1853 - New Zealand and its Six Colonies Historically and Geographically Described. - [Front matter]

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  1853 - New Zealand and its Six Colonies Historically and Geographically Described. - [Front matter]
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Historically and Geographically Described







The Four Colonies of Australia, with Gold Fields, just published.

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The Ninth Edition, much enlarged by M. A. Youatt, and able assistants.

WATT'S COMPLETE GRAZIER; OR, FARMERS' AND CATTLE [illegible]and Dealers' Assistant. A Compendium of Husbandry. By William [illegible] V. S., and illustrated with upwards of 130 Engravings of Cattle, Sheep, the [illegible] Farm Implements, Meadow Grasses, &c. In a thick 8vo volume of upwards of [illegible]Price 18s., cloth lettered. The work is divided into Ten Books, containing [illegible] and 2. The breeding, rearing, fattening, and general management of NEAT [illegible] and management of the Dairy.
[illegible] The breeding, rearing, and management of FARM HOUSES.
The breeding of SHEEP, and on Foreign and British Wool,
The breeding, rearing, and fattening of SWINE.
The culture and management of GRASS LANDS.
The cultivation and application of GRASSES, PULSE, and ROOTS.
On MANURES. --Vegetable, animal, fossil, mineral, fluid, and compound.
ACCOUNTS and Tables for calculating labour by the acre, &c, with a Monthly of Work to be done throughout the year, with observations on the weather.

In presenting to the public this Ninth Edition, the Proprietors beg leave to say every endeavour has been made, as far as possible, to bring it to that state which the requirements of Agricultural Science demand. Much new matter, and several [illegible]cuts. of the most recent and useful Agricultural Implements, have been added: latter [illegible] may be specified the Cut of M'Cormick's Reaping Machine--one of the most efficient aids to the mechanical operations of Agriculture. The volume, [illegible] when rendered as replete with useful and practical information as a study of Agricultural Authorities, and diligent inquiry, could make it.


THE SHEEP, ITS HISTORY, STRUCTURE, ECONOMY, AND [illegible] In Three Parts. Illustrated with fine Portraits of the different Breeds, [illegible] Harvey's Drawings, with a List of the Medicines employed in the Treatment of their Diseases. By W. C. SPOONER, M. R. V. C., &c, Editor of "White's Cattle Medicine" &c. Second Edition, now sold for 6s., bound extra, and lettered.

"This is a book which Farmers' Clubs ought to add to their libraries, and as a work of reference, it ought to be in the possession of all Sheep Farmers."-- Gardener's Chronicle and Agricultural Journal.


CLATER'S EVERY MAN HIS OWN FARRIER; with the Diseases of Dogs. The 29th Edition. Edited, revised, carefully corrected, and greatly enlarged, by a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. 12mo, price 6s. bound and lettered.


CLATER'S EVERY MAN HIS OWN CATTLE DOCTOR; containing the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of all Diseases incident to Oxen, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, and Rabbits. Tenth Edition, 12mo, price 6s. bound and lettered.

***These editions of Clater's two celebrated works have undergone a complete revision by one of the most rising veterinary surgeons of the present time In the "Cattle Doctor," the fatal diseases of pleuro-pneumonia in cattle, and small-pox in sheep, are for the first time given; with many other original treatises, now first introduced into these popular works, giving them an advantage that must greatly add to their usefulness. Both these valuable works may now be said, with truth, to be re-written.


YOUATT ON THE PIG; a Treatise on the Breeds, Management, Feeding, and Medical Treatment of Swine. To which are added directions for salting pork and curing bacon and hams, as practised abroad and at home. By William Youatt, V. S., Author of "The Horse," &c. Illustrated with Engravings, drawn from life, by William Harvey, Esq. In 8vo, price 6s. 6d. bound.

This useful treatise, on a subject hitherto much neglected by all writers, completes the author's series of works on domestic animals, and the matter being of growing interest, and not inferior to his former labours. in utility, it is confidently believed that it will add to the reputation of its talented author.

"It will be as widely sought after, and be as popular as the other celebrated productions of his pen."--Mark Lane Express.

"The farmer will find the acquisition of this work indispensable."-- Veterinarian,

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THE TONGUE OF TIME; or, the Language of a Church Clock. By WILLIAM HARRISON, A. M., of Brasenose College, Oxford; Rector of Birch, Essex; lute incumbent of St. Michael's, Pimlico. The Sixth Edition, in fcap. 8vo, printed by Whittingham, with Illustrations. Price 3s. 6d., cloth extra and gilt leaves,
"The earnestness of spirit which has guided the writer, and the simplicity and singleness of purpose which mark every line, speak at once to the heart of the reader, and commend the work to the Christian world."--Morning Herald.

CONSECRATED THOUGHTS; or, A Few Notes from a Christian Harp. A New Edition, in fcap. 8vo, price 2s. 6d. bound extra, and gilt leaves.

SERMONS ON THE COMMANDMENTS, first preached in the Chapel of the Magdalen Hospital. A new, enlarged, and cheaper edition, handsomely printed to correspond with the Author's other works. Price 4s. bound extra.

THE SHEPHERD AND HIS SHEEP; an Exposition of the 23rd psalm, in Six Chapters. Fcap. 8vo. New Edition, much enlarged, and finely printed, Vignette Title. Price 3s. Extra bound, and gilt leaves.

HOURS OF SADNESS; or, Instruction and Comfort for the Mourner. In fcap. 8vo. A new and enlarged Edition. Price 5s., hound elegant.
"In our estimation, by far the most valuable book of the kind which has ever been presented to the public."--Denbigh Herald.


THE GARDENER'S MANUAL; for the Flower, the Fruit, and the Kitchen Garden, with the Hothouse, Greenhouse, and Conservatory. New Edition Improved, by Glenny. Fcap. 8vo, price 2s.

THE BOTANIST'S MANUAL AND WOODLAND COMPANION; containing a Familiar Introduction to the Science of Botany and Vegetable Physiology; with the Natural History and various Uses of British Forest Trees, Fcap. 8vo, price 2s.

THE HOUSEKEEPER'S MANUAL in English Cookery, Preserving, Pickling, Confectionery, Pastry, Cakes, Jellies, and Bread-making; Domestic Brewing and British wine-making of every description. New Edition, fcap. 8vo, price 2s.

THE FAMILY PHYSICIAN; or Domestic Medical Guide; a Manual of Health; with Recipes, including the Diseases of Children, Instructions on Infant Dress, the Physiology of Health, or the important Functions of the Human Body described, with Practical Observations on their Management, &c. In fcap, 8vo, 2s.

THE EARTH AND THE HEAVENS; or, the Construction of the Universe, displayed in a Familiar Introduction to the interesting Sciences of Astronomy, Geology, and Mineralogy. In Three Parts. Fcap. 8vo, price 2s.

THE YOUTH'S MANUAL of Moral and Literary Study, Commercial Practice, and Epistolary Correspondence. In Three Parts. Fcap. 8vo, price 2s.

A MANUAL OF MUSIC; containing Popular Sketches of its Rise and Progress in all Countries, from the Earliest Periods to the Present Time, with a Practical Guide for Teaching Singing, the Pianoforte, &c, &C. Fcap. 8vo., price 2s.
"This is the cheapest and most comprehensive musical work which has ever come before us. Its value can be duly estimated only by its readers." --English Gentleman.

LONDON AND ITS VICINITY; a Manual for Strangers visiting the Metropolis, and all the Chief Objects of Attraction in Nature and Art within a circle o between Forty and Fifty Miles. Together with the Watering and Sea-Bathing Places on the Coasts of Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight, &c, described in a Series of entertaining Walks, Rides, and Steamboat Excursions. Fcap, 8vo, 2s.

LONDON AS IT NOW IS; an account of all its attractions, with a New Map of London, appropriately coloured. Price 2s. 6d.
*** The same in French, with a New Map of London. Price 2s. 6d.

A NEW MAP OF LONDON; on a novel principle, for the use of Strangers from all Nations, embracing a ready method of computing distances, Cab Fares, finding the National Establishments, Public Buildings, &c. In a case suitable far unfolding in the street, 1s.; or Coloured, 1s. 6d.

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Will be found to conform strictly to its title. The whole series will consist of works of practical utility and of every-day interest; and the manner of treating them will, it is hoped, prove to be both clear and familiar. Each subject will be completed in One Number.

Upon a comparison of this Series of Works with others of a similar nature, it will be seen that, as regards composition, printing, and quantity of matter, it has no rival.

The following are already published. Each contains 64 pages, price 6d.

1. Flower Gardener's Manual. 2. English Cookery, &c.

3. The Horse: its Habits, Diseases, Management, &c.

4. Kitchen Gardener's Manual.

6. Mother's Medical Adviser on the Diseases of Children, &c.

6. Australia (the Four Colonies of); their Geography, Climate, Agriculture, and Commerce; Account of the Discovery of Gold, &c.

7. Domestic Brewing, and British Wine-making.

8. Steam-Engine familiarly described, with Illustrations.

9. Preserving, Pickling, Confectionery, Bread-making, &c.

10. Every Sect of the Christian Religion: its Origin, Progress, Tenets, &c.

11. Fruit Gardener's Manual and Green-house Companion. •

12. Care of Domestic Animals: viz., Cows, Pigs, Poultry, Ducks, Turkeys, Guinea Fowls, Pigeons, Rabbits, Bees, &c.

13. Physiology of Health: with Hints for the attainment of Long Life.

14. Geology; an Introduction to a Knowledge of its Principal Facts.

15. Farm and the Garden; an Account of every Vegetable cultivated for the Table by the Plough and the Spade.

16. Vegetable Physiology; a familiar Treatise on the Structure and Functions of Plants, for young people.

17. Young Man's Mentor, on his Entrance into Life.

18. A Week in London; or, the Metropolis, with all its National Establishments, Public Buildings, &c, Viewed in Seven Days.

19. Cotton, from the Pod to the Factory; or, the Rise and Progress of the Cotton Factory to its present state of perfection.

20. China, as it was, and as it is; a Compendious History from the earliest Times to the present Period.

21. Study of Botany; a familiar Introduction to the Science.

22. British Forest Trees; a Hand-book for our Woods and Parks.

28. Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, &c, with a Map.

24. Domestic Medicine, a Family Manual of Health.

25. The Art of Letter-Writing, simplified by Precept and Example.

26. Excursions in the Vicinity of London: a Guide for Strangers within a circle of Fifty miles round the Metropolis.

27. Mineralogy: a familiar Introduction to that interesting Science.

28. Progress of Music on the Continent; a Popular Sketch.

29. Music in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland: its history, &c.

30. Guide to the Watering and Sea-bathing Places of Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight.

31. The Musical Guide for Singing and the Pianoforte.

32. The Young Clerk's Manual. A Companion for the Counting House.

33. The Wonders of Astronomy, displayed in a Popular Exposition of the Modern Discoveries in that most interesting Science.

34. Migratory Birds. A guide to their places of resort, natural history, songs, and the benefits they confer oh mankind.

35. Sports, Pastimes, and Customs of London, Ancient and Modern.

36. Biographical Memoirs of Louis Philippe, ex-King of the French.

37. Historical Sketch of the French Revolution of 1848.

38. The Visitor's Hand-book to Richmond, Kew Gardens, and Hampton Court; with a Catalogue of the Pictures, and a Map of the Country.

39. Palestine: or a History of the Holy Land to the. Present Time.

40. Windsor, Eton, and Virginia Water: The Visitor's Hand-Book.

41. India, Ancient and Modern, its History to the present time, &c.

42. London Life as it is: a Hand-book to all its attractions.

43. The Soldiers of the Cross; or, Scenes and Events from the Crusades.

44. The British Museum, in Five Sections; or, How to View the Whole at Once.

45. New Zealand and its Six Colonies Historically and Geographically described: with Directions for, and Advice to Emigrants.


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Historically and Geographically Described:

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Printed by STEWART and MURRAY,

Old Bailey.


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Remarkable peculiarities of the country--Discovery by Tasman--Capt. Cook's visit--The first encounter with the natives--Opinions of the natives as to Capt. Cook's vessel--Manners and customs of the natives.......page 5


Volcanic Origin--Mountains--Harbours--Rivers--Climate--Seasons--Soil--Animal, vegetable, and mineral productions..page 11


The whalers--First Church mission--First Wesleyan mission--New Zealanders in England--Baron Thierry--Formation of the first emigration company--Troubles in the island--Mr. Busby's mission--New Zealand Association--Its failure--New Zealand Land Company--Opposition of the Government--Voyage of the Tory--Purchase of land---Dicky Barrett--Appointment of a Lieutenant-Governor--His proclamation--Treaty of Wanganui--Reconciliation of the Government and the Company--Charter granted--Settlements--Effects of the treaty of Wanganui and the land sales--War--Division of the colony--Government--Canterbury Association--Canterbury settlement..........page 23


The six colonies of New Zealand--Order of settlement--Geographical order--Wellington; its situation; hills; first called Britannia; change of name; description of the town; conversazione at the Athenaeum; topography of the district; population; trade of Wellington; gold supposed to be found there--Auckland: reasons why Capt. Hobson chose the site; harbour; founding the town; description; Auckland a sea-port; society in England; amusements; newspapers; surrounding district; gold........page 31

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The six colonies (continued)--New Plymouth; New Plymouth Company; locality of the colony; disputes with natives; places of worship, schools; fertility of the soil; resemblance to England; population; produce; extract from a settler's letter--Nelson; first settlers; locality of the settlement; Blind Bay; Nelson Haven; site of the town; nature of the soil; produce; population; trade; climate; the Wairau valley; surrounding country; Pakawau coal district--Otago; locality; a Free Church colony; nature and capabilities of the country; rivers; the harbour; Dunedin; the Acheron; Port Chalmers; population; religious sects; birds; climate.......page 42


The six colonies (concluded)--Canterbury; its situation; Banks' Peninsula; Akaroa; nature of the soil and produce; climate; Mr. Deans' station; Messrs. Deans' opinion of Canterbury; Lyttelton; Christ-church; dinner at Lyttelton coffee-house; sleeping accommodation; failure of promises as to church and school accommodation; sheep pasturage more profitable than tillage; opinions of settlers.............page 51


Means of communication between the settlements--the natives; their numbers; complaints of a chief; measures for the protection and benefit of the natives; Mr. Fox's character of the natives; Mr. Adam's visit to a Maori village; government; abstract of the constitution of 1852..........page 56


Directions for, and advice to emigrants--New Zealand Company; Canterbury and Otago Associations -- Land-purchases -- Persons most wanted--Which settlement to choose -- Fares for passengers--What emigrants require--Wages--Prices of provisions......page 61

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