1861 - Gilbert, T. New Zealand Settlers and Soldiers or The War in Taranaki - [Advertisements for books]

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  1861 - Gilbert, T. New Zealand Settlers and Soldiers or The War in Taranaki - [Advertisements for books]
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[Advertisements for books]

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Select List of

Works published


Alfred W. Bennett,






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Printed by GEORGE UNWIN,
at the Gresham Steam Press,

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Select Lift of Works.

Crown 8vo., cloth, with Twenty Illustrations, price 10s. 6d.,

Will Adams, the First Englishman
in Japan. A Romantic Biography. By WM. DALTON, Author of "The Wolf-Boy of China," "The White Elephant," &c
"We have no hesitation in recommending - Will Adams to any one who is interested either in Japan or in the history of the Christian religion."--Saturday Review.
"The book is exceedingly interesting. All that relates to Japan is as good as the best fairy tale."--Spectator.
"Possesses all the fascination of a Romance, while it is richly deserving of a careful perusal on the ground of the bona fide information it so pleasantly conveys."--Morning Star.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

Narrative of Ten Tears' Imprisonment in the Dungeons of Naples. By Antonio Nicolo, a Political Exile.
"We may venture to add that the author has presented to us one of the most affecting records it has ever been our lot to read."-- Manchester Examiner and Times.
"The book has a painful interest, and is of value, as the reliable narrative of one who has seen and felt how bitter and accursed was the tyranny which the people of Naples and Sicily have thrown off for ever."--Scottish Press.

Crown 8vo., Illustrated, price 5s.,

Peter Jones and the Ojebway
Indians; with especial reference to their Conversion to Christianity. By Rev. Peter Jones, (Kahkewaquonaby,) Indian Missionary. With a brief Memoir of the Writer.

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Crown 8vo., Illustrated, price 6s.,

New Zealand Settlers and Soldiers;
or, the War in Taranaki. Being Incidents in the Life of a Settler. By Rev. Thomas Gilbert, formerly Pastor of the General Baptist Church, Ditchling, Sussex.

Crown 8vo., price 5s.,

Friendly Sketches in America. By
William Tallack. Containing Notices of Visits to Friends in Indiana, Ohio, Philadelphia, New York, and New England, with descriptions of Scenery, Colleges, Schools and Cities; and Anecdotes of Washington, Whittier, Macaulay, &c Particulars of the divisions of the American Friends into "Orthodox," "Hicksite," "Evangelical," and "Wilburite." Notices of Unitarianism, Slavery and Politics, &c.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price 6s.,

Ups and Downs; or Incidents of
Australian Life. By Horace Earle. Contents--The Stockman--Harry Christmas, or a Row in the Steerage--The Landing, or Small-pins in Trouble--The Potato Salesman, or Necessity v. Money--Ned White, or the Shepherd's Hut--Revenge, or Jem Dalton-- The Bush on Fire--Traps and Commissioners, or "Show your License"--Jem Brenton, or the Road to the Diggings--The Dilemma-- The Three Italians--The Hurricane, or False Friends.

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Fourth Edition, price is.,

The Search for a Publisher; or
Counsels for a Young Author. It contains advice about Binding, Composition, Printing, and Advertising; also, Specimens of Type and Sizes of Paper. It is a complete Literary Guide for a novice, and full of exact: and trustworthy information. Sent post free.
"We wish we had seen such a book, fifteen years ago, that's all. It is full of necessary information, and if thoroughly digested, it will save some head-aches, heart-aches, and perhaps--despicable as the confederation mull be to the child of genius, quaffing nectar above the clouds--a few golden sovereigns, bearing the image and super-scription of Victoria the First."--Christian Weekly News.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

The Pastor's Wife. A Memoir of
Mrs. Sherman, of Surrey Chapel. By her Husband. With a Portrait, 11th Thousand.
"This constitutes one of the most tender, beautiful, instructive, and edifying narratives that for a long time has come under our notice. * * * We anticipate for it a very extended popularity and usefulness among the mothers and daughters of England."-- Christian Witness.
"This volume deserves a large circulation, and we feel it a pleasure to commend its perusal to the various classes of our readers, especially to those whole sex may enable them to tread in Mrs. Sherman's steps."--Nonconformist.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

Working Women of the last Half
Century--The Lesson of their Lives. By Clara Lucas Balfour. Second Edition.
"This little book will be deservedly popular with a large class of female readers; nor will it fail to find favour with men of evangelical principles and habits of steady industry."--Leader.

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Post 8vo., cloth, price 6s.; gilt edges, 7s. 6d.,

Nathan the Wife. A Dramatic
Poem, in Five Acts. By GOTTHOLD EPHRAIM LESSING. Translated from the German, with a Biography of Lessing, and a Critical Survey of his Position, Writings, &c By Dr. ADOLPHUS REICH.
"Dr. Adolphus Reich has however ventured upon an English translation of this poem, and when allowance is made for necessary shortcomings, the comparative degree of success with which he has accomplished his task is really surprising. There is a general tone about his translation which is very like the original--a certain dryness and laconic force of expression that constantly reminds us of the original."--Westminster Review.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

The Earth we Inhabit: its Past,
Present, and Probable Future. By Captain A. W. Drayson, R. A.
"The book is neatly turned out, is a complete multum in parvo, and deserves to be examined with great care, and without prejudice, for the evidence, to a mind gifted with common sense, is certainly moll convincing. There will, however, probably, be considerable opposition offered to it by those whose fame has been built upon the various and intricate theories which are now supposed to explain all the above-mentioned facts, but which, in too many cafes, merely mystify the reader, and leave the causes more obscure than ever."--Kentish Independent.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price 4s.,

The Half Century; its History,
Political and Social, (1800 to 1850.) By WASHINGTON WILKS. With a chronological table of contents, and a tabular arrangement of the principal Officers of State from 1800 to 1850. Second Edition, revised, and containing a Supplementary Chapter.

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Crown 8vo., cloth, price 4s. 6d.,

The Campaner Thal; or, Discourses .
on the Immortality of the Soul. By JEAN PAUL FR. RICHTER. Translated from the German by JULIETTE GOWA. Second Edition.
"Report, we regret to say, is all we know of the 'Campaner Thal,' one of Richter's beloved topics, or rather the life of his whole philosophy, glimpses of which look, forth in almost every one of his writings. He died while engaged, under recent and almost total blindness, in enlarging and remodelling this 'Campaner Thal.' The unfinished manuscript was borne upon his coffin to the burial vault; and Klopstock's hymn, 'Auferstehen wirst du!' 'Thou shalt arise, my soul,' can seldom have been sung with more appropriate application than over the grave of Jean Paul."-- Carlyle's Miscellanies.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

Sketches of and from Jean Paul
"This interesting little volume, of only eighty-four pages, will serve to introduce this great German author to many who have not yet made themselves acquainted with him or his writings, and will, no doubt, be the means of leading some to make a more intimate acquaintance with both. It is a laudable design, well and judiciously executed."--Morning Star.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, gilt edges, price 4s. 6d.,

Songs in the Night. Consisting of
Hymns and Meditations, Original and Translated. By the Rev. C. T. ASTLEY, Vicar of St. John's, Thanet.
The profits of the First Edition to be divided equally between the Church Missionary Society, and the British and Foreign Bible Society, as a thank-offering for countless mercies.

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Post 8vo., cloth, price 10s. 6d.,

The Three Archbishops. Lanfranc
--Anselm--A'Becket. By WASHINGTON and MARK WILKS.
"A work which most assuredly takes its place among the moll valuable of modern contributions to historical literature. With the fidelity of a chronicle it mingles the fascination of a romance. As a truthful record of the conflicts between Church and State in England, from the Conquest till the latter part of the twelfth century, it will serve as an admirable manual for the Student; while the sketches of life in olden days, which sparkle in its pages, cannot fail to render it acceptable to the general reader."--Morning Star.

18mo., cloth, gilt edges, price 2s. 6d.,

Hymns and Meditations. By A. L.
Waring. Eighth Edition.
"These Hymns and Meditations appear to us to be the effusions of a mind deeply imbued with the spirit of Christianity, and highly appreciating its blessings. The writer is evidently one who deeply communes with her own heart, and who cannot be Satisfied unless She realizes the joys of communion with her Saviour. There is, too, a beautiful simplicity in the composition of the Hymns, which renders the perusal of them as pleasing as it is profitable."--British Mother's Magazine.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.; gilt edges, 4s. 6d.,

Morning Dew Drops; or the juvenile
Abstainer. By Mrs. CLARA LUCAS BALFOUR, with an Introduction by Mrs. H. B. STOWE, and Illustrated by ANELAY.
"No Sunday-school Library Should be without Mrs. Balfour's Morning Dew Drops. Every teacher Should read it as an admirable specimen of the bell method of conveying information to the young."--From the Rev. Newman Hall, B. A.

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Foolscap 8vo., cloth, 2s., sewed, is. 6d.,

Roger Miller; or, Heroism in
Humble Life: a Narrative. By GEORGE ORME. Sixth Thousand. This work has already had an extended circulation in all the States of the American Union, in Holland (where it has been translated into Dutch), and in many other parts of the continent of Europe.
"a more worthy, diligent, kind, and useful person cannot be found in the whole circle of those who are engaged in the service of the poorer classes."--Lord Ashley.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price is.,

A Tribute to the Memory of Ismena
Whittaker, of Sligo, in Ireland. By HANNAH DOYLE, of Crimplesham.
"We cordially commend the work to our readers, and trull: our valued friend, the author, will have her desire answered, should the extensive circulation of the 'Tribute' contribute to bestir the careless, the idle, the procrastinating, and even the weary and downcast Christian, to gird up the loins of the mind, and emulate the virtues which are here exhibited to view."--British Friend.

Crown 8vo., price is.,

Notes from the Life of a Syrian.
By Antonius Ameuney, of Syria. Being Extracts from the MS. Biography now preparing for publication.
The early life of the Author was spent in a series of thrilling adventures and daring exploits, performed amid scenery and people the moll interesting to every Christian. His journey down the Jordan, and the scientific survey of the Dead Sea, were accomplished only by incurring great peril and imminent personal dangers. His wanderings on Mount Lebanon and among the Arab tribes of the Syrian plains, abound with incidents of a highly romantic and deeply interesting character.

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18mo., cloth, price 1s.,

The Book of Temperance Melodies.
Adapted and Arranged to Popular Airs. New Edition, enlarged. By the Rev. E. P. HOOD.
"Use has frequently been made of my volume, by some parties evidently more greedy than godly, wholly unjustifiable; whole impressions of the book have been struck off--selections made and fold without a word of request. I have now lying before me several printed editions. I have only to fay to my friends who have done this, they certainly are not moral reformers. I must further beg that where the songs are selected the friends will kindly take them as they stand, and not kill them with the kindness of their critical correction. 'We'll win the day,' and 'Love shall be the conqueror,' and half-a-dozen others, have so changed faces that the father does not know his own children."--From the Preface,

Post 8vo., cloth, price 6s. 6d.,

A Memoir of William Allen, F. R. S.
By the Rev. J. SHERMAN, of Surrey Chapel.
"a character at once so devout and humble, so just and generous, in a word so truly great, seldom, indeed, does it fall to the lot of the biographer to delineate. * * * The book is one of those productions which it seems impossible to read without becoming wiser and better."--Bath and Cheltenham Gazette.
"We can warmly recommend the book to all, both to those who love to trace the workings of genius, and to those who desire to be guided by the example of virtue."--Literary Gazette.

Post 8vo., cloth, price 4s. 6d.,

Curiosities of London Life; or Phases,
Physiological and Social, of the Great Metropolis. By C. M. Smith.
"In one sense, this volume belongs to the class of light literature; in another, it possesses far higher pretension--for it not only amuses, but instructs."--Illustrated London News.
"Few persons whose lot it is to perambulate the streets of London can fail to recognise and admit the fidelity of the portraits which Mr. Smith has drawn."--Morning Post.

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Cloth, price 8s. 6d.,

William Wordsworth: a Biography.
"The great extent of Mr. Hood's reading--his thorough intimacy with all the highest forms of our literature--has enabled him to bring to the illustration of Wordsworth's mental character, and to the exposition of his style and principles of poetry, an affluence of knowledge rarely to be met with. His page literally blazes with poetry, rich and eloquent dissertation, imagery and illusion, varied and beautiful."--Evangelical Magazine.

Foolscap 4to., cloth extra, gilt edges, price 7s. 6d.,

The Lay of the Stork. By Miss
LOUISA STUART COSTELLO, Author of the "Memoirs of Anne of Brittany, " &c
The incident which gave rife to this poem may be thus briefly told:--A young German lady of eighteen had a fancy, a few years ago, to discover to what region the Storks repaired on quitting a northern climate; and for that purpose attached to the neck of a tame one a letter, in which she begged for an answer from whoever found it, informing her of the place where the bird alighted, and any other particulars attending it. The bird was shot by an Arab, in Syria, and her letter, copied by him without understanding its language or import, was lent to the Prussian vice-consul, at Beyrout, who courteously addressed the desired communication, to the young lady. The correspondence which followed is given in the Appendix, with a copy of the original letter.

Cloth, 8vo., price 7s.,

The Demerara Martyr. Memoir
of the Rev. JOHN SMITH, Missionary to Demerara. By Edwin Angel Wallbridge. With a Preface by the Rev. W. G. BARRETT.
"There will one day be a resurrection of names and reputations, as certainly as of bodies."--John Milton.

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l2mo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

The Works of Elihu Burritt; Containing "Sparks from the Anvil," "Voice from the Forge," and "Peace Papers for the People."
"In every line coined from the reflecting mind of the Blacksmith of Massachusetts there is a high philosophy and philanthropy genuine and pure. His Sympathies are universal, his aspirations are for the happiness of all, and his writings are nervous, terse, and vigorous." --London Telegraph.
"The influence of the small work before us mull be for good, and we wish it every success. The various essays it contains are written with natural eloquence, and contain many just and original sentiments."--Scottish Press.

l2mo., cloth, price is.,

A Voice from the Forge. By ELIHU
BURRITT. Being a Sequel to "Sparks from the Anvil." New Edition.
"They deserve to be Stereotyped, and to form part of the Standard literature of the age."--Kentish Independent.
"We say to all, read it, imbibe its spirit, and learn, like the writer, to work for and with God, towards the regeneration of the world."--Nottingham Review.

l2mo., cloth, and in packets, price 1s. each,

Peace Papers for the People. By
"We would rather have been the author of these six-and-thirty papers than of all the poetry which has dazzled Europe during the present century."--Christian Witness.
"If we wanted to put into the hands of young people a book likely to draw forth all that is generous in their hearts and solemn in their convictions, in favour of the cause of Peace, this would be the book."--Nonconformist.

[Image of page 13]

l2mo., cloth, price 1s.,

Sparks from the Anvil. By ELIHU
BURRITT. The Thirteenth Thousand.
"These are sparks indeed of lingular brilliancy."--British Friend. " Reader, if you have not read the 'Sparks from the Anvil,' do so at once."--The Echo.

18mo., sewed, 1s., or in packets, 1s.,

"Sister Voices" for Field, Factory,
and Fireside. Edited by ELIHU BURRITT.
"We are glad to have anything from the pen, or edited by Elihu Burritt. Sweet Sifter Voices speak, amidst wars, and rumours of wars, of peace and goodwill to men--heroism in humble life-- noble deeds done in dark alleys--true greatness, nobility and honour -- depicting homes and hearts, and thoughts and feelings, that we mould be glad to fee cherished amongst the rising race. We can safely recommend Sister Voices as excellent little leaves to place in the hands of children."--Liverpool General Review.

18mo., gilt edges, price 6d.,

A Word to a Young Governess.
"This little work contains valuable hints to teachers of youth, and may be also useful to parents."--British Friend.

In 3 vols., post 8vo., price 31s. 6d.,

Madaron; or, the Art if an of Nismes;
an Historical Romance of the Sixteenth Century. By DAUBIGNY WHITE.
"Every page bears witness to the amount of study and research which has been employed in the collection of the necessary materials from an extended field of literature. * * * It possesses an interest, both literary and historical, of the highest order, and to be free from the fault, too common to its class, of distorting the character, sentiments, and actions of the principal personages concerned."--Morning Advertiser.

[Image of page 14]

2 vols., foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 5s.,

Egeria; or, Casual Thoughts and
Suggestions. By B. DOCKRAY.
"The author seems thoroughly to have imbibed the spirit of Berkeley."--Baden Powell's Order of Nature.

8vo., sewed, price 6d.,

Ecclesiastical Courts. The History
and Power of the Ecclesiastical Courts. By

Post 8vo., price 6s.,

Historical Sketches and Personal
Recollections of Manchester; intended to illustrate the Progress of Public Opinion from 1792 to 1832. By ARCHIBALD PRENTICE.
"I have been reading, within the last few days, a book just published in this town, written by our excellent friend Mr. Prentice. It is a book which every man in Manchester ought to read, and it would be well if every man in the country would read it} and I am sure I feel under obligation to him, and I believe other generations will, for the light he has thrown upon the progress of opinion in this great community."--J. Bright, M. P.

Royal 16mo., cloth, price 2s.,

ScriptureTeachings for Young
Children. By Elizabeth C. Ashby. The Creation--Adam and Eve--Noah and the Flood--Abraham and Isaac--Esau and Jacob --Joseph and his brethren--Moses--The Ten Plagues of Egypt--Wanderings in the Wilderness--Samuel--David -- Elijah -- Elisha-- Daniel--Jonah.

[Image of page 15]

8vo., price 3d.,

The Ethics of War: an Essay.
Republished, by the leave of the Editor, from the Westminster Review of April, i860. By

32mo., cloth, gilt edges, 3d.; cloth, 2d.; sewed, 1d.,

Lancashire Sunday School Songs.
A Selection of valuable and popular Pieces. By Rev. T. COMPSTON.

Post 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.; sewed, 3s.,

The Letters of Richard Reynolds,
with a Memoir of his Life. By his Granddaughter, HANNAH MARY RATHBONE. Enriched with a fine Portrait engraved by Bellin.
"In a spirit of reverence, alike earnest and tender, Mrs. Rathbone has traced the few incidents which marked the life of" this good man, and filled up the character by his correspondence. * * * The tone in which she has executed her talk is unexceptionable." --Athenaeum.

8vo., cloth, Library Edition, with a Portrait, price 9s. 6d.,

Dymonds Essays on the Principles
of Morality, and on the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of Mankind.
"The present work is indeed a book of such ability, and so excellently intended, as well as executed, that even those who differ most widely, as we must do, from some of its conclusions, must regard the writer with the greatest respect, and look upon his early death as a public loss."--Quarterly Review.

Another Edition, royal 8vo., embossed cloth, 3s. 6d.

[Image of page 16]

Post 8vo., cloth, price 4s. 6d.,

Memorials of Samuel Gurney. By
MRS. GELDART. With Portrait.
"The artist and the Subject are worthy of each other, and the noble character of the one, and the undoubted Hei 11 and ability of the other, will ensure this work permanent popularity."--Manchester Advertiser.

8vo., sewed, price 2s. 6d.,

The Present State of the Medical
Profession in Great Britain and Ireland: with Remarks on the Preliminary and Moral Education of Medical Students. By WILLIAM DALE, M. R. C. S.

Crown 8vo., sewed, price 6d,

Catholic Thoughts: being Fragments
from the Writings of the late W. T. WISHART, Minister of the Gospel, St. John's, New Brunswick.
No. I. --The Two Economies. Price 1d, or 7s. per 100. II. --The House of God. Price 2d., or 14s. per 100. III. --The Real Priesthood. Price 3d., or 21s. per 100.

Post 8vo., cloth, price 6s.,

Juvenile Delinquents; their Condition and Treatment. By MARY CARPENTER, Author of the "Reformatory Schools."
"We heartily commend Miss Carpenter's performance, which will doubtless receive the earnest attention of all philanthropic and reflective persons who take an interest in the subject of which she is an apostle."--Bristol Mercury.
"To those of our readers who may desire to possess a compendious manual on juvenile delinquency, with an account of such remedies as have commended themselves to earned and informed minds, we can recommend Miss Carpenter's book."--Athenaeum.

[Image of page 17]

Post 8vo., paper boards, price 2s. 6d.,

Tales of theAffections. By
"Miss Lew's interesting volume bears the recommendation to public favour of being written by the orphan daughter of one of Britain's heroes; a man who for forty years 'braved the battle and the breeze,' and whose death was mainly attributable to over-exertion in his country's service. This intimation, of itself, would ensure a large amount of public patronage; whilst the feeling and ability of the authoress will secure the admiration of her readers."--News of the World.

32mo, cloth, price 1s.,

A Guide to True Peace; or, a
Method of attaining to Inward and Spiritual Prayer. Compiled chiefly from the writings of FENELON, LADY GUION, and MICHAEL MOLINOS.

18mo., cloth boards, price 6d.,

A Century of Sayings to Help our
"Give me leave to have free speech with you."--Shakspeare.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, 2s 6d.,

Anthony Benezet: from the Original
Memoir. Revised, with Additions, by WILSON ARMISTEAD.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, gilt edges, prices 1s. 6d.,

Glances in Palestine, and other
Poems; being mostly Village Sketches from Nature. By MARY FRANK.

[Image of page 18]

Crown 8vo., cloth, with a Portrait, price 3s.,

Memoirs of James Logan, a distinguished Scholar and Christian Legislator. Including several of his Letters, and those of his Correspondents. By WILSON ARMISTEAD.

Post 8vo., cloth, price 10s. 6d.,

Memoirs of Anne, Duchess of Brittany, twice Queen of France. By LOUISA STUART COSTELLO.
"We know of no character during the chivalrous and eventful times in which she lived, so eminently entitled to our Sympathy and admiration as that of the youthful daughter of Francis, last Duke of Brittany, who, when almost a child, exhibited an indomitable love of country, a determination to find out the path of patriotism and duty, and a vigour and energy in the employment of the resources of her small state, which kept at bay for a time the whole Strength of the kingdom of France."--Morning Herald.

Foolscap 8vo., price 2s.,

The Ministers Wife and My Own:
What I think of her and what others think. A Memorial of Mrs. J. De Kewer Williams.
"The truth in love."
"This is a deeply affecting memorial of an excellent woman, putting us greatly in mind of the memoir of Mrs. Ewing, one of the most touching tributes ever presented by husband to wife. It consists largely of correspondence of a Angularly primitive character, finely illustrating the power and the preciousness of Divine truth, alike in health and in affliction. What we may deem the frame in which the epistolary jewels maybe said to be let--the Author's connecting passages--is marked by Simplicity, humility, and love, to an extent which will probably subject the worthy writer to ridicule among those who, insensible to the workings of unsophisticated nature, are revolted by its most genuine exhibition."--Christian Weekly News.

[Image of page 19]

Foolscap 8vo., 2s. 6d.,

The Law of Kindness. The Law
of Kindness--Introductory. The Law of Kindness in the Family. The Law of Kindness in the School. The Law of Kindness in the Church. The Law of Kindness in the Commonwealth. The Law of Kindness to other Nations and the Heathen. By the Rev. THOMAS PYNE.
"a Small work on a great Subject--the spirit of Christian Suavity breathes throughout its pages. It is a Suitable work for a present to those who may be imperfectly acquainted with the principle it fecks to develope and enforce."--Nonconformist.

32mo., cloth, price 6d.; cloth, gilt edges, 1s.,

A Collection of Hymns and Poetry,
Original and Selected. Compiled chiefly for the use of Schools. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Known as the Preston Hymns.

Crown 8vo., cloth, price 6s. 6d.,

Dissolving Views; being an Account
of a Voyage from Konigsberg to London. By Count M. G. DE WEZELE.

8vo., sewed, price 6d.,

The Blast of a Trumpet in Zion;
calling upon every Son and Daughter of John Wesley, in Great Britain and Ireland, to aid their brethren in America in purifying their American Zion from Slavery. By WILLIAM H. PULLEN.

[Image of page 20]

Post 8vo., cloth lettered, price 5s.,

Memoir of William Cookworthy,
formerly of Plymouth, Devonshire. By his GRANDSON.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

Essays on Political Economy. By the
late M. FREDERIC BASTIAT. Capital and Interest--That which is Seen, and that which is not Seen--Government--What is Money? --The Law.
"These Essays are written with beautiful clearness, and from abundant knowledge. * * * It is a small volume, but worth a large sum."--The Leader.

16mo., cloth, price 1s. 6d.; sewed, 1s.,

Gems from the Spirit Mine, illustrative of Peace, Brotherhood, and Progress. With two Engravings after designs by H. ANELAY. A New Edition.

16mo., illustrated, 4s. 6d.; 18mo., cloth, 1s.; sewed, 6d.,

A Kiss for a Blow. A collection
of Stories for Children, showing them how to prevent Quarreling. By H. C. Wright. New Edition.
"Of this little book it is impossible to speak too highly; it is the reflex of the spirit of childhood, full of tenderness, pity, and love--quick to resent, and equally quick to forgive. We wish that all children could imbibe its spirit, then indeed would the world be happier and better."--Mary Howitt.
"This volume, of which it were to be wished that every family in the country had a copy, has been re-printed in London; it is an invaluable little book."--Chambers' Trails.

[Image of page 21]

8vo., cloth, price 10s. 6d.,

The Charter of the Nations; or
Free Trade and its Results. An Essay on the recent Commercial Policy of the United Kingdom, to which the Council of the National Anti-Corn-Law League awarded their first prize of £ 250. By the Rev. H. Dunckley, M. A.
"This essay throws more light upon the wonderful success which has attended this grave political experiment than any other work which it has been our chance to meet with."--Reading Mercury,

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

Life and Times of John Penry, the
Pilgrim Martyr, 1559 --1593. By J. WADDINGTON, Author of "Emmaus," &c
"I have received and read this work with instruction and deep interest. I thank you sincerely for this contribution to the history and literature of a period of time so very interesting to the early history of the settlement of this country."--From Abbott Lawrence, late American Minister in England.
"Instinct with life and beauty in every page. The author has displayed great skill in arranging his materials."--Wesleyan Times,

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 3s. 6d.,

Facts without Fiction. By Dr.
HEWLETT, Author of "Thoughts upon Thought," &c.
"The narrative is full of incidents, and many of its passages are written in a glowing and beautiful style. We do not envy the sensibility or the piety of a reader who can throw it aside before the last page is gained."--Eclectic Review.
"Some passages are very powerful in genuine and unaffected pathos. The whole forms a beautiful picture, illustrative of the Church in the Army, with much incidental allusion to the social state of our West Indian Colonies in the time of Slavery."

[Image of page 22]

Foolscap 8vo., sewed, price 1s.,

The Fugitive Blacksmith; or Events
in the History of Dr. Pennington, Pastor of a Presbyterian Church, New York. The Eleventh Thousand.
"This entrancing narrative * * * We trust that thousands of our readers will procure the volume, which is published at a mere trifle--much too cheap to accomplish the purpose for which, in part or mainly, it has been published--the raising a fund to remove the pecuniary burdens which press on the author's flock. Nothing port of the sale of Fifty or Sixty Thousand Copies could be at all availing for this object. * * * We very cordially recommend him and his narrative to the kind consideration of our readers."-- Christian Witness.

Crown 8vo., sewed, price 6d.,

Ariconia; or, recollections of
Wyeside. A Poem. By JOHN HUTCHINSON.
"Very beautiful, Cowper-like. Reminds one of a limpid Stream running among flowers. Mr. Hutchinson need not be afraid to listen to his muse again. These twenty pages prove that She is no Sham."--Christian Weekly News.
"We were much pleased with the perusal of this unpretending little poem. There is no great originality in the production, but it is written with much freshness and vigour. It is a pleasing tributary lay of affection from the author to his boyhood's home."-- Brighton Gazette.

Post 8vo., cloth, price 5s.,

Juvenile Depravity. The Prize
Essay on Juvenile Depravity. By the Rev. H. WORSLEY, A. M., Easton Rectory, Suffolk.
"The author admirably uses his Statistics, and Shows an intimate knowledge of human nature in its multifarious circumstances."-- Christian Examiner.

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Cloth Case, price 8s. 6d.,

Patience: an Historical Game of Cards.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price 2s. 6d.,

Christian Instruction in the History,
Types, and Prophecies of the Old Testament. Illustrating those Fundamental Doctrines of the Gospel which are acknowledged by true , Christians of every Religious Denomination. By Susanna Corder.

Foolscap 8vo., cloth, price is,

Christian Non-resistance, in all its
important bearings, Illustrated and Defended. Reprinted from the American Edition. By ADIN BALLOU.

2 vols., 8vo., cloth, Illustrated, price 12s.,

American Natural History. By
JOHN D. GODMAN, M. D. To which is added his last work, "The Rambles of a Naturalist." With a Biographical Sketch of the Author. Third Edition.

16mo., cloth, 1s.; gilt edges, 1s. 6d.,

A Lively Sketch of a Trip to Killarney and the South of Ireland By GEORGE W. ASPLEN, M. A.

Crown 8vo., sewed, price 1s.,

Alessandro Gavazzi. A Biography.
By J. W. KING. Author of "Ernest the Pilgrim," a Poem.

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ELIZABETH FRY. A full-length Portrait of Elizabeth Fry. Engraved by Samuel Cousins, A R. A., from a Picture by George Richmond.

Artist's Proofs ............£10 10

Proofs, with Autographs ...... 7 7

Proofs, with Letters ......... 4 4

Prints .................. 2 2

ELIZABETH FRY. Engraved on Copper by Blood, from a Painting by Leslie.

Proofs...... 15s. Prints... 7s. 6d.

THOMAS CLARKSON. A splendid Portrait of this distinguished Philanthropist.

India Proofs, First Class... £1 0 0

Second Class............ 0 10 6

Prints ............... 0 5 0

WILLIAM ALLEN. Drawn on Stone by Day and Hague, from a Painting by Dicksee.

India Proofs, First Class... £110 0 Second Class............ 1 1 0

SAMUEL GURNEY. Drawn on Stone by Dicksee.

Proofs... 10s. 6d. 1 Prints...... 5s.

JOSEPH JOHN GURNEY. Engraved in Mezzotinto by C. J. Wagstaff.

Proofs... £1 is. 1 Prints... 10s. 6d.

JOSEPH STURGE. By Jerry Barrett, and Engraved by T. O. Barlow.

Artist's Proofs, Signed...... £5 5 0

Proofs before Letters ...... 3 3 0

Prints ............... 1 1 0

JOSEPH STURGE. Engraved by William Holl, from a Sketch by Edward Grimston. Artist's Proofs, 20s. Plain Proofs. 10s. India Proofs... 15s. Prints...... 5s.

HENRY VINCENT. Drawn on Stone by B. Smith.

Proofs, 21s. Second Proofs, 10s. 6d. Prints, 5s.

5, Bishopsgate Street Without, London,

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