1963 - Markham, Edward. New Zealand or Recollections of it - [Front matter] p i-x

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  1963 - Markham, Edward. New Zealand or Recollections of it - [Front matter] p i-x
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Edward Markham aetat 60

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Alexander Turnbull Library Monograph

Printed in 10/12 and 8 pt Times Roman "Monotype"


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This edition of Edward Markham's 'New Zealand or Recollections of it' was commissioned by the Department of Internal Affairs in October 1959. The manuscript is not lengthy, and it was originally thought that the editing might be completed in about six months. The work, however, has proved more complex and prolonged than was expected, partly owing to the necessity for checking Markham's numerous statements - and innumerable mis-statements - and partly through the obstacles met with in clearing away the obscurity that surrounded his life and the several manuscripts bearing his name. One or two problems remain unsolved, and it seems likely that further search among English and Australian sources would disclose additional facts. But continued investigation is not practicable within New Zealand; nor, in all probability, would it add substantially to our knowledge of the Regency Buck who was a temporary resident of this country in the prenatal period of its history as a British possession.

The elucidation of Markham's manuscript and its background has led me into unfamiliar territory, and I must here acknowledge the help of a number of authorities. My indebtedness to Ruth M. Ross is imperfectly expressed by the initials 'R. M. R.' which appear so often among the sources. Mrs Ross has drawn without reserve on her wide knowledge of early Northland history and has contributed hitherto unpublished facts concerning the notorious Captain John Stewart of the brig Elizabeth (pp. 104-5 below). Thanks are also due to Dr Robert Cooper and Mr V. F. Fisher, Botanist and Ethnologist respectively of the Auckland Institute and Museum; to Dr E. A. Sheppard of the University of Auckland for advice on textual matters; and to Dr B. G. Biggs and Mr P. W. Hohepa, of the same institution, for help in interpreting Markham's eccentric versions of Maori words and place names. Other consultants and informants are mentioned in the sources, but special acknowledgments are due to the following: the staff of the Mitchell Library, Sydney, for information about Markham, and the Trustees for permission to quote from original manuscripts; Miss D. E. Lyon and her assistants in the Reference Department of the Auckland Public Library; Miss E. A. Evans, Librarian of the Auckland Institute and Museum; Mrs G. M. Strathern and Miss L. A. Dovey of the Hocken Library, Dunedin; Mr R. A. Skelton of the British Museum; the Reverend Canon G. W. Markham of Grimsby; the Chief Librarian and staff of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, in particular Mr J. R. Cole for innumerable services, and Mr M. G. Hitchings for help in compiling the bibliography and revising citations; and the Government Printer and his staff, especially Mr F. A. Davey, who designed the volume and supervised its production.

March 1962

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PREFACE........ v


Markham and His Manuscript - - - - - - 11

The Markhams and Edward Markham - - - - 12

The Question of Authenticity - - - - - - 17

Visit to Van Dieman's Land - - - - - - 18

Markham in the Hokianga - - - - - 22

Markham at the Bay of Islands - - - - - - 24

Edward Markham, Author - - - - - 26

Manuscripts and Transcripts - - - - - - 27



BIBLIOGRAPHY - - - - 106

GLOSSARY - - - - -- 108

INDEX - - - - - - " HO

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Markham's notes and captions are placed within quotation marks.

Edward Markham, aetat. 60------- Frontispiece

Hokianga and the Bay of Islands --------- x

Entrance to Hokianga Harbour: 'North Head-White sand', 'South Head'. Pen and ink with wash----29

Plan of Cottage at Kohukohu: '1 Pantry 2 and 4 Windows 3 door into the House 5 door of the bed room. 6, 7, and 8 standing bed places one over another. 9 Table 10 Fire place put up after'. Pen and ink ---------32

Sketch: 'cogs for wheels'. Pen and ink with wash ------33

Leaves and Berries of tutu. Pen and ink with wash ------33

The ti or cabbage tree: 'Hettay or Ettay or tea tree no use'. Pen and ink with wash -----33

Maori Stockade: 'A Par or Fort or rather a Native Stockade is done in the same manner but stronger wood put down and sometimes 3 lines of defences. NB the Heads are carved out of Wood'. Pen and ink with wash-------34

Native Creepers: 'souple Jacks [supplejack] is one name for them'; vertical caption, 'Tawara [tawhara] Astilia Angustifolia [Astelia angustifolia]'. Pen and ink with wash-------35

Native Palm: 'Rappoo is used for the sides of the Huts - and is very warm but dangerous in case of fire'. Pen and ink with wash--------36

Native Palm: 'these palm branches plaited are put on a roof first then the Toie Toie Grass'.Pen and ink with wash--------- 36

New Zealand Fern: 'the leaf is not more than six inches long'. Pen and ink-------37

Reed Work: 'The insides of some of the Chapels are done with Reeds very neatly'. Pen and ink-------37

Maori with Ear Ornaments. Pen and ink with wash--------39

Maori Head. Pen and ink with wash---------29

Taro Plant. Pen and ink ----------42

Maori Whata: 'Wutters or Platforms for Potatoes Corn &c. ' Pen and ink with wash --------43

Rat 'Extinguisher'. Pen and ink with wash ---------43

Tree Whata: 'Supposed to be 80 feet from the Ground'. Pen and ink with wash --------44

Open Oven. Pen and ink with wash-------44

Covered Oven. Pen and ink with wash --------45

Flax Basket. Pen and ink with wash --------46

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Volcanic Cone. Pencil --------67

Look-out Hut. Pencil with pen and ink ---------68

Landscape: 'vide Marshalls frontispiece'. Pencil -------69

Maori using kaheru. Pencil ---------70

Preserved Heads. Pencil ----------72

Kerikeri Falls. Pencil and wash ------------73

Markham's Misadventure: 'the place I mean was more like the Hogs back in Surrey, steep on each side'. Pencil and wash---------74

Markham's Boat. Pencil and wash ---------76

Colour Inset -------- between page 56 and page 57

Maori Head. Watercolour
Maori Girls Dancing: 'vide Page 52 for the account of this Dance'. Watercolour
Crouching Warrior. Watercolour
Maori Warriors. Watercolour
A Maori Gathering. Watercolour
The New Zealand Flag. Watercolour

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Hokianga and the Bay of Islands

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