1854 - Young, Robert. The Southern World [New Zealand sections only] - NOTES [Part only]

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  1854 - Young, Robert. The Southern World [New Zealand sections only] - NOTES [Part only]
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NOTES [Part only]

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Memorandum of Minutes passed at a Leaders' Meeting held at Auckland, New Zealand, September 23d, 1853, --

The Rev. T. Buddle in the Chair.

Resolved, --"1. That the cordial Thanks of the Meeting are due, and are hereby presented, to the Wesleyan Missionary Committee, for the deputation sent to visit the Wesleyan churches in these islands. The meeting would thankfully recognise the guiding hand of the Divine Head of the Church in the selection of the Rev. Robert Young for this important service; the eminent gifts and graces of that honoured servant of Christ have been found profitable in all respects, and his name will be gratefully remembered in the future history of the rising Wesleyan churches in New Zealand."

Resolved, --"2. That the Deputation be respectfully requested to assure the Missionary Committee and Conference, that in the trials they have been called upon to endure in defence of the great principles of Methodism, the churches in this land have sympathized with them; and this Meeting rejoices in the conviction that the Wesleyan churches which have been raised in New Zealand by the blessing of God upon the labours of the Missionaries, are firm in their attachment to the doctrines and discipline of Methodism, and earnest in their wish that its agencies may be multiplied till the earth is full of the knowledge of God."

Resolved, --"3. That the Deputation be farther requested to convey to the Missionary Committee the greatful acknowledgments of the Meeting for the liberal aid they have given to the Circuit in the support and appointment of Ministers to labour in the word and doctrine; and to express the gratification it feels in the prospect of the Circuit being able to support its own Ministers, which pleasing duty it now most cheerfully undertakes.

"THOS. BUDDLE, Chairman,

"W. HUGHES, Secretary. "

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