' Act, results of, 275

Slack, Rev. James, biographic sketch of, 130--joins Mr. Leigh in New-Zealand, 131--conversation of, with a dying chief, 167--return of, to New-Zealand, 303--labours of, alluded to, 374

"Stamford Mercury," description of a missionary meeting at Louth, 98

Stanley, Lord, (Earl of Derby,) enlightened views of, in reference to New-Zealand, 341

Stirling, Captain, appointment of, as governor of the Swan-River settlement, 256

Strachan, Rev. Alexander, finishes Mr. Leigh's speech when he was seized with illness, 381--visits Mr. Leigh in his illness, 382

Sturt, Captain, revolting sight witnessed by, among the aborigines of New-Holland, 116

Sutcliffe, Rev. Joseph, M.A., introduces Mr. Leigh to the Methodist Society, 20

Swan-River, founding of the colony, 256--description of the country and people, 256--appointment of Captain Stirling as governor, 256--establishment of an institution for the natives, 285--report of the mission at, 285

Sydney, described, 23, 40--condition of the juvenile population of, 44--state of the work of God in, 44, 95, 232, 275, 284--establishment of an Asylum in, for the poor, 62; and of a Bible Society in, 64--loss sustained in, by the removal of the troops, 77--state of the mission on Mr. Leigh's return from New-Zealand, 87--opening of new chapels in, 89, 90, 285, 287--formation of a Tract Society in, 90--educational operations in, 111--love-feast in, 111--a New-Zealander's account of an execution in, 146--visit to the factory for female convicts in, 226--missionary meetings in, 228, 254--district-meeting in, 257. See Australia, Leigh, and New South Wales.

Sydney Asylum for the Poor, origin of, 62--despatch of Lord Bathurst respecting, 63

"Sydney Gazette," malignant letter in, noticed, 72--quoted, on the state of the aborigines of New-Holland, 114; on the appointment of Mr. Threlkeld to Moreton-Bay, 228; on the cruelty of the settlers to the aborigines, 265--account of the New-Zealand mission in, 221--statistics of New South Wales from, 297

"Sydney Herald," quoted, on the danger of the "John Wesley" from pirates, 361

Tahiti, letters from, to Mr. Leigh, 246, 248

Tahitoe, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 246

Tai Happa, the missionaries pay their respects to, 192

Taka Pau, first religious service at, 194

Tamatoe, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 246

Tangariro, described, 330

Taniha, dines with the missionaries in New-Zealand, 178, 209

Tapu, in New-Zealand, an instrument of political power, 154--an attempt to interfere with the, 186

Tara Kidi, taught to cultivate wheat, 188

Taranaki, establishment of the Wesleyan mission in, 331--the country described, 331, 344--condition of the people, 332--state of the mission, 354

Tarapata, death of, 365

Tare Tahe, impudence of, 179

Tasman, danger of, in New-Zealand, 79

Tati, letter from, to Mr. Leigh, 247

Tattooing a chief's wife, 188

Taupa, the lake described, 330

Tawiti Rahi, massacre at, 174

[Image of page 416]

Taylor, Rev. Joseph, kindness of, to Mr. Leigh, 96--discourages Mr. Leigh in respect to the New-Zealand mission, 97--incidental notices of, 98, 100

Te Ara. See George.

Te hakari, or fair, held at Wesleydale, 171

Te Hira Tupanapana, affecting account of, and his family, 364--illness and death of, 364

Te Pune, Mr. Leigh claims the protection of, 143--protects the missionaries, 205

Te Runga, death of, 365

Tepui, visited by Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, 144--imprudent haste of, to engage in war, 145--distress of, on Mr. Leigh's leaving New-Zealand, 161--his history of his ancestors, 166--missionary visit to his village, 167, 181--his ferocious treatment of the missionaries, 170, 179, 181--domestic scenes with, 171--his entertainment, 174--makes friends with the missionaries, 179, 180--addresses a band of warriors, 186--attempts to violate the tapu, 186--kills one of his wives, 187--joins the expedition against Hwa Roa, 194--saves the missionaries from apprehended danger, 207--makes peace with 'Hongi, 209--fury of, when 'Hongi renews hostilities, 212--flees to the Hokianga, 303--incidental notices of, 313, 373. See 'Hongi and New-Zealand.

Teuna, death of, 211

Thierry, Baron de, arrival of, in New-Zealand, 321--claims authority as "sovereign chief," 321--this claim resisted, 321--induces France to send a Roman Catholic bishop to New-Zealand, 328

Thom, Rev. Dr., notices of, 18

Thomas, Rev. John, letters from, to Mr. Leigh, 249, 250

Thompson, Captain, of the "Boyd," murder of, in New-Zealand, 133

Three Kings, establishment of a Wesleyan Academy at, 353--encouraging progress of, 363

Threlkeld, Rev, L. E., seized by the natives of Wangaroa, and liberated, 184--appointed to commence a mission at Moreton-Bay, 226, 228--his account of the aborigines, 239

Thunder-storm, terrific, at Liverpool, 58--at Wangaroa, 142,197

Tonga, missionary openings in, 136--history of the London Society's mission in, 136--commencement of a Wesleyan mission in, 136--influence of evangelical truth in, 249--state of the mission in, 249, 250, 251--visit of the Rev. John Williams, 257--success of the gospel in, 266--political convulsion in, 278--outpouring of the Spirit in, 281. See Friendly Islands.

Tonga chief, visit of a, to New South Wales, 219--his glowing description of what he saw, 219

Torapapa, missionary visits to, 181, 186--doings of the warriors of, 187

Tortola, benefits of Wesleyan missionary labour among the slaves at, 229

Tract Society, establishment of the Australian, 261

"Triton," notices of the, 285--arrival of, in New-Zealand, 329--sale of, 350

Tucker, Rev. Charles, perilous position of, in Tonga, 281

Tungahee, death of, in Tonga, 314

Tupi, welcomes the missionaries to Taka Pau, 194--efforts of, to promote their comfort, 195--present of, to them, on their departure, 195

Turner and Co., service of the fish-hooks presented by, 134

Turner, Rev. Nathaniel, arrival of, in New-Zealand, 159--labours of, 166, 168, 365, 374--insulted by the chief George, 169--murderous attack upon, 202--compelled to abandon the mission, 215--protected by a war-party from the Hokianga, 215--return of, to New South Wales, 216--address and sermon of, at laying the foundation of a chapel at Paramatta, 278

Turner, Mrs., conversation of, with the chief George, 169--dangerous illness of, 210--incidental notices of, 215

[Image of page 417]

Turner, Rev. Peter, letters from, to Mr. Leigh, 249, 251--communication from, announcing the deaths of Shukkee and Tungahee, 314

Tyerman, Rev. Daniel, arrival of, at Wangaroa, 183--seized by the natives, and liberated, 184--arrival of, at Sydney, 226--visits the barracks, prisons, hospitals, and schools, 226--visits Paramatta, 226--proposes a mission to the aborigines at Moreton-Bay, 226--the scheme sanctioned by the governor, 227--visits Mr. Leigh, 227--instructs the agent appointed to visit Moreton-Bay, 227--attends the anniversary of the Wesleyan Missionary Society at Sydney, 228

Utua, or "satisfaction," New-Zealand notions of, 153

Van-Diemen's Land, described, as a field of missionary labour, 105--arrival of missionaries in, and description of the country, 106--lieutenant-governor of, grants land for premises, 108--appointment of the Rev. William Horton to labour in, 108--state of the mission, 233--additional labourers appointed to, 274--prospects of the work in, 274--prosperity of the mission, 284, 287

Victoria, establishment of the colony of, 267--its progress and present state, 267

W--, John, interesting history of, 52

Waddy, Sergeant, notices of, 107

Waihoa, native festival at, 310

Waikato, the warriors of, invade Kawhia, 367--preached to, by the missionaries, 368--entertained at a feast, 368--appeased, and return home, 3G9

Waikowaiti, past and present state of, 367

Waima, state of the mission in, 257

Waimate, state of the mission in, 358, 369

Wainga, the daughter of, saves the officers and crew of the "Macquarie," 304--marries the chief officer, 305--renounces savage life, and is baptized, 305

Wairau, massacre of, 340

Waitangi, treaty of, 339--consequences of its violation, 340

Walker, Mr., departure of, from England, and arrival in Van-Diemen's Land, 106--appointed to labour among the aborigines of Australia, 112--introduced to the governor of New South Wales, 113; and to the aborigines, 119--horrid scene described by, 119

Wallis's Island, visit of Mr. Waterhouse to, 282

Wangari, missionary visit to, 131

Wangaroa, described, 141, 182--establishment of the mission at, 143--war-proceedings in, 144, 153--prevalence of infanticide in, 157--arrival of the Church missionaries in, 176; and of Messrs. Tyerman and Bennett, 183--plunder of the "Mercury" by the tribes of, 208--expedition of 'Hongi against, 208--destruction of the mission-premises at, 215, 232--state of, when revisited, 314. See Wesleydale.

Ware Unu, war-expedition of, to the Hokianga, 308--disasters of, 308

Wars, in New-Zealand. See Bay of Islands, George, 'Hongi, New-Zealand, Tepui, Wangaroa, &c.

Watch-nights in New-Zealand, 172, 210

Waterhouse, Rev. John, appointment of, as general superintendent of missions, 273--official letter of, to the committee, 274--return of, from a series of hazardous voyages, 282--visit of, to New-Zealand, 329--tour of, through Van-Diemen's Land, 282--death of, 283

Watkin, Rev. James, preaches at laying the foundation of a chapel at Paramatta, 278

Watson, Rev. Richard, notices of, 97

Welch, George, Esq., founds the Theological Seminary at Gosport, 17

Wellington, described, 344--destroyed by an earthquake, 352

[Image of page 418]

Wellington, Duke of, his opinion on New-Zealand colonisation, 322

Wellington-Valley, eligibility of, as a mission-station, 228--an agent appointed to examine, 229--his report, 229

Wesley, Rev. John, sagacity of, in reference to preaching early in the morning, 388--required early rising in his preachers, 388

Wesleyan census for 1852, 303

Wesleyan ministry, irregular habits incompatible with the duties of the, 388

Wesleyan Missionary Society, encouragement afforded by Mr. Marsden to its agents, 51--attentions of, to 'Hongi and Whykato, 103--seeks secular improvement by the preaching of the gospel, 244--Mr. Leigh appeals to the committee, to extend the mission in the South Seas, 255--its reply, through the Rev. George Morley, 255--successfully opposes Mr. Baring's Bill for New-Zealand, 323--competency of, to judge of the merits of the colonising schemes for New-Zealand, 324--fundamental laws of, alluded to, 325--has nothing to conceal in reference to New-Zealand, 327--exemplary course pursued by its agents in New-Zealand, 328

Wesleydale, agricultural operations in, 155--invaded by 'Hongi, 178--encouraging aspect of the mission, 199--discouraging contrast of, 200--state of, when 'Hongi renews hostilities, 212--destructive operations of 'Hongi's warriors in, 213, 303--the chiefs and inhabitants of, flee to Hokianga, 214--state of, when revisited by the missionary, 314. See New-Zealand and Wangaroa.

Western Africa, progress of Christianity in, 170

Whare-rahi, reminiscences of, and his family, 364

Whau Puke, first religious service at, 183

Whiteley, Rev. John, labours of, in New-Zealand, alluded to, 345

Whykato, arrival of, in London, 101--character of, 101--visits Cambridge, 102--has an audience with George IV., 102--visits Mr. Leigh, 102--attentions of the Church and Wesleyan Missionary Societies to, 103--at New South Wales, 124--incidental notices of, 212

Wilberforce, visit of Mr. Leigh to, 56--a promising settlement, 96--state of the work of God in, 110

Williams, Archdeacon, labours of, as a Maori scholar, 373

Williams, Rev. John, introduced to Mr. Leigh, 73--arrival of, in New-Zealand, 126--success of, 257--his narrative of a voyage of inspection to the islands of the Pacific, 257--testimony of, to the efficiency of the Tonga mission, 258

Williams, Rev. Mr., arrival of, in New-Zealand, 176--labours of, 176, 201, 202, 212--incidental notices of, 200, 309

Wilson, a pirate, notices of, 362

Wilson, Rev. Francis, appointed to attempt the training of native agents in the Friendly Islands, 282

Windsor, described, 24, 53--Mr. Leigh's visit to, 56--state of the mission in, 60, 95, 110, 233, 268, 285--building of a new chapel in, 88, 89--district-meeting in, 233

Woon, Rev. William, account of the Waimate mission by, 369

Wyakato. See Whykato.

Wylde, Thomas, Esq., presents a piece of land for a Wesleyan chapel at Sydney, 90

Yates, Mr., quoted, on the prevalence of infanticide and polygamy in New-Zealand, 157

Young, Rev. G., A.M., letter of, to Mr. Leigh, 377--introductory remarks of, to the "Missionary and the Mariner," 377


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