1846 - The Auckland Pocket Almanack for the Year 1847 - [Text] p 5-40

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  1846 - The Auckland Pocket Almanack for the Year 1847 - [Text] p 5-40
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[Handwritten notes re Gazette, Customs, Blue Book.]

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[Handwritten notes re Gazette, tender.]

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Lieutenant-Governor--His Excellency GEORGE GREY, Esq
Private Secretary--Godfrey John Thomas, Esq.
Assistant Private Secretary--Mr. Frederick Thatcher.
Interpreter--Mr. George Clarke, junior.

Executive Council.

His Excellency ihe Lieutenant-Governor,
The Honorable the Colonial Secretary,
The Honorable the Colonial Treasurer,
The Honorable the Attorney-GcneraL

Legislative Council.

The Lieutenant-Governor.
The Colonial Secretary, W. Donnelly, Esq.,
The Colonial Treasurer, A. Domett, Esq.,
The Attorney-General, A. Kennedy, Esq.,
Clerk of Councils--G. J. Thomas, Esq.

Department of the Colonial Secretary.

Colonial Secretary--The Hon. Andrew Sinclair.
Native Secretary--John Jermyn Symonds, Esq.
Chief Clerk--James Coates, Esq.
Clerks--Messrs. G. E. Eliott, and G. S. Cooper.

Superintendent of the Southern Division.

Matthew Richmond, Esq.
Secretary---S. E. Grimstone, Esq.
Private Secretary and Interpreter--Mr. H. T. Kemp.

Law Officer of the Crown.
--The Hon. William Swainson.

Colonial Treasurer--The Hon. Alex. Shepherd.
Clerk--Mr. R. F. Porter.
Southern Division--The Hon H. W. Petre.


Auditor-General--Charles Knight, Esq,
Clerk--Mr. William Leech.

Surveyor-General- Charles W. Ligar, Esq.
Chief Clerk and Draftsman--Mr. C. H. M'Intosh.

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Superintendent of Public Works--C. W. Ligar, Esq.
Commissioner for settling New Zealand Company's Claims-- Lieut Colonel M'Clevcrty, 48th Regt.
Commissioner of Land Claims--Major Matson, 58th Rgt.
Registrar of Deeds--Thomas Outhwaite. Esq.

Resident Magistrates.
--Thomas Beckham, Esq.
Clerk--Mr. E. Hardy.
Russell--Major Patience, 65th Regt.

Supreme Court.
Chief Justice---His Honor William Martin.
Judge--His Honor H. J. Chapman.
Registrar & Receiver of Int. Estates--Thos. Outhwaite, Esq.
Sheriff-- Percival Berry, Esq.

Court of Requests.
Auckland.--Commissioner--Percival Berry, Esq.
Clerk--Mr. William Tye.

Post Office.

Auckland.--Act Dep. Postmaster General--H. D'Arch, Esq.
Clerks--Messrs. Wm. Turner and W. C. Corbett
Russell.--Deputy Postmaster--Thomas Bateman, Esq.

Harbour Masters.

Auckland.--David Rough, Esq.
Pilot--Mr. James Andrew Wilson.
Russell.--Thomas Bateman, Esq.

Immigration Agent--David Rough, Esq.


Auckland.-- Collector--H. D'Arch, Esq.
Landing Waiter, Searcher, and Tide Surveyor--Mr. William Young.
Boarding Officer--Mr. David Rough.
Clerk & Warehouse-keeper--Mr. T. E. Taylor.
Locker--Mr. John Guilding.
Russell.--Sub Collector--Thos. Bateman, Esq.

Armed Police.
Auckland.--Inspector--Thomas Ringrose Atkyns, Esq.--
Sub Inspector, Mr. W. B. White.

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Wellington.--Inspector--D. S. Durie, Esq.--Sub Inspector, Mr. A. C. Strode.
New Plymouth.--Inspector--D. McLean, Esq.

AMERICAN CONSUL.--J. B. Williams, Esq.
..."... Vice Consul.--J. S. Polack, Esq.

Governor.--Sir Charles Augustus Fitz Roy, K.H.
Private Secretary.--George Augustus Fitz Roy, Esq.
Colonial Secretary.--E. Deas Thompson, Esq.

Superintendent.--His Honor Charles Joseph La Trobe.

Superintendent--Lieutenant Colonel Barney.
Acting Colonial Secretary.--E. C. Merewether, Esq.

Lieut Governor.--Major Frederick Holt Robe. Colonial Secretary.--Alfred M. Mundy, Esq.

Lieut. Governor.-- Lieut. Colonel Clarke.
Colonial Secretary.-- Peter Brown, Esq.

Lieutenant-Governor.--Captain Dcnison, R. E.
Colonial Secretary.--J. E. Bickens, Esq.

HONG KONG. Governor.--Sir John Francis Davis, Bart
Secretary to Government--Hon. Frederick W. A. Bruce.


The Rate of Sea Postage to be taken at the Port of Departure in New Zealand on all letters despatched bv ship, not intended to pass through the United Kingdom, is four-pence for a letter not exceeding half an ounce;--and the following is the Scale of Rates to be charged on letters exceeding half an ounce:

Above 1/2 ounce and not exceeding 1 ounce .. 0s. 8d.
..".. 1 ..".. ..".. ..".. 2 ..".. 1s. 4d.
..".. 2 ..".. ..".. ..".. 3 .."... 2s. 0d.
..".. 3 ..".. ..".. ..".. 4 ..".. 2s. 8d.

and for every ounce above four 8d. is to be charged.--One Penny is payable on the postage of all newspapers.

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  £ s d.
On Spirits--fox every Gallon Imperial measure of such Spirits
not exceeding the strength of Hydrometer Proof, (and so in proportion
for spirits of a greater strength;) ail Cordials, Sweetened spirits,
and Liqueurs, being rated as Proof Spirits, at the rate of, for every
Gallon imperial measure
0 5 0
On Cigars, Cheroots, and Snuff--at the rate of, for every pound
weight thereof
0 2 0
On other manufactured Tohaeco--at the rate of, for every pound
weight thereof
0 1 0
On all other Tobacco--at the rate of, for every pound weight
0 0 9
On all Guns. Weapons of any description, Gunpowder or Munitions
of War, Lead and Shot--at the rate of, for every hundred pounds in value
30 0 0
On Wine--at the rate of, for every hundred pounds in value thereof 20 0 0
On all Beer, Porter, Cider and Perry--at the rate of, for every
hundred pounds in value thereof
15 0 0
On all Goods, Wares, and Merchandize, not otherwise charged with
Duties of Customs, and not hereinafter set forth as free of Duty, being
the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of the United Kingdom, or of any
British Possession--at the rate of, for every hundred pounds in value
10 0 0
On all Goods, Wares, and Merchandise, not otherwise charged with
Duties of Customs, and not hereinafter set forth as free of Duty, being
the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of any Foreign State--at the rate of,
for every hundred pounds to value thereof
12 10 0


Bottles of Common Glass, imported full.
Bullion and Coin.
Horses, Mules, Asses, Sheep, Cattle, and all other live stock and live animals.
Seeds, Bulbs, and Plants
Printed Books, not being Account Books.

There are no Harbour or any other Dues chargeable on Vessels entering the Ports in New Zealand; and it is optional with the Master or Commander of a vessel to take a Pilot.

RATES OF PILOTAGE.--Three Shillings per foot in any harbour. One Shilling per foot in any outer roadstead.

A fee of 20s. is demanded on the issue of all Crown Grants from the Office of the Colonial Secretary.

New Year's Day-the 29th January--Good Friday-- Queen's Birth Day, and Christmas Day.

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For Registration of any Instrument £0 10 0
For the Recording thereof, for every folio of 72 words 0 0 4
For a Copy of, or Extract from any recorded instrument or deposited Memorial,
for every folio of 72 words
0 0 3
For every copy of, or Extract from the general Index, for every line 0 0 6
For every search or inspection of Indexes or recorded Instruments or
deposited Memorials
0 1 0
For comparing, if required, any Instrument with the record thereof, by reading
over the same with the party registering, for every folio of 72 words
0 0 1
For comparing, if required, any Copy or Extract supplied by the Register Office,
by reading over the same with the party requiring such copy or extract, for every folio of 72 words
0 0 1


..".. every Distress Warrant or Warrants to Apprehend 6s.
For every Summons, any sum not exceeding ....... 3s.
..".. ..".. Hearing ..".. ..".. ..".. ........ 6s.
..".. Entering Judgment or Order.................. 3s.
For Officerer executing such Warrant 1s in the Pound upon the sum levied or received, or for which the body is taken in Execution.  


Licenses for the sale of Ammunition are granted on written application at the Office of the Colonial Secretary, for a period of three months, enabling the licensed party to dispose of not more than l lb. of Gunpowder, 600 percussion caps, 20 flints, or 28 lbs. sporting shot, to the same individual, not being an Aboriginal Native, during the continuance of his License. A fee of 10s. 6d is demanded on the issue of this License.

Special Licenses for the sale, removal, exportation, &c. of larger quantities of Ammunition or Arms, are applied for in the same manner, and on being granted, the applicant is required to give security that they shall only be employed in the manner for which permission is given; a fee of 10s 6d each is demanded for the License and Bond.

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The appearance days are the 10th, 20th, and 28th of every month, except the months of March, April, September, and October; and excepting the following Holidays, viz., Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday, Whit Monday, Whit Tuesday, the days from Christmas Day to New Year's Day, both included, and the 29th June: also excepting Sundays, the 28th February, and the 28th August. If the 20th February or 20th August shall fall on a Sunday, the business of such day shall he taken on the Monday following.

SITTINGS OF COURT. - The sittings of the Court for the trial of cases civil and criminal, will take place at Auckland and Wellington, in the months of March, June, September, and December. Criminal cases will be taken on the first day of each month; civil cases on the seventh. For the convenience of witnesses and other persons attending the Court, non-local business, whether civil or criminal, will have the precedence over local. In case any of the days aforesaid shall fall on a Sunday or holiday, the Court shall be holden on the day following.


Sittings of Court.--The Court sits on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

Clerk's Fees.--Every Summons.--On debts not exceeding 40s.: ls.; exceeding 40s., but not exceeding £5 1s 6d. exceeding £5, but not exceeding £10 2s.; exceeding £10 3s
Every Hearing.--On debts not exceeding 40s: 1s; exceeding 40s, but not exceeding £5 2s; exceeding £5, but not exceeding £10 3s.; exceeding £10: 6s. Entering Notice of Special Defence--On debts not exceeding 40s 6d.; exceeding 40s., biut not exceeding £5 :1s.; exceeding £5, but not exceeding £10 1s 6d.; exceeding £10 3s. Entering any Judgment or Order.--On debts not exceeding 40s: 6d.; exceeding 40s, but not exceeding £5 : 1s.; exceeding £5, and not exceeding £10 1s 6d.; exceeding £10 3s;. Every Warrant of Execution--On debts not exceeding 40s: 1s.; exceeding 40s, but not exceeding £5 : 2s.; exceeding £5, but not exceeding £10: 3s.; exceeding £10: 6s.; Certifying Costs of Witnesses.--On debts not exceeding 40s : 6d; exceeding 40s, but not exceeding £5 :1s.; exceeding £5, but not £10 1s 6d.; exceeding £10: 3s.

Bailiff's Fees.--Serving Summons or Subpoena, if within one mile of the Office.--On debts not exceeding 40s: 6d; exceeding 40s but not exceeding £5 : 1s.; exceeding £5 but not exceeding £10 1s 6d.; exceeding £10: 2s. For every mile extra, (one way), 6d. For Execution of any Warrant against the goods or body, 1s in the pound upon the sum levied or received, or for which the body is taken in execution. If beyond one mile from the Office, per mile,

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(one way), 6d. For conveying any Person to Prison, (including all expenses), for every mile, 1s. Bailiff when in possession, per diem, 2s 6d.

Allowance to Witnesses. -- For every Witness residing within one mile of the Office, 2s. For every extra mile, (one way), on debts not exceeding £5 : 6d, exceeding £5 : 1s.


Brown & Campbell . . Shortland street
Cormack, W. C. . . . Fort street
Grahame. W. S. . . ..".. .."..
Graham, R. & D. . . . Shortland street
Gibson & Mitchell . . ..".. .."..
Hughes, W. . . . . . ..".. .."..
M'Dougal, John . . . Fort street
Montefiore. J. I. . . Lower Queen street
Macky, John . . . . . ..".. ..".. .."..
Nathan, D. .... Shortland street
O'Brien, A. .... Lower Quern street
Polack, J. S..... High street
Rich, Edward .... Lower Queen street
Williamson & Crummer . . . Shortland street
Woodhouse, J. ... Lower Queen street

Custom House Agents & Auctioneers.

J. Woolly......Shortland street
D. Nathan..... ..".. .."..
W. Hart......Lower Queen street

Connell and Ridings . ..".. ..".. .."..


Golden Number 5 Dominical Letter 6
Epact 14 Roman Indiction 5
Solar Cycle 8 Julian Period 6560

The year 5608 of the Jewish Era--September 11, 1847.

There will be two Eclipses of the Sun, and two of the Moon, during this year.

April 1st.--Partial Eclipse of the Moon, at 6h. 5m. 52s. A.M., invisible at Auckland.

April 15.-- Total Eclipse of the Sun, at 3h. 24m. 56s. P.M., partly visible at Auckland.

September 25.--Partial Eclipse of the Moon, at 1h. 5m. A.M.. visible at Auckland.

October 9.-- Annular Eclipse of the Sun, commences at 6h. 44m. 53s. P.M., invisible at Auckland,

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Sail in sight--Ball at the Yard Arm.

The Ball at the Yard Arm indicates the direction from which the sail in sight is coming. A red Pennant under the Ball denotes Two sail--a Blue Pennant Three sail.

A Ship, Flag at the Mast head,

A Brig, " " East yard arm,

A Schooner " " West "

A Cutter " " East " half up,

A Steamer " " West " "

Union Jack at Mast head--Governor on board.

A Vessel in distress or on shore--Flags half mast


The following remarks may generally he relied upon as correct, to the North of the East Cape:

The seabreeze is invariably from the North, and sets in about 10 o'clock, preceded by a calm, the sky being clear, with every indication of heat. It gradually dies away towards sunset. Should this breeze continue with strength after sunset; and the sky become cloudy, a smart gale may be expected, accompanied with heavy rain, for ten or fifteen hours, when the wind generally shifts to the westward, and the weather becomes fine.

Wind at South: weather cloudy, will usually terminate in a gale, accompanied with rain, though of short duration.

The wind at north-west; generally strong with heavy rain, seldom exceeding a day.

Wind at west; weather unsettled, squally, with shower.

The wind west-south-west to south; fine settled weather.

The wind from north-north-east to south-south-east invariably terminates in a smart gale with rain, continuing three or four days. The general shift of wind follows the course of the sun. When it shifts against the course of the sun, unsettled weather may be expected.

There is a southerly wind exceedingly cold, with a clear sky and settled fine weather, which frequently continues for several days, terminating in a calm, or a change of wind.

The westerly gales generally die away at sunset, within a short distance of the shore.

TIDES AT AUCKLAND.-- High Water at the change and full of the Moon, 5 min. before 7 o'clock in the morning.


Lat 36° 51' 27" South. Long. 174° 45' 20" East

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GARDEN.-- Few seeds or plants can be put into the ground advantageously this month. Earth up maize, peas, French beans, cabbage, and cauliflower, after rain, or early in the morning. Root up all seeding weeds; and also the various sorts of Brasica, previous to flowering, except those sorts intended for seed--as cabbage, turnips, &c. Take off the superfluous shoots from fruit trees. Tie in the young shoots of the vine. Collect vegetable and flower seeds as they ripen. Bud the early varieties of fruit trees.

FIELD.--Uproot and burn all drake (lolium temulentum). Drain wet lands.


GARDEN.--The same operations, in the garden, as recommended in the previous month, must be practised this month. Cuttings may be transplanted and seeds sown, if the weather is moist, for the autumn.

FIELD.--Clear olf fern, preparatory to breaking up fresh ground.


GARDEN.--Prepare the ground for winter crops. Sow turnips, carrots, onions, parsnips, spinach, radish, lettuce, cabbage, savoy, and cauliflower; peas may be also sown, but in limited quantity. Transplant celery in ridges; plant potatoes, on dry situations, for second crop. Shorten the tender shoots of the vine, so as to cheek the flow of the sap from the wood, intended to produce fruit the next season.

FIELD.--Grass seeds may be sown on stubble, if the ground has been well prepared for the previous crop. Prepare broken up ground, by ploughing, harrowing, and burning roots.


GARDEN.--Sow full crops of garden seeds, as in the previous month. Sow all the hardy varieties of flower seeds. Transplant cabbage, savoy, cauliflower, brocoli, and celery. Plant bulbous roots.

FIELD.--Sow grass seeds on stubble lands and prepared grounds. It is important to prepare broken up grounds,

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by ploughing, &c, this month : barley may be sown for green Crops.


GARDEN.--Most varieties of garden seeds may be sown, if the ground is not too wet. Continue to transplant cabbage, savoy, and cauliflower; potatoe-onions may be planted.

FlELD,--Sow grass-seed on stubble and cleared ground intended for permanent pasture; but not with a crop. Sow wheat, if the ground is in condition: oats and barley, intended for green food, may be sown. Keep the water furrows clear. Plant thorn in hedge rows.


GARDEN.--Transplant cabbage and cauliflower. Plant potatoe-onion. Plant fruit trees and shrubs, also cuttings. Shorten the shoots of the vine, preparatory to further dressing about the first of August. Cut over strawberry beds; clear the plants of all runners and point over the ground between the plants. Prune and dress raspberries. Dress asparagus and rhubarb beds.

FIELD.--Sow wheat on every opportunity when ground is in condition. Attend to have the furrows cleared after the seed is harrowed in. Plant thorns in hedge rows.


GARDEN --Sow early peas, radish, and other salads.-- Plant fruit trees and shrubs; put in all sorts of cuttings prune and dress the various sorts of fruit trees, and secure them, so as to prevent their being shaken at the root by the wind. Plant potatoes, for early crop, in sheltered situation.

FIELD.--Continue to sow wheat, and keep furrows clear.


Garden.--Sow the various sorts of flower and garden seeds, except the tender varieties. Plant potatoes for early crop. Fruit trees and cuttings may be planted in the early part of the month. Dress the vine, and tie in the shoots. All operations in the garden should be finished this month.

FIELD.-- Early varieties of wheat and oats may be sown. Prepare ground, by ploughing and harrowing, for the potatoe crop, as it is necessary for its success to have the ground well pulverized. Sow European flax.

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GARDEN.--Sow all the varieties of vegetables; transplant cabbage, cauliflower, &c., clear the garden of all weeds and brasica, as they shoot out the flower stem.

FIELD.--Crops for the field should be all laid in this month. Sow early oats, peas, tares, mangel-wurzel, field carrots, Swede turnip,--and plant potatoes.


GARDEN.--Sow French beans, peas for succession, early turnip radishes, and other salad seeds. Transplant lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, &c.; also annual flowers that have been sown in beds. Sow rock melons, water melons, cucumbers and pumpkins.

FIELD.--Sow barley and maize; plant potatoes; plough ground as it is cleared.


GARDEN.--Continue to sow peas, French beans, early turnip, radish, &c., for succession. Plant celery in trenches well prepared with manure; transplant cabbage, cauliflower. Sow rock and water melon, also pumpkin and cucumbers.

FIELD.--Sow maize for crop: it may be also sown, broad cast--about two bushels per acre--for green food, or to make into hay. Transplant cabbage on well prepared moist ground. Plant potatoes, on moist ground, intended for seed.


GARDEN.--Keep the garden clear of weeds. Take off the superfluous young shoots from the apricot, peach, plum, pear and apple trees, which will improve the fruit, and the growth of the trees; tie in the young shoots of the vine, and check the growth of extraneous shoots, by pinching the tops off, which will tend to strengthen the main shoots.

FIELD.--Hoe and earth up potatoes; pick out the strong weeds. Other field operations are suspended this month.

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