1858 - Puseley, Daniel. The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. [New Zealand Chapters Only] - New Zealand Directory, p 447-472

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  1858 - Puseley, Daniel. The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. [New Zealand Chapters Only] - New Zealand Directory, p 447-472
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GENERAL GOVERNMENT. Governor and Commander-in-Chief, His Excellency Colonel Thomas Gore Browne, C. B. Private Secretary & Clerk of the Executive Council--Capt. Steward. Aide-de-Camp--Lieut. William D. Shipley, 58th Regiment. Clerk--James Holt, Esq.


The Officer Commanding the Troops. The Honorable the Colonial Secretary. The Honorable the Attorney General. The Honorable the Colonial Treasurer.


Hon. W. Swainson, esq....... Auckland
-- W. H. Kenny, esq. ...... Onehunga
-- F. Whitaker, esq....... Auckland
-- J. Salmon, esq........ Auckland
-- J. A. Gilfillan, esq....... Auckland
-- T. H. Bartley, esq....... Auckland
-- Sir S. O. Gibbes, Bart...... Auckland
-- H. Petre, esq......... Wellington
-- H. St. Hill, esq........ Wellington

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Hon. J. Y. Lloyd, esq........ New Plymouth
-- R. Richardson, esq....... Nelson
-- H. Seymour, esq........ Nelson
-- M. Richmond, esq....... Nelson
-- E. H. W. Bellairs, esq...... Otago
-- P. D. Bell, esq........ Wellington
Speaker--Hon. William Swainson, esq., Auckland (absent) Do. Hon. F. Whitaker, esq., Auckland (acting)
Clerk--James J. Piercy, esq., Auckland.



J. L. Campbell, esq. W. Lee, esq.
T. Beckham, esq. R. Graham, esq.
W. C. Daldy, esq. C. J. Taylor, esq.
F. W. Merriman, esq. J. Williamson, esq.
W. Brodie, esq. J. Greenwood, esq.
T. Henderson, esq. H. Carleton, esq.
Speaker-- Clerk--F. E. Campbell, esq.


Colonial Secretary--The Hon. Andrew Sinclair, esq. Commissioner of Crown Lands--William Gisborne, esq. First Clerk--G. E. Eliott, esq. Second Clerk--Mr. Alexander C. P. M'Donald.


Attorney General--The Hon. W. Swainson, esq. (on leave) Do. The Hon. F. Whitaker, esq. (acting.)


Colonial Treasurer--The Hon. Alexander Shepherd, esq. Clerk--James S. Baylis, esq.


Auditor General--Charles Knight, esq. Chief Clerk--W. Dover, esq. Second Clerk--Mr. G. E. Friend. Third Clerk--Mr. T. Godfrey.


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Principal Commissioner--Donald M'Lean, esq. District Commissioners--Bay of Islands: H. T. Kemp, esq. Whangarei: J. G. Johnson, esq. Waikato & Mokau: J. Rogan, esq. Hawkes Bay: G. S. Cooper, esq.

Senior Clerk--Mr. W. B. Baker. Junior Clerk--Mr. A. A. M'Innis.


Chairman--Rev. G. A. Kissling Medical Secretary--H. J. Andrews, esq.


Secretary--D. M'Lean, esq. (acting) Inspector of Mills--Mr. H. Boyton Clerk and Translator--Mr. C. 0. Davis Editor of Native Newspaper--D. Burns, esq.


Surveyor General--Charles W. Ligar, esq. Deputy ditto--Reader Wood, esq. District Surveyor--Mahurangi: Charles Heaphy, esq.

Senior Draughtsman--James Baber, esq. Second Draughtsman--Charles H. McIntosh, esq. Clerk--Mr. A. Sinclair.


Chief Justice & Deputy Vice Admiral--W. Martin, esq. (on leave) Chief Justice of the Northern District (acting)--S. Stephen, esq. Chief Justice of the Southern District (acting)--D. Wakefield, esq. Registrar--Thomas Outhwaite, esq. Sheriff--Loughlin O'Brien, esq.


Government Bank of Issue--Princess-street, Manager--C. Knight, esq.

Union Bank of Australia--Office: Princess-street, Local Manager--Alexander Kennedy, esq.

Savings' Bank--Office: At the Colonial Bank of Issue, Accountant--Mr. Francis E. Stewart.

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St. Paul's, Princes-street; Rev. J. F. Lloyd. St. Matthew's, Hobson-street; Rev. F. Thatchar. St. Barnabas, Parnell; Rev. G. A. Kissling. St. Barnabas, Parnell, Maori Services; Rev. G, A. Kissling. --Presbyterian, Waterloo Quadrant; Rev. D. Bruce. Wesley an, Victoria Quadrant; Rev. J. Fletcher. --Primitive Methodist, Edward-street; Rev. R. Ward. --Independent, High-street; Rev. A. Macdonald. --Independent, Albert-street; Rev. T. Hamer. --Baptist, Mechanics' Institute; Rev. E. Thomas. --St. Patrick's [Roman Catholic), Chapel-street.



Lambert, W., printer & bookseller Hampton, R., tailor Sauerbier, J., baker Droz, P. H., watchmaker Rochfort, S., solicitor Cavanagh, J., shoemaker Brookfield, F., solicitor Gilbert, Mrs., grocer Hooker, J., grocer Waste Lands Board Office Andrews, H. J., surgeon Colonial Treasury Colonial Secretary's Office Audit Office

Claremont Boarding House

Union Bank of Australia

Survey Office

Masonic Hotel

Retreat Boarding House


Hadlow, H., grocer Mielatz, J. F., working jeweller Chisholm, A., butcher Southern Cross Office Coleman, J., ironmonger Winch, C, watchmaker Holmes, J., tailor Reading, J. W., tobacconist Young, J., butcher Fielding, J., confectioner Harking, P., dealer Joslin, C, hairdresser Magnusson, Mrs., dealer Budgman, J., draper Russell, H., dealer Rattray, W., draper Scheidel, F., dealer Bolous, J., tailor I Langford, J. A., merchant j Weston, T. & Co., auctioneers ' Henderson & Macfarlane, timber merchants Custom House Engine House Sims, J., grocer Smith, W. H. & F., shoemakers Bell, J., Homoeopathic Pharmacy Newman and Ewen, ironmongers Tattersall, W., painter & glazier Watt, J., jeweller Williamson and Wilson, printers, New Zealander Office Williamson, J., bookseller Webster, H., saddler Keiley, M., plumber Coleman, W., merchant Fletcher, F. W., flour factor

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Melbourne Boarding House; Richardson, J., engraver; Wallis & Jackson, watchmakers; Dunne, W., ironmonger; Smith, H., baker; M'Pherson, A., tinplate worker; Webster, --, draper; Halyday, J., cabinet maker; Sewell, W., dealer; George, E., butcher; Hardington, H., Exchange Hotel; Lundon, P., grocer; Hansard, A. W., auctioneer; Gibson, T., saddler; Cummings, Mrs., grocer; Clark, A., draper; Cleveland, A. M., dealer; Brown, S., grocer; Ellis, H., draper; Brown & Campbell, merchants; Macready & Stirrat, watchmakers; Gibson & Mitchell, ironmongers; Hallamore, T. C, draper; George, J., baker; Keesing, A. and R., dealers; Matthews, R., chemist; Brighton, W., dealer; Asher, A., dealer; Keesing, H., jun., dealer; Nathan, D., auctioneer; Keven, T., bootmaker; Stitchbury, C, dealer; Levy, S. H., Russell Wine Vaults; Graham, D., draper; Collins, S., dealer;


Somerville, M., grocer Augustus, E., hairdresser Williams, T. J., draper Henderson, J. and W., drapers Boylan, J. T., ironmonger Rees, Mrs., butcher Wayte, E., dealer Patterson, R., draper Kirby, Mrs., milliner Somervell, H., shoemaker Short, T., draper Cameron, R., grocer; Robertson, P., baker; Otto, A., grocer; Walters, W., butcher; Dennet, W., innkeeper; Lundon, D., baker; Percy and Kennedy, saddlers; Shalders, R. B., draper; Petschler, C, merchant; Low and Motion, flour factors; Wood, M., storekeeper; Forsaith, T. S., draper; Young, Mrs., grocer; Rogers, T., boarding-house keeper; Morrin, W., grocer; Bunting, E., greengrocer and; dairyman Howes, G., cabinet maker Dinnin, M., grocer Thompson, R., Greyhound Inn Piatt, T., merchant Webster, A. S., merchant Stevenson, J., merchant Macfarlane, J. S., merchant-Odd Fellows' Hall Bourne and Dove, engineers Sims, F., Wheatsheaf Inn Somerville, A., grocer Westwood, J., cabinet maker Hobbs, R., draper Buller, E., tailor Hamilton, M., grocer Hannken, F., storekeeper Connell & Ridings, auctioneers Jones, A., draper M'Garvey, W., cooper Sheehan, D., Trafalgar Inn Waddel, W., baker Steel, R., shoemaker Jones, T., ropemaker Ward, R., grocer Miller, W., shoemaker Day, H., butcher Snodgrass, D., baker Robinson & Co., saddlers Neale, W. H., bootmaker Francis, J., tinman Scott, E., shoemaker Vaile, S. and J. R., drapers Hair, G. B., watchmaker

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Hoop, J., bootmaker Andrews, K., butcher Levy, L. and J., library Levy, P., Union Hotel Somerville, T., corn merchant Brown, J., boarding-house keeper Sheddan, R., cooper Weston and Keightley, livery stables; Johnson, J., cabinet maker Ireland, G., turner M'Dowell, J., storekeeper Court House Tutty, S., White Hart


William Denny Hotel Woodhouse and Buchanan, merchants King, G., dealer Bruce, Mrs. draper Tonks, B. & Co., ironmongers Lorigan, P., dealer Bout, J., merchant Davis, C, merchant Macky, J., merchant Gilfillan, J. A. & Co., merchants Salmon, J., merchant Bain, J. W., merchant Bobbins, T. G., ship chandler Duke, C, commission agent Schultz, R. & Co., auctioneers Owen and Graham, merchants White and Rogers, merchants Roe, Street and Co., timber merchants; Coolahan and Canning, bakers Edmonds, S. J., dealer Combes and Daldy, merchants Macky, T. & Co., merchants Macky, H., carpenter Graham, G. S., merchant Williams, Hinckley & Co., merchants


Beard, J., surgeon-dentist Temple and Russell, painters Allen, E., boarding-house keeper; Hemmings, T., cabinet maker Dillon, M., confectioner Grimley, J., dealer M'Ewan, I., baker Chapman, G. T., bookseller Courting, H., bootmaker Christopher, H., grocer Pilkington, W. J., Crown and; Anchor Doyle, T., dealer Purcell, P., bootmaker M'Carthy, E., boarding-house; keeper Mullens, P., cutler M'Carthy, J., butcher Gallagher, G., baker Dingwall, A., dealer Curtis, R., surgeon, Harp's bldgs.


Phillips, J., painter and glazier Philips, P. A., dealer Barehard, A., outfitter Scott, W., Victoria Hotel


Wall, E., shipsmith Brewer, H. N., mastmaker Carr, J. W., boat builder Grahame, W. S. & Co., merchants Harris, C. A., ship chandler Robertson, J., ropemaker Brodie, W., commission agent Le Roy, E., sailmaker Lillewall and Rattray, ship; chandlers Reynolds, G., Caledonian Hotel Rich, E., agent Hunt, R. J., merchant Phillips, G. P., dealer


Robottom, J., bootmaker Kelly, J., baker Crosbie, D., tailor Hair, J., dealer Letham, S., baker King, J. H., innkeeper Hanlen, M. F., grocer

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Dunning, J., grocer Post Office; Stratford, S. J., surgeon Leech, J., carver and gilder Holdsworth, D., dealer Spalding, A., tinsmith Marston and George, solicitors Ogilvy, J., tailor Holmes, T., butcher Palmer, J., tailor M'Caul, W., tailor Rawson, J., dealer


Parte, J., grocer O'Donoghue, M. C., grocer Richardson, J., printer Sansom, T., grocer Merriman, F. W., solicitor Ormsby, A. S., civil engineer Lowson, Mrs., milliner Londergan, T., tailor Otto, Mrs., grocer


Dignan, P., Clanricarde Hotel Carson, J., baker Leighton, J. F., bookbinder Dingwall, J., bootmaker Lee, W., surgeon Williams, J., painter M'Leod, J., smith


Webb, J., hairdresser


Brennan, P., bootmaker Halstead, L. D., veterinary surgeon; De Velle, B., butcher; Thorne, W., bootmaker Ansell, G., carpenter Bischoff, --, portrait painter Davies, W., surgeon Main, Mrs., milliner


Cadman, J., carpenter & builder Culpan, J., turner Currie, W., Aurora Tavern Porter, E., storekeeper Hamilton, J., baker


Combe, W. and Sons, builders Adams, A., shoemaker Haymes, T., shingler


Smith, G. H., grocer Wells, J., corn dealer Law, C. E., general dealer George, W., butcher Mitchell, J., storekeeper Lawford, R., baker Johnson, T., New Windsor Castle Symes, S., baker


M'Nab & Co., steam saw mills Gillingham, It., storekeeper Hornby, J., ropemaker Grattan, A., slater Haydon, M., dealer Leech, G, storekeeper


Moffitt, C. H., surgeon-dentist

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Superintendent--His Honor Isaac E. Featherston, M. D. Clerk--Richard Wakelin. Provincial Secretary--William Fitzherbert. Clerk--H. S. Knowles. Provincial Treasurer--William Fox. Clerk--John Wallace. Provincial Solicitor and Crown Prosecutor--A de B. Brandon. Board of Audit--J. Kelham, C. J. Pharazyn, Jonas Woodward.

Members of the Executive Council--The Provincial Secretary, Treasurer, and Solicitor, with S. Revans, M. P. C., constitute His Honor's Executive Council, and hold office on the principle of Ministerial Responsibility.

Messenger--Sydney Mason.


Col. A. McCleverty Alfred Domett, esq. Daniel Wakefield, esq. Lieut. Col. C. E. Gold F. Dillon Bell, esq. Stephen Carkeek, esq. Donald Mc Lean, esq. Henry St. Hill, esq.; D. S. Durie, esq. Robert R. Strang, esq. Major James Patience Charles Clifford, esq.; E. Daniel, esq. W. Swainson, esq. W. Hickson, esq. W. Fitzherbert, esq. A. Ludlam, esq.; A. Hort, esq.; J. C. Raymond, esq.; J. Johnston, esq.; W. McLeod Bannatyne, esq. G. Hunter, esq. G. Moore, esq. T. Kebble, esq.; F. Robinson, esq. J. King, esq.; M. Campbell, esq.; G. Rees, esq.; J. Kelham, esq. W. B. Rhodes, esq.; H. Churton, esq. A. Alexander, esq. E. S. Curling, esq. John Cameron, esq.; A. De Bathe Brandon, M. P. C.; John Dorset, M. P. C.; N. Levin, esq.; W. Lyon, M. P. C.; S. Revans, M. P. C.; C. J. Pharazyn, esq.

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A. Domett, esq. D. Wakefield, esq. Col. McCleverty Col. Gold P. D. Bell, esq.; S. Carkeek, esq. D. Mc Lean, esq. H. St. Hill, esq. D. S. Durie, esq. R. It. Strang, esq.


Speaker--Charles Clifford, esq., J. P. For town of Wellington--C Clifford, J. Dorset, W. Fitzherbert, W. Lyon, W. Fox, W. Hickson, J. Woodward.

For Hutt--G. Hart, A. Ludlam, A. Renall, E. G. Wakefield.

For Wellington Country District---A. de B. Brandon, C. W. Schultze, W. Bromley.

For Wanganui--W. Watt.

For Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay--F. D. Bell, S. Revans. Clerk to Council----H. S. Harrison. Serjeant-at-arms----J. H. Marriott. John Robert Godley, esq., Political Agent for the Province in London.

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT. Engineer of Roads--John Roy. Inspector of Roads--H. Stilling.


Harbour Master--C. Sharp. Pilot--D. Dougherty. Signal Station--M. France. Keeper of Lighthouse--M. Bennett. Resident Magistrate and Sheriff--H. St. Hill. Clerk to Bench--R. S. Cheesman. Native Interpreter--E. F. Harris. Serjeant of Police--W. Styles. Gaoler--R. Mills. Resident Magistrate--Wanganui: D. S. Durie.

Ditto Hawke's Bay: A. Domett.

Colonial Surgeon--Dr. Dorset. Coroner--Geo. D. Monteith. Inspector of Sheep--J. Webster. Registrar of Brands--J. H. Marriott. Post Master--John F. Hoggard. Clerk--J. Kirton. Trustees of College Reserves--Mr. Justice Stephen, Hon. H. Petre,; W. Fox, H. St. Hill, W. Fitzherbert. Trustees of Public Cemetery--W. Lyon, R. R. Strang, John May, G. Hart, E. Robert. Sexton--I. Fuller. Medical Board--John Dorset, President; C. France, Secretary.

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Visitors of Lunatic Asylum, Karori--W. Hickson, J. P., W. Fox, J. C. Raymond, J. P. Visiting Justices of the Gaol--A. Hort, J. P., "W. Hickson, J. P., W. B. Rhodes, J. P.


John Dorset, Colonial Surgeon. G. D. Monteith, Manners Street, Coroner. T. S. Ralph, M. D., Wellington Terrace. Drs. Hayes and France, Willis Street. Drs. Knox, Welch, and Buck, Hutt.


Daniel Wakefield, Judge for Southern District. R. R. Strang, esq., Registrar. A. de B. Brandon, M. P. C, Provincial Solicitor. C. R. D. Ward, Barrister-at-Law. Messrs. R. S. Cheesman, R. Hart, J. King, J. Pearce, J. E. Smith.


W. Allen, P. M. Hervey, I. Smith, G. Hunter, J. Johnson, Wellington; J. Broughton, Powell and Co; J. Kells, Wanganui.

MILITARY. southern province. --new zealand,


Colonel McCleverty, Commanding Troops. Brigade Major--Captain H. I. Coote. Brigade Office Clerk--Serjeant John Atkinson. Staff Surgeon--R. K. Prendergast. Staff Assistant Surgeon--H. F. Robertson.

65th Regiment.

Wellington--Colonel: C. E. Gold. Captains: D'Arcey and Blewit. Lieutenants: Turner and Buck. Ensigns: Lewis and Wrixon. Adjutant: Lieutenant Strange. Paymaster: J. W. Marshall. Quartermaster: E. Withers.

Wanganui--Lieutenant Colonel: Patience. Captains: Bazalgette and Paul. Lieutenants: Still, Priestly, and Wemyss.

The remainder of the Regiment is stationed on detachment at the Bay of Islands, Auckland and Taranaki.


Assistant Commissary General--J. C. R. Wood, esq. Clerk--W. P. Pickering. Storekeeper--George Gray.

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Deputy Ordnance Storekeeper--J. O. Hamley, esq. Clerk--R. Lucas.


Barrack Master--J. 0. Hamley, esq. Barrack Serjeant--R. Grigg. Wanganui: Acting Barrack Serjeant--John Crowder.


Clerk of Works--Mr. G. Single.


United Church of England and Ireland. --The Revds. Arthur Baker, and I. Hamlin; The Ven. Archdeacon Octavius Hadfield; Revds. Thos. B. Hutton, C. H. S. Nicholls, Samuel Poole, Arthur Stock, Richard Taylor, Edwin Wheeler, Samuel Williams; The Ven. Archdeacon William Williams.

Church of Scotland. --The Rev. W. Kirton. Roman Catholic Church.. --Revds. I. Forest, A. Gavin, Jos. Lampila, Very Rev. I. I. P. O'Reilly, Revds. I. B. Petit Jean, Stephen Pezant, E. Regnier, Jos. Seon, Right Rev. Bishop Viard.

Free Church of Scotland. --Revds. John Moir, W. Dron. Presbyterian Congregation. --Revds. David Hogg, James Duncan,

(Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland.) Wesleyan Methodist Society. --Revds. James Buller, Charles Creed, George Stannard, James Watkin, W. Woon. Congregational Independents. --Rev. Jonas Woodward. Primitive Methodist Society. --Rev. Henry Green.


Judge for Southern District; --D. Wakefield. Registrar Supreme Court--R. R. Strang. Deputy Registrar--J. E. Smith. Crier--J. Spiers. Officer Commanding the Troops--Lieutenant Col. W. McCleverty.


Commissioner--Francis D. Bell. Chief Clerk--D. Lewis. Second Clerk--William Holmes.


Surveyor in Charge--Wellington: R. Park. Assistant ditto--G. F. Swainson. Surveyor--Wanganui: D. Porter. Chief Surveyor--Wairarapa: Capt. W. M. Smith, R. A. Ditto--Ahuriri: M. Fitzgerald. Assistants--Mr. Bousfield.

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S. Carkeek, Collector. E. Catchpool, First Landing Waiter. C. Sharp, Tide Surveyor, (also Harbor Master). S. E. Grimstone, Collectors' Clerk and Accountant. E. E. Bannister, First Clerk and Warehousekeeper. F. Meier, Second Landing Waiter. T. W. Hoggard, Second Clerk. C. Ward, First Locker. C. H. Stutfield, Second Locker.; G. Hawkins, Weigher and Gauger.


Chas. C. de Veux, Sub-Collector, and Post Master.


W. Seed, esq., Sub-Collector, (also Deputy Post Master).

Post Master--Wellington: J. F. Hoggard.

Bank of Issue--Manager: H. St. Hill. Clerk: J. Partridge.

Commissioners of Crown Lands--F. D. Bell, Wellington: A. Lomett, Port Napier, Ahuriri.


Resident Magistrate--D. S. Durie. Collector of Customs'--Chas. C. de Veux. Commander of Troops, Her Majesty's 65th Regt. --Colonel Patience. Colonial Surgeon--Geo. Bees, M. D. J. P. Magistrates--Capt. M. Campbell, John Cameron, H. Churton, John Nixon.

Clergy---Church of England--Rev. R. Taylor. Presbyterian--Rev. J. Hogg. Roman Catholic--Rev. Father Pesant.


Messrs. Hervey, Smith and Co.; Bethune and Hunter; Bowler, Son and Co.; Johnston and Co.; Levin and Co.; R. J. Duncan and Co.; Jacob, Joseph and Co.; Worsley and Co.; W. M. Bannatyne and Co.; G. Crawford and Co. Schultz and Co. Waring Taylor John Varnham Jonas Woodward A. Hort, sen. J. Walden J. H. Wallace Stuart, Kinross and Co.

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Superintendent--His Honor Edward William Stafford. Executive Council--Henry Adams, John Poynter.


Speaker--Donald Sinclair. For the town of Nelson--H. Adams, G. F. Bush, W. Hough, J. Poynter, T. Renwick, D. Sinclair. Suburban Districts--J. Ward, E. Wastney, W. Wells. Waimea East--J. W. Barnicoat, T. Butler, W. 0. Cautley, S. L. Muller.; Waimea South--E. Baigent, J. W. Saxton, A. Saunders. Waimea West--D. Monro. Motueka--F. Jacka, E. Fearon, C. Parker. Massacre Bay--J. P. Robinson. Wairau--C. Elliott, Jos. Ward. Amuri--G. L. Lee. Clerk to Council--G. White. Messenger--L. Nattrass. Provincial Secretary--S. L. Muller. Clerk to ditto--A. Greenfield. Provincial Solicitor--H. Adams. Provincial Treasurer--J. Poynter. Board of Audit--D. Sinclair, T. Renwick, J. Sharp. Commissioner of Public Works--A. Dobson. Assistants--C. Goulter, F. J. Clarke. Provincial Surgeon and Coroner--J. F. Wilson, Registrar of Deeds--J. Poynter. Clerk to ditto--B. 0. Hodgson. Sheriff--B. Walmsley. Gaoler--W. Rodgerson.; Serjeant Major of Police--J., Fagan. Harbor Master and Pilot--J. S. Cross. Resident Magistrate--J. Poynter. Ditto at Wairau--H. G. Gouland.

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M. Richmond; D. Sinclair; J. D. Greenwood; H. Bedborough N. G. Morse; Sir William Congreve, Bart. W. Collins R. Richardson J. H. Blundell; B. Walmsley; C. M. Gascoyne; H. Martin J. Mackay D. Sclanders G. Duppa; G. White; D. Monro; E. W. Stafford; F. Jollie; W. 0. Cautley C. B. Wither C. Thorp J. W. Saxton R. K. Newcome; H. Seymour; S. L. Muller; A. C. Clifford; E. D. Sweet; F. L. Wickerman; B. Woolcombe E. Jollie; G. L. Lee; Hon. J. S. Wortley; H. G. Gouland.; F. A. Weld

Clerk to the Bench--J. Sharp.

Native Interpreter--W. Jenkins. Trustees of Trust Fund--A. Fell, D. Sclanders, C. Elliott, D. Monro, W. Wells, J. W. Barnicoat. Auditors of Trust Fund--H. C. Daniel, H. Seymour. Education Commission--D. Monro, F. A. Weld, C. Elliott, J. D. Greenwood, W. Wells.


Commissioner of Crown Lands--M. Richmond. Chief Clerk--H. C. Daniel. Assistant ditto--Y. Jones. Surveyor---T. Brunner. Collector of Customs--E. H. E. Blackmore.

Landing Waiter--D. Johnston. Clerk--W. Cottow. Locker---J. Percy. Tide Waiters--G. C. Lemming, H. B. Farquhar. Post Master--B. Walmsley. Deputy Registrar of Supreme Court--J. Sharp. Registrar of Marriages--J. Poynter. Ditto at Motueka--(vacant). Ditto Wairau--F. L. Vickerman. Ditto Amuri--E. Jollie.

Church of England--The Revds. R. B. Paul, Archdeacon of Waimea; H, T. Butt, T. L. Tudor, R. J. Lloyd, Meyrick Lally, G. Bagshawe.

Free Church of Scotland--The Rev. T. D. Nicholson.


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Wesleyan Methodist Society--Rev. J. Warren. Baptist--Rev. D. Dolamone. Church of Rome--Revds. A. M. Gavin, D. Moreau. German Lutheran--J. W. J. Heine.


Literary and Scientific Institution, &c. --President: D. Sclanders. Vice President: C. Elliott. Hon. Secretary: H. Adams. Librarian: G. Jackson.

Nelson School Society--Secretary: W. M. Stanton. Horticultural Society--Secretary: H. Adams. Literary Debating Society--President: J. Rollison. Secretary: G. Jackson.

Amateur Musical Society--Secretary: W. M. Stanton. Total Abstinence Society--Secretary: B. Crisp. Chess Club--President: J. Elliott. Turf Club--Secretary: E. Elliot. Wairau Jockey Club--Secretary: F. L. Vickerman. Cook's Straits Mining Company---Secretary: W. T. L. Travers. Working Man's Sheep Association--Secretary: C. Sewell. Nelson Mining Company---Secretary: W. R. Nicholson. Nelson Coast Steam Navigation Company--Provisional Committee: W. R. Nicholson, G. Riding, E. Fearon, A. Le Grand Campbell, C. Parker, H. E. Curtis.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, M. H. --Loyal Nelson Lodge, Odd Fellows' Hall, Nelson. Howard Lodge, Odd Fellows' Hall, Nelson. Travellers' Rest Lodge, Plough Inn, Richmond. Motueka Lodge, Motueka Hotel: P. G. M., William Jennings. P. C. S., R. Sutcliffe.

Ancient Order of Free Masons--Southern Star Lodge, Nelson. T. Sullivan, W. M.; J. Sharp, Secretary.


Flour Mills--M. Campbell, G. F. Bush, Nelson; A Sanders, and W. White, The Union Flour Mill Company, Waimea; J. Mickee, Rewaka.

Saw Mills--H. Martin, Waimea South; E. Baigent, Glen Eti; J. P. Robinson, and Co., Massacre Bay; D. Frazer and Co., and J. D. Greenwood, Motueka.

Malthouses and Breweries---C. Harley, Hooper and Dodson, Smith and Co., Nelson; T. Kidd, Stoke; H. Hubbard, Richmond.

Nelson Tannery--G. W. Lightband and Son.

Flax Dresser--E. Wastney, Suburban North.

Newspaper--The Nelson Examiner, published every Wednesday and Saturday.

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Town of Nelson-Trafalgar Hotel, G. Taylor; Wakatu, T. Sullivan; Commercial Hotel, J. Winterburn; Odd. Fellows' Arms, J. Miles; Royal Hotel, C. Gentry; Bakers' Arms, M. Simpson; Sir Charles Napier Inn, A. McGee; Ship Hotel, W. Crowther.; Stoke--Turf Hotel, I. Ingram.

Wakapuwaka--Black Horse, W. Wastney.

Richmond--Star and Garter, W. Dale; Plough Inn, W. Cleaver.

Waimea--Wakefield Arms, T. N. Trower; Waimea Inn, J. Palmer; Travellers' Rest, W. White; Holly Bush, T. Kinzett.

Motueka--Motueka Hotel, Shipley and McKenzie; Swan Inn, W. Harding; Ferry Inn, E. McNab.


Aitken, Alexander, auctioneer,; bookseller, and stationer Appow, T., hairdresser Adams, H., legal practitioner Aitken, A., land and estate agent Askew, T., storekeeper Aitken, A., storekeeper Aikins, G., storekeeper Atkins, T., storekeeper; Bird, J., butcher Blythe, Mark, maltster Boyle, W., gardener Bush, G. F., medical practitioner Black, J. P., draper & cap maker Boardmen, T., painter, plumber, Banks, A., cooper Bachelor, T., storekeeper Batchelor, T., ironmonger Betts, A. G., storekeeper Batchelor, G., boot & shoe maker Blick, W., tanner Barret, J., carpenter and builder Burn, R., tin plate worker Bright, T., carpenter and builder Burns, D., carpenter and builder; Carter, Mrs., board and lodging house, Bridge st. Crowther, W., boat builder and shipwright, Calder; Carston, J., carpenter & builder Coleman, E., cabinet maker Creasy, R. J., land & estate agent Clarke, H. L., saddler, &c. Coates, G., watch & clock maker Curtis, Brothers, merchants; Drew, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker Dertnell, W., storekeeper; Elliot, C. & J., booksellers, stationers, printers, & publishers; Elliott, Mrs., board and lodging house, Trafalgar square; Epps, T., gardener; Fell, A. and Co., merchants Filby, F., medical practitioner Fell, A. and Co., auctioneers Fleming, R., tailor Freeman, T., boat builder and shipwright; Giblin, D., storekeeper Gorrie, J., carpenter and builder Gaukrodger, T., carpenter and builder; Gardiner, W., rope and twine spinner; Greenwood, J. D., medical practitioner

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Griffin, J., baker Green, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker; Hargreaves, H., butcher Hargreaves, J., carpenter and; builder, and cabinet maker Hall, W., gardener Hill, J. M., ironmonger Hough, W., storekeeper Hunter and Son, watch and clock makers; Jennings, W. baker; Jacobsen, H., boatbuilder and shipwright Jones, W., saddler, &c. Jenkins, W., upholsterer; Laney, W., baker; Lloyd, R., boot and shoe maker; Lucas, C., boot and shoe maker,; and storekeeper Ladd, J., bricklayer & plasterer Lakin, T., medical practitioner Lonasson, J. T., painter, plumber, Lightband, G. W. & Son, tanners Lockhart, W. T., storekeeper; M'Gee, boot and shoe maker Macshane, C., chemist & druggist Morrison & Sclanders, merchants Moore, D. and Co., merchants M"Glashen, J. R., rope and twine; spinners Macshane, C, storekeeper M'Glashen, T., storekeeper M'Artney, A. and J., tin plate; workers M'Kenzie, J., tailor M'Donald, A. C, manager of the; Union Bank of Australia Morrison and Sclanders, bankers; --Union Bank of Australia; Nicholson, R. & Co., auctioneer Northwood, -- painter, plumber,; Page, W., bricklayer & plasterer; Pratt, T., carpenter and builder Peddie, Lb, carpenter & builder Patterson, J., carpenter & builder Pritchard, E., chemist & druggist,; and storekeeper Pahl, W., cooper Poynter, J., legal practitioner Phillips, J. C, storekeeper Palmer, J., Waimea West; Hidings, G., auctioneer Ross, R., baker Eankin, A., baker Rollison, T., blacksmith Renwick, T., M.D., medical practitioner; Rule, .. M.H., medical practitioner Ridings, G., merchant; Stanton, W. M., storekeeper Stanton, W. M., bookseller and; stationer Steel, T., bricklayer & plasterer Schumaker,J., carpenter & buildr. Snow, E., tailor; Symonds, . ., ironmonger and; storekeeper Stamper, W., legal practitioner Sinclair, D., legal practitioner Stellard, H., painter, plumber, &c. Smith, E., storekeeper Stanton, W., storekeeper, Richmond; Taylor, Mrs., board and lodging house keeper, Selwyn place; Tarr, G., butcher; Taylor, Jos., cutler & gunsmith; Travers, W. T. L., legal practitioner; White, J., boot and shoemaker Wimsett, J., blacksmith Watson, J., blacksmith Wilson, J. T.,medical practitioner Wilkie, W., storekeeper Wilkie, J., storekeeper, Motueka Webb, James, tailor

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Superintendent--His Honor Edward Fitz Gerald.


Speaker--Charles Bowen.

For Christchureh--S.Bealey, A.Packer, C.B.Fooks,R. Westenra, A. C. Barker, J. Brittan.; For Lyttelton--I. T. Cookson, C. E. Dampier, W. J. W. Hamilton, C. B. Blakiston, H. SeweU, W. Donald.; For Christchureh Country District;--C. Bowen, J. Hall, H. J. Tancred, J. Ollivier, J. E. Moore, J. Bealey, YV. B. Bray, W. Thomson.; For Akaroa--R. H. Rhodes, C. Ward, W. S. Moorhonse, R. Davis. Clerk to Council--G. A. E. Ross.


Executive Council--H. J. Tancred, President; J. Brittan, W. J. W. Hamilton. Provincial Secretary--Joseph Brittan. Provincial Treasurer--Charles C. Bowen. Provincial Auditor--J. Marshman. Provincial Solicitor--H. B. Gresson. Provincial Engineer--C. E. Dobson. Resident Magistrate and Commissioner of Police--H. J. Tancred. Sheriff--H. J. Tancred. Returning Officer--C. C. Bowen. Registrar of Deeds--C. A. Calvert. Chief Clerk in Secretary's Office--T. B. Keele. Harbor Master, Immigration Agent, Tide Surveyor, &c.--J. Parsons. Colonial Surgeon and Coroner--W. Donald.

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Keeper of the Public Records--H. J. Tancred. Clerk to the Bench at Lyttelton--D. Mundy. Under the Scab Ordinance--Inspectors of Sheep: Sir W. Con-greve, Bart., J. Rule, T. Meldrum.

Registrar of Brands--Sir W. Congreve.


His Honor J. E. Fitz Gerald; H. J. Tancred; W. G. Brittan; E. J. Wakefield; J. Campbell; C. Bowen; M. Stoddart; R. Westenra; B. Woolcombe; W. J. W. Hamilton; H. Phillips; J. C. Watts Russell; R. H. Rhodes; Conway L. Rose; W. B. Bray; I. T. Cookson; J. Watson; C. H. Brown; C. R. Blakiston; John Hall; C. 0. Torlesse.


Collector of Customs--W. J. W. Hamilton. Commissioner of Crown Lands--W. G. Brittan. Clerk and Warehouse Keeper in the Customs--C. E. Cooper. Landing Waiter--W. Eades. Post Master--Lyttelton : W. L. Howard. Sub-Post Master--Christchureh: C. W. Bishop. Surveyors--Thomas Cass, C. Davie. Deputy Registrar of Supreme Court--C. A. Calvert.

Resident Magistrate, Sub-Treasurer, Deputy Registrar of Births, &c, and Deputy Port Master---J. Watson. Sub-Collector of Customs and Postmaster--B,obt. Greaves.

CLERGY OF THE CANTERBURY SETTLEMENT. Bisnop of the diocese--George Atjgtjsttjs Selwyn, D.D.,; Consecrated October 17, 1841. Archdeadon of Akaroa, and Commissary of the Lord Bishop of New Zealand--Venerable 0. Mathias.


Christchureh--Yen. Archdeacon Mathias, B.A. Riccarton---Yen. Archdeacon Mathias, B.A.

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Papanui--Rev. C. Mackie, M.A.

Avonside--Rev. C. Mackie, M.A.

Upper Heathcote, or Lower Lincoln Road--Rev. W. W. Willock, M.A.

Lower Heathcote, or Christchurch Quay--Rev. J. Wilson, M.A.

Sumner and Governor's Bay--Rev. G. Cotterill, B.A.

Lyttelton--Rev. B. W. Dudley, M.A.

Port Levy, Pigeon Bay, and other Bays of Banks's Peninsula-- To be served by a Cycle.

Akaroa, with Piraki--Rev. W. Aylmer, M.A.

Sheep Stations--Rev. W. W. Willock.

Sub-Warden of Christ's College, and Head Master of the Collegiate Grammar School--Rev. H. Jacobs, M.A. Catechist--Mr. F. Rnowles, Pigeon Bay.

Surrogates for granting Marriage Licenses--Ven. Archdeacon Mathias, Rev. B. W. Dudley, Rev. W. Aylmer, Rev. W. W. Willock, Rev. J. Raven.

Wesleyan Minister--Rev. John Aldred.

Christ's college, Canterbury,

Visitor--Metropolitan Bishop of the Province. Warden--The Bishop of the Diocese. Sub-Warden--Rev. H. Jacobs, M.A. Fellows---Ven. Archdeacon Paul, M.A. ; Ven. Archdeacon 0. Mathias, B.A.; Rev. J. Wilson, M.A.; Rev. W. W. Willock, M.A.; His Honor J. E. Fitz Gerald, B.A. ; H. B. Gresson, Esq., B.A. ; J. Bealey, Esq., M.A.; W. J. W. Hamilton, Esq. ; C. R. Blakiston, Esq.

Watts Russell Professor of Divinity--Rev. H. Jacobs, M.A. Hulsean Chichele Professor of Modern History-- Rev. J. Wilson, M.A. Rowley Scholar--B. T. Dudley. Christ's College Grammar School--Head Master : Rev. H. Jacobs, M.A. Assistant Master--Mr. F. Thompson. Christ's College Commercial School--Master : Mr. J. Bilton.


Ancient Order of Freemasons--Lodge of Unanimity, Lyttelton : A. A. Dobbs, W.M., &c. St. Augustine's Lodge, Christchurch: C. B. Fooks, W.M., &c.

Christchurch Agricultural, Horticultural, and Botanical Society-- W. G. Brittan, President; C. Davie, and C. B. Fooks, Hon. Sees.

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Lyttelton and Port Victoria Horticultural Society--A. E. White, Hon. Secretary.

Christchurch Cricket Club--A. C. Croft and Crosbie Ward, Hon. Secretaries.

Lyttelton Colonists' Society--W. Donald, Chairman: J. Gr. Fyfe, Hon. Secretary.

Christchureh Colonists' Society--H. J. Tancred, Chairman; H. W. Packer, Hon. Secretary.

Lyttelton Loan Society--S. Gundry, Hon. Secretary.

Odd Fellows--Lyttelton: J. Stout, Secretary. Christchureh: T. Kent, Secretary.

Lyttelton Cboral Society--J. F. M'Cardell, Conductor; H. Allwright, Hon. Secretary.

Christchurch Harmonic Society--J. Bilton, Conductor ; Rev. J. Wilson, Hon. Secretary.

Canterbury Jockey Club--Hon. Secretary, T. Cass.

Lyttelton Chess Club--Hon. Secretary, F. E. Wright.

Lyttelton Savings' Bank--Hon. Actuary, C. W. Turner.

HOTELS, TAVERNS, ETC. Akaroa--James Bruce.

Christchureh--Royal Golden Fleece, White Hart, and Smart's Caversham House, (boarding house.)

Ferry Road--Heathcote Arms.

Hagley Park--Traveller's Home.

Kaiapoi Hotel--G. Hamlet.

Lyttelton--Mitre, Canterbury, Robin Hood, Universal Inn Steadfast, (board and lodging house.)

Papanui--Sawyers' Arms.

Pigeon Bay--Mrs. Knowles, (boarding house.)

Waikirikiri--A. C. Lake.

Waimakariri Ferry--Jackson and Baxter.


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Alport, A. J., auctioneer Allen, Messrs., boat builders Alport, A. J., merchant Allwright, H., painter, &c. Ashby, J., tailor, &c.; Bayfield, A., chemist Ballard, J. F., merchant; Campbell, F. Noble, auctioneer Collier, J.,baker, storekeeper, &c. Cryer, Moses, butcher Cookson, Bowler and Co., Messrs.,; merchants Campbell, N., and Co., merchants Cummins, W., painter, &c. Cameron, Mrs., storekeeper; Dimoxd, D., carter; Dimond, D., storekeeper & linen; draper Deny, Mrs., linen draper Donald, Dr., medical practitioner Dudley, Dr., medical practitioner Deny and Childs, smiths Dampier, E. C, solicitor; Eades, J. E., linen draper; Ford, Mrs., linen draper Fyfe, J. Gr., storekeeper; Genet, E., storekeeper, agent for the Canterbury Standard, &c. Glee and Co., bakers Grubb, Mr., boat builder Gee and Co., storekeepers; Hargreaves, E. A., auctioneer Hargreaves and Co., merchants Hutchinson, W., shoemaker Hare, J., tailor, &c. Harrison, W. W., tailor, &c.; Iles, A., shoemaker Josling, J., carpenter; Le Cren, J. and Latter, R., merchants; Leake and Tayler, storekeepers; McCardell, J. F., auctioneer Mason, F., baker, storekeeper, &c. Marshall, M., boat builder Mutton, J., carpenter Mollett, J., carpenter McCheane, Dr., medical practitioner; Nurse, E., carrier; Pearson, --., carter Pepper, Gr., storekeeper; Rule, James, butcher Eutland, J., carpenter Rose, --., hairdresser; Spowers, J., manager of the; Union Bank of Australia Scott, Mr., butcher Stout, J. B., carpenter Stone, Mr., carpenter Stout, J., carter Shalders, T., shoemaker Swinbourne, R., shoemaker Smeaton, R., smith; Taylor, R., carpenter Turnbull, J. F., storekeeper Thomson, W., auctioneer; Ward, --., butcher Wheeler, J., carrier Willcox, J., carpenter Wheeler and Nurse, carters White and Co., A. E., merchants Wormald, R., solicitor

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Anderson, --., smith Ashby, --., tailor Austin, --., butcher Allen, --., dairyman; Bailey, --., butcher; Barker, A., medical practitioner; Bishop, C. W., storekeeper and; sub-post master Birmingham, Mr., carpenter Brittin and Jagger, brewers and; maltsters; Chapman, W., M.D. Cridland, H. J., architect & surveyor; Clarkson and Atkinson, linen drapers; Coxhead, --., carpenter; Cosier and Adams, liqueur manufacturers; Clarke, --., cabinet maker and paper hanger; Dorset, W., painter, &c. Dann, J., storekeeper Dorset, --., paper hanger; Fisher, T., M.D., medical practitioner; Gosling, --., smith Gresson,H.B.esq., barrister at law Gould and Miles, storekeepers Griffith, B., tin plate worker; Hilbourrne, E., chemist Hunter, --., shoemaker Hobbs, --., tailor Hicks, --., carter; Inwood, --., baker Inwood, D., storekeeper; Joyce, --., butcher Johnson, --., carpenter Jagger, --., cooper; Elver, C, baker & storekeeper Kessal, W., saddler; Luck, T., agent for the Lyttelton Times; Longden, J., auctioneer Lewis, --., butcher Lowther, H., storekeeper Luck, I., architect and surveyor Lowther, Mrs., milliner; Moore, J., shoemaker; Mountford, B. W., architect and surveyor Moure, --., carpenter; Marley, --., carpenter; Parkerson, B., medical practitioner; Prichard, C. E., esq., solicitor Packer, R., brewer and maltster; Bees, F. L., painter, &c. Reese, --., carter Rees, --., paper hanger; Stringer, --., baker, &c. Skillikorn, Miss, linen draper Smart, Mr., carter Skillikorn, Miss, milliner; Thacker, J. E., storekeeper Thomson, W., accountant Thompson, W., hair dresser Thompson, --., carpenter Tombs, --., carpenter Tayler, R., brewer and maltster Tombs, --., cooper Townshend, Mr., paper hanger; and cabinet maker Turner, butcher; Wilson, G., baker, &c. Wilson, W., nursery & seedsman Watson, --., tailor Williams, Mrs., linen draper Wright, --., carter

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