1842 - Latest Information from the Settlement of New Plymouth - NEW ZEALAND COMPANY

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  1842 - Latest Information from the Settlement of New Plymouth - NEW ZEALAND COMPANY
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Members of Local Board.

John Buller, Esq. (Morval.)
CAPT. BULKELEY, (Stonehouse.)
N. DOWNE, Esq. (Stoke.)
R. FILLIS, Esq. (Plymouth.)
T. GARDNER, Esq. (Plymouth.)
JOHN HINE, Esq. (New Zealand House, London.)
GEORGE LEACH, Esq. (Penlee Villa, Stoke.)
SIR CHARLES LEMON, Bart. (Carclew.)
E. W. W. PENDARVES, Esq. M.P. (Pendarves.)
EDWARD ST. AUBYN, Esq. (Devonport.)
R. HIPPESLEY TUCKFIELD, Esq. (Shobrooke Park.)
D. J. S. THORBURN, M.D. (Plymouth.)
Thomas Woollcombe, Esq. (Managing Director.)


The Court of Directors of the New Zealand Company hereby give notice, that the future sales of land in the Settlement of New Plymouth, in New Zealand, (so far as the same are made in England) will be confined, until further notice, to actual Colonists, on the following terms:--

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1.--With a view to distribute, as generally as may be practicable, the advantage to be derived from the possession of preliminary lands, no application from an individual Colonist will be entertained for more than eight allotments of land, each allotment containing one section of town land, and one section of rural land.

2.--The residue of two hundred and fifty allotments set apart for sale, as above mentioned, may be purchased at the price of 75l. for each allotment, and applications for the same are to be made in writing in the form annexed, which, if accompanied by a deposit of 10l. in respect of each allotment, will entitle the applicant to receive separate land orders for each town and rural section, with such priorities and rights of selection as hereinafter mentioned, in exchange for the residue of the purchase money.

3.--The numbers signifying the priority of choice for the town sections have been selected on a fair average from the 1,000 numbers of choice, which fell to the Company in the first general ballot. These selected numbers, (particulars of which may be obtained at the office in Plymouth, or at the New Zealand House, London) are deposited in a wheel, from which the purchaser's numbers will be drawn, in the presence of three Directors and of the applicant, if he shall think proper to attend, either in person, or by his agent.

The purchasers will be entitled to such town sections as may have been chosen by the Company's Agents, in virtue of the priority of choice signified, by the numbers so respectively drawn, as last mentioned. The purchasers will also be entitled to select the rural sections from any land in the Plymouth

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Settlement, surveyed and declared open for choice as rural sections, at the time, and according to the order of presenting the land order in the Colony, subject only to the regulations of the land office there, for preserving fairness and regularity of choice.

4.--The sum of 50l., in respect of every 75l. received for an allotment, as above, will be transferred to the Emigration Fund, and a purchaser to the extent of 300l. will be entitled to an allowance from the said Fund towards the passage of himself and family to the Colony, at the rate of 25l. per cent, on the amount of his purchase money; subject to the regulations of the Court of Directors, for confining this allowance to bona fide Settlers, as embodied in the Special Land Orders for the Settlements of Nelson and New Plymouth. Provided that no party will be entitled to a larger allowance on the above-mentioned account than will pay his own passage, and that of his family, (if any) according to the rates which will be issued from time to time by the Court of Directors. The residue of the Fund will be expended in the conveyance of labouring emigrants to the Settlement.

5.--The residue of the land, consisting of 750 town sections, 136 suburban sections, and at least 750 rural sections, will be sold by auction in the settlement, in such portions, and at such upset prices, as will from time to time be declared by the Company's Agents there; the minimum price being in no case less than the uniform price required by the Government for Crown Lands in New Zealand.

6.--It is the intention of the Company, in reference to the minimum price named in the last paragraph, that a portion of the purchase money obtained by means of auction sales, equal at the least to 15s. per

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acre, shall be set apart for the exclusive purposes of emigration to the settlement; but as it may reasonably be presumed that the sales by auction will produce a much larger average price per acre, if the lands are judiciously selected and offered for sale, the Emigration Fund will in that case be augmented; it being the confident opinion of the Court, as expressed in the instructions which have been given to their officers, that the prosperity of the Colony no less than the interests of the Company depend on the proportion per acre, in which the appropriation of land as private property shall conduce to emigration.

7.--Any person who may wish to proceed to the Settlement, with a view to purchase land at an auction sale on his arrival, will be entitled to a certificate from the Court of Directors stating the amount he may have paid for the passage-money of himself and his family, (not being money allowed under the preceding regulations) and the party to whom such certificate may have been granted will be entitled to a drawback, not exceeding 25 per cent, on whatever may be the price of land so bought at auction in the Settlement, towards the repayment of the amount specified in the certificate.

8.--Any intending purchaser who shall deposit with the Company in England a sum of money towards the purchase of land, at auction, in the Settlement, will, if such purchase be completed within twelve months from the date of deposit, be allowed a drawback of 10 per cent. exclusive of the passage allowance before mentioned; and if such purchase be not made, will be entitled to have the deposit money returned without interest.

9.--Any intending purchaser making a deposit as

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last provided, will be allowed to nominate labourers and their families, who come within the Company's Regulations, for a Free Passage to the Settlement, in the proportion of three adults for every 100l. deposited.

10.--For the encouragement of practical Agriculturists with small capitals, who may purchase any less number than four allotments of land, a special allowance will be made, in the discretion of the Court of Directors, towards the Free Passage of the purchaser and his wife, in the steerage; but such allowance will in no case exceed 20l. on a single allotment, or 40l. in the whole, and will be subject to the same conditions as set forth in Sec. 4 of the Regulations of 16th September, 1841.

The Children of such purchasers will be allowed free steerage passages, if coming within the rules for Emigrants of the labouring class.

By Order of the Court,

New Zealand House,
Broad-Street Buildings,
13th January, 1842.

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I beg to apply for _______________ allotments of Land, subject to the foregoing terms of purchase, hereby declaring, that it is my intention to be a resident settler at New Plymouth; and I therefore, now request to he allowed the benefits of the regulation respecting Passage-money, to which it may appear that I have any claim.

The Deposit required by the 2nd Regulation, amounting to £ ________ , has been paid to _______________ .

State the manner of Payment

_______________ Christian and Surname of purchaser in full.

_______________ Residence and Profession.

To the Secretary of
The West of England Board of the New Zealand Company,

N.B.--Parties may remit their Deposits or Purchase-money in Cash, or by Bills on a London Banker, payable to the order of the Managing Director, at not more than seven days after date; but all remittances are to be at the risk of the party making the same. If the application is made through an Agent, he must sign the application:--A.B. Agent for C.D.; setting forth the Christian and Surname, &c. in full.

London: Printed by STEWART and MURRAY, Old Bailey

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