1866 - Mitchell and Seffern's Directory of the City and Suburbs of Auckland, for 1866-7. - Auckland Commercial and Professional Directory for 1866-7, p [1-53]

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  1866 - Mitchell and Seffern's Directory of the City and Suburbs of Auckland, for 1866-7. - Auckland Commercial and Professional Directory for 1866-7, p [1-53]
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Abbom Richard B, Wellington street

Abbott Charles, labourer, Nelson street

Abbott Joseph, grocer, 85 Victoria street

Abercrombie George, clerk, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Abraham Augustus, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Adams H H, Queen's Head hotel, 17 Victoria street

Adams William, shopkeeper, Dock street

Adlam Josiah W, grocer, Cross street, Newton

Aggars James, labourer, Howe street

Airs George, carpenter, Grafton road

Aitkin Gravas, chemist and druggist, Karangahape road

Aitkin Wm, land agent, Queen street; residence Parnell road

Aitkin Wm, ironfounder, Newton road

Akers George, Red Lion hotel, Durham street

Akers John, carter, Ponsonby road

Alderdice Maria, teacher, Karangahape road

Alderton Wm, labourer, Rutland road, Parnell

Alexander Alfred, miller, Franklyn street

Alexander Bros, timber merchants, Custom-house street

Alexander Charles, merchant, St. George's street, Parnell

Alexander Isidore, working jeweller etc, Queen street

Alexander Robert, waterman, Wyndham street

Alexander Samuel, general dealer, Parnell road

Aley Alfred, watchmaker, Hobson street

Alison Duncan, carpenter, West street, Newton

Allan John, labourer, Rutland road, Parnell

Allander John, tallow chandler, Upper Bath and York streets, Parnell

Allaway Jacob, eating house, 95 and 97 Queen street

Allcock Thomas, storeman, Wakefield street

Allcock William, labourer, Grey street

Allen James, journalist, Symonds street

Allison James, blacksmith, Newmarket street, Parnell

Alloway John, confectioner, Karangahape road

Alpe Samuel, grocer, Chapel street

Alison Hans, carpenter, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Allum Edwin, miller, Ireland street, Dedwood

Alwright Henry, civil engineer, East street, Newton

Amos Alexander, contractor, Newton road

Anderson Andrew, carpenter, Graham street

Anderson Archibald, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Anderson David, clerk, Rutland street, Parnell

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Anderson Hugh, master mariner, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Anderson John, master mariner, Eden Crescent

Anderson Wm E, master mariner, Union street;

Andrews---, fishmonger, Fort street

Andrews George, bricklayer, Cross street, Newton

Andrews John, timber merchant. Parnell road

Andrews Kerbie, butcher, Albert street

Anger Edwin, bootmaker, Cracroft street, Parnell

Anglery E, storekeeper, Tauranga

Angus John, general dealer, Newmarket

Appleton Robert, draper, Parnell road

Arbuckle Jessie, grocer, Wellesley street

Archard Frederick, brickmaker, Cracroft street, Parnell

Archibald James, firewood dealer, Franklyn street

Archibald Margaret, Franklyn street

Armitage Joseph, carpenter, Wyndham street

Armstrong Mary, washerwoman, Elliott street

Armstrong George, master mariner, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Arnolds James E, bolt and screw maker, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Arthur Carpenter, of Arthur & Son, City road

Arthur Richard, of Arthur & Son, Hepburn street

Arthur & Son, auctioneers, Queen street

Ascher A G, jeweller, 86 Queen street

Ashby George, carpenter, Edwardes street

Ashby William, foreman miller, Vincent street

Asher Asher, storekeeper, 7 Shortland Crescent

Ashman Frederick, tailor, Shortland Crescent

Ashton Herbert, Wellington street

Ashton William, fancy dealer, Princes street

Ashwin Mary, teacher, Union street

Atkin Henry, draper, Khyber Pass road

Atkin William, printer, High street; residence North Shore

Auckland William, general storekeeper, Otahuhu

Aughton George, clerk, Union street

Augran John, mariner, Barrack street

Auld John M, mariner, Rutland street

Austin John, government clerk, Parnell road

Austin Sarah, schoolmistress, Barrack street

Avery William, Governor Hobson hotel, 83 Hobson street

Ayr William, dealer, 44 Victoria street


Baber James, architect, Shortland Crescent

Bach Richard, engineer, William street

Bacon George, tailor, West street, Newton

Baddeley Augustus G, accountant, Newton

Badderley Henry S C, Parnell road

Badley James, cattle dealer, Great South road, Otahuhu

Bagnall Samuel, grocer, Hobson street

Bagnall William, carpenter, Rutland road

Bailey Joseph, labourer, Barrack street

Bailey Samuel, labourer, Claremont street

Bailey Thomas, bootmaker, Victoria street

Bain John Watson, merchant, Upper Queen street

Baird Alexander, clerk, William street

Baird Andrew, clerk, Cheshire street, Parnell

Baird J C, farmer,. Fairview, Otahuhu

Baker Mansfield, Star hotel, Otahuhu

Baker Thomas, watchmaker, Drake street

Baker William, butcher, Chapel street

Bakewell Christopher, bricklayer, Howe street

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Ball Henry, printer, Princes street, Onehunga

Ball W R, storekeeper, Tauranga

Ball William, miner, East street

Balleir John, stationer, Grafton road

Balmer William, musician, Upper Queen street

Balneavis Henry Collin, sheriff, Alton road

Barchard Alfred, Victoria hotel, 51 Queen street

Barber Joseph A, landing waiter, Pitt street

Barber Samuel, bootmaker, Albert street

Bard ----, clerk, Edwardes street

Bargent Edwin, builder, Napier street

Barker Edwin, storeman, Napier street

Barker John, carpenter Mount Eden road

Barker Sargent J, carpenter, Sheridan street

Barkley George, labourer, Hobson street

Barkley James, bootmaker, Upper Queen street

Barnes Alfred, general carrier, shipping and commission agent; agent N Z S N Co, Beach, Onehunga

Barnes Mrs, governess, William street

Barnett Alexander, pork butcher, Wellington street

Barnett Thomas, labourer, Durham street

Barr Alexander, carpenter, Cross street, Newton

Barr Thomas, butcher, 161 Queen street

Barrett Daniel, bootmaker, Victoria street

Barron John, labourer, Albert street

Bartlett Albert, jeweller, Coburg street

Bartlett Alfred, watchmaker, Shortland street

Bartlett and Co, photographers, 201 Queen street

Bartlett R H, of Bartlett & Co, Nelson street

Bartley Robert and David, bakers, Parnell road

Barton William, boatman, William street

Barry Michael, labourer, William street

Barry Patrick, bootmaker, Wellesley street

Barry Roger, Trafalgar hotel, Queen street

Barry William, labourer, Edwin street, Newton

Bartram John, clerk, East street, Newton

Barty David, Edinburgh Castle hotel, Mount Eden road

Bass John, bootmaker, 15 Grey street

Bassett Alfred, syrup maker, Grey street

Bassett W T, settler, Mangarie road, by Otahuhu

Bate Mary, Rutland road

Bates William, labourer, Albert street

Battie James, Newton road

Battley Frederick, accountant in Bank of New Zealand, Carlton road

Beal, John H, professor of music, Grafton road

Beal William, tinworker, Wellesley street

Beasley William, carpenter, 42 Victoria street

Beazley Joseph, carpenter, Reynold street, Dedwood

Beaton J, contractor, Victoria street

Beaumont W, wood and coal merchant, Symonds street

Beck John, cabman, Durham street

Beck John, wook turner, Chapel street

Beck Peter, Royal Oak hotel, Cook street

Beck Richard, watchmaker and jeweller, 198 Queen street

Beckham Thomas, resident magistrate, Grafton road

Bedall William, joiner, Albert street

Belcher T, foreman, Upper Queen street

Bell Bros, grain and seedsmen, 225 Queen street

Bell Henry, dealer, Duke street

Bell Moses, mason, Vincent street

Bell Thomas, labourer, Barrack street

Bell W, settler, Duke street

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Bellairs Eugene, surveyor, Parnell road

Bellingham William, settler, Beresford street

Bellum Charles, Edwardes street

Benbow John, machine sewer, Wakefield street

Bend Charles, clerk, Cracroft street, Parnell

Bend Enock, leather cutter, Karangahape road

Bennett Alfred E, carpenter, Dublin street, Newton

Bennett F, seedsman, Trafalgar street, Onehunga

Bennett Frederick J, grocer, 63 Victoria street

Bennett John, labourer, Chancery street

Bennett Josiah, carpenter, Howe street

Bennett Thomas, storekeeper, Shortland Crescent

Bennett Thomas, shopkeeper, Eden Crescent

Bennett T, fruiterer, 68 Queen street

Berrie Abel, cabinet maker, Graham street

Berry Christopher, builder, Hobson street

Berry Daniel, custom-house officer, Abercrombie street

Berry William, printer, Graham street

Berryman S A, boarding house keeper, 19 Grey street

Berwin & Mendelshon, tobacconists, 94 Queen street

Best Isaac, weaver, West street, Newton

Beston Thomas, water color painter, Barrack street

Beswick William, carter, Albert street

Bettis William, boatman, Albert street

Bettridge A, private boarding house, Graham street

Bevege James, coach painter, Chapel street

Beveridge Andrew, solicitor, Wyndham street; residence Symonds street

Biggs Robert, accountant, South street, Newton

Biglow John, shipwright, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Birley Peter, blacksmith, Victoria street; residence Seafield road

Bishop G W, photographer, Princes street

Black Alexander, ironmonger, Collingwood street

Black John, wholesale saddler, Durham street

Black John, saddler, Green street

Black Mary, Portland street

Black Robert, harness maker, Grey street

Blackburn George, plasterer, Karangahape road

Blackburn John, tailor, 73 Victoria street

Blackwell Elizabeth, Albert street

Blackwood George, ginger beer manufacturer, Hepburn street

Blades Frederick, bailiff, Edwardes street

Blake W F, Waikoukou Saw Mill Office, Custom-house street; residence Orewa

Blakie James, plasterer, Barrack street

Blair Alexander, plasterer, Victoria street

Blandford George, Wynyard House, Eden Crescent

Blood William, joiner and turner, Chapel street

Bloomfield Samuel, carpenter, Graham street

Bloxham Mrs, ladies' school, Church street, Onehunga

Boaman John A, gardener, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Boardman Abraham, agent, Parnell road

Bodman Walter, clerk, Parnell road

Body J, carter, Green street

Boies Richard, Aubrey street, Mount Eden

Bold James, blacksmith, Albert street

Boll Daniel, labourer, Drake street

Bolton John, Randolph street

Bolous John, settler, Hobson street

Bond James, settler, Nelson street

Bond Winnifred, Vincent street

Bone George, mariner, Sale street

Bonfield Margaret, Adelaide street

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Bonjer Richard, carpenter, Newton road

Boon Henry, labourer, Penk street

Boon John, labourer, Wellesley street

Boot Robert, storekeeper, Grafton road

Booth Richard B, Ponsonby road

Booth & Co F, timber merchants, Stanley street

Booth Thomas, storeman, Napier street

Borley James, bootmaker, Remuera road

Boswell James, labourer, Union street

Bound James, baker, Dock street

Bow Thomas, settler, Alton road

Bowden Elias, ostler, Durham street

Bowden J C, military tailor, Shortland Crescent

Bower E and A, dressmakers, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Bowering George, carpenter, Adelaide street

Bowman & Dawson, house and ship painters, plumbers, &c, Queen street, Onehunga

Bowman Henry, plumber, Shortland Crescent

Bowring Alfred, carpenter, Hepburn street

Bowring George, Orpheus hotel, 25 Queen street

Boyce James, butcher, Chapel street

Boyce Thomas, clerk, Chapel street

Boyd Thomas, gasman, Nelson street

Boyd William, sail and tent maker, Parnell road

Boylan Thomas, glass and china warehouse, Shortland Crescent

Boyton Henry, Cook street

Brabazon Rebecca, schoolmistress, Coburg street

Brackenbury Walter C, clerk, Parnell road

Bradford Henry, carpenter, Edwardes street

Bradley Margaret, Newton road

Bradwell George, water police, Wyndham street

Brady Peter, labourer, Barrack street

Brady Phillip, carter, Castle street, Parnell

Brahany Patrick, grocer, Wellington street

Brakall Henry C, clerk, Grey street

Bralligan Andrew, carpenter, Newton road

Brame John, general dealer, Parnell road

Brandon Richard, gardener, Elliott street

Bransden William, clerk, Jermyn street

Bray James, carter, East street, Newton

Bray Thomas, West street, Newton

Bree Rev E N, minister St Matthew's Church, Hobson street

Breman Patrick, bootmaker, Graham street

Brett John, contractor, Nelson street

Brett Henry, accountant, Edinburgh street, Newton

Bridgeford John, labourer, Bank street

Bridges Edward, coach builder, Pitt street

Bridger Sarah, Drake street

Brigham John, labourer, Wellington street

Brighton William, outfitter, Queen street; residence Grafton road

Britt Denis, carter, Barrack street

Britt Denis, labourer, Chancery street

Brisland Owen, labourer, Claremont street

Bristock David, mariner, Regent street, Newton

Briton John, carpenter, Turner street

Broad James, master mariner, Grahame street, Newton

Broadbed William, storeman, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Broadfoot George, Princes street, Onehunga

Brogan Catherine, Barrack street

Brook Charles, bootmaker, Parnell road

Brookes Maria, teacher, Rutland street, Parnell

Brookfield & Cox, solicitors and notaries public, Queen street

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Brooking Samuel, clerk, Jermyn street

Brooks William, ostler, Barrack street

Brophy Edward, grocer, Karangahape road

Brown, Campbell & Co, merchants, Shortland Crescent

Brown Charles, mariner, Chapel street

Brown Daniel, Nelson street

Brown Edward, grocer, Union street

Brown E, Traveller's Rest boarding house, Otahuhu

Brown James C, grocer, 13 Grey street

Brown James, general dealer, Grey street

Brown J, firewood dealer, College street, Dedwood

Brown John, mariner, Moore street

Brown John, brickmaker, Cheshire street, Parnell

Brown John, gardener, Parnell road

Brown John, labourer, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Brown Joseph, government clerk, Grey street

Brown Mary Ann, Albert street

Brown Robert, boatman, Short street

Brown Robert, bootmaker, Symonds street

Brown Robert, grocer, Parnell road

Brown Samuel, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Brown Samuel, stove manufacturer, 51 Victoria street

Brown Samuel, merchant, Crescent hotel, Shortland Crescent; residence Jermyn st

Brown Thomas, bailiff, Napier street

Brown Thomas, labourer, Napier street

Brown Thomas, brickmaker, Durham street

Brown William, labourer, Kyber Pass road

Brown W T, agent Tirau Saw Mill Company, Custom-house street

Browne Michael, hay and corn dealer, Hobson street

Bruce Alexander, boatman, Symonds street

Bruce Rev D, Presbyterian minister, Wynyard street

Bruce George, carpenter, Hobson street

Bruce James, labourer, Devenport street, Parnell

Bruce James, cooper, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Bruce Jane, Victoria street

Bruce Malcolm, watchmaker, Shortland Crescent

Bruce William, Parnell road

Bruce William, land surveyor, Pitt street

Bryce William, compositor, Reynolds street, Dedwood

Buchanan A and E, teachers, Chapel street

Buchanan Elizabeth, Chapel street

Buchanan E, builder, Queen street

Buchanan G, monumental and headstone workers, Wellesley street

Buchanan George, stonemason, Hepburn street

Buchanan James H, builder and ornamented stone cutter, Karangahape road

Buchanan John, importer, Mount street

Buchanan J, agent London and Liverpool Insurance Co, Canada Buildings, Queen st

Buchanan Joseph, labourer, Penk street

Buchanan & Stewart, importers, 33 Queen street

Buchanan William, Vincent street

Bucholz & Co, merchants, Fort street

Bucholz Ernest L, of Bucholz & Co, Upper Queen street

Buck Benjamin, labourer, Wakefield street

Buckland Alfred, auctioneer. Durham street; cattle and sale yards, Remuera road

Buckland Timothy, Pitt street

Buckland William, farmer, Grafton road

Buckley John, mason, Albert street

Buckley Joseph, builder, Karangahape road

Buckley Thomas, quarryman, Short street, Parnell

Bugden Frederick, bricklayer, Symonds street

Bull Charles, shopkeeper, Cook street

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Buller Rev J, Wesleyan minister, Karangahape road

Bundin William, engine driver, South street, Newton

Burden John, wood turner, Elliott street

Burges Frederick, labourer, Vincent street

Burgess George, carpenter, Parnell road

Burgess Henry, labourer, Nelson street

Burke James, labourer, 52 Wellesley street

Burke James, bailiff, Upper Albert street, Newton

Burke Patrick, Royal hotel, Beach, Onehunga

Burns A, bootmaker, Onehunga

Burns C, dressmaker, Onehunga

Burns David, Emily place

Burns James, mariner. Centre street

Burns John, bread and biscuit baker, Queen street, Onehunga

Burns Mary Ann, dressmaker, Chapel street

Burns William, carpenter, Cheshire street, Parnell

Burnnard G J, bootmaker, West Queen street

Burnard Hannah, teacher, Franklyn street

Burnside J H and Co. warehousemen, Queen street

Burnside John H, of J H Burnside & Co, Symonds street

Burrows Rev Robert, minister, St. Stephens road

Burton Charles, clerk, Cook street

Burton William, farmer, Grafton road

Busby Michael Horton, Venetian blind maker, Wellesley street

Bushell Henry, boatman, Union street

Bushell Sargent N, clerk, Cook street

Bushell William, brickmaker, Albert street

Butcher Henry, chimney sweeper, Coburg street

Butcher James, carter, Cook street

Butler Henry W, painter, East street, Newton

Butler John, machinist, Mount street

Butler John, painter, Chapel street

Butterick Charles F. artist, St. George's Bay road

Butt & Anderson, ship brokers, Custom-house street

Butt John, marine surveyor, Moore street

Byatt Charles, Collingwood street

Byatt Robert, butcher, Union street

Byron Edward, bricklayer, Sheridan street

Byron Ralph, joiner, Upper Bath street, Parnell


Cadman Jerome, timber merchant, Albert street

Cadman Thomas, timber merchant, Wharf

Cain John, labourer, Symonds street

Cain William, master mariner, Albert street

Cairns James, labourer, Nelson street

Caley Daniel, baker, 167 Queen street

Callan John, bootmaker, Barrack street

Gallagher John T, hairdresser, 9 Shortland street

Callaway William, coachmaker, Nelson street

Calvert John E, clerk, St. Francis of Sales street, Dedwood

Cameron David, stonemason, Cross street, Newton

Cameron James, compositor, Cook street

Cameron T B, architect, Shortland Crescent

Cameron ---, timber yard, Cook street

Campbell Alexander, master mariner, Selwyn Terrace

Campbell Ann, Chapel street

Campbell Archibald, carpenter, Dublin street, Newton

Campbell Collin J, Grey street

Campbell George, brassfounder, Parnell road

Campbell John, gardener, Nelson street

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Campbell John, warehouseman, Symonds street

Campbell John, storeman, Durham street

Campbell William, carpenter, Cook street

Campton Samuel, storeman, Nelson street

Canning Charles, confectioner, Shortland Crescent

Cant William, general storekeeper, Princes street, Onehunga

Canty Thomas, timber merchant, Drake street

Caranell George D, mariner, Hobson street

Carbine Caroline, 42 Wellesley street

Carlen James, engineer, Vincent street

Carly Cornelius, grocer, Mount Eden road

Carlyle Andrew, draper, Upper Queen street

Carmichael Thomas S, harbour master, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Carmody Mary, private boarding house, 55 Hobson street

Carnell James, solicitor, High street

Carnie William, blacksmith, Wellington street

Carr Edwin, boat builder, Wellington street

Carr J W, boat builder, Wyndham street

Carrie Alexander, baker, 219 Queen street

Carrish Daniel, letterpress printer, Spring street, Dedwood

Carroll Henry, blacksmith, West Queen street

Carroll Sarah, washerwoman, Barrack street

Carson & McClusky, undertakers etc, Symonds street

Carson James, of Carson & McClusky, Hopetoun street

Carter John W, carpenter, Seafield road

Carter Mrs, Chancery street

Cartwright & Hughes, land agents, Canada Buildings, Queen street

Cartwright John, Wakefield street

Carey A, High street

Carey John, foreman, Centre street

Case Joseph, blacksmith, Wakefield street

Casey Jeremiah, shipmaster, Wharf; residence 75 Hobson street

Cashmere Robert, sawyer, Penk street

Casley John, miner, Wellington street

Caswell Charles, mariner, Russell street, Dedwood

Cater James, bootmaker, Wyndham street

Cato William, green grocer, 82 Victoria street

Cavenagh Catherine, boarding house, West Queen street

Cavenagh Joseph, shoemaker, Chancery street

Cawkwell William J, commission agent, Karangahape road

Chadwick John Alfred, Newton road

Chadwick John, settler, Carlton road

Chadwick Richard, billiard marker, West street, Newton

Chalklen W W, grocer, Drake street

Chambers John, bootmaker, Pitt street

Chambers John, bricklayer, Hepburn street

Chambers Moses, bricklayer, Hepburn street

Chamberlain Henry, St. George's road, Parnell

Chapman George T, stationer etc, Queen street; residence Eden Crescent

Chapman Rev T, minister, St. Stephen's road, Parnell

Chase Charles, mariner, Nelson street

Chernside Thomas, joiner, Albert street

Cheshire William, mariner, Nelson street

Chesswas James, currier, Stanley street

Chitham William, Plough inn, Hobson street

Choat John, baker, 39 Karangahape road

Choisy Jean Baptist, tailor, Albert street

Christie John, baker, Devenport street, Parnell

Christie William, stonemason, Regent street, Newton

Christy A, grocer, Queen street, Onehunga

Christopher Hans, grocer, West Queen street; residence Wellington street

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Churton Mary, Rutland street, Parnell

Churton William, surveyor, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Clampet James, tinsmith, Barrack street

Clare James, shipwright, Ireland street, Dedwood

Clare James, labourer, Edwin street, Newton

Clareborough John, Edinburgh street, Newton

Clark & Son Archibald, warehousemen, 47 Shortland Crescent

Clark Caroline, Wakefield street

Clark & Co, fruiterers, Wakefield street

Clark G J, barber, Wyndham street

Clark George, boatman, South street, Newton

Clark Henry, Shakespeare hotel, Wyndham street

Clark James D, gardener, Victoria street

Clark James, labourer, Edwardes street

Clark James, grocer, Wyndham street

Clark John, Lion and Lamb hotel, chancery street

Clark John, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Clark John P, Clanricarde hotel, Wyndham street

Clarke Samuel, bootmaker, Symonds street

Clarke Thomas, grocer, Albert street

Clarke W A, Alexandra hotel, Parnell road

Clarke William G, surveyor, Parnell road

Clarke William N, storekeeper, Seafield road

Clarke William, watchmaker, Wellesley street

Clarkson D K, hay and corn dealer, Wyndham street; residence Hobson street

Clarkson James, mason and bricklayer, Otahuhu

Clayton Charles, clerk, Cook street

Clayton Frederick G, butcher, Newmarket street, Parnell

Clayton M T, agent and surveyor, Wharf

Cleal Charles, hairdresser, Elliott street

Cleal Henry, watchmaker, Elliott street

Cleary Mary, Elliott street

Cleveland Dorcas, Albert street

Clifford Elizabeth, Edwardes street

Clifford Peter, iron moulder, Hobson street

Clifford Robert, Ponsonby road

Clifton Catherine, Barrack street

Clow Andrew, builder, Grey street

Coad John, labourer, Albert street

Coates James, Rutland road, Parnell

Cobb John H, lithographic printer, Wellington street

Cobbald Robert Lockwood, printer, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Cochrane Samuel, auctioneer, Fort street

Cocks James, Hobson street

Codd Elizabeth, Coburg street

Codlin George, Exchange hotel, Princes street, Onehunga '

Codner Thomas, machinist, Grey street

Cofferey John, french polisher, Karangahape road

Cohen Abraham, clothier, High street

Colbourne & Coad, bootmakers, Karangahape road

Coldicutt Job B, storekeeper, 53 Grey street

Coldicutt Martha, general dealer, Abercrombie street

Coldridge Timothy, mariner, Chapel street

Cole Jane, private boarding house, Nelson street

Cole Jesse, custom house clerk, Wellington street

Cole John, carpenter, Sale street

Cole Thomas, basket maker, 169 Queen street; residence Rokeby street

Coleman Mary, 97 Victoria street

Coleman William, clerk, 95 Victoria street

Colgan George, gunmaker, 45 Wakefield street

Colley William, pastor Primitive Methodist Church, Edwardes street

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Collins Charles, bootmaker, Drake street

Collins Daniel, cabinetmaker, Queen street

Collins Patrick, cabinetmaker, Upper Queen street

Collins Patrick, labourer, George street, Dedwood

Collins S Y, brickmaker, Howe street; residence Wellington street

Collins Thomas, dealer, Wakefield street

Collis William, schoolmaster, Hepburn street

Colomy Francis, storeman, Wellington street

Combes & Daldy, merchants, Queen street

Compton Martha Ann, teacher, Union street

Commaine Patrick, labourer, Aubrey street, Mount Eden

Comrie J & D, general merchants, Durham street

Comrie David, of J & D Comrie, Parnell road

Conening John, builder, Union street

Coney James, clerk, Seafield road

Conley James, waterman, Jermyn street

Connell Isabella, Kyber Pass road

Connell Thomas, solicitor, Queen street; residence Upper Queen street

Connor Felix, baker, College street, Dedwood

Connor & Harney, saddlers, 101 Queen street

Constable George, carter, Drake street

Constant John, baker, 17 Wakefield street

Conway John, carpenter, Union street

Conway Mary, housekeeper, Wellesley street

Conway Susannah, grocer, 23 Grey street

Conway William, family grocer, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Cook Alfred, mariner, Sale street

Cook Augustus, surgeon-dentist, Princes street

Cook Charles, engineer, Wellington street

Cook G A, merchant, Albert street

Cook George, carpenter, Wellington street

Cook Harvey, commissariat staff, Pitt street

Cook Henry, labourer, Rutland street, Parnell

Cook Henry, cabinetmaker, Grafton road

Cook J, butcher, Princes street, Onehunga

Cook Mrs, Mount street

Cook Margaret, Elliott street

Cook William, bootmaker, Parnell road

Cooke E W, jun, store, Princes street, Onehunga

Cooke Phillip, labourer, Upper Albert street, Newton

Cooke T & H, cabinetmakers, 156 Queen street; manufactory Victoria street

Cooke. Thomas, of T & H Cooke, Upper Albert street, Newton

Coolahan Hugh, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Coombe John, manager Savings Bank, Grafton road

Coombes Frederick, mariner, Nelson street

Coombes Richard, quarryman, West street, Newton

Coombes & Son U, builders, Wellesley street

Coomer Henry, carpenter, Union street

Cooper Benjamin, saddler, Abercrombie street

Cooper Frederick R, carter, Union street

Cooper Henry, carter, Nelson street

Cooper James, Governor Grew hotel, Grey street

Cooper James, warder at stockade, Elliott street

Cooper John V, plumber, Union street

Cooper Robert, general dealer, Wakefield street

Cooper Theophilus, Seafield road

Cooper Walter, mariner, Chapel street

Cooper William, Green street, Dedwood

Copland John, Parnell

Corbett Edward, engineer, Nelson Street

Corbett James, engineer, Parnell road

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Corbett R T, surgeon, Pitt street

Corbett William, postmaster, Portland street, Parnell

Cordas H, boot and shoemaker, Princes street, Onehunga

Cordwell Emma, teacher, Karangahape road

Corless John, carpenter, Wellesley street

Cornell Samuel, labourer, Coburg street

Cornes Thomas, carpenter, St. George's Bay road

Cornford Charles, farmer, East street, Newton

Cornford Rev Phillip Henry, Wellesley street

Cosgraves James S, surgeon, Union street

Cosgrove Lawrence, constable, Devenport street, Parnell

Costello Michael, messenger, Spring street, Dedwood

Cotterill George, baker, Karangahape road

Cotterill Henry, general merchant, 68 Hobson street

Cottingham Walfram, labourer, South street, Newton

Coulpoyse William, labourer, Hackett street, Dedwood

Coupland James, general dealer, Barrack street

Courtney Henry, bootmaker, Durham street

Courtney Thomas, storeman, West street, Newton

Courtney William H, bootmaker, Chapel street

Coutts John, engineer, Howe street

Couty J C, accountant, Princes street

Couty Mary Laura, Maison Francaise, Princes street

Cowan Dr, surgeon, Hobson street

Cox Ann, grocer, Albert street

Cox John, secretary Young Men's Christian Association, Albert street

Cox John, Sale street

Cox Mary, Edinburgh street, Newton

Cox Richard Henry, Exchange hotel, 126 Queen street

Coyle Daniel, carter,. North street, Newton

Coyle Patrick, Aurora tavern, Victoria street

Craddock Thomas, Wakefield street

Craig Andrew, gasfitter, 22 Hobson street

Craig Arthur, ropemaker, East street, Newton

Craig Eric, builder, Collingwood street

Craig, Harris and Laurie, timber merchants, Custom-house street

Craig Thomas, commission agent, Hardinge street

Cramer Christian, printer, Rutland street, Parnell

Cranch William, mariner, Graham street

Cranwell Benjamin, cabinetmaker, Cheshire street, Parnell

Cranwell Robert, cabinetmaker, Cheshire street, Parnell

Crawford Henry, contractor, Hobson street

Crawford James H, registrar of deeds, Grafton road

Creamer William, master mariner, Symonds street

Creighton R J, printer and publisher Daily Southern Cross office, O'Connell-street;

Crickett John, plumber, Havelock street, Parnell [residence Anglesea-street

Crisp Elizabeth Mary, York street, Parnell

Crocker John, bootmaker, High street

Crocker Moses, dealer, Elliott street '

Crocombe George, draper, East street, Newton

Crombie Andrew, carter, South street, Newton

Crombie D, glass and china depot, 136 Queen street; residence Cracroft st, Parnell

Crombie J N, photographer, 136 Queen street

Cromwell T, confectioner, 90 Queen street

Cropp Walter H, engineer, Randolph street, Newton

Cross George, farmer, Graham street

Cross Henry, bootmaker, 72 Grey street

Cross & Son, firewood merchants, Strand

Cross Thomas, labourer, Cheshire street, Parnell

Cross William, fancy dealer, Parnell road

Crowe Phillip, baker, Cross street, Newton

[Image of page 12]


Crowley Mary Ann, washerwoman, Elliott street

Crowther W, livery and bait stables, Parnell

Cruickshank, Smart & Co, Queen street; warehouse High street

Cucksey H, music saloon, 202 Queen street

Cullen James, settler, East street, Newton

Cullen James, boat builder, Drake street

Cullen John, cabinetmaker, St. Francis of Sales street, Dedwood

Cullen Mathew, bootmaker, West Queen street

Cullen Mclnnis, carpenter, Sale street

Culpan William, crier supreme court, Wakefield street

Culpett William, saddler, Dock street

Cummings George, carpenter, Elliott street

Cummings James, slater, Hobson street

Cummings John, labourer, Dublin street, Dedwood

Cummings John, porter, Centre street

Cummings Owen, labourer, Hobson street

Cummings William, musician, Upper Queen street

Cunningham Andrew, Newmarket hotel, Remuera road

Cundy Peter, miner, Cross street, Newton

Cunningham Benjamin, manager City Mission, Durham street

Cunningham Joseph, clerk, Ponsonby road, Dedwood

Currie William, mariner, Albert street

Curtayne Tames, Alton road

Curthley Henry, tailor, Park street

Curtis William, clerk, Karangahape road

Cushlin Swart, clerk, St. Stephen's road, Parnell


Dacre Randolph, merchant, Eden Crescent

Dakin Daniel, painter etc, Karangahape road

Daldy William Crush, of Combes & Daldy, Karangahape road

Dale John, clerk, Edinburgh street, Newton

Dalton Brothers, civil engineers, Queen street

Dalton True, miller, 62 Hobson street

Daly J, canteen keeper, Tauranga

Dalziel William, surveyor, Vincent street

Dam Edward T, mariner, Moore street

Danby William, grocer, England street, Dedwood

Dane George, carpenter, Albert street

Danks Frederick, carpenter, Nelson street

Danzey Joseph, carpenter, Sale street

Darby Patrick, Thistle hotel, 175 Queen street; residence Dedwood

Darby Stephen, Alton road

Dare James, labourer, Short street, Parnell

Davenport James, master mariner, Graham street

Davenport Samuel, draper, Wakefield street

Davenport Samuel, boatman, Hobson street

Davey George, carpenter, Hopetoun street

Davidson Alexander, sawyer, Barrack street

Davidson David, blacksmith etc, Chapel street

Davies William, ship chandler and ironmonger, Beach, Onehunga

Davis Charles, auctioneer and commission agent, Queen street; residence Hardinge

Davis Charles Oliver Bond, translator and interpreter, West Queen street [street

Davis Charles, umbrella manufacturer, Rutland street

Davis Edward, builder, Hobson street

Davis Elizabeth, grocer, Wellesley street

Davis George, painter, Wellington street

Davis Herod, tailor, Dock street

Davis John, storeman, Vincent street

Davis John, draughtsman, Beresford street*

Davis John, tailor, Parnell road

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Davis Joseph, settler, Beresford street

Davis Joseph, carpenter, 38 Victoria street

Davis Richard, draper, Aubrey street, Mount Eden

Davis Samuel, clerk, Albert street

Davis Thomas, waterman, Middle street

Davy G B, solicitor, Wyndham street

Davy James, tailor, Albert street

Davy and Macfarland, civil engineers etc, Queen street

Day Dr, surgeon to vaccine board, Vincent street

Day Henry, butcher, Wyndham street

Day John Samuel, storeman, Union street

Dawson Frederick W, builder, 26 Wellesley street

Dean John T, carpenter, William street

Dean Walter, carpenter, Graham street

Deane John, dealer, Grey street

Deans James, mason, Newton road

Deavenport Thomas, labourer, West street, Newton

Deed John, clerk, Hardinge street

Deery Henry, Cracroft street, Parnell

De Harrick John, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

De Hirsch James, merchant, Queen street

Deinse Antoine F D, mariner, Drake street

Delany William, silversmith, Wellington street

Dempsey William, labourer, Albert street

Denby John G, grocer, Queen street

Dennis Charles J, Sportsman's Arms hotel, corner of Victoria and Hobson streets

Deran Mrs, Chancery street

Derrom James, architect, Victoria street

Derry George, mariner, Elliott street

Devin James, Wharf hotel, 27 Queen street

Dick Barbara, Dock street

Dick John, carpenter, Upper Albert street, Newton

Dick William, grocer, 58 Wellesley street

Dickey James, clerk, Windsor street, Parnell

Dickey J & J, ironmongers, 222 Queen street

Dickinson Thomas, undertaker, 52 Victoria street

Dickinson William, carter, Graham street

Dickson Edward, accountant, Howe street

Dickson George, baker, Hobson street

Dickson James, mariner, Vincent street

Dickson ---, builder, Union street

Dicks Joshua, farmer, East street, Newton

Diddams J W, collector of city rates, Parnell road

Dike C W, mason, Mount Eden road

Dillon George, carpenter, Spring street, Dedwood

Dillon Matthew, confectioner, West Queen street

Dingwell Alexander, storekeeper, Albert street

Dinnan Michael, captain of militia, Ponsonby road

Dinninson John, grocer, Remuera

Dodd C C, grocer, Hobson street

Doddes John, painter, Chapel street

Dodson Joseph, carpenter, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Dogherty James, labourer, Beresford street

Doitsh A, of Keesing, Doitsh and Keesing, Symonds street

Donald William, clerk, Dublin street, Newton

Donaldson William, farmer, Karangahape road

Donchaisse W I, Princes street, Onehunga

Donne Mary Ann, Cook street

Donohue James, stonemason, West street, Newton

Donnelly Bernard, labourer, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Doonin Thomas W, grocer and tea dealer, 117 Hobson street

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Doran James, baker, Queen street

Doran John, carpenter, Parnell road

Dornwell Albert, butcher, Shortland Crescent

Dornwell Berhard, butcher, 31 Victoria street

Dorrington Nathaniel, watchmaker, Parnell road

Dougherty Ann, grocer, Chancery street

Dougherty Ellen, dealer, Chancery street

Dougherty Mary Ann, washerwoman, Barrack street

Douglas George, clerk, Grey street

Douglas George, waiter, Victoria street

Douglas John, clerk, Upper Queen street

Douglas Thomas, bread and biscuit baker, Princes street, Onehunga

Douglass John, iron founder, Symonds street

Douglass Richard, bootmaker, Hobson street

Dowd Peter, labourer, Day street

Dowden Walter, general agent, Newton road

Dower George, bootmaker, Centre street

Down John, bootmaker, Hobson street

Downes Patrick, Alexandra hotel, Chapel street

Downey John W, carter, Franklyn street

Downing Abraham, merchant, Symonds street

Downs Henry T, digger, Newton road

Downs William, mariner, Hobson street

Drake H A, Wynyard street

Drake Richard, blacksmith, Elliott street

Droughty William, master mariner, Cook street

Drummond Alexander, mason, Elliott street

Drummond Peter, labourer, Drake street

Drummond Robert, coppersmith, North street, Newton

Dry James, Hobson street

Dryden Mrs, laundress, Nelson street

Duane Michael, labourer, Durham street

Duane Timothy, sawyer, Cook street

Duckinfield Charles, engineer, West street, Newton

Dudley Walter, butcher, 77 Queen street

Dufaur Frederick, Grey street

Duffy John, Wyndham street

Duffy Robert, grocer, Hobson street

Dukford Charles, miller, Wakefield street

Dungass Charles, contractor, Cracroft street, Parnell

Dungate Robert, Chapel street

Dunkaley Samuel, green grocer, Karangahape road

Dunn Hugh, stonemason, Adelaide street

Dunn Margaret, dressmaker, Albert street

Dunnett George, auctioneer, Symonds street

Dunning James, general dealer, 12 Grey street

Dunniver Mary, nurse, Wyndham street

Durham Margaret, dressmaker, Parnell road

Dustien Henry, mariner, Albert street

Duthie Alexander, of Duthie and Co, Nelson street

Duthie and Co, ship builders, Custom-house street

Dwyer Martin, labourer, Upper Queen street

Dyson Richard Weston, draper etc, Queen street


Eaglesim Elizabeth M, dressmaker, 14 Wellesley street

Easthope David, engineer, Portland street

Eastwood John, fancy dealer, Wellington street

Eastwood William, clerk, William street

Eaton Albert W, merchant, Alton road

Eaton Apheus, grocer, Karangahape road

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Eaton & Dewolf, grocers, Karangahape road

Eaton Levi W, of Eaton & Dewolf, auctioneer, 17 Queen street

Eckley Richard, carter, North street, Newton

Edair William, cooper, Hepburn street

Edgar & Co, dyers, 70 Grey street

Edmonds & Jakins, merchants, 24 Queen street

Edmondstone James, carpenter, William street, Dedwood

Edmunds Helen, Drake street

Edmunds William, storeman, Wellesley street

Edson & Co J, chemists and druggists, 196 Queen street

Edson James, of Edson and Co, Grey street

Edwards Charles, boatman, Chapel street

Edwards Charles, master mariner, West Queen street

Edwards Henry, master mariner, West Queen street

Edwards John, hat and cap manufacturer, 82 Queen street; residence 37 Grey street

Egan Ann, laundress, Barrack street

Eggington Isaac, mariner, Coburg street

Elcock John, grocer, Chancery street

Element George, painter and decorator, Ponsonby road

Elias William, settler, Hepburn street

Elkin Moses, Jewish rabbi, Emily place

Elley Reubin, butcher, Parnell road

Ellingham Edmund, confectioner, 238 Queen street

Elliott Charles, miller, Parnell road

Elliott David, carpenter, Aubrey street, Mount Eden

Elliott Elizabeth, grocer, Drake street

Elliott William, compositor, George street, Dedwood

Ellis Christopher, labourer, Symonds street

Ellis Oliver S, gilder, Day street

Ellis Thomas, carpenter, Howe street

Ellis William, harbour master, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Ellison John, gardener, St. George's street, Parnell

Ellison Thomas, bootmaker, 83 Shortland Crescent

Ellyet John, clerk, Edinburgh street, Newton

Ely Frederick, mariner, Nelson street

Emerson Eliza, ladies' outfitter, 217 Queen street

Emery Isaac, carter, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Emsen Henry storeman, Baker street

Erkington Arthur, Howe street

Erskin Thomas, cabinetmaker, West street, Newton

Eustage Alfred, butcher, Kyber Pass road

Evans Amelia, Hobson street

Evans Robert, gardener, Kyber Pass road

Evans Robert, Cottage of Content hotel, 79 Victoria street

Evers William, clerk in police office, Coburg street

Evington William, mariner, Edwardes street

Evinson Samuel, Fitzroy hotel, Wakefield street

Evitt David, gunmaker, 246 Queen street; residence Symonds street

Evitt & Son, gunsmiths, Upper Queen street

Ewen Rev John, Pitt street

Ewington Frederick, butler, Cross street, Newton


Fagg & Co W, gasfitters etc, Wyndham street

Fail John, carter, Newton road

Fairs Elizabeth, Hepburn street

Fallow D, stonemason, Howe street

Farmer Michael, stonemason, Howe street

Farmham William B, settler, East street, Newton

Farrell James, plasterer, Albert street

Farrow James, settler, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

[Image of page 16]


Farrow Robert, shipwright, Grey street

Faulkner James, boarding house keeper, Albert street

Faulkner William, clerk, Portland street, Parnell

Fawell Robert, carpenter, Cross street, Newton

Felgate Benjamin, bootmaker, Union street

Felton William, joiner, Hepburn street

Fenning Edward, carpenter, Hepburn street

Fenton F D, judge in native land court and solicitor, Jermyn street

Fergus David, tailor, Drake street

Fergus William, tailor, Cook street

Ferguson James, storeman, Barrack street

Ferguson John, Albion hotel, West Queen street

Ferguson Thomas, labourer, Seafield road

Ferguson William, shoemaker, Wellesley street

Ferris George, mariner, 62 Grey street

Field Michael, clerk, Rutland street, Parnell

Fielding John, plasterer, Howe street

Finlay John, builder, Queen street

Finlayson Margaret, Cook street

Finley Josiah, Chancery street

Finey Jessie, Chancery street

Firth Josiah, miller, Wellesley street

Fischer Carl F, M D, 48 Queen street; residence Emily place

Fisher & Co, butchers, 117 Queen street

Fischer George, carpenter, Abercrombie street

Fisher Hugh, blacksmith, Barrack street

Fiskin Peter, contractor, Mount Eden road

Fitzgerald Hugh, storeman, Napier street

Fitzgibbon J J, chief clerk post office, Seafield road

Fitzsimmons Ann, Elliott street %

Flannagan John, labourer, Barrack street

Flannagan John, bootmaker, Edwardes street

Flannery Charles, bootmaker, West Queen street

Flatt James H, carpenter, Upper Albert street, Newton

Fleming Samuel, general merchant, Beach, Onehunga

Fleming & Stevenson, general storekeepers, Queen street, Onehunga

Fleming William, farmer, Union street

Fleming William, well sinker, Newton road

Fletcher Charles, draper, 204 Queen street; residence Beresford street

Fletcher G H, Jermyn street

Fletcher James, boatman, Collingwood street

Florance Elizabeth, Wellington street

Flower Mrs, grocer, Shortland Crescent

Flowers Elizabeth, general store, Albert street

Flowers Joseph N, teacher commercial school, Hobson street

Flowers Robert, bricklayer, William street

Flynn James, clerk, Edwardes street

Flynn Patrick, grocer, Kyber Pass road

Foley Bartholomew, labourer, Hobson street

Foley Bridget, Edwardes street

Foley E, storekeeper, Tauranga

Foley John, bookbinder, Grey street

Ford William, waiter, Albert street

Fordham Sidney, grocer, Queen street

Forgarty Edward, grocer, Abercrombie street

Forgham Thomas, importer, 70 Queen street; residence Grafton road

Forgie Richard, baker and confectioner, Hobson street

Forrester Cecil, clerk, Grey street

Forrester George, Cook street

Fort David, bootmaker, 67 Wellesley street

Fossett Alfred, grocer, Upper Queen street

[Image of page 17]


Foster Francis, plumber, Wellesley street

Foster Francis, carter, East street, Newton

Fowler John, labourer, Chancery street

Fowlner William, storeman, Wellesley street

Fox C J, chemist and druggist, 57 Victoria street

Fox Josiah, clerk, Union street

Fozer Elias, wheelwright, Kyber Pass road

Francis Frank, labourer, Nelson street

Francis James, tinworker, 10 Wellesley street

Francis James, carter, Stanley street

Francis James B, china warehouse, 79 Queen street

Francis William, labourer, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Franckot Charles, mariner, Wyndham street

Franklin Joseph, green grocer, 63 Shortland Crescent

Franklin Richard, Franklyn street

Franklyn John, green grocer, Wellesley street

Fraser, Alexander, moulder, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Eraser George, clerk, Parnell road

Fraser George, accountant, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Fraser and Tinne, Phoenix Foundry, Stanley street

Freeman Edwin, grocer, Hobson street

Freeman Thomas, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Freer William, coach painter, Wakefield street

French Henry, clerk, 47 Karangahape road

French John M, importer and family grocer, 41 Wellesley street; residence College

Frial William H, boatman, Sale street [street

Friend George W, hatter and clothier, 142 Queen street

Frost A, jeweller, Queen street

Frost Samuel, labourer, West street, Newton

Froude David, tailor, Dublin street, Newton*

Froude John, tailor, Howe street

Froude Robert, carpenter, Dublin street, Newton

Fugate Henry, bootmaker, 175 Queen street

Fugate Henry, job warehouseman, Wellesley street

Fugate Henry, boot and shoe warehouse, 176 Queen street

Fuljames Thomas, William street

Durness Henry, teller in Bank of New Zealand, Kyber Pass road


Gadya Mary Ann, Rutland street, Parnell

Gaffer John, billiard marker, Barrack street

Galbraith William, Eden Vine hotel, Mount Eden road

Gamble John, bootmaker, Coburg street

Gamble Richard, policeman, Cook street

Gardener Elizabeth, Durham street

Gardener Mary; Chapel street

Gardener & Stokes F P, ginger beer manufacturers, Chapel street

Gardner John, carter, Upper Queen street

Gardner Peter, butcher, Chancery street

Gardner Thomas P, fruiterer, Wharf

Garland William, mariner, Windsor street, Parnell

Garlick Jonathan T, accountant and share broker, Queen street

Garnett Louis, sailmaker, Albert street

Garrett George, butcher, Karangahape road

Garrick Marion, general dealer, West Queen street

Garriard Lucy, Remuera road, Remuera

Garrish James, dealer, Albert street

Garty John, carpenter, Grey street

Garvey Thomas, labourer, Vincent street

Geary Daniel, tailor, Shortland Crescent

Geddes John, tallow chandler, Graham street

[Image of page 18]


Gee Benjamin W, kauri gum agent, Queen street; residence Nelson street

Gee Thomas, blacksmith, Symonds street

Gentles Alexander, gardener, Rutland street, Parnell

George Elizabeth, grocer, Wakefield street

George John, butcher, Parnell road

George Richard, butcher, Parnell road

George Thomas, grocer, 248 Queen street; residence Symonds street

George Thomas S, solicitor, High street

George's boarding house, Tauranga

German Mrs, Chancery street

Gerran Patrick, Newmarket street, Parnell

Gerrans Thomas, accountant, 160 Hobson street

Gibb Alexander, M D, Grafton road

Giblett John and William, general dealers, Parnell road

Gibson Robert, engineer, Wakefield street

Gibson William, blacksmith, Wellington place

Gibbons and Co E, timber merchants, Beach, Onehunga; also Niagara Mill, Huia

Gifferd William, stonemason, Wellington street

Gilberd F F, gardener, Parnell road

Gilberd Henry, of Gilberd and Manly, Grafton road

Gilberd and Manly, painters etc, Wyndham street

Gilbert George, carter, Devenport street, Parnell

Gilbert James, grocer, Devenport street, Parnell

Gilbert John, storeman, Nelson street

Gilbert Mary, Alton road

Gilchrist George, timber merchant, Wood street, Dedwood

Giles George, butcher, Victoria street

Giles Joseph, surgeon etc, Wellesley street

Gilfillan and Co, merchants, 31 Queen street

Gilfillan Henry, of Gilfillan and Co, Symonds street

Gilfillan John A, of Gilfillan and Co, Kyber Pass road

Gill William, carpenter, Randolph street, Newton

Gillanders John, grocer, Drake street

Gillibrand, Thomas, Symonds street

Gillies Thomas Bannatyne, barrister etc, Wyndham street

Gillman Robert, irondresser, Devenport street, Parnell

Gillott Henry, draper, 234 Queen street

Gillott William, labourer, Victoria street

Gilmer Edmund, accountant, Nelson street

Gimble George, printer, 20 Grey street

Gittos Benjamin, tanner and leather dresser, Wyndham street; residence Pitt street

Glaister Herman, saddler, High street

Gledhill George, lemonade and soda water manufacturer, Grey street

Gleeson John, labourer, Chancery street

Glen Thomas, labourer, Union street

Glendenning David, carpenter, Rennell street, Dedwood

Glover Alice, Rutland street, Parnell

Goldie George, ship chandler, West Queen street

Goldie Thomas, draper, Symonds street

Goldsboro C F, M D, Parnell road

Goldwater Myers, storekeeper 45 Queen street

Goldwater Nathan, of Levy and Goldwater, Hobson street

Goldworthy John, green grocer, West Queen street

Gommer John, farmer, Wakefield street

Good Edward, cabinetmaker, Vincent street

Good Edwin, carpenter, Baker street

Good Robert, tailor, Cross street Newton

Goodacre James, cooper, Barrack street

Goodacre Samuel, tailor, Wellington street

Goodall John, civil and mining engineer, Wyndham street

Goodman John, painter etc, Chapel street

[Image of page 19]


Goodfellow William C, carpenter, Karangahape road

Goodingham Eleanor, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Goodwill Charles, wheelwright and agricultural implement maker, Otahuhu

Goodwin Charles, dealer, Hobson street

Gooseman Samuel, express owner, 48 Wellesley street

Gordon John, The Hillins, Otahuhu

Gordon Sarah, 16 Wakefield street

Gorman Patrick, messenger. West Queen street

Gosman Elizabeth, Abercrombie street

Gorton George, butcher, Otahuhu

Gough Daniel, slater, Albert street

Gough Daniel, plasterer, 123 Hobson street

Gould George, gardener, Centre street

Govan and Wallace, coal and firewood merchants, Victoria street

Gowers Herbert, bootmaker, Newton road

Grace Jerrold, labourer, Mount Eden road

Grace Johanna, Mount Eden road

Grace Mathieu, carter, Centre street

Grace Patrick, carter, Sale street

Grace Peter, contractor, Wyndham street

Grace Rev Thomas S, Parnell road

Grace William, labourer, Aubrey street, Mount Eden road

Graham Alexander, blacksmith, West street, Newton

Graham Alexander, blacksmith, Dublin street, Newton

Graham Andrew, Pitt street

Graham and Co, drapers, Queen street

Graham and Co David, merchants, Vulcan lane

Graham George, settler, Moore street

Graham George, carpenter, Grahame street, Newton

Graham James, bootmaker, Chapel street

Graham John, painter, 41 Karangahape road

Graham Robert, carpenter, Wellington street

Graham Walter, grocer, 54 and 56 Queen street; residence Moore street

Graner Samuel, baker, Karangahape road

Grange Thomas, labourer, Cheshire street, Parnell

Grant Joseph, ship carpenter, 43 Hobson street

Grant Oliver, painter, West Queen street

Gray John, carpenter,, Edwin street, Newton

Greatbach Edwin, compositor, Nelson street

Gregg and Co William, coffee and spice merchants, Wyndham street

Green Bernard, policeman, Cook street

Green Charles, merchant, Grafton road

Green and Co, boot, shoe and clothing warehouse, 91 and 93 Queen street

Green and Greeson, bakers, Karangahape road

Green John, clerk, Wellington street

Green Samuel, joiner, Newton road

Green Samuel M, of Green and Co, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Greenslade John, bootmaker, Abercrombie street

Greenway Christopher, Symonds street

Grey Sophia, Abercrombie street

Gribbin Francis, Edinburgh street, Newton

Gribble James, grocer, Wakefield street

Gribble William, ship carpenter, Cheshire street, Parnell

Griffin George, Randolph street, Newton

Griffin T, house painter, 4 Grey street

Griffin William, painter, South street, Newton

Griffiths Evan, general dealer, Edwardes street

Griffiths William, clerk, Seafield road

Grim George, bricklayer, Union street

Grubb David, baker, Pitt street

Guard Theopholar, Karangahape road

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Guilding John, bootmaker, Chancery street

Guilding Thomas, clerk, Vincent street

Guird William, bricklayer, Grafton road

Guise William, labourer, Bank street

Gulliver Samuel, painter, Rokeby street

Gummer Margaret, laundress, Wellesley street

Gummund Alexander, mason, Barrack street

Gundry's drug warehouse, Queen street

Gunn John, ostler, Vincent street

Gurney John, boatman, Wyndham street

Gwynett John, surveyor, Rutland street, Parnell


Haddock and Mullington, blacksmiths, Albert street

Haddock Robert, mariner, South street, Newton

Haigh James, stonemason, Elliott street

Hainden Christopher, gardener, Vernon street

Hains Joseph, carter, Hardinge street

Hait William, wheelwright, Chancery street

Haliday James, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 22 Shortland Crescent

Hale Robert, baker, Parnell road

Hales Richard, soda water manufactory, Elliott street

Haley Ann, laundress, Upper Queen street

Hall Edward, ironmonger, St. George's street

Hall J, postmaster and general storekeeper, Otahuhu

Hall Patrick, carpenter, Newmarket street, Parnell

Hall Peter, cabinetmaker etc, Grafton road

Hall Sanders M, farmer, Russell street, Dedwood

Hall Thomas, bootmaker, Abercrombie street

Hall T H, merchant, 44 Queen street; residence Beresford street

Hall William, butcher, Franklyn street

Halliday James, apothecary, Grafton road

Halliday Thomas, clerk, Albert street

Halliwell G, Mew Caledonia hotel, Symonds street

Hally G and J, grocers, Grafton road

Hamby Thomas, carpenter, Cross street, Newton

Hamel Emma, East street, Newton

Hamilton Harkness, druggist, Cook street

Hamilton James, labourer, Karangahape road

Hamilton James, baker, Albert street

Hamilton James, M D, Rutland road. Parnell

Hamilton John, gardener, Symonds street

Hamilton Thomas, labourer, Barrack street

Hamlin Alexander, joiner, Mount street

Hammond Charles, bricklayer, Symonds street

Hammond Christopher, clerk in supreme court, Barrack street

Hammond Thomas, carpenter, Hepburn street

Hampton Robert, tailor, Shortland Crescent

Hamtley Walter, carter, Chancery street

Hancock John, sawyer, Adelaide street

Hancock Thomas, Captain Cook hotel, Kyber Pass road

Hancock William, stone cutter, Victoria street

Hanett Isabella, Coburg street

Hankin William, carpenter, Chapel street

Hanley E, ginger beer manufacturer. Sheridan street

Hanley James, cordial and cider manufacturer, Wellington street

Hannah John, labourer, Adelaide street

Hannaford Thomas, clerk, Beresford street

Hannaker Frederick, general outfitter, Shortland Crescent

Hannarah Robert, farmer, Chapel street

Hanson William, cabinetmaker, Grafton road

[Image of page 21]


Hanson William, carpenter, Karangahape road

Harden James, carpenter, Penk street

Harding E W, civil engineer etc, 43 Karangahape road

Harding John, labourer, Adelaide street

Harding Robert, M D, Parnell road

Harding Samuel, civil engineer, Newton road

Harding and Vercoe, architects, surveyors and land agents, 40 Shortland Crescent

Harding William, Hepburn street

Hardington Henry, omnibus and livery stable keeper, Queen and High streets; resi-

Hardman James, Penk street [dence Hobson street

Hardwick George, carpenter, Cook street

Hardy Charles, firewood merchant, Dock street

Hargreaves Charles, Sale street

Hargreaves Joseph, settler, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Hargreaves William, mariner, Cook street

Harker Edward, builder, Wellington street

Harkin Patrick, cooper, Vulcan lane

Harkin Patrick, Derry Arms hotel, Hobson street

Harkness Hugh, blacksmith, Chapel street

Harling William, Criterion hotel, Hobson street

Harling William, Franklyn street

Harper John, mariner, Albert street

Harper Joseph, labourer, East street, Newton

Harpur Joseph, general dealer, Durham street

Harrington Samuel, labourer, Albert street

Harris Henry, Exchange billiard room, Grey street

Harris J, tobacconist and toy warehouse, Shortland Crescent

Harris James, carpenter, 59 Grey street

Harris and Laurie, merchants, Custom-house street

Harris Thomas, carpenter, Ponsonby road

Harris William, master mariner, Albert street

Harrison Fanny, teacher, Pitt street

Harrison Isaac, grocer, Victoria street

Harrison Mrs, importer, High street

Harrison and Reid, grocers, Parnell road

Hart Ann, Randolph street, Newton

Hart Charles, miner Kyber Pass road

Hart George, carter, Hardinge street

Hart James, labourer, Coburg-street

Harton Henry, blacksmith, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Harvey William, carpenter, Franklyn street

Harwell and Goodacres, coopers, Queen street

Haslam Patrick, serjeant-major of volunteers, South street, Newton

Haslett Edward, clerk, Hardinge street

Hassan Mark, bootmaker, Shortland Crescent

Hassell Henry, hairdresser, West Queen street

Hassard William, carpenter, Franklyn street

Haswell Robert, cooper, Hobson street

Haultain Mary Ann, Abercrombie street

Havill William, carpenter, Randolph street, Newton

Hawkes Henry, bootmaker, Ponsonby road

Hawkeshaw C, iron founder and engineer, Chapel street

Hawkewood Richard, boatman, West Queen street

Hawkins Joseph, clerk, Seafield road

Hawkins S W, baker, Otahuhu

Hawks Henry, boatman, Albert street

Hay and Honeyman, drapers, 150 Queen street

Hayden Henry P, ginger beer manufacturer, Wakefield street

Hayes John, Wakefield, street

Hayes John, policeman, Hardinge street

Hayes Thomas, settler, York street, Newton

[Image of page 22]


Hayles Benjamin C, Army and Navy hotel, Upper Queen street

Haymet Capet Eugene, mariner, 58 Grey street

Haynes Thomas, builder, Karangahape road

Hayson Robert, tinker, Newton road

Hayward Henry P, upholsterer, 20 Shortland Crescent

Hazelden Charles, crown lands commissioner, Wood street, Dedwood

Heald George, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Healtier Arthur, clerk, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Heaphy Charles, government surveyor, St. George's street, Parnell

Heavey Andrew, contractor, Wyndham street

Hedgecock Charles, schoolmaster, Napier street

Hefferan William, labourer, Regens street, Newton

Heldt Augustus, cabinetmaker, 191 Queen street

Heldt Ann, milliner, 189 Queen street

Hempenstall Thomas, carpenter, Edinburgh street, Newton

Hemus Solomon, bootmaker, Karangahape road

Henderson Adam, ship builder, Vincent street

Henderson Alexander, carpenter, Hepburn street

Henderson James, Vincent street

Henderson John, painter, 53 Victoria street

Henderson and Macfarlane, merchants, 14 Queen street

Henderson Matthew, architect, Wyndham street; residence Drake street

Henderson Thomas, Emily place

Hendley George, stonemason, Day street

Hendon John, well sinker, Hepburn street

Heniss Edward, blacking manufacturer, Symonds street

Henry Isabella, West Queen street

Henry George, gardener, Kyber Pass road

Henry James, clerk in Bank of New South Wales, Parnell road

Henson Samuel, painter, Newmarket street, Parnell

Herbert Alfred, confectioner, High street

Herbert Fanny, dressmaker, Grey street

Herepath Phillip, architect, Queen street

Heron David and Co, timber merchants, Custom-house street

Heron George, carpenter, Claremont street

Hersey James, wood turner, Baker street

Heuth Michael, carter, Union street

Hewin and Co Frederick, family grocers, 226 Queen street

Hewitt John, carpenter, West street, Newton

Hewson Clarence, boat builder, Rutland road, Parnell,

Hewson Richard, H M Customs, Newton road.

Heyer Henry, boatman, Hobson street

Hibble W G, painter, Karangahape road

Hicks Thomas, watchmaker, Vulcan lane

Higgins Christopher, painter, Parnell road

Higgins John, soap manufacturer, College street, Dedwood

Higgins William, butcher, Wellesley street

Hill Cary, storekeeper. Upper Queen street

Hill Charles, coach builder, Kyber Pass road

Hill and Griffin, painters, 84 Victoria street

Hill Henry, general dealer, Wakefield street

Hill Henry, of Hill and Son, Jermyn street

Hill Rev James, Presbyterian minister, Grey street

Hill James, plasterer, Ponsonby road

Hill James, labourer, Newton road

Hill John, carpenter, Drake street

Hill J, general grocery store, Taaranga

Hill Mary, Cook street

Hill Shirley W, custom house, shipping and commission agent, Fort street; residence

Hill and Son, solicitors, Shortland Crescent [Parnell road

Hillman John, messenger, Rutland street, Parnell

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Hind George, builder, Sheridan street

Hingiler William, mariner, Chapel street

Hitchins Henry, Upper Queen street

Hoare H, paperhanger, Symonds street

Hoare Mathew, constable, Karangahape road

Hoare and Wooster, photographers, Vulcan lane

Hobbs Edward G, draper, Hepburn street

Hobbs Rev J, Wesleyan minister, Beresford street

Hobbs Richard, draper, Upper Queen street

Hobson J, merchant. Fort street; residence Hobson street

Hobson Thomas, carpenter, Edinburgh street, Newton

Hodge Hannah, boarding house keeper, Albert street

Hoffmann Wilhelm, professor of music, Shortland Crescent

Hogan Daniel, hospital nurse, York street, Parnell

Hoggard William, wood turner, Barrack street

Holden Joseph, Crown inn, Grey street

Holdship George, steam saw mills and timber yard, Custom-house street; residence

Holdship George, builder, East street, Newton [West street, Newton

Holdsworth William, carpenter, Hopetoun street

Holland James, builder, Wellington street

Holland James, labourer, Wyndham street

Holland J L, sign writer etc, Victoria street

Holland R H, master mariner, Napier street

Hollywood Thomas, labourer, Durham street

Holmden Anne, ladies' private school, 158 Hobson street

Holmes Benjamin, painter, Cook street

Holmes Charles F, photographer, 194 Queen street; residence Wellesley street

Holmes Charlotte, Barrack street

Holmes Eliza, Vincent street

Holmes Francis, mariner, Chapel street

Holmes Martha C, Bank street

Holt John, Green street, Dedwood

Hood Alexander, carpenter, Havelock street, Parnell

Hood Thomas, painter, glazier etc, Shortland Crescent

Hooker John, grocer, Princes street

Hooker Stephen, clerk, Union street

Hooper J H, surgeon and accoucher, Hobson street

Hooper Sarah E, ladies' seminary, Drake street

Hopkins Lewis J, stationer and tobacconist, Queen street

Hopkins William, carpenter, Dublin street, Newton

Home Jemima, Beresford street

Horne John, general dealer, Wyndham street

Horne R, outfitter, silk mercer etc, 164 Queen street

Horne W G, surgeon, Grey street

Horner Edward, labourer, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Hoskins John, stonemason, Albert street

Hoskins James, printer, Nelson street

Hotley John, boatman, Durham street

Hough. William, accountant, Upper Queen street

Hougham Jesse H, bootmaker, Wellington street

Housten Samuel, blacksmith, Duke street

Housten Samuel, blacksmith, Karangahape road

Howard George, blacksmith, Chapel street

Howard James, miller, Franklyn street

Howard William, warehouseman, Green street, Dedwood

Howarth William, carter, Beresford street

Howden J, jeweller, 88 Queen street

Howe George, printer, Wyndham street

Howe Joseph, carpenter, Dublin street, Dedwood

Howe Robert, baker, Regent street, Newton

Howell Alice, storekeeper, Newton road

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Howell James, gardener, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Howell John, bootmaker, 184 Queen street

Howell John, bootmaker, Centre street

Hoyes James R, grocer, West street, Newton

Hubault A F, M D, French Consul, Upper Queen street

Huff John, brickmaker, York street, Parnell

Huff William, labourer, Castle street, Parnell

Huggins Richard, carpenter, St. George's street, Parnell

Hughes James, blacksmith, Dock street

Hughes Stephen E, solicitor, Shortland Crescent; residence Grafton road

Hughes William S, currier, Reynolds street, Dedwood

Hume William, carpenter, Parnell road

Humphreys Thomas, general dealer, Wakefield street

Hungerford Elizabeth, grocer, 100 Grey street

Hunnisett John, joiner, Dublin street, Newton

Hunt John, bootmaker, West street, Newton

Hunt Richard J, clerk, Symonds street

Hunter Alexander, builder, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Hunter and Co, auctioneers, horse bazaar, Durham street

Hunter Mrs, general dealer, Victoria Quadrant

Hunter and Sons, builders, Parnell road

Hunter Sophia, Hepburn street

Hunter William, of Hunter and Co, Kyber Pass road

Hurfitt Henry, carpenter, Barrack street

Hurley J D, bootmaker, Wellington street

Hurst and Co W J, coal and produce merchants, Queen street

Hurst W J, of W J Hurst and Co, Eden Crescent

Hustwick Robert, chemist, Symonds street

Hutchinson David, shipbuilder, Beach, Onehunga

Hutchinson James, labourer, Upper Queen street

Hutchinson and Mcintyre, ship and general smiths, Beach, Onehunga

Hyde Thomas, settler, Dock street

Hyland Thomas, bootmaker, Barrack street

Hynes Edward, labourer, Rutland street


Imrie and Thompson, Victoria livery stables, Albert street

Ingram William, bricklayer, Barrack street

Inman Charles, carpenter, Beresford street

Innis Craig, labourer, Mount Eden road

Innis John, boatman, Chapel street

Innis Manuel, mariner, West Queen street

Isaacs Edward, of E and H Isaacs, Eden Crescent

Isaacs E and H, merchants, 42 Queen street; bonded stores Fort street

Isaacs George, draper, Wellesley street

Isaacs Henry, of E and H Isaacs, Eden Crescent

Ireland Brothers, tanners etc, Durham street

Ireland Martin, of Ireland Brothers, Parnell road

Ireman Edward, engineer, Napier street

Irveson Peter, general storekeeper, Beach, Onehunga

Irwin Andrew, stonemason, Howe street

Ivauld John, mariner, Albert street


Jack Thomas, carter, Sale street

Jacobs H M, toy and fancy warehouse, Queen street

Jacobs Joseph, Elliott street

Jackson and Coupland, general produce dealers, Wellesley street

Jackson David, carpenter, Upper Queen street

Jackson James, Caledonian hotel, 45 Grey street

Jackson John B, carpenter, Barrack street

[Image of page 25]


Jackson and Russell, solicitors, Fort street

Jackson Thomas, master mariner, Symonds street

Jackson Thomas, carpenter, Upper Queen street

Jagger Thomas James, settler, Edwardes street

Jakins William Vosper, physician, Queen street; residence Pitt street

Jallie Phillip, mariner, Spring street, Dedwood

James Alfred, boatman, Moore street

James Edward, clerk in Bank of New Zealand, Parnell road

James John, carpenter, Day street

James John, green grocer, Victoria street

James John W, builder, Russell street, Dedwood

James Louis Rose, Q. C. E. hotel, Shortland Crescent; residence Wellesley street

James and Payne, builders, Hobson street

Jamieson William, undertaker, Hobson street

Jeffcott Helen, Karangahape road

Jeffrey James, general store, 168 Queen street

Jeffrey Thomas, sawyer, Collingwood street

Jeffries William, bootmaker, Abercrombie street

Jenkins and Co, drapers and milliners, 216 Queen street

Jenkins Edward C, painter, 7 Grey street

Jenkinson Joseph, boiler maker, Stanley street

Jenkinson Robert, plasterer, Day street

Jentles Charles G, clerk in Bank of New Zealand, Parnell road

Jervis H M, agent for Panama, New Zealand and Australian Royal Mail Company,

John John, cabinetmaker, Chancery street [Queen street; residence Emily place

Johnson Edward, draper, Wellesley street

Johnson Elizabeth, teacher, Union street

Johnson George, labourer, Durham street

Johnson George, labourer, Elliott street

Johnson John, labourer, Hobson street

Johnson John, carter, West street, Newton

Johnson Robert, stonemason, Drake street

Johnson Thomas, Old Windsor Castle hotel, Parnell road

Johnstone Thomas, saddler, Queen street, Onehunga

Johnstone William, tailor, Abercrombie street

Johnstone William, bootmaker, Victoria street

Joll Richard, carpenter, William street

Jones and Co, auctioneers, Queen street

Jones Edward, carpenter, Newmarket street

Jones George, labourer, Upper Albert street, Newton

Jones George, secretary to Auckland Insurance Company, Beresford street

Jones James, engineer, West street, Newton

Jones Mary, monthly nurse, Durham street

Jones Morton, of Jones and Co, Shelly Beach road

Jones Robert, painter, Remuera road

Jones Stannus, general merchant, Shortland Crescent; residence Franklyn street

Jones Thomas, labourer, Devenport street, Parnell

Jones William, bushman, Chancery street

Jones William, mariner, Chapel street

Jones William F, pianoforte tuner, 49 Karangahape road

Jordan Thomas, engineer, William street, Dedwood

Jordan William, carpenter, Wyndham street

Josberry Eleanor, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Joseph H, auctioneer, 78 Queen street

Joslin Charles, settler, Onehunga

Joyner William, master mariner, Graham street

Judd Charles, moulder, Drake street

Judham Sydner, grocer, Wellington street

Jury Henry, millwright, West street, Newton

Justin Henry, gaoler, Beresford street

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Kane John, Wellington hotel, Wellington street

Kay Adam, carter, Stanley street

Kay Mathew, engine driver, Cheshire street, Parnell

Kay Robert, stonemason, Cracroft street, Parnell

Keals Richard, architect, 149 Victoria street; residence St. George's street, Parnell

Kean George, waterman, Albert street

Keane Barnard, grocer, Hobson street

Keane D, plasterer, Wellington street

Keetley George Taylor, solicitor, Canada Buildings, Queen street; residence Howe street

Keetley Thomas, express driver, Ponsonby road

Keesing, Doitsh and Keesing, general merchants and outfitters, 108 Queen street

Keesing Henry, Custom House hotel, Fort street

Keesing Henry jun, outfitter, Queen street; residence 10 Hobson street

Keesing Hester, Eden Crescent

Keesing John, of Keesing, Doitsh and Keesing, Symonds street

Keir Thomas, Remuera road

Kell David, master mariner, Albert street

Kelly Andrew, carter, Dublin street, Dedwood

Kelly Conrad, clerk, Wellesley street

Kelly Helen, Cook street

Kelly Hugh, stonemason, Cross street, Newton

Kelly James, Hibernia hotel, Wakefield street

Kelly Michael, labourer, Durham street

Kelly Peter, labourer, Chancery street

Kelly Thomas, bootmaker, Symonds street

Kelly Thomas, mariner, Wakefield street

Kelly Thomas, watchmaker, Duke street

Kelly William, baker, Princes street

Kellsall William, clockmaker, 40 Victoria street

Kelton Thomas, carter, Kyber Pass road

Kemp Henry, Kemp's Gardens

Kemp Robert, quarryman, Seafield road

Kemp Susannah, dressmaker etc, Hobson street

Kempthorne Sampson, Parnell road

Keuden Jesse, bootmaker, West street, Newton

Kent William, oyster rooms, Queen street

Kennedy Alexander, manager Bank of New Zealand, Wynyard street

Kennedy Thomas, clerk, Wakefield street

Kennedy William, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Kennedy W and A, saddlers, 154 Queen street

Kenny and Anderton, solicitors, Queen street

Kenny Richard, carpenter, Upper Queen street

Kenny Richard, plasterer, Prospect street, Newton

Kernsley John, bricklayer, West street, Newton

Kerr James, tailor and draper, 25 Victoria street

Kerr Mary, General Cameron hotel, Albert street

Kettle George, merchant, Parnell road

Keven Thomas, bootmaker, Shortland Crescent; warehouse 96 Queen street

Kidd George, clerk in commissariat office, East street, Newton

Kidd Rev Robert, L L D, principal collegiate school, Karangahape road

Kidley Daniel, baker, Karangahape road

Kilker Wilson, settler, Nelson street

Killer James, carpenter, West Queen street

Kilpatrick David, blacksmith, Elliott street

Kilyour James, butcher, Remuera road

Kimble and Co, butchers. Shortland Crescent

Kinlock and Fookes, veterinary surgeons, Quean street and Remuera road

King Alexander D, draper, England street, Dedwood

King Alfred, solicitor. Union street

King Anne, Alton road

[Image of page 27]


King Charles, Shamrock hotel, Albert street

King James, chemist and druggist, Otahuhu

King James, tanner, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

King John, fisherman, Chancery street

King Mary, Portland street, Parnell m

King Thomas, watchmaker, Parnell read

King Thomas, gloom, Parnell road

King William, engineer, Nelson street

Kingstone William, labourer, Drake street

Kirby John C, M D, Moore street

Kirk Thomas, surveyor, England street, Dedwood

Knight Alfred, cabinetmaker, Chapel street

Knight James, London Pie-house, Queen street

Knight William, butcher, Abercrombie street

Knipper Martin, master mariner, Portland street, Parnell

Knopps William, grocer, Karangahape road

Knox Charles, Karangahape road

Koller Robert T, joiner, Centre street

Kunst Phillip, Albert street

Kusabs Henry, carpenter, Hepburn street


Lacovey Frank, mariner, West Queen street

Ladner Henry, carpenter, Baker street

Laing John, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Laird Alexander, baker, Wellington street

Laird E, grocer, Symonds street

Lamb Alexander, builder, Vincent street

Lamb James, saddler, Chapel street

Lamb Peter, builder, Cook street

Lamb William, plasterer, Elliott street

Lambeth John, labourer, Claremont street

Lambert John, undertaker, Hopetoun street

Lambert John, government clerk, Newton road

Lambert Michael, carter, West street, Newton

Lambourne F, agent for New Zealand Insurance Company, Karangahape road

Lander Edwin, labourer, Elliott street

Lane James, storekeeper, Newmarket street, Parnell

Lane John, engineer, Alton road

Lane Thomas, mariner, Nelson street

Langley Maria, Hobson street

Langford Charles, tailor, Grafton road

Langman John, labourer, Albert street

Lapham John, Union street

Larkins Frederick, mariner, East street, Newton

Lawrence Edward, mariner, Grey street

Lawrence Edward, William street

Lawrence Joseph, mariner, Hobson street

Laurie William S, merchant, Upper Albert street, Newton

Lautram Robert, grocer, Wakefield street

Lavatt Robert, carpenter, Edinburgh street, Newton

Lavers and Co G, agricultural seed and implement merchants, Durham street

Lawford Richard, baker, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Lawlar William, bootmaker, Cheshire street, Parnell

Lawrie James, Karangahape road

Lawrie Mathew, Karangahape road

Lawrie Robert, Karangahape road

Lawry Rev Henry, Carlton road

Lawry Mrs, Karangahape road

Layton Isaac, mariner, Albert street

Lazarus John, labourer, Edwardes street

[Image of page 28]


Lazarus Rebecca, milliner, Wellesley street

Leahy Michael, of M and G Leahy, Wyndham street

Leahy M and G, blacksmiths, West Queen street

Leaf Robert, photographer, Waterloo Quadrant

Leaf Robert, saw trimmer, Barrack street

Leaning John, tinsmith, 71 Victoria street

Leary Emelus, sailmaker, Windsor street, Parnell

Leary Margaret, Edwardes street

Leary William, solicitor, Wellington street

Lediard Richard, painter, Grey street

Leech Alexander, ropemaker, Park street

Leech George, farmer, Stanley street

Leech John, carver and gilder, Wellesley street

Lee Edward, musician, Elliott street

Lee Emma, Albert street

Lee Frederick, shopman, Albert street

Lee Frederick, cooper, Moore street

Lee J, surgeon, Wyndham street

Leers M S, Rob Roy hotel, College street, Dedwood

Lees John, general dealer, Edwardes street

Legg Mrs, French corset maker, Queen street

Leggitt John, warder at stockade, Graham street

Leighton Christopher R, builder, Hepburn street

Leighton James F, bookbinder and account book ruler, Upper Queen street; resid

Lempriere Sarah, schoolmistress, Hobson street [Ponsonby

Lennox and Co J M, house and land agents, High street

Leon Thomas, master mariner, 43 Grey street

Leonard Peter, teacher, Dublin street, Dedwood

Lenton Joshua, labourer, Parnell road

Leslie Robert, engineer, Napier street

Lestrange William, labourer, West Queen street

Letham John, baker, West Queen street

Levy Bernard, of Levy and Goldwater, Hobson street

Levy David, merchant. Pitt street

Levy and Goldwater, general storekeepers, 39 Queen street

Levy Henry, clothier, 240 Queen street

Levy Isaac, general clothier, 165 Queen street

Levy Moriss, master mariner, Hobson street

Levy Sarah, grocer, 181 Queen street

Lewes Bassett, bootmaker, Wyndham street

Lewis Brothers, bonded stores, Wharf and Albert street

Lewis Brothers, merchants and outfitters, 62 and 47 Queen street

Lewis Francis C, inspector of sheep, Remuera road

Lewis Gabriel, storeman, 40 Wellesley street

Lewis George, labourer, Edwardes street

Lewis Henry, of Lewis Brothers, Grey street

Lewis Mrs, ladies' school, Shortland Crescent

Lewis and Saunders, tailors and outfitters, 244 Queen street

Lewisson F H, jeweller and tobacconist, 72 and 76 Queen street

Leys William, debt collector, Adelaide street

Lilewall John, of Lilewall, Rattray and Co, Chapel street

Lilewall, Rattray and Co, ship chandlers etc, 12 Queen street

Lincoln Frederick A, butcher, Penk street

Lincoln Robert, storekeeper, Parnell road

Lindsay Emma, Randolph street, Newton

Lindsay David, boarding house keeper, Chapel street

Lindsay Richard, barman, Chancery street

Linton John, ship carpenter", Edwin street, Newton

Lipstine Simon, traveller, Wakefield street

Lister, Davis and Co, painters, Wakefield street

Litchfield Elizabeth, §9 Grey street

[Image of page 29]


Little Robert, bootmaker, 22 Wakefield street

Livingstone Alexander, clerk, Wellington street

Lloyd John Frederick, Archdeacon of Waitemata, Jermyn street

Lloyd Neill, ropemaker, Howe street

Lloyd William, carpenter, Nelson street

Lockwood W J, firewood merchant, College street, Dedwood

Logan John, farmer, Wyndham street

Londregan Thomas, tailor, West Queen street

Longbottom Bernard, draper, Symonds street

Lord Emily, milliner etc, Barrack street

Lord John, clerk, Chapel street

Lorrigan Daniel, Royal Oak hotel, Queen street

Loton Elvans, Union street

Low Charles, bricklayer, Dublin street, Newton

Low and Motion, flour and grain merchants, Vulcan lane

Lowberry John, mariner, Devenport street, Parnell

Lowe John Hindley A, collector, William street

Lowe John, blacksmith, Kyber Pass road

Ludlow George, general dealer, Hopetoun street

Lulkes David, stonecutter Parnell road

Lumsdain and Thoms, dining rooms, Queen street

Lundon David, custom house officer, Kyber Pass road

Lundon Patrick, Queen's Head hotel, Karangahape road

Lundon Patrick, contractor, Green Park, Great South road

Lunn James, pattern maker, Grey street

Lusk Hugh H, journalist, Parnell road

Lusk Robert, merchant, Fort street

Lusk R B, provincial treasurer, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Lydon Michael, Chancery street

Lye James, carpenter, Vernon street

Lyes Elizabeth, Wyndham street

Lyle James, baker, Wellington street

Lymburn James, clerk, Ryle street, Dedwood

Lymburn ----, painter, High street

Lynch Ann, lodging house keeper, Fort street

Lynch Jane, Elliott street

Lynch Timothy, policeman, Cook street

Lynch William, clerk, St. Francis ot Sale street, Dedwood

Lysaght Edward, labourer, Durham street

Lysnar Charles, goldsmith, Albert street


Mabin and Co, provision merchants, 16 Queen street

Mabin John, notary public, Onehunga

Mabin Thomas H, agent tor Royal Insurance Company, 20 Queen street; residence

McAlister William, labourer, Edinburgh street, Newton [Grafton road

McAndrew James, carpenter, Day street

McAninery Patrick, boatman, Portland street, Parnell

McAnnerley George, engineer, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

McCafty Edward, carter, Parnell road

McCann William, labourer, Pitt street

McCarthy John, Cracroft street, Parnell

McCarthy Peter, ship carpenter, Chancery street

McCaskill Donald, settler, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

McCaul and Rigg, auctioneers and agents, Queen street

McColl and Cosley, bakers, 28 Wakefield street

McConnell John, carpenter, Cracroft street, Parnell

McConnochie James, carpenter, 58 Victoria street

McConnor John, dealer, Wakefield street

McCormack Agnes, Newton road

McCormack James, contractor, Prospect street, Newton

[Image of page 30]


McCormack John E, solicitor, Wyndham street

McCormack John, labourer, Howe street

McCormick Mary Ann, laundress, Victoria street

McCornish Hugh, tailor, Parnell road

McCornish Michael, carter, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

McCorrill Adam, bootmaker, Hobson street

McCoy Ann, midwife, Chapel street

McCoy William, master mariner, Drake street

McCuett Mary, laundress, Elliott street

McCulloch John, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

McCunnell Thomas, upholsterer, Drake street

McCutchin Sarah, nurse, Albert street

McDermott Ann, Upper Albert street, Newton

McDermott Mortimer, tinsmith, Wellington place

McDonald Rev Alexander, minister Congregational Church, Vincent street

McDonald Bernard, contractor, Abercrombie street

McDonald George, surveyor, Windsor street, Parnell

McDonald John E, solicitor, 41 Queen street

McDonald Maria, Cross street, Newton

McDonald Mary, Parnell road

McDonald Michael, grocer, Albert street

McDonald Robert, sawyer, Chapel street

McElroy Bartholomew, general smith and farrier, Otahuhu

McElroy Samuel, general smith and farrier, Otahuhu

McEvoy William, Edinburgh street, Newton

McEwan Andrew, gardener, Castle street, Parnell

McFarlane Daniel, boatman, Chapel street

McFarlane Robert H, architect etc, Albert street

McGrahame Daniel, labourer, Barrack street

McGarrell Denis, labourer, Jermyn street

McGill Colin, ropemaker, Howe street

McGinley John, storeman, Vincent street

McGinley William, soldier, Barrack street

McGinnis James, labourer, Bank street

McGrath Roger, mariner, Cook street

McGoin Alexander, mariner, Cook street

McGuffie Helen, Hobson street

McGuire Thomas, general dealer, Upper Queen street

McHale Michael, green grocer, 75 Queen street

McHugh William, boatman, Strand

McIntosh Mrs E, milliner, dressmaker and general store, Queen street, Onehunga

McIntosh ----, carter, Union street

Mclntyre James B, carpenter, Rutland road, Parnell

Mclntyre Hugh, carpenter, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Mclver Iver, Symonds street

McKay A, inspector of public works, William street

McKay Daniel, constable, Havelock street, Parnell

McKay Hector, carpenter, Baker street

McKay Maria, family grocer, Ponsonby road, Dedwood

McKay Roderick, accountant, Cook street

McKelvie ----, merchant, Jermyn street

McKelvie James, labourer, Drake street

McKenzie D, house and land agent, Victoria street

McKenzie Francis, Edinburgh street, Newton

McKenzie James, master mariner, Albert street

McKeon Ann, Vincent street

McKeon Mrs, private boarding house, Wakefield street

McKerras Benjamin, bootmaker, 121 Queen street

McKinish Adam, labourer, East street, Newton

McKinstry William, grocer, Ponsonby road

McLean Andrew, slater, Newton road

[Image of page 31]


McLean Every, farmer, East Tamaki

McLean James, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

McLean John, carpenter, Napier street

McLean and Co John, bootmakers, Wakefield street

McLean Kemp, ship builder, Albert street

McLearen Ann, Upper Bath street, Parnell

McLennan Duncan, East street, Newton

McLennan Neil, labourer, Nelson street

McLennary Janet, Union street

McLeod and Gee, coach builders. Cook street

McLeod James, engineer, Symonds street

McLeod John, shipwright, Princes street

McLeod Murdoch, labourer, Baker street

McLeod James, Freeman's hotel, College street, Dedwood

McLiver Lachlan, carpenter, 67 Hobson street

McLoy Richard, shipwright, Graham street

McMahon Louisa, Abercrombie street

McMahon Patrick, labourer, Elliott street

McManus Hugh, civil engineer, Cracroft street, Parnell

McMath Andrew J, clerk, Graham street

McMillan Norman, blacksmith, Sheridan street

McNaughton John, draper, Parnell road

McNeil William, baker, Remuera road

McPherson Richard, tinsmith, Shortland Crescent

McPherson Samuel, brewer, Kyber Pass road

McQuillan and Co, aerated water factory, Kyber Pass road

McQuillan Margaret R, dressmaker, Penk street

McRae Farquhar, teacher high school, Symonds street

McRae George, cooper etc, High street

McRae Joseph, cooper, Parnell road

McRoberts Andrew, painter etc, Hobson street

McShee Alfred, paperhanger, Abercrombie street

McShee James, boatman, Kyber Pass road

McVay Ann, Howe street

McVeigh Helen, dressmaker, Wakefield street

McWilliams John, Eagle inn, Albert street

Macara William, gardener, Stanley street

Macfarlane Elizabeth, Wakefield street

Macfarlane John Sangster, merchant, Queen street

Machattie Thomas Milne, merchant, 81 Queen street; residence Kyber Pass road

Mackay and Co T, merchants, Queen street

Mackay Rev William, Presbyterian minister, Otahuhu

Mack James, dealer, Hobson street

Mackenny Robert, coffee shop, Queen street

Mackenzie Angus, labourer, Howe street

Mackenzie Duncan, land agent, Collingwood street

Mackenzie Hector, contractor, Hobson street

Mackenzie Peter Storier, Union hotel, Queen street

Mackay Hugh, carpenter, Rennell street, Dedwood

Mackie Alexander, of Mackie Brothers, Chapel street

Mackie Brothers, coach builders, Wellesley street

Mackie James, of Mackie Brothers, Mount street

Mackie Mary, Chapel street

Mackintosh Archie, Chapel street

Mackintosh William, teacher, William street

Macky James, farmer, Papatoitoi

Macky John, farmer, Salem, Otahuhu

Macky Peter, storeman, Hepburn street

Macky Thomas, merchant, Hepburn street

Macready Thomas, Duke of Marlborough hotel, watchmaker, 92 and 104 Queen street

Madden Charles, builder. Chapel street

[Image of page 32]


Madden Richard, hairdressing saloon, Princes street, Onehunga

Maddigan John, policeman, Day street

Madhill William Henry, grocer, Wyndham street

Maher John, baker, Wellesley street

Maheny James, tailor, Devenport street, Parnell

Mahon Michael, carter, Hobson street

Mahony Edward, builder and architect, Wellington street

Mahony John, oyster saloon, Queen street

Mahony ---, builder and architect, Chapel street

Maiden Henry, carter, Edinburgh street, Newton

Main George Martin, compositor, Nelson street

Maison James, printer, Beresford street

Major Charles, grocer, Wellesley street

Major Samuel, shoemaker, Stanley street

Malcolm Edward, sailmaker, Hobson street

Malcolm Martha, Alton road

Mamby John, stonemason, Howe street

Managhan Leonard, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Manghan Patrick, brewer, Kyber Pass road

Mangall John, butcher, Edwardes street

Manley Benjamin, of Gilberd and Manley, Symonds street

Manley Jane, Wellesley street

Mann Charles, of Mann and Son, Karangahape road

Mann Christopher, mariner, Newton road

Mann Hezakiah, storeman, Chapel street

Mann and Son, drapers, 242 Queen street

Manning Joseph H, chemist, Shortland Crescent

March John, Pitt street

Mark J N, Nelson street

Markham Denis, policeman, Edwardes street

Marks Anne, Upper Queen street

Marks Charles, bootmaker and hardware warehouse, 73 Queen street; residence

Marks Morris, clothier, draper and outfitter, 200 and 202 Queen st [Hobson street

Marks R, surgeon-dentist, Trafalgar street, Onehunga

Marks Samuel, general dealer, High street; residence Upper Queen street

Marks William J, plumber and gasfitter, Chapel street

Maroney Michael, paperhanger, Abercrombie street

Marrage Alfred, bootmaker, Coburg street

Marriott Francis, butcher, Symonds street

Marsden William, auctioneer, Nelson street

Marsh Thomas W, grocer & provision merchant, 80 Queen street; residence Symonds

Marshall Alexander, carpenter, Albert street [street

Marshall Lizzy, Albert street

Marshall Samuel, clerk, Beresford street

Marshall William, boatman, Hardinge street

Martigan James, labourer, Coburg street

Martin Alexander, solicitor's clerk, 41 Grey street

Martin Alfred, mariner, Chapel street

Martin Antonio, Victoria hotel, Victoria street

Martin Edward P, compositor, West Queen street

Martin George, brewer, Mount Eden road

Martin Joseph, shoemaker, Chancery street

Martin Mary E, schoolmistress, Drake street

Martin Patrick, broker, Wyndham street

Martin Thomas, mariner, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Martin William E, solicitor, Upper Queen street

Martinson D, watch and clock maker Queen street, Onehunga

Mason James, market gardener, Parnell road

Mason John, hairdresser, 186 Queen street

Mason John, cabinetmaker and turner, Durham street

Mason Rev Peter, B A, teacher of Western Academy, Nelson street

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Mason William, city missionary, Edwardes street

Mason William, clerk H M Customs, Dublin street, Dedwood

Massey James, miller, Wellington street

Matherson George, labourer, Newton road

Matthews and Bartley, builders, Elliott street

Matthews Edward, labourer, Franklyn street

Matthews James, labourer, Jermyn street

Matthews John, carpenter, South street, Newton

Matthews John, general dealer, Union street

Matthews Nehemiah, oysterman, Chancery street

Matthews Richard, solicitor, Queen street; residence Pitt street

Matthews Seering Hall, of Matthews and Bartley, Grey street

Matraver Thomas, purveyor to the forces, Grafton road

Maude Sarah, Wellington street

Maunsell Rev Dr Robert, Archdeacon, Parnell road

Maxwell Christopher, interpreter, Sheridan street

Maxwell James, labourer, Rennell street, Dedwood

Maxwell John, butcher, 55 Victoria street

Maxwell Joseph, glass cutter, Napier street

Maxwell Richard, ostler, Victoria street

May David, carter, Newton road

Maybury Thomas, compositor, William street

Maynard Thomas, carpenter, Napier street

Mayne John, tinsmith, Pitt street

Meacham George, carpenter, Russell street, Dedwood

Mears William, corn and seed warehouse, 148 Queen street

Mears William, livery stables, Victoria street

Measures Richard, miller, Hardinge street

Mechanic Mrs, Middle street

Mediem Charles, clerk, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Mee R, bootmaker, Hepburn street

Meilotz John F, working jeweller, Durham street

Merigan Thomas, policeman, Hobson street

Merris John, Chancery street

Merritt Augustus G, surgeon etc, 58 Victoria street

Merritt Charles, tinsmith, Edinburgh street, Newton

Merton Frederick, hawker, Albert street

Messenger Richard, carpenter, Newton road

Messenger William J, butcher, Wakefield street and Queen street

Metcalf John, ironmoulder, Castle street. Parnell

Meurant Henry, horse dealer, St. George's street, Parnell

Meyers Henry S, general importer, Fort street

Middlebrook John, butcher, Victoria street

Middray William, carpenter, William street

Mill and Stewart, general storekeepers, Princes street, Onehunga

Miller Francis, mariner, Albert street

Miller William, bootmaker, Shortland Crescent

Miller William, bootmaker, Vulcan lane

Miller William, carter, Rutland street, Parnell

Miller William, hairdresser, 84 Queen street

Millington John, blacksmith, Union street

Mills Edward, labourer, West street, Newton

Mills Ephraim, Market hotel, 1 Grey street

Mills James, general dealer, 43 Victoria street

Mills James, sawyer, Albert street

Mills John, carpenter, Grey street

Mills John, dealer, Wellesley street

Mills John, mariner, Barrack street

Millis Richard and John, boatmen, Albert street

Mills William, Wynyard hotel, Abercrombie street

Mills William, bailiff, Upper Queen street

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Milne Frank J, H M Customs, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Milne James, builder, Symonds street

Minnetti Thomas, baker, Hobson street

Mitchell Alexander, storeman, Nelson street

Mitchell Charles Featherstone, of Mitchell and Seffern, Wellington street

Mitchell John, colonial storekeeper, Stanley street

Mitchell and Seffern, printers and publishers, office of Penny Journal, 6 Wyndham street

Mitchell William, carter, Napier street

Mitchell William, reporter, Nelson street

Moase William, carpenter, Victoria street

Moginie John, accountant, Upper Queen street

Mofflin Horace, clerk, Wellington street

Moffitt Henry D, government clerk, Ponsonby road

Molloy James, bootmaker, Wakefield street

Molloy Patrick, sergeant-major of police, Chapel street

Monkton C H, photographer, Princes street

Montague Montague, tobacconist, 187 Queen street

Moody William R, engineer, Mount street

Moon Sarah, laundress, Elliott street

Mooney Edward, labourer, Victoria street

Mooney Thomas, moulder, 61 Victoria street

Moore Andrew D, carpenter, Hobson street

Moore George, storeman, Albert street

Moore John, labourer, East street, Newton

Moore Joseph S, judge of supreme court, Rutland street, Parnell

Moore R, wine and spirit merchant, Queen street

Moorey Peter, carpenter, Albert street

Morgan E C, bootmaker, Napier street

Morgan Henry, boat builder, Short street

Morgan James, builder, Wood street

Morgan John, wood turner, Elliott street

Morgan Robert, general dealer, Napier street

Morgan W, saddler, Remuera road

Morley Ann, private boarding house, Symonds street

Morley George, draper, York street, Newton

Morley William, tailor, Parnell road

Morrin John C, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 128 Queen street; residence Pitt

Morrin Thomas and Samuel, ironmongers, 110 Queen street [street

Morris James, china and glass merchant, Hobson street

Morriss George, bricklayer, Union street

Morriss George W D, carpenter, Elliott street

Morriss Samuel, plasterer, Chapel street

Morrison John, farmer, Albert street

Morrison John, bootmaker, Wyndham street

Morrison John, labourer, Upper Queen street

Morrow John, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Mosleh William, labourer, Nelson street

Moss and Co, free goods store, Custom-house street

Moss George A, carpenter, Barrack street

Moss Moses, merchant, Symonds street

Mossman Charles, carpenter, Baker street

Mossman Robert Dr, surgeon etc, Grafton road

Mould Anne, milliner, Queen street

Mould John, grocer, Victoria street

Moulden Stephen, storeman, Dublin street, Newton

Mounce John, Odd Fellows' Arms hotel, Chancery street

Mowbray John, accountant, Newmarket street, Parnell

Mudford Johanna, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Mudford William, sailmaker, Vernon street

Muir Alexander, H M Customs, Upper Albert street, Newton

Muir Thomas, green grocer, 59 Queen street

[Image of page 35]


Mullely John, stockman, Kyber Pass road

Muller Charles, master mariner, Albert street

Mulligan Michael, Prince Albert inn, Queen street, Onehunga

Mulvaney Anne, Cross street, Newton

Mumford John, grocer and bootmaker, Hobson street

Mundy William, builder, Chapel street

Munro Henry, judge in native land court, Nelson street

Munro James, stonemason, Drake street

Munro John, sailmaker, Fort street

Munro John, blacksmith, Edwardes street

Munro John, blacksmith, Albert street

Munro J and W, blacksmiths, Durham street

Munster Thomas, mariner, Dublin street, Newton

Murdoch D, general dealer, Queen street, Onehunga

Murgan Robert, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Murphy Ellen, Wyndham street

Murphy Francis, confectioner, Upper Queen street

Murphy Thomas, carpenter, Wellesley street

Murphy Thomas, bootmaker, Wyndham street

Murphy William, carpenter, Day street

Murray Edward, carpenter. West Queen street

Murray Herving, general dealer, Albert street

Murray James, saddler. Shortland Crescent

Murray Thomas L, clerk in Bank of New South Wales, Sheridan street

Myers P G, commission agent, 38 Queen street

Myles Robert, plasterer, Barrack street


Nairn Walter, stonemason, Howe street

Nash Samuel, bushman, Drake street

Nash William, carpenter, Sheridan street

Nassman Henry, sawyer, Barrack street

Nathan Edward J, builder, Ponsonby road

Nathan David, merchant, Shortland Crescent; residence Waterloo Quadrant

Nation Henry, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Naughman William, labourer, Chapel street

Naughton James, commissioner of police, Victoria street

Neale Samuel, tailor, Union street

Needham William H, carter, Parnell road

Neill George, carter, Cook street

Neill James, labourer, Elliott street

Neilson Alexander, bookbinder, 12 Wellesley street

Nelson John, carpenter, Chapel street

Nesbett Henry, grocer, Newton road

Netterville Thomas, labourer, Albert street

Neumagen and Moses, general dealers, High street

Neville Robert, baker, College street, Dedwood

Newbold James N, baker, Barrack street

Newbury Frederick T, surveyor, Seafield road

Neweth William J, carpenter, Prospect street, Newton

Newman and Ewan, ironmongers and wholesale importers, 130 and 132 Queen street

Newson John, general dealer, Pitt street

Newton George, blacksmith, Barrack street

Nicol and Co, ship chandlers,, 7 Queen street

Nichol George, settler, East street, Newton

Nichol Martha, Randolph street, Newton

Nichol William, Masonic hotel, Princes street

Nicholas A. and M, milliners and dressmakers, 79 Shortland Crescent-

Nicholas Elizabeth, dressmaker, Nelson street

Nicholas James, farmer, Dock street

Nicholas Richard, ship rigger, Victoria street

[Image of page 36]


Nichols William, farmer, Wellesley street

Nicholson Mark E B, physician and surgeon, Pitt street

Nicholson John, stonemason, Dock street

Nidday William, coachbuilder, Graham street

Nightengale William, french polisher, Randolph street, Newton

Nisbet Robert, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Nisbett Archibald, carter, Hardinge street

Nixon James, labourer, Elliott street

Noble Andrew, merchant, Ponsonby road, Dedwood

Noble Helen, Edwardes street

Nolan Edward, milliner, Shortland Crescent

Noone Henry V, harness maker, Albert street

Norrie Stephen, hair cutter, Shortland Crescent

North Thomas, Prince Arthur hotel, Hobson street

North William jun, solicitor, Canada Buildings, Queen street

Norton Frederick, chemist and druggist, Queen street, Onehunga

Norton James, H M Customs, Ryle street, Dedwood

Nosman Thomas, farmer, Randolph street, Newton

Nott William, builder, Ponsonby road

Noyer Joseph, waterman, Chapel street

Nutting Ely, stonemason, West street, Newton


O'Bainne Patrick, general dealer, Chancery street

O'Brien Lauchlan, registrar of deeds, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

O'Connell Thomas, bricklayer, Penk street

O'Connor Michael, labourer, Abercrombie street

Ogilvie John, grocer, Drake street

Ogle Thomas, leather dresser, Abercrombie street

O'Hara Bernard, storeman, Edwardes street

O'Hara Edward, labourer, Grey street

O'Hara John, labourer, Wakefield street

O'Hara Patrick, policeman, Edwardes street

Ohlson Frederick, boatman, Hardinge street

O'Keefe Daniel J, merchant, Day street

Oldham James, wine and spirit merchant, High street; residence Shelly Beach road

O'Leary John, bootmaker, Barrack street

Oliver Ann, dressmaker, Pitt street

Oliver John, blacksmith, Pitt street

Oliver and Son, storekeepers, 59 Queen street

Oliver William, watchmaker, College street, Dedwood

0'Meard Edward, surveyor, Karangahape road

O'Neill James, coachmaker, Durham street

O'Neill James, M D, Karangahape road

O'Neill John, labourer, Spring street, Dedwood

O'Neill Patrick, blacksmith, Durham street

0'Regan Michael, printer, West street, Newton

Ormiston William, general merchant, 40 Queen street; residence 96 Grey street

O'Sullivan Daniel, policeman, Edwardes street

Oswell Hugh G, draper, Drake street

Otridge Elijah, cabinetmaker, Howe street

Otto Phillip, labourer, Wellesley street

Outhwaite Thomas, Kyber Pass road

Owen and Fendelow, ironmongers, 166 Queen street

Owen and Graham, merchants, 13 Queen street

Owen George W, grocer, Victoria and Chapel streets

Owen Thomas, grocer, Kyber Pass road

Oxley John, bootmaker, Hardinge street


Page Thomas, carpenter etc, Nelson street

[Image of page 37]


Paine William, printer, Grafton road

Palmer James, Royal hotel, Eden Crescent

Palmer Thomas, butcher, Chancery street

Palmer William, surveyor, Portland street, Parnell

Parker Bridget, Chancery street

Parker Charles, timber merchant, Cross street, Newton

Parker Frederick, carter, Albert street

Parker Nathaniel, bootmaker, Barrack street

Parker William, shoemaker, Coburg street

Parker William, grocer, 77 Wakefield street

Parker William, Horse and Groom hotel, Drake street

Parkinson John W, carpenter, Prospect street, Newton

Parks Henrys H M Customs, Chancery street

Parsons Edward, clerk, Turner street

Parsons William, private boarding house, Karangahape road

Parsons Richard, carpenter, Edwardes street

Partington Charles F, miller, Symonds street

Partington George, confectioner, Symonds street

Partington George, flour merchant, City road

Partington Henry, general store, Queen street

Partington ----, miller, Pitt street

Partridge Clement, settler, Wellington street

Partridge and Co S, fruiterers, 99 Queen street

Paterson Charles, carpenter, Cook street

Paterson Edward, lithographic printer, 238 Queen street

Paterson James, carpenter, Seafield road

Paterson Joseph, labourer, Cook street

Paterson Mary, Durham street

Paterson Roderick, warder, Seafield road

Paton John, blacksmith, Dock street

Patterson James, salesman, Drake street

Patterson Mary, Cook street

Patterson William J, storeman, Rennell street, Dedwood

Patterson William, painter, Karangahape road

Paul Andrew, tinsmith, Spring street, Dedwood

Paul James, family grocer, Symonds street

Paul Robert, plumber, England street, Dedwood

Paul Walter, butcher, 9 Grey street

Payne Henry, engraver, Grey street

Payne Thomas, carpenter, Napier street

Payne William, baker, 65 Grey street

Peace Mrs R, temperance boarding house, Wellesley house

Peachey Elizabeth, Parnell road

Peacock Thomas, mathematical and nautical instrument maker, 52 Shortland Crescent

Pearce Henry, bootmaker, Parnell road

Pearce James, carter, Moore street

Pearce John, veterinary surgeon, Remuera road

Pearce John, blacksmith, Remuera road

Pearce Joseph, builder, Graham street

Pearce Symon, butcher, Bank street

Pearne Isaac, labourer, Wyndham street

Pearse John Worth, draper, Queen street; residence Randolph street, Newton

Pearson Christopher, wheelwright, Day street

Pearson William, plasterer, Albert street

Peck William, labourer, Upper Albert street, Newton

Peek W J, builder and contractor, Great South road, by Otahuhu

Peet Thomas W, bookbinder, Wellington street

Pell Walter, labourer, Chancery street

Pellow William, carpenter, Pitt street

Pelly George, plasterer, Hepburn street

Pendergast Patrick, labourer, Ireland street, Dedwood

[Image of page 38]


Penk John, labourer, Penk street

Penk Thomas, labourer, Hopetoun street

Pennaligan John, labourer, Upper Queen street

Perch James, Franklyn street

Percy Joseph, Globe hotel, Wakefield street

Perkins Joseph, labourer, Durham street

Perston M J, of Ridings and Perston, Grafton road

Perry Rhoda, Chapel street

Peters James, boatman, East street, Newton

Peters Walter R, baker, High street

Philcox William, builder, Kyber Pass road

Phillips Aaron, merchant, Wakefield street

Phillips Charles S, auctioneer, Wakefield street

Phillips Charlotte, Beresford street

Phillips Edward W, fruiterer. 100 Hobson street

Phillips Isaac, jeweller, Abercrombie street

Phillips P A, ironmonger and importer, 50 and 52 Queen street

Phillips Thomas, labourer, Chancery street

Phillips and Son W, painters etc, Wyndham street

Phillips William, gardener, Upper Queen street

Phillipson Thomas, chemist and druggist, Princes street

Philpot Charles, mariner, Centre street

Philson Dr, provincial surgeon, Grafton road

Pick Thomas, butcher, Union street

Pickett John, joiner, Wellington street

Pickthley Laurence, engineer, Nelson street

Pierce G P, manager New Zealand Insurance Company, Symonds street

Pierce Thomas Dr surgeon etc, Karangahape road

Piercy Edward, farmer, Wellesley street

Piltz Joseph, cabinetmaker, Wellington street

Pike Charles, wholesale and retail grocer, Parnell road

Piper Mary, Edinburgh street, Newton

Pinching Dr, surgeon and accoucheur, Karangahape road

Pingleton Anne, West Queen street

Pitkahelly George, engineer, Mount street

Pitts Henry, carpenter, Howe street

Playford John, bootmaker, Chapel street

Plumley Edward, dentist, Wakefield street

Plumley Edward, seedsman, landscape and market gardener, Otahuhu

Pocock James, painter, plumber etc, Hill street, Onehunga

Pollard George, labourer, Castle street, Parnell

Pollard William, saw trimmer, Victoria street

Pollock Alexander, butcher, 71 Queen street

Pollock James, compositor, Wyndham street

Pollock Robert, carter, Wharf; residence Drake street

Polton Mary Ann, Albert street

Polton Thomas Hugh, coach builder, Barrack street

Pompallier Right Rev Dr, Bishop of Auckland (R C), St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Pond James A, chemist, 48 Queen street

Pope Thomas, baker, Symonds street

Porter and Co Edward, ironmongers, Shortland Crescent

Porter Charles, general dealer, Barrack street

Porter John, boarding house, Victoria street

Porter Richard, inspector in bankruptcy, 24 Shortland Crescent; residence Grafton road

Porter William J, saddler, Symonds street

Porter William, carter, Chapel street

Porter William, wheelwright, Karangahape road

Posseniskie William, tailor, Shortland Crescent

Potter Henry, chemist etc, 114 Queen street; residence 71 Grey street

Potter Joseph, storeman, Union street

Potter Robert, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

[Image of page 39]


Poulgrain George, carpenter, Edwin street, Newton

Poulton James, farmer, Vincent street

Powell James, blacksmith, Kyber Pass road

Power Daniel, brickmaker, Union street

Powley and Johnson, milliners and drapers, 98 Queen street

Powley Thomas, settler, Wakefield street

Pratt Robert, watchman, Cracroft street, Parnell

Preatmore Joseph, mariner, Barrack street

Preece J W, merchant, Queen street

Press Samuel, carpenter, Rokeby street

Price Frederick, Quang Tung Hong, Queen street

Price George, grocer, Karangahape road

Price John, clerk, Wellington street

Price William, clerk in district court, Albert street

Prime and Abbott, grocers, 134 Queen street

Prime F L, of Prime and Abbott, Anglesea street

Prime Watson F, grocer, Union street

Prince Henry, bootmaker, Wakefield street

Prince James, jeweller, South street, Newton

Prince Rosina, dyer and cleaner, 81 Shortland Crescent

Prislow Henry, general dealer, Hobson street

Pristley George, labourer, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Pritchard W, architect, Wyndham street; residence Rutland street, Parnell

Probert Henry, cabinetmaker, Shortland Crescent

Pugh James, carpenter, Pitt street

Pulman George, draughtsman, Shortland Crescent

Punch Richard, shoemaker, Jermyn street

Purchas Rev Arthur Guyon, Onehunga

Purchase George, tailor, Abercrombie street

Purchase Samuel, mariner, Albert street

Purdie Charles, boatman, West Queen street

Purdie William, mariner, Vincent street

Putman Richard, messenger, Regent street, Newton

Pye James, engineer, Collingwood street


Quartees John, carpenter, Ponsonby road

Quarterman Edward, mariner, Moore street

Quartier Aurele, merchant, 26 Queen street; residence Ponsonby road, Dedwood

Quick Christopher G, coach proprietor, Victoria street; residence Nelson street

Quigley Henry, cooper, High street

Quinn James, carter, Barrack street

Quinn John, farrier, Albert street

Quinn Mary, Chancery street

Quinn Thomas, labourer, Barrack street

Quinn Thomas, Swan inn, Strand

Quinlivan John, carter, Kyber Pass road


Rakin Daniel, painter etc, Karangahape road

Ralford William Henry, labourer, Chancery street

Ralph William, carpenter. Prospect street, Newton

Ramburn William, carter, Liverpool street

Rampling Elizabeth, Cook street

Ramsey Dugall M, clerk, Karangahape road

Randolph Alfred, draughtsman, Windsor street, Parnell

Ratcliffe Andrew, carpenter, Ireland street, Dedwood

Rathbone John, saddler and harness maker, Shortland Crescent; residence Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Rathbone Richard, painter, Wellesley street

Rattray George, storeman, Nelson street

Rattray John, master mariner, Albert street

[Image of page 40]


Rattray William, draper and clothier, 24 Shortland Crescent

Rattray William, of Lilewall and Rattray, Chapel street

Raven W J, watchmaker, Princes street, Onehunga

Rawlins and Graham, plumbers and gasfitters, Albert street

Rawlinson Elijah, baker, Nelson street

Rayner Alfred, photographer, Shortland Crescent

Readdy David, dairyman, Wellington street

Redfern James, bricklayer, Newton road

Redmond John, general store, Cook street

Reed George, boatman, Dock street

Reed James, wheelwright, Chapel street

Reed Jessie, teacher, Grafton road

Reed John, coachman, Adelaide street

Reed William D, storeman, Seafield road

Reeve George, blacksmith, Parnell road

Reeve Capt Maxwell, Eden Crescent

Reeves Richard, butcher, 51 Hobson street

Regan John, general dealer, Chancery street

Reid William, engineer, Parnell road

Reilly Bernard, baker, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Reilly Joseph, police sergeant, Wellington street

Renner Henry, shipwright, Coburg street

Reynes George, chemist. Cook street

Reynolds Alfred, clerk, Baker street

Reynolds Michael, miller, Durham street

Rhodes George, builder, Hobson street

Rhodes James, carpenter, Dublin street, Newton

Rhodes Richard, bootmaker, Remuera road

Rhodes William, sawyer, Parnell road

Rice Henry, Cook street

Rice John, stonemason, Cook street

Rice Silas, carpenter, College street, Dedwood

Richards Evan, blacksmith, Ireland street, Dedwood

Richards Henry, bailiff, Parnell road

Richards John, gardener, Howe street

Richards Margaret, general store, Albert street

Richards Richard, seedsman, Kyber Pass road

Richards William, eating house, Wharf

Richardson Charles, master mariner, Parnell road

Richardson Henry J E, government surveyor, Nelson street

Richardson James, engine fitter, Wellesley street

Richardson John, master mariner, Middle street

Richardson John, printer, Baker street

Rielly William, carter, Karangahape road

Rielly William, tailor, Penk street

Ridings George, private boarding house, Coburg street

Ridings George, commission agent, Upper Queen street

Ridings Henry, of Ridings and Perston, Pitt street

Ridings and Perston, auctioneers, 124 Queen street

Ridings Richard, Symonds street

Rintoul Alexander, Vincent street

Ring C and F, timber merchants, Custom-house street

Ring Frederick, of C and F Ring, Parnell road

Ring William, carpenter, Parnell road

Ripley William H, York hotel, East street, Newton

Ripley William, watchmaker, Pitt street

Ritchie Hugh, clerk, Vincent street

Rittenberg B, picture frame manufacturer, Shortland Crescent

Rix James, confectioner, Napier street

Roberton James, merchant, College street, Dedwood

Roberton and Co John, merchants, 83 Queen street; store Durham store

[Image of page 41]


Roberton John, of J Roberton and Co, Mount Eden road

Robertson Isabella, Wellington street

Robertson James, baker, Hobson street

Robertson James, farmer, Otahuhu

Robertson John, Queensferry hotel, Vulcan lane

Robertson John, baker, Kyber Pass road

Robertson Lawrence, Bricklayers' Arms hotel, Chapel street

Robertson Peter, baker, Symonds street

Robins Anne, Symonds street

Robinson Caleb, carpenter, Devenport street, Parnell

Robinson Charles, lighterman, Hobson street

Robinson Charlotte, Prospect street. Newton

Robinson Isabella, Seafield road

Robinson James, slater, Newton road

Robinson John, clerk, Sheridan street

Robinson John, gardener, Newton road

Robinson J W, chemist and druggist, Parnell road

Robinson Sarah, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Robinson William, grocer, Karangahape road

Robinson William, bootmaker, Cross street, Newton

Robinson William, carpenter, Cracroft street, Parnell

Robinson William, coach builder, Cracroft street, Parnell

Robley Joseph, miller, Wyndham street

Rockley William C, labourer, Newton road

Rogers George, grocer, Cook street

Rogers George, general dealer, Elliott street

Rogers Joseph, clerk compensation court, Grafton road

Rogers Owen, bushman, Baker street

Rogers Peter, ostler, Drake street

Rogers Richard, general dealer, 5 Grey street

Rogers Samuel, general dealer, Chapel street

Rogers Thomas, Criterion hotel, Otahuhu

Rolton George, mariner, Rutland street, Parnell

Rooney Andrew, Union street

Ropley George, farmer, Caia, Otahuhu

Rosa James, grocer, College street, Dedwood

Rose Charles, carpenter, Devenport street, Parnell

Rose John, carpenter, Drake street

Rose John, gardener, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Rose Joseph, family grocer, 16 Wellesley street

Rose William, carpenter, Chapel street

Rose William, Coach and Horses hotel, Queen street

Ross David, painter, East street, Newton

Ross James, gardener, Wellington street

Roulston James, express owner, Karangahape road

Rourke Mary, manglewoman, Abercrombie street

Rout John, general dealer, High street

Rout Samuel, general store, Vulcan lane

Rowe Charles, labourer, Cross street, Newton

Rowe William, blacksmith, Newton

Rowley George, Coach Maker's Arms hotel, 32 Wellesley street

Ruckshil Auguste, labourer, Barrack street

Rusden James sen, stonemason, Newton road

Rusden James jun, stonemason, Newton road

Rushbrook Charles, settler, Nelson street

Russell Alexander, St. Francis of Sale street, Dedwood

Russell Charles, labourer, William street, Dedwood

Russell George, labourer, East street, Newton

Russell James, notary public, Fort street

Russell John B, solicitor, Shortland Crescent; residence Upper Queen street

Russell Macnamara, engineer, Symonds street

[Image of page 42]


Russell Thomas, of Whitaker and Russell, Symonds street

Ryan Darby, labourer, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Ryan Elizabeth, laundress, Abercrombie street

Ryan Francis, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Ryan Maria, boarding house keeper, Albert street

Ryan Michael, labourer, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Ryland William, sergeant-major Cavalry volunteers, Wellington street

Ryrie James, Metropolitan hotel, Queen street


Sadgrove William, Foresters' Arms hotel, Albert street

Sadgroves William, carter, Randolph street, Newton

Sainsbury ----, carter, Beresford street

Sakey John, carpenter, Chapel street

Salmon and Co John, merchants, 29 Queen street

Salmon John, of J Salmon and Co, Grafton road

Salter Montague, accountant, College street, Dedwood

Salsfield Richard, cooper, Fort street

Samuel and Jacobshons, storekeepers, Tauranga

Sandall Richard, butcher, Wakefield street

Sanders Charles, bootmaker, Parnell road

Sandercock Ann, Hobson street

Sanderson Charles, civil engineer, Symonds street

Sankey Henry, miller, Wellesley street

Sargent James, secretary Mechanics' Institute, High street

Saunders Charles, grocer, Parnell road

Saunders James, labourer, Hardinge street

Saunders Joseph, inspector of prison labour, Aubrey street, Mount Eden

Savage Valentine, boat builder, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Saville James, eating house keeper, Queen street

Savory John, settler, Chancery street

Saxton and Barnes, carpenters, Nelson street

Saxton Charles, of Saxton and Barnes, Nelson street

Sayers Thomas, parchment maker, Edwardes street

Sceats John, British hotel, 119 Queen street

Sehafer Charles, baker, West Queen street

Schapp and Ansenne, timber merchants, Custom-house street

Scherff Franz, Waikato land agent, Fort street

Schoettler J F, Hepburn street

Scholes John, Royal George hotel, Newmarket

Schultz Robert, accountant, Graham e street, Newton

Scoble John T, carpenter, Cook street

Scott Archibald, carter, Kyber Pass road

Scott James, clerk, Newton road

Scott James, grocer, Newton road

Scott James, tailor, Wellington street

Scott Jeremiah, general dealer, Stanley street

Scott John, settler, Wangarie Croft, by Otahuhu

Scott Nicholas, fisherman, Jermyn street

Scott Robert, bootmaker, Queen street; residence Chapel street

Scott Thomas, carter, Cook street

Scrogg George, carter, Chapel street

Scoway Maria, Grafton road

Seabrook John, tailor, Vincent street

Sealey George, carpenter, Albert street

Searle Richard, butcher, Chapel street

Searle Thomas, bootmaker, Chapel street

Seccombe Richard sen, of Seccombe and Sons, Kyber Pass road

Seccombe and Sons, brewers, Great North Brewery, Kyber Pass road

Seccombe Thomas, of Seccombe and Sons, Aubrey street, Mount Eden

Seffern William Henry John, of Mitchell and Seffern, Nelson street

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Sellers D, master mariner, Tauranga

Selwyn Dr George Augustus, Lord Bishop of New Zealand, Parnell road

Senger William, school teacher, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Senior Joseph, Railway Terminus hotel, Short street

Serjeant Thomas, labourer, Devenport street, Parnell

Settler ----, farmer, Randolph street, Newton

Seufert Edon, fancy cabinet maker, Elliott street

Sexton Mrs, dressmaker, Shortland Crescent

Sexton Thomas, carpenter etc, Shortland Crescent

Shalders R B, timber merchant, Karangahape road

Shalder's Steam Saw Mills, T Kelly manager, Beach, Onehunga

Sham Charles, West street, Newton

Sharmer Thomas, jeweller, Ireland street, Dedwood

Sharp Nathan W, printer, Newton road

Sharp Thomas, bricklayer, Karangahape road

Shaw Frederick R, jeweller, Hobson street

Shaw Mrs Robert, storekeeper, Princes street, Onehunga

Shaw Samuel, labourer, Hobson street

Shaw Thomas, carpenter, Prospect street, Newton

Shea John, labourer, Wellesley street

Sheals John, labourer, Cook street

Sheddans Robert, cooper etc, Durham street

Sheeard John, billiard marker, Chancery street

Sheehan Daniel, carpenter, Nelson street

Sheehan David, Governor Browne hotel, 41 Hobson street

Sheehan Michael, Chancery street

Sheeny Robert, boatman, Wyndham street

Shelton and Co H R, painters, Wellesley street

Shephard A, Jermyn street

Shephard and Carr, hay and corn dealers, Karangahape road

Shepherd Francis, painter, Parnell road

Shepherd John, boot and shoe depot, Shortland Crescent

Sherlock Adam, china and glass warehouse, 213 Queen street

Sherlock Henry, painter, Drake street

Sherrard and Co H and A, importers and warehousemen, Fort street

Sherrard Henry, of H and A Sherrard and Co, Vincent street

Sherrard William, draper, Wellington street

Shewring Thomas, porter, Wellington street

Shoemaker Elizabeth, Chancery street

Short George, master mariner, Drake street

Short Thomas, draper, 106 Queen street; residence Grey street

Shove Thomas, butcher, Hobson street

Sibbin George, auctioneer, Fort street; residence Alton road

Simmonds John, clerk, Hobson street

Simmons Henry, carpenter, Devenport street

Simpson James, gardener, Shelly Beach road

Simpson John, bricklayer, Cracroft street, Parnell

Simpson Peter, tailor, Upper Queen street

Simpson Peter, 61 Wakefield street

Simpson Ralph, merchant, Otahuhu and Port Waikato

Sims James, gardener, Mount street

Sims Mary J, Commercial inn, Shortland Crescent

Sinclair John, carpenter, Napier street

Sinclair Peter, carpenter, Napier street

Sinclair William, Edinburgh street, Newton

Skeen Robert, Parnell road

Skelton Edward, labourer, Rennell street, Dedwood

Skelton William, labourer, Barrack street

Skerritt Thomas, labourer, Chancery street

Skerry Michael, baker, Barrack street

Slater George, clerk in commissariat, Parnell road

[Image of page 44]


Slater Henry, labourer, Cross street, Newton

Slater James, engineer, Symonds street

Slater Joseph, butcher, College street, Dedwood

Slattery Bridget, Parnell road

Slattery Patrick, green grocer, College street, Dedwood

Sleeth Henry, turner etc, Shortland Crescent

Smallfield Octavius, fancy dealer Queen street; residence Parnell road

Smart James, of Cruickshank, Smart and Co, Wynyard street

Smart John, waterman, Edwardes street

Smirley Ebenezer, bricklayer, Wyndham street

Smith Alfred, engineer, Dock street

Smith Amy, schoolmistress, Victoria street

Smith Arthur E, carpenter. Chapel street

Smith Charles, cabinetmaker, Spring street, Dedwood

Smith Charles, carpenter, Hepburn street

Smith C B, green grocer, 193 Queen street

Smith Edward M, tailor, Newton road

Smith Elizabeth, Symonds street

Smith Ezra, express driver, Union street

Smith Francis, carpenter, Vincent street

Smith Francis, bootmaker, 152 Queen street

Smith George, accountant, Wakefield street

Smith George, carter, Parnell road

Smith George, labourer, Day street

Smith Henry, judge in native land court, York street, Parnell

Smith Henry, architect, Wellesley street

Smith James, labourer, Upper Albert street, Newton

Smith James, labourer, Union street

Smith Rev James, Presbyterian minister, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Smith John, cook, Rutland street, Parnell

Smith John, West street, Newton

Smith John, cabinetmaker, Devenport street, Parnell

Smith Margaret, Chancery street

Smith Peter, express driver, Symonds street

Smith Richard F, grocer, Symonds street

Smith Richard, joiner, Wellesley street

Smith Richard, carpenter, Newton road

Smith Robert, labourer, East street, Newton

Smith Robert, carpenter, Dublin street, Newton

Smith Samuel C, general dealer, Hobson street

Smith Samuel Hague, merchant, 228 Queen street; residence Grey street

Smith Sidney, Parnell road

Smith Thomas, carpenter, Karangahape road

Smith Thomas, butcher, Karangahape road

Smith Thomas, carpenter, Parnell road

Smith William H, bootmaker, Pitt street

Smith William, Wakefield street

Smith William, Old House at Hon. e hotel, 72 Victoria street

Smith William Thompson, Albion hotel, Hobson street

Smith William, machinist, Wyndham street

Smith William, contractor, Seafield road

Smith William, express driver, Hobson street

Smith William, carpenter, Sheridan street

Smith William, coach painter, William street

Smith ----, carpenter, Wyndham street

Smith ----, Rokeby street

Smythe William, labourer, Karangahape road

Smythman Richard, carpenter, North street, Newton

Snedden Alexander, draper, 57 Wakefield street

Snell W H, accountant, Mount street

Snodgrass David, baker, West Queen street

[Image of page 45]


Snow John, Dock street

Somerville Andrew, carpenter, West street, Newton

Somerville Ann, Upper Queen street

Somerville Archibald, Grafton road

Somerville Mark, merchant, livery and bait stables, 127 Queen street; residence

Somerville Robert, Rutland street [Windsor street, Parnell

Soppett J and J, millers, Queen and Wellesley streets

Soppett James, of J and J Soppett, Ponsonby road

Soppett James, of J and J Soppett. Hobson street

Soppett John, of J and J Soppett, Upper Albert street, Newton

Southwell James, fisherman, Chancery street

Spalding N, draper, Princes street, Onehunga

Speakman William, grocer, Strand, Mechanics' Bay

Speechley Thomas, carter, Mount street

Spencer Absolem, labourer, Hopetoun street

Spencer John, engineer, Ireland street, Dedwood

Spicer Archibald, accountant, Ponsonby road

Spight William, clerk, Rutland road, Parnell

Spragg Joseph, ship builder, Vincent street

Sprougall John, accountant, York street, Parnell

Spry James, Star hotel, Karangahape road

Stables John, schoolmaster, Symonds street

Stafford John, mariner, Park street

Staines George, general dealer, 34 and 36 Wellesley street

Stanley James, boatman, Wellesley street

Stanton James, carpenter, Nelson street

Stark H P, stock broker and agent, Queen street; residence Abercrombie street

Staunton Richard, clerk, Castle street, Parnell

Steele John, labourer, Jermyn street

Steele Thomas, carpenter, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Steele William, bootmaker, Barrack street

Steele William, timber merchant, Parnell road

Steele William H, cabinetmaker, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Steers Edmond George, City Club hotel, Shortland Crescent

Stenhouse Ann, Windsor street, Parnell

Stenerent George, draughtsman, Newton road

Stephens James, mariner, Chapel street

Stephens Samuel, grocer, College street, Dedwood

Stephenson Alexander, carpenter, Collingwood street

Stephenson Robert, butcher, Parnell road

Stephenson ----, coast guard, Albert street

Stevenson James, draper, Wynyard street

Stevenson Robert, grocer, Newton road

Stevenson R H, saddler, 144 Queen's street; residence Grafton road

Stevenson Thomas, engineer, West street, Newton

Stewart Charles A, blacksmith, Parnell road

Stewart Charles, porter, Edwardes street

Stewart and Dalton, watermen, Short street

Stewart Henry, gardener, North street, Newton

Stewart James, civil engineer, Mount street

Stewart James, brewer, Symonds street

Stewart John, carpenter, Vernon street

Stewart Mary, dressmaker, Cook street

Stewart Mrs, Napier street

Stewart Thomas M, clerk, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Stichbury Charles, merchant, 105 Queen street; residence Official Bay

Stichbury James, storeman, William street, Dedwood

Still James, painter, Albert street

Stinsden Henry, slaughterman, Remuera road

Stirling James, accountant Bank of New South Wales, Pitt street

Stirling William, storeman, Symonds street

[Image of page 46]


Stivenant Samuel, coffee merchant, Seafield road

Stokes J W, butcher, Karangahape road

Stokes-, ginger beer manufacturer, Wellington street

Stone Brothers, merchants, 22 Queen street

Stone Charles B, merchant, Symonds street

Stone James, of Stone Brothers, Carlton road

Storey James, labourer, Symonds street

Strange J B, mason, Rutland street

Stratford Dr, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Stratford Edmund, settler, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Stratton Frederick, government clerk, Seafield road

Streeter Stephen C, butcher, Karangahape road

Stretch William, bootmaker, Nelson street

Stretton Frederick W, stationer and fancy repository, 160 Grey street

Strickley Edward S, Shelly Beach road, Dedwood

Stringer Thomas, bootmaker, Otahuhu

Strong Charles, waterman, Edwardes street

Strong George, grocer, Short street

Strong Henry, labourer, Chapel street

Stroud Catherine, Wyndham street

Stuart Ann, dressmaker, Wellesley street

Stuart and Co, bakers and confectioners, Princes street, Onehunga

Sturmer Frederick, journalist, Wood street, Dedwood

Sullivan Ann, Abercrombie street

Sullivan Cornelius, labourer, Albert street

Sullivan James, Crown hotel, West Queen street

Sullivan John, master mariner, Wakefield street

Sullivan Joseph, mariner, Cook street

Sullivan Timothy, labourer, Elliott street

Sunson James, stonemason, East street, Newton

Sutcliffe John, saw sharpener, Elliott street

Sutherland James, Belfast hotel, Princes street

Sutherland John, carpenter, Hobson street

Sutherland John, bricklayer, Pork street

Sutherland Robert, butcher, Karangahape road

Swales John, zinc worker, Green street, Dedwood

Swan John, farmer, Drake street

Swan W T, storeman, Hobson street

Swete Arthur, of Swete and Co, Karangahape road

Swete and Co, grocers, Karangahape road

Swinerton John J, wood turner, Karangahape road

Sykes John, soldier, Barrack street

Sykes John, gardener, William street

Syms John, baker, Parnell road

Symes Henry J S, Wheat Sheaf hotel, Queen street

Symonds John Hill, hairdresser, 208 Queen street

Symonds Robert, livery and bait stables, Albert street

Symonds Thomas, waterman, Moore street

Syverril George, labourer, Barrack street


Tabuteau Joseph M, landing surveyor, Parnell road

Talbot Anne, Symonds street

Tait Alexander, blacksmith, Kyber Pass road

Tait John, labourer, Duke street

Tait William, boatman, Albert street

Tanfield Samuel, clerk, Sheridan street

Tapper Joseph, boatman, Wellesley street

Tarbutt George, accountant, Cross street, Newton

Tattersall Joseph, painter, Eden Crescent

Tattersall Lawrence, painter, Vincent street

[Image of page 47]


Tavill William, blacksmith, West street, Newton

Taylor Charles, carter, West street, Newton

Taylor Edmund, storeman, Hepburn street

Taylor Edwin, mariner, West Queen street

Taylor George, clerk, South street, Newton

Taylor George, dining rooms, Queen street

Taylor Isaac, labourer, Lower Bath street, Parnell

Taylor James, engraver, Nelson street

Taylor James, engraver, Albert street

Taylor John, carpenter, Baker street

Taylor John, carpenter, William street

Taylor John H, cooper, Castle street, Parnell

Taylor Mary, teacher, Dublin street, Newton

Taylor Mason D, clerk in detective office, Wellington street

Taylor Matilda, teacher, West street, Newton

Taylor Mrs, milliner etc, Parker street, Onehunga

Taylor Samuel, carter, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Taylor Thomas, labourer, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Taylor William S, schoolmaster, Vincent street

Taylor William, miller, Turner street

Tegg Christina, Hobson street

Tennant George N, carpenter, Park street

Tennant William, compositor, Howe street

Tepper Sarah, Sale street

Terry Charles W, clerk, Rutland road, Parnell

Thackey Thomas, labourer, Cross street, Newton

Thewlis Henry, Nelson street

Thomas and Co William, butcher etc, Wellington street

Thomas Elizabeth, grocer, Wellington street

Thomas George, labourer, Wellesley street

Thomas Hugh, Universal boarding house, Beach, Onehunga

Thompson Charles, York street, Parnell

Thompson David, sawyer, William street

Thompson George, pork butcher, Hobson street

Thompson John, carpenter, Napier street

Thompson Robert, publican, Albert street

Thompson Thomas, mariner, West Queen street

Thompson Thomas, grocer, 39 Victoria street

Thompson William, labourer, Mount Eden road

Thomson George, ginger beer manufacturer, Cross street, Newton

Thomson Mary Ann, Duke street

Thornalty Samuel, carter, Parnell road

Thome William, bootmaker, High street

Thorne William, bootmaker, Wakefield street

Thorogood George, soda water manufacturer, Barrack street; residence High street

Thorton, Smith and Firth, millers, Queen street

Thurston James, labourer. Barrack street

Tighe Michael, major of militia and volunteers, Wynyard street

Tilly John, gardener, East street, Newton

Timms Martin, carpenter, Durham street

Tinian James, tailor, Bank street

Titmarsh William, custom-house officer, Parnell road

Tisley George, labourer, Newton road

Tittis John, carpenter, Upper Bath street, Parnell

Tole John surveyor, College street, Dedwood

Tole William,, surveyor, Spring street, Dedwood

Tonge Joseph, engineer, Sale street

Tourer Abraham, tinsmith, Sale street

Townley Frederick S, cabinetmaker and undertaker, Wellesley street

Travill Thomas, watchmaker, Dublin street, Newton

Trevarthan Elizabeth, Edinburgh street, Newton

[Image of page 48]


Trevena William H, livery and bait stables, Durham street

Treves James, mason, Franklyn street

Tricker Walter, painter etc, Parnell road

Trip H C, painter, Karangahape road

Trimmer George, baker, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Trimmer Henry, mariner, Devenport street, Parnell

Trimmer John, mariner, York street. Parnell

Trumper Charles, compositor, Hobson street

Trumper Thomas E, printer, Hobson street

Tucker and Wilson, butchers, 133 Queen street

Tudelip Thomas, carpenter. Grey street

Tunnigan Thomas, carter, Victoria street

Turnbull Herbert, Wynyard street

Turner Benjamin, Parnell road

Turner Benjamin, clerk, East street, Newton

Turner Edward, labourer, Wellesley street

Turner Mrs W, grocer, Trafalgar street, Onehunga

Turnley Josiah, carpenter, Wellington street

Turrell George, kauri gum merchant, Albert street

Turrell Lewis, boot and shoe importer, 118 Queen street

Turrell and Tonks, auctioneers, Queen street

Turton Henry, St. George's Bay road, Parnell

Twohey William, broker, Queen street

Tyler James, carter, Wyndham street

Tyler Richard, plumber etc, Newton road


Underwood William, mariner, Chapel street

Upham Frederick J, clerk Bank of New Zealand, Nelson street

Upton and Co, booksellers, 122 Queen street

Upton Thomas, carpenter, North street, Newton

Urvater and Watchell, cap makers, Victoria street

Utting John J, clerk, Duke street


Vaile J R, of S and J R Vaile, Cook street

Vaile S and J R, drapers and clothiers, Shortland Crescent

Varnon Thomas, draper, Karangahape road

Vaughan James, Chapel street

Vaughan William, draper, Parnell road

Vercoe Richard James, Greyhound hotel, Queen street

Vernon Henry, chief bailiff, Hobson street

Vesty Mary, Chancery street

Viall Susannah, Edwardes street

Vialou Isaac Richardson, Auckland hotel, High and Queen streets

Vicars Samuel, clerk, Grafton road

Vickery and Masefield, engineers etc, Albert street

Vickery William, of Vickery and Masefield, Albert street

Vile Edwin, bushman, Karangahape road

Vincent Robert, carpenter, Beresford street

Vragerson Peter, storeman, Albert street


Wade Edward, grocer, 59 Victoria street

Wade Henry G, carpenter and builder, 39 Grey street

Waddell J, baker, Karangahape road

Waddell William R, baker, 85 Hobson street

Wadham J, wharfinger and contractor, Wharf; residence Nelson street

Waite Jerry, timber and produce merchant, Wharf, Otahuhu

Wakefield H, boot and shoemaker, Fort street

Walden Jomes, letter carrier, Sale street

[Image of page 49]


Waldron Jacob, blacksmith, Mount Eden road

Walker Alexander Vannett, compositor, Durham street

Walker Charles, labourer, City road

Walker Charles, saddler, Kyber Pass road

Walker Edward, Coasters' Home hotel, Drake street

Walker Edward, grave digger, Symonds street

Walker Elizabeth, Duke street,

Walker Joseph, bricklayer, Vincent street

Walker Richard, painter, Grey street

Walker Richard, settler, Eden Crescent

Walker Robert, kauri gum merchant, Wharf; residence Nelson street

Walker Thomas, labourer, Howe street

Wall Edward, Elliott street

Wallace George, butcher, Symonds street

Wallace George, master mariner, Drake street

Wallace James, agricultural implement maker, Otahuhu

Wallace Rev James, minister, Rokeby street

Wallace Thomas, wood and coal merchant, Nelson street

Wallace William, watchmaker, 160 Queen street

Wallington Saul, painter, Wellington street

Walner Charles, grocer, Karangahape road

Walsh Edward, cabinetmaker, Albert street

Walsh James, grave digger, Symonds street

Walters William, settler, Upper Queen street

Wapper Henry, stonemason, Park street

Warburton and Co George, seedsmen, Kyber Pass road

Wareham Joseph, lithographer, Grey street

Ward Catherine, Barrack street

Ward George A, draper, Howe street

Ward Isaac M, clerk, Vincent street

Ward Thomas, Wellington street

Warley George, plasterer, Howe street

Warner James, bootmaker, Barrack street

Warner Thomas, painter, Parnell road

Warner and Walton, painters etc, Vincent street

Warrell George, butcher, Albert street

Warrell Urica, stonemason, York street, Newton

Warren James, bootmaker, Barrack street

Warren John, labourer, Durham street

Waters Edward, confectioner etc, 77 Shortland Crescent

Waters Thomas, grocer, Parnell road

Waters Thomas, labourer, Green street, Dedwood

Waterston Thomas, merchant, Jermyn street

Watkins Maria, Devenport street, Parnell

Watt James, wood and coal merchant, Stanley street

Watt J H, jeweller, Shortland Crescent

Watters Thomas, bookbinder and account book manufacturer, Fort street

Watts Ann, Cook street

Watts George, policeman, Cook street

Watts H T, chemist etc, Queen street, Onehunga

Watts William, Vincent street

Watson Henry Major, Parnell road

Watson James, carpenter, Symonds street

Watson John, upholsterer, 24 Wellesley street

Watson Mary Ann, grocer, 24 Wellesley street

Watson William, boarding house, Beach, Onehunga

Waymouth John, accountant, Wyndham street; residence Napier street

Wayte and Batger, wholesale and retail booksellers and stationers, 100 Queen street

Wayte Edward, of Wayte and Batger, Seafield road

Weaving Thomas, carpenter, Symonds street

Webb Alfred, Kyber Pass road

[Image of page 50]


Webb Edward, painter, Cook street

Webb E, photographer, Queen street

Webb James, barber, Wyndham street

Webb Mrs, Wellington street

Webb Samuel, music saloon, Wellesley street

Webb Thomas, bootmaker, Abercrombie street

Webber J, bootmaker, Wakefield street

Webley John, painter, Edwin street, Newton

Webster George, merchant, Queen street; residence Grey street

Webster H, photographer, Queen street

Webster Richard, carpenter, East street, Newton

Webster and Sons, carpenters, Randolph street, Newton

Wells Frederick, butcher. Middle street

Wells James, draper, Wellington street

Wells James, gardener, East street, Newton

Wells John, miner, Albert street

Wells Robert R, mariner, Edwardes street

Wells Robert, storeman, Newton road

Wells Seymour, carter, Wellesley street

Wells Sydney, storeman, Albert street

Welsh Ann, laundress, Elliott street

Welsh Henry, labourer, Edwardes street

Welsman John S, chemist and druggist, 158 Queen street; residence Vincent street

West Ann J, Beresford street

West Henry, Franklyn street

West J A, Jermyn street

West Joseph, grocer. Middle street

West William, schoolmaster, Kyber Pass road

Westpfahl Charles, bootmaker, 221 Queen street

Weston Charles, blacksmith, Mount street

Weston Joseph Kemp, accountant, Fort street

Weston Thomas, merchant, Fort street; residence Remuera

Weston Thomas S, barrister, solicitor and notary public, Shortland Crescent

Westwood William, labourer, Adelaide street

Wetheridge John, stonemason, Union street

Whaite Richard, ship carpenter, Devenport street, Parnell

Whalan Martin, quarryman, Regent street, Newton

Wheeler George H, iron moulder, Union street

Whiles James, Newmarket street, Parnell

Whisker Alexander, labourer, Newmarket street, Parnell

Whitaker Frederick, of Whitaker and Russell, superintendent of the Province of

Whitaker and Russell, solicitors, Wyndham street [Auckland, Jermyn street

White Charles, bootmaker, Newton road

White Duncan, lithographer and draughtsman, Queen street

White Francis, West Queen street

White Henry jun, law stationer, Wyndham street

White John, government land purchase commissioner, Rutland road, Parnell

White John, engineer, William street

White John W, clerk, Collingwood street

White Michael, seaman, Wellington street

White Thomas, farmer, Nelson street

White William, carrier, 30 Wellesley street

White William, labourer, Newton road

Whitehead Elizabeth, East street, Newton

Whitelaw James, storeman, Seafield road

Whiteside John, labourer, Barrack street

Whiting James, carpenter, Union street

Whitley Edwin, carpenter, Hepburn street

Whitmore George, watchmaker, Triangle, Otahuhu

Whitson and Co, brewers, Hobson Bridge Brewery, Parnell road

Whitson Robert, of Whitson and Co, Newmarket

[Image of page 51]


Whittaker Thomas, labourer, Spring street, Dedwood

Whitten James, mason, Wellesley street

Whyle James, boatman, Nelson street

Whyte Alexander, storekeeper, Trafalgar street, Onehunga

Whyte James, tobacconist, 218 Queen street; residence Mount street

Wibbley James, labourer, Hardinge street

Wickham John, blacksmith, Wellesley street

Wickins John, tailor, Grey street

Wicks George, grocer, Grey street

Widderson Samuel, labourer, Wakefield street

Wild Alfred, bootmaker, Napier street

Wiles George, carpenter, City road

Wilham Henderson, master mariner, Wharf

Wilkes John C, grocer, East street, Newton

Wilkes Martin J, watchmaker, Wellesley street

Wilkins John, tailor, Grey street

Wilkins Joseph, bricklayer, Nelson street

Wilkins Joseph, storekeeper, Wellesley street

Wilkinson Koloma, Albert street

Willcocks Hannah, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Williams and Co, ship chandlers and sailmakers, Queen street

Williams Edwin, engine fitter, Karangahape road

Williams Frederick, grocer etc. Queen street

Williams Frederick, ostler, Albert street

Williams James, wood merchant, St. George's street, Parnell

Williams James, timber merchant, Strand

Williams James, plasterer, Green street, Dedwood

Williams Jane, Coburg street

Williams John, labourer, Durham street

Williams John, bootmaker, Cook street

Williams John, labourer, Barrack street

Williams Samuel Jurry, Court House hotel, Queen street, Onehunga

Williams Samuel J, custom-house officer, Albert street

Williams and Sands, chemists etc, Hobson street

Williams Sarah Ann, Franklyn street

Williams T, of Williams and Co, Hobson street

Williams Thomas, sawyer, Day street

Williams William H, carpenter, Penk street

Williams William, Cook street

Williams William, boatman, Albert street

Williams William, stonemason, Pitt street

Williams William, bootmaker, Williams street

Williamson Charles, reporter, Upper Queen street

Williamson George, tobacconist, Queen street

Williamson John, waste lands commissioner etc, Great North road

Williamson Joseph, fisherman, Moore street

Williamson Mrs, boarding house, Beach, Onehunga

Williamson William, Havelock street, Parnell

Willis Betalis, Day street

Willsteed William S, carpenter, Baker street

Wilson Adam, draper, Glasgow House, Otahuhu

Wilson Benjamin, compositor, 63 Wakefield street

Wilson Catherine, dressmaker, Wakefield street

Wilson David, farrier and general smith, Otahuhu

Wilson George, bootmaker, Nelson street

Wilson James, clerk, Newton road

Wilson James, tinworker, High street

Wilson John, blacksmith, Chapel street

Wilson John, bootmaker, Chapel street

Wilson John, bricklayer, West street, Newton

Wilson John, carpenter, Liverpool street

[Image of page 52]


Wilson John, cabinetmaker, George street, Dedwood

Wilson John, grocer, College street, Dedwood

Wilson Joseph, Gloucester Arms hotel, Karangahape road

Wilson Joseph, printer, Jermyn street

Wilson Josephus, storekeeper, Randolph street

Wilson Mary, boarding house, Coburg street

Wilson and McLachlan, drapers etc, Wyndham street

Wilson Walter, miner, Newton road

Wilson William, printer, Shortland Crescent

Wilson William Chisholm, proprietor Herald newspaper, Wyndham street; residence

Wilson William H, H M Customs, Upper Bath street, Parnell [Shortland Crescent

Wilson William Percy, Royal Exchange hotel, Parnell road

Winks and Hall, upholsterers etc, Shortland Crescent

Winks Jonathan, of Winks and Hall, Parnell road

Winstone William, carter, William street

Winter Francis, clerk, Napier street

Wiseman Alexander, of J and A Wiseman, Wynyard street

Wiseman J and A, saddlers, 113 Queen street

Wiseman James, of J and A Wiseman, Wynyard street

Wishart Alexander, carpenter, Liverpool street

Wishart George, carpenter, Mount street

Wishart John, carpenter, Sale street

Witherford Clement, ironmonger, Parnell road

Witt Mary, Vincent street

Wood Ebenezer, butcher, Newton road

Wood Edward, painter, Edwardes street

Wood Joseph, dairyman, Edinburgh street, Newton

Wood Michael, agent, Queen street

Wood Reader G, agent Commercial Union Insurance Company, Shortland Crescent; residence Hobson Bay

Wood W, Nottingham Castle hotel, Abercrombie street

Woodhouse John, manager Bank of New South Wales, Parnell road

Woods James, carpenter, Hobson street

Woods James, Castle street, Parnell

Woods John, boatman, Chapel street

Woods William Broad, locksmith, 185 Queen street

Woolgar Charles, engineer, Wakefield street; residence Collingwood street

Woolley Sidney, merchant, Queen street

Worford Thomas D, plumber and gasfitter, Grey street

Worms Samuel, merchant, Napier street

Worrell William H, commercial traveller, Cheshire street, Parnell

Wren C T, seedsman etc, Mount Hobson Nursery, Remuera

Wright Charles S, carpenter, Wakefield street

Wright Daniel, labourer, Cross street, Newton

Wright Edward, chemist, Kyber Pass road

Wright Frederick, physician, Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

Wright George, baker, Chapel street

Wright George, labourer, Napier street

Wright George, labourer, Newton road

Wright Henry, clerk, Napier street

Wright John, farmer, College street, Dedwood

Wright Joseph, Mount street

Wright Thomas, stonemason, Prospect street, Newton

Wright Thomas, carter, Randolph street, Newton

Wright William, waterman, Cook street

Wray Charles A, government surveyor, Scarborough Terrace, Parnell

Wrigg Henry, civil engineer, Wyndham street; residence Nelson street

Wrigley James, architect, Shortland street; residence Remuera

Wykes Reid, bootmaker, Pitt street

Wynn James H, digger, Pitt street

Wynn John, labourer, Bank street

Wynn Robert W, solicitor, Shortland Crescent; residence Selwyn Terrace, Parnell

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Yandle Jane, taxidermist and naturalist, Victoria street

Yealland John, master mariner, Moore street

Young David, carpenter, Dock street

Young James, grocer, Karangahape road

Young James, tinsmith, Symonds street

Young James, Mount street

Young John, plumber etc, 177 Queen street

Young Joseph, farmer, Karangahape road

Young Richard, boiler maker, Edwin street, Newton

Young Thomas, harness maker, Victoria street

Young Wallace, labourer, Devenport street, Parnell

Young Warren, grocer, 71 Shortland Crescent

Young William B, carpenter, Chapel street

Young William John, merchant, 102 Queen street

Young William, master mariner, West Queen street

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