1869 - May, J. Guide to Farming in New Zealand. - [Advertisements for books] p 129-140

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  1869 - May, J. Guide to Farming in New Zealand. - [Advertisements for books] p 129-140
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[Advertisements for books]

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Handy Book for New Zealand Sheep Farmers,
And How to Select and Manage a Sheep Station. By Joseph May. Price 1s.

"A most useful work, and likely to supply a want felt.... Mr. May gives some hints of a thoroughly practical character as how to know a sound healthy sheep, the age, breed, and varieties of sheep, &c. We strongly recommend all engaged in the pastural interest to purchase a copy of this excellent work." --Evening News.

"It combines within small limits a great deal that may be of immense value to the young settler.... It forms a kind of appendix to the standard English works on the treatment of sheep, furnishing information more immediately suitable to this Colony.... We can confidently commend this book to the favorable notice of the class for whom it is intended." --Daily Southern Cross.

"One of the very best specimens of Handy Books that we have seen... The author, Mr. May, is a successful farmer, he has been settled in this Colony for a number of years. He has imported and bred some of the best stock in the Colony, all which circumstances entitle him to the greatest possible attention, at the same time that they remove him from the temptation of mere book-making.... A great deal of important information is given which possesses interest for the general reader as well as for the sheep farmer.... A good illustration of Mr. May's power of compressing a great deal of information into a small compass will be found under the head 'Selecting Stock for a Sheep Run.'... No farmer or sheep breeder should be without this work. The information is varied and important, and has been judiciously condensed into a convenient compass." --New Zealand Herald.

Gazetteer of the Province of Auckland.

Second edition, revised and enlarged, 2s. 6d.; or with a large lithographed map of the province, full-bound cloth, 4s. This is a most indispensable band-book to strangers and recent arrivals; it contains the names and description of over thirteen hundred places in the

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province. The first edition was published in 1862, since then the war has taken place, the country has been opened up and settled, new names associated with the early history of New Zealand, places and localities connected with the recent war, &c, have all been added, along with much useful information. It also contains a key to the pronunciation of Maori names. "We have much pleasure in calling the attention of our readers to the second edition of the 'Gazetteer of the Province of Auckland,' revised and enlarged, with a fine new map of nearly the whole of the North Island, just published by Mr. Chapman, bookseller. The utility of a reliable work such as this is almost self evident. By a reference to its pages, and the map, the reader will obtain an intimate knowledge of the various counties, settlements, villages, harbours, rivers, &c., and the vexation and annoyance hitherto caused by the mention of almost unknown places in official and public records will be avoided. It is, in short, a condensed description of nearly every place in the province. We perceive the publisher has very wisely prefixed a short key to the spelling and sound of native letters, words, sentences, and the names of places. The information has been compiled from many different sources, and must have involved much labour and expense. It is a useful addition to our local literature, and we hope the publisher will be remunerated for his outlay in producing such a work." --Weekly News.

Handy Book on the Honey Bee.

How to manage the Honey Bee in New Zealand, compiled by an Old Bee-keeper, revised by H. J. Hawkins, Belvidere Fruit Nursery, and David Hay, Montpellier Nursery. Price 2s. 6d. This book contains the information required in managing the Honey Bee, how to get plenty of pure white Honey all the year round without destroying the Bees, the easiest methods peculiarly suited to the climate, how to manage the different hives, bell-glasses, swarming and hiving; to convey Bees to a distance, uniting stocks, taking honey, the profits of Bee-keeping, and a Sermon by Dr. Cumming.

"The experience of such a man as a practical bee-keeper in New Zealand is highly valuable to the colonists." --New Zealand Herald.

"It is certainly very strange that bee-keeping in New Zealand should be so easy to manage, and so profitable, and that honey is so scarce and expensive....

This little work is just what is required to enable every country settler to make a very large annual profit out of bee-keeping." --Daily Southern Cross.

Hay's Handy Rook on the Kitchen Garden.

The management of the Kitchen Garden, arranged for the seasons and climate of New Zealand. By David Hay, Montpellier Nursery. Price 2s. This is the first section of Mr. Hay's large work on the proper management of the Garden in New Zealand. The want of this has long been felt, English works being of very little use in this climate. For example, we say August corresponds to February in Europe, but this is not the case, for in England during February and March the snow and bitter frost kills the first appearance of vegetation, in the middle of August in New Zealand we have buds bursting, the peach in bloom, and the sap flowing; the temperature 50 deg., while in England the temperature only rises to 48 deg. in April, it will be seen from this that great care is required in compiling a gardening work for this climate.

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Handy Book to the Farm and Garden,

The Orchard, the Flower Garden, and the Greenhouse. Price 1s. Compiled principally from information in the possession of the publisher, furnished by Joseph May, David Hay, and H. J. Hawkins. This useful little volume has had a great sale, and is well-named Handy Book, for it conveys a very great amount of information in small compass; in farming we have the season for clearing, burning, ploughing, sowing, reaping, &c; the same with the other departments; in fact, no farmer or country settler should be without one of these, to enable him to refresh his memory every month as to what he should do and how he should do it.

New Maori Grammar and Phrase Book, or First Step to Maori Conversation.

By H. T. Kemp, late Native Secretary and Interpreter to the General Government. Price 2s. 6d. Every one engaged in business in this colony should at once become acquainted with, this beautiful language; the practical rules and examples given in this Manual are quite sufficient to enable any one after a few hours' study to understand and converse with the Maori on almost any subject; it is at once a Grammar, a Phrase Book, and a Dictionary; contains the Maori and English names of nearly every object in the visible creation, their uses, qualities, and relations; names of animals, birds, fishes, colours, crimes, food, fruits, trees, &c Dialogues on agriculture, barter, education, travelling, land, ships, roads, visitors, war, &c; also a list of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and phrases introducing the use of them.

"This book is one of the most useful of the kind, and will be of considerable assistance to any one wishing to acquire a knowledge of the language. Incorporated in the volume are translations of two of the finest stories in Sir George Grey's 'Traditions of the New Zealanders, ' which we dare say will be to many the most interesting part of the volume. One of these is the story of 'Hinemoa, the maiden of Rotorua'; and the other, 'Puhihuia's Elopement with Te Punga,' the scene of which was at Mount Eden, near Auckland." --Daily Southern Cross.

New Zealand Gold Ready Reckoner and Miners' Pocket Companion.

Contents: --The Ready Reckoner from £2 to £4 2s. 6d. per ounce --Table for Standarding Gold--Decimal Fineness of Gold-- Sterling Value of One Ounce of Metal containing Gold and Alloy of various proportions--British Monies, Weights, and Measures-- Measures of Length--Square and Land Measure--Solid and Cubic Measure--Liquid Measure--Avoirdupois, Troy, Apothecaries, Hay, Straw, and Wool Weight. Price 3s.

"This is a useful and indispensable little book to the miner who is frequently more expert with his pick and shovel than arithmetic.... The book is well printed and neatly bound, and is published at a moderate price." --Evening News.

Index to the Statute Law of New Zealand.

Contains short title of Ordinances of the Legislative Council from 1840 to 1853, and the Acts of the General Assembly to 1867, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Parliaments of New Zealand, the date or num-

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her of the Ordinance or Act, the page of the authorised edition of the Statutes, the page of the "Handy Book of the Laws," and remarks as to the disposal of those repealed, superseded, &c Bound in handsome red cloth, price 5s.; or the Index and Handy Book, two vols, in one, cheap edition, 5s. A very handy pocket manual for Barristers, Solicitors, Attorneys, &c, and every person engaged in business in New Zealand; shows at a glance the name and character of the Act, and which Act is in force. "This little volume will be found to be of the greatest use. This Index brings up the Ordinances and Statutes complete to the beginning of 1867. When it is remembered that there is hardly a complete set of Ordinances and Statutes in the Colony, that the earlier Ordinances are not indexed in the authorised volume, and that the legislation of the Colony has, for many years, principally consisted of amendments,... a cheap and handy Index, which will give them all the necessary information at a glance. This is the most complete book of the kind we have yet seen brought out by private enterprise. The legal profession ought to feel grateful to Mr. Chapman for saving them the loss of time and trouble of indexing and correcting the Statutes for their own use." --Daily Southern Cross.

Handy Book of the Laws of New Zealand:

Being an Abridgment of the Ordinances of the Legislative Council and of the Acts of the General Assembly, forming a complete epitome of the Laws of New Zealand, bound in handsome red cloth, price 10s.; or the cheap edition, two vols, in one, 5s.

"The work now before us is a most creditable production.... Of the many admirable publications for which we have to thank Mr. Chapman, there is not one of greater practical utility than this 'Handy Book of the Statute Law of New Zealand.' Those who wish to avoid the irksome task of wading through the Statute Book itself, cannot do better than purchase this useful little book. There they will find an accurate and intelligent abridgment of the Ordinances of the Legislative Council and of the Acts of the General Assembly of New Zealand. 'The Index' gives the date and number of the several Ordinances and Acts, the short title, the page of the authorised edition; and it points out how far, and how the Ordinances and Acts are repealed, amended, superseded, or altogether rendered obsolete. It also contains a reference to the page of the 'Handy Book,' in which an abridgment of the Act may be found. We are of opinion that the 'Index' will be especially valuable to members of the legal profession. The first edition of the 'Handy Book' was published in the Almanac issued in I860 by Mr. Chapman, and that profound lawyer, Sir Geo. A. Arney, pronounced it to be one of the best abridgments of the laws of any country that he had ever seen.... Young men whose future prospects call them to acquire a complete knowledge of the Colonial law of New Zealand, can now supply themselves with a manual at once reliable, portable, and cheap; whilst the members of the legal profession, when on circuit, could hardly fail, we think, to appreciate the value of this really handy little book. To the general public, it is almost superfluous to point out its merits. Both in this Province and also in the South it will, we are sure, find many purchasers. It is by far the best digest or abridgment of the laws of New Zealand that has yet been published. Its merits are great. We have carefully compared the book with the original statutes, and we can testify to iti accuracy --that greatest of all virtues in a composition of this kind. The style in which both the 'Handy Book' and the 'Index' are printed and bound, reflects credit upon Mr. Chapman; and when we consider the enormous amount of skilled labour which must have been employed and paid for by Mr, Chapman, we think

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the price at which these books are sold extremely moderate.... We have dwelt ob the merits of Mr. Chapman's book at this length, because we think it only fair that notice should be taken by the public press of the enterprise which he has exhibited by the publication, in these times of depression, of the valuable book we have this day reviewed. This is not the first time that we have had occasion to testify to Mr. Chapman's enterprise and public spirit. We are convinced that if the same amount of energy were manifested by each individual of this Province in his particular pursuit, the miserable state of things which now exists in Auckland would not long prevail among us." --Daily Southern Cross.

Chart of the Colony of New Zealand,

With the adjacent Islands, showing the boundary of the Colony, as defined by an Act of the Imperial Parliament, viz.: --New Zealand, Chatham, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland, and Campbell Islands; contains also the Kennedy, Norfolk, Lord Howe, New Caledonia, Loyalty, New Hebrides, Fiji, Friendly, Navigator's, &c, copied from the Admiralty Charts. Price 1s. 6d.

New Lithographed Map of New Zealand.

This large comprehensive Map of New Zealand embodies all the recent surveys in the Provinces, including the West Coast of the Middle Island. The size, 22 by 35 inches, gives ample room for every name, either Native or European, on the coast or in the interior. Each of the Provinces are fairly delineated, and the most important names and features given. The principal places in Capitals, minor places in italics to make reference easier. The Map contains--Provinces, Chief Towns, Mountains, with the height in feet, Rivers, Lakes, Bays, Harbours, &c A Sketch Map of Australasia, showing the relative positions of New Zealand and Australia; an outline Map of the World, on Mercator's projection, showing the various Mail routes, with the distances in nautical miles. Price 4s.

New Map of the North Island of New Zealand.

This beautiful Map includes the Provinces of Auckland, Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, and Wellington, with all the recent surveys, and is without exception the finest piece of map writing and lithographic printing ever executed in New Zealand. It gives all the principal features of the four Provinces of the North Island, the towns, villages, mountains, rivers, ranges, the area of each Province, and the main lines of road; it also contains the new subdivision of the Province of Auckland into seventeen Counties, with the names and boundaries of each; the Military and Special Settlements, &c Price 2s. 6d.

Map of the Middle Island of New Zealand.

This large Map includes the Provinces of Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Otago and Southland, with all the latest information. A great expense was incurred in getting up this large Map of the Middle Island, but it is the most complete and comprehensive Map of the Island yet published. It contains all the principal features of the country in the several Provinces, including the Gold-fields, . Roads, and Railways. The size of these Maps of the North and

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Middle Islands, 22 by 35 inches, gives plenty of room for the clear and distinct writing and printing of the very large number of names, &c, they contain. Price 2s. 6d.

Large Map of the Province of Auckland.

This useful Map has had a large sale and appears to give great satisfaction. It is a convenient travelling map, and may be had in sheets, or in cloth case, folding up for the pocket. It gives the Islands, Harbours, Bays, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Roads, Counties, Villages, &c Price 2s. 6d.

Enlarged Map of the Province of Auckland--Northern part.

This beautiful, clear, and distinct large Map of Wynyard, Mangonui, Hokianga, Bedford, Hobson and Marsden Counties, drawn to the scale of four miles to an inch, gives the natural features of the country on a large scale; it shows the measured lines round the surveyed lands and the Parishes; the Rivers and Harbours, with the soundings in fathoms at low water. The size of the Map is 22 by 35 inches. Price 2s. 6d.

Enlarged Map of the Province of Auckland--Middle part.

This large Map of the middle part of the Province, having the City of Auckland in the centre, gives on the scale of four miles to an inch the most accurate idea of the Manukau, Kaipara, Waitemata, and the Thames, with the rivers and arms intersecting the country; also the divisions as to parishes and surveyed lands, with the area; it gives the main lines and district roads, the confiscated lands, Counties, Villages, and Settlements. Price 2s. 6d.

"We call the attention of our readers to another very beautifully lithographed map just published by Mr. Chapman. Being on such a large scale, and very clearly printed, the outlines of the bays, harbours, headlands, &c, are distinctly shown, together with the different county and parish boundaries, blocks of land confiscated, settled, or in course of settlement. It shows also the towns and villages, native and European.... No expense has evidently been spared in the preparation of this map by the publisher, and as the information has been compiled chiefly from the latest Government sources, its accuracy is at once placed beyond dispute. This is only one of a number of useful maps published by Mr. Chapman." --Weekly Herald.

Enlarged Map of the Province of Auckland--The Waikato.

This Map, drawn on a scale of four miles to an inch, was compiled from the very elaborate surveys of the Military Staff during and after the recent war; the lines of confiscated country, the area of the surveyed special blocks, the military posts, villages, and places celebrated during the war; it contains the districts of Raglan, Aotea, the Thames and Piako, with the Goldfields, the Taupo Lake Country, and Tauranga; the Harbours and Rivers, with the soundings in fathoms. Price 2s. 6d.

Registration Plan of the City of Auckland.

This fine, large, distinct Map was copied from the Government Registration Plans of the City, to the scale of four-chains to an

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inch. Great exertions have been made to get up a better one than this, but all have signally failed, and this is still the most complete, correct and comprehensive Plan of the City of Auckland at the price; it contains the boundaries of the City and the Wards, indicates the principal buildings, churches, public offices, &c, the number and the division of the sections and allotments, with the measurement of each, the names of the streets, &c. Price 2s. 6d.

*** Of these Maps, the North, Middle, and Waikato part of the Province of Auckland have been drawn on a large scale, to show more distinctly the general features of the country--the Surveyed Blocks, Forty-Acre Lands, Special and Military Settlements, the Counties, Parishes, Native Reserves and Confiscated Lands, Villages, Roads, Rivers, Harbours, &c, in the Province, and have been found very valuable in guiding intending settlers in the selection of land. Having all been published in Auckland, at very considerable expense, under the publisher's own superintendence, with the kind assistance of the principal Government Surveyors and Draughtsmen, they contain more accurate information, are more complete and better finished than any Maps of New Zealand yet published. The very generous encomiums bestowed on them by the press in New Zealand, and the important fact that the Select Committee of the House of Representatives appointed to determine the line for the Electric Telegraph and the Railway through the North Island, selected these Maps for this purpose as being the most accurate and reliable, justifies the publisher in calling the special attention of the inhabitants of New Zealand to these Maps, they are offered at most reasonable prices to encourage a large sale. They may be had in sheets or neatly bound in cloth case for the pocket, either plain or colored.

The Age of New Zealand, a Geological Paper

By Rev. Richard Taylor, M.A., F.G.S., author of "New Zealand and its inhabitants. "Price 1s," This is an attempt to solve the problem of the Geological Age of New Zealand. In comparing the different formations dividing the grand epochs of the earth's history, Mr. Taylor shows a thorough knowledge of the subject and a perfect acquaintance with the country; he seems to think that New Zealand is part of a large continent belonging to the lias or bird age."

Our Race and its Origin, an Ethnological Paper,

By Rev. Richard Taylor, M.A., F.G.S., author of "New Zealand and its inhabitants." Price 1s. "This appears to be a collection of observations from personal experience and from reading, gradually formed during a life time; the subject is divided into two parts, the printed record and geological evidence. Mr. Taylor does not agree with the Darwin school, but looks carefully around and finds people with black skins in hot climates, and the reverse. He follows man through Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. Noah's sons spread East, North, South, and West. The influence of climate gives us the white, the red, the yellow, and the brown skin. The pamphlet will be read with pleasure and profit by those who take an interest in these things."

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Hay's Annual Garden Book,

Containing a Descriptive Priced Catalogue of the Stock of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Evergreens, Climbers, and American Plants, Fruit Trees and Herbaceous Plants, Annual and Biennial Flower Seeds, Bulbs, Tubers, &c, with a calendar of monthly operations in the Garden, Orchard, Flower Garden, and Greenhouse, by David Hay, Nurseryman, Hobson's Bay. Price 6d.

"This Calendar has always been received as reliable authority on the subject to which it refers, and deservedly so. The present Calendar will be found very much improved and enlarged, and we can confidently recommend it for the use of those whose acquaintance with gardening in New Zealand seasons is limited." --Daily Southern Cross.

"We can recommend it to those engaged in gardening operations as a very useful publication." -- Weekly News.

The Pine Tree in New Zealand,

Being a List of Pines grown from Seed introduced into New Zealand, with a few hints to those persons who may wish to cultivate them for ornament, for shelter, or for their commercial value, by David Hay, with additions by Sir George Grey, K.C.B. Price 6d.

New Zealand Ball Room Pocket Companion,

Arranged by an Auckland Lady Teacher, containing hints on deportment or ball room etiquette, a good collection of popular dances, and the correct figures used in Auckland Assemblies. Price 1s.

"It is very neatly got up. The following extract will explain the object of it. The company usually assembled in a ball room in this Colony naturally feel embarrassed on account of having been taught different figures for the dance. For the purpose, therefore, of establishing one uniform set of figures in dancing assemblies, at the urgent request of a number of friends, this little Manual has been compiled." -- Weekly News.

The Want of the Country the Work of the Church:

A Sermon, by Rev. D. Bruce, St. Andrew's Church, Auckland. Price 1s.

Providence and Prayer:

A Sermon, by Rev. P. Barclay, St. Paul's Church, Napier, and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. Price 1s.

Chapman's New Zealand Almanac;

Nautical, Official, and Commercial Directory. Published annually. Price 2s. 6d.

1860. --The most complete work of that nature which has yet been got up within the Colony.... Upon the whole we can recommend the New Zealand Almanac as the most comprehensive, &c. --Southern Cross. The most complete and comprehensive and reliable authority with regard to the entire Colony. The undertaking was no light one for a private individual.... These extracts will afford a fair sample of the care which has been bestowed upon the compilation... reliable

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authority as a handbook of the Colony. --New Zealander. If energy and enterprise on the part of the proprietor go for aught, it ought to take its position as a necessary and valuable annual. We are well aware of the great pains and expense incurred in rendering this annual not only a medium of much general intelligence to the Colonists of New Zealand, but a welcome source of referential information to "old folks at home," for which neither money nor industry have been spared... untiring intelligence and anxiety to produce a trustworthy volume to convey intelligence to other and distant lands looking towards New Zealand with anxious and longing eyes... We heartily hope it will prove a hit, repay its proprietor, and render it one of our anniversaries.' --Auckland Register.

1861. --This Almanac is decidedly the largest and best which has ever yet issued from the New Zealand press. It is what it purports to be, not a merely provincial, but a Colonial almanac. It contains amongst other valuable information... together with a directory for each province. We have never seen a more useful publication, nor one more deserving of the patronage of the New Zealand colonist. -- Wellington Advertiser. We know no mode in which an idea of the 'form and pressure' of the Colony can be more readily or effectually conveyed to a distant friend than by transmitting a copy of this "Handy Book."--New Zealander. G. T. Chapman having published a compendious Book Almanac for the past year with considerable success, has now issued another for 1861. The work contains an immense quantity of well-arranged matter. In addition to the ordinary Calendar it comprises much useful information of a miscellaneous character relative to the history, resources, topography, and present condition of that Colony. The whole exhibits care in compilation, and in completion of detail is all that could be desired. --Sydney Morning Herald. In a comprehensive yet portable form, a mass of interesting information relative to New Zealand, which can hardly be met with in any accessible publication. -- London Daily News. Chapman's New Zealand Almanac for 1861 is a compendious and therefore valuable publication. --Lyttelton Times.

1862. --The difficulty and expense in obtaining and compiling the mass of information contained in this book can hardly be imagined... This is the "Hannay" of New Zealand, and most valuable to nautical men. --Sydney Empire. This is the only Almanac published which embraces the entire Colony; in its Provincial Directory it is invaluable as a work of reference. --Southern Cross. This exceedingly well got up almanac contains a mass of useful information... From the figures just quoted it will be seen that the almanac is a work of great value.... Altogether we must congratulate Mr. Chapman on his success in getting up such a hand book every way worthy of the spirited young colony with which he is connected. --Stonehaven Journal. It is a valuable compilation of useful information relative to all the material interests of that thriving colony.... The work does credit to the Auckland press, and it is calculated to satisfy the inquiries of all who may contemplate trying their fortunes in any of the provinces. --London Morning Star. A member of the Directory family is Chapman's New Zealand Almanac, published at Auckland, full of information and statistics of every description.... a volume which the future New Zealander will prize more highly than we do a Caxton or a Wynken de Worde. --London Bookseller.

1863. --a circulating medium of authentic intelligence, it keeps pace with the advances that are making in all the provinces... it may challenge comparison with many of the more elaborate annuals of the old country. We recommend it as a very appropriate Christmas Souvenir to far away friends. -- New Zealander _ Although styled an "Almanac," it contains information on subjects not merely connected with tides and seasons, but gives us a large number of statistics and facts,

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political, commercial and geographical, which we should otherwise have had to collect from widely scattered sources.... No pains have been spared in preparing the astronomical and nautical tables, they have been carefully revised, and may be received with confidence; it is well got up, and in a readable and useful form. -- Daily Southern Cross.

1864. --Chapman's New Zealand Almanac for the year just commenced is one of the best productions of the kind in the Australian Colonies; the contents embrace a large amount of useful information, and is exceedingly well printed... affording much information as to the physical condition and existing political and social elements of the Colony; its completeness and general utility give the publication claims to extensive support. --Sydney Morning Herald. The most compendious and carefully compiled work of the kind published in New Zealand. --New Zealand Herald. We may fairly assume that the New Zealand Almanac has taken a permanent hold on the Colony, and is looked upon as the leading publication of its class The publisher has had many difficulties to contend with which are altogether unknown or only partially encountered by the compilers of similar publications elsewhere.... As a book of useful information on New Zealand affairs, it is the best published. --Daily Southern Cross.

1865. --We congratulate Mr. Chapman on the success that has attended his perseverence and industry in carrying out, almost without assistance, his original project of establishing an annual publication which should become a standard of reference in the Colony, and an authority on all matters appertaining to New Zealand abroad, the task which the publisher set before him in the infancy of the Colony, so to speak, has been fully realized. The present year's Almanac is a decided improvement on all preceding issues of the same publication, and it is likewise incomparably superior to anything of the same kind that we have seen coming from the Southern provinces... it is in the strict sense of the term a New Zealand almanac... with special information relative to the various provinces, with a copiousness not found elsewhere. --Daily Southern Cross.

1866. --It has attained, during the seven years it has been published, the character of being the most reliable authority of the kind issued in the Colony, as well as the most compendious... the present number is superior to its predecessors. --New Zealand Herald.

1867. --We welcome with pleasure the issue of the first and best of New Zealand Almanacs, and congratulate Mr. Chapman on the success that has attended his persevering efforts to provide a standard work of reference for the colony... The contents of this neat volume have been in former years, and doubtless will be again, unblushingly pirated by the projectors of more pretentious publications... Considering the difficulties Mr. Chapman has to contend against. His New Zealand Almanac for 1867 does him credit. --Daily Southern Cross. The present number is the eighth, and during the seven years in which it has been published it has attained the character of being the most reliable authority of the kind issued in the colony. ... The book is well known... The present number is superior to its predecessors, and is well and neatly got up. --New Zealand Herald.

1868. --As our readers are well aware, we have found it to be our duty from year to year to speak in most flattering terms of this complete work of its kind, and it is very gratifying to find that the Almanac now published is equally worthy of commendation... And for its multifarious contents we have not seen it excelled in New Zealand or the sister colonies. --Daily Southern Cross.

1869. --Appears to be an improvement upon that of 1868, and in all respects a useful, accurate, and comprehensive compendium... carefully and judiciously

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compiled.... Mr. Chapman may be congratulated upon the manner in which he has progressed with the times as evinced by this almanac. --Evening News... Tear after year his almanac has continued to improve in the matter of arrangement, accuracy and the comprehensive nature of its contents.... Mr. Chapman's aim seems to have been to combine the greatest possible amount of useful information within the smallest possible limits, and in this he has succeeded admirably. To those engaged in commerce or in the shipping trade the almanac cannot fail to be immensely useful. --Daily Southern Cross.

The Auckland Provincial Almanac and Goldfields Directory

Published annually, price 6d., contains a Description, with Statistics, of the principal Towns of the Province, including Auckland, Shortland and Graham's Town Goldfields Official Directory, Regulations and Fees, Mineral Wealth of the Province, Signals, Postage Rates, Stamp Duties, Customs Tariff, Itinerary, New Kitchen, Fruit, Flower Garden and Greenhouse Calendar, &c

The New Zealand Magazine,

Literary, Scientific and Miscellaneous, with several new original papers, forming the first volume of 256 pages. Contents: -- Sketches of the Past Generation of Maories, Taniwha of Coromandel, and Puke Hina, a Legend of Mount Eden, near Auckland, the History of New Zealand and A Visit to the Greenstone Country, by C. H. --New Zealand Fruit and Vegetable Garden, the Cultivation of Asparagus, Rhubarb, the Strawberry, the Soil, and the Pruning of Fruit Trees, by D. H. --On the Establishment of a University in Auckland, and Translations from Horace, by J. G. --Windsor Castle, and Earthquakes and their Phenomena, by E. B. D. --New Zealand Stock and Tillage Farm, the Cultivation and Management of the Potato, Hints on Pastures and Hay and Haymaking, by J. M. --The Plague Struck Town, New Zealand Wars and their Chronicles, Nights by the Camping Fire, Peter's Story, the Rolling Stone, Change, and Editorial Corner, by H. H. L. -- To Marie, the Warrior, Kuhuki and his two Wives, by C. 0. B. D. -- First Experiences in New Zealand, by T. K. -- Preface, and New Zealand, by R. J. O-- A Few Words about the Trees and Woods of New Zealand, by J. D. -- The Geology and the Geological Age of New Zealand, by R. T. --Up among the Maories, by G. L. --Life Sketches, by O. H. -- Ye Men of '54, by late C. W. --The Stars, by A. T. G. -- Killing the Maori Monster Hotupoku. --A Domestic Portrait. -- Geological Curiosities. -- A Whimbamper. -- New Zealand Forests. --The Darien Expedition. --The Closest Shave in My Life. --Sir Walter Scott. --Scene at a Fancy Bazaar. --The Aborigines of Australia. -- Advice. -- Apple Blight. -- Christian Liberty. -- Let us Alone. -- New Zealand Proverbs, &c.

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Has pleasure in bringing before the public the following branches, carried on by him in connection with his business in Queen-street: --

The Manufacture of Account Books. -- All sizes of Mercantile Account Books, as Journals, Lodgers, Cash, Day, Letter, Invoice, Minute, and Guard Books, if not in stock, will be made to order, with machine or hand made paper--medium, demy, post or foolscap, folio, quarto, or octavo--ruled, paged, and indexed, on the shortest notice, by first-class workmen.

The Ruling of Paper by Machinery. -- Account Sales, Account Current, Sermon, Music Paper, &c., ruled to any pattern, in black, blue, red, or fancy coloured inks.

Engraving: and Copper-plate Printing. --Visiting Cards, Wedding Cartas, Crests, Initials, &c, engraved and printed in the best style with despatch, and at reasonable prices.

Lithographic Printing in black, bronze, and colours. --Charts, Maps, Plans, Circulars, Music, Views, Show Cards, Window Tickets, Bottle Labels, Copies of Photographs, Pencil Sketches or Drawings of Houses, Estates, or Scenery. The writing and printing in this department cannot be excelled in Auckland.

Letter-press Printing. --Circulars, Hand-bills, Posters, Law, Mercantile, and Customs' Forms, Lectures, Sermons, Essays, Speeches, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Books, and every description of Letter-press Printing on the shortest notice.

Miscellaneous Bookbinding. --Pamphlets, Books, Music, Portfolios, Albums, Fern Books, Invoice Books, &c, in every stylo of binding, in paper, cloth, goat, sheep, roan, rough or smooth calf, morocco, or velvet. The very best workmanship and finish, with moderate charges.

Paper-cutting, Perforating, Numbering, and Paging. -- Paper or Cards cut to any size; Cheque Books, Receipt Books, &c, perforated; and Books and Papers numbered or paged consecutively, alternately, or the number repeated two or three times from 1 to 9, 999.

Printing and Publishing. --Authors or Compilers may have net cost of Printing, Binding, and publishing Lectures, Sermons, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Books, &c, &c.


This old established Circulating Library is the only place in Auckland where you can always have access to the principal Publications, Novels, Histories, Biographies, Voyages, Travels, Magazines, &c.

Chapman's Library was started fourteen years ago as The Auckland Library, and is the oldest, the largest, the most popular, and the cheapest Circulating Library in Auckland.

Terms of Subscription: --For one volume at a time, which can be exchanged at pleasure, or for two volumes at a time, which can be exchanged once a week, per quarter Five Shillings. For each additional volume at a time. Two Shillings and Sixpence extra per quarter. These liberal terms place this Library within the reach of all classes.

Library Catalogues and Priced Catalogues of Books withdrawn from circulation, and for sale, may be had on application at



Printed by WILLIAM ATKIN, High-street, Auckland.

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