1914 - McNab, R. Historical Records of New Zealand, Vol. II. - INDEX, p 623-650

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  1914 - McNab, R. Historical Records of New Zealand, Vol. II. - INDEX, p 623-650
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Abel Tasman Passage--

Named by Tasman, 24.

Acheron Passage--

See Resolution Passage.


Gardens neglected at Ship Cove, 197. Seeds planted and thrive well at Charlotte Sound (Bayly), 207. Sweet potatoes at Tolaga Bay (Bayly), 213. Implements and methods of (de l'Horne), 335. Sweet potatoes (de l'Horne), 341. De Survllle supplies various seeds, 287, 343. At Bay of Islands, 399, 475.


To Captain Cook re complement marines for "Discovery," 121.

Admiralty Bay--

"Adventure" arrives (Bayly), 201. Longitude determined, 201. Maories take prisoners from Charlotte Sound, 221. "Discovery" off (Edgar), 222.

Admiralty Lords--

To Navy Board, discussing class of vessel for Expedition, 44-45. Authority to purchase vessel, 45. To Navy Board, authorizing equipment of "Endeavour," 45-46. To Lieutenant Cook: appointment to "Endeavour" and preliminary instructions, 47. Notify Cook certain passengers for "Endeavour," 52-53. Touching treatment of scurvy, 54-55. Notify Cook increase in ship's complement, 55. To Lieut. Young, brig "Lyon": Pull instructions re Exploration Baffin's Bay 140-41.

"Adventure," sloop--

Cook on gun equipment, 86, 87. Additional carpenter's mate, 87. Spirits, wine, and marines, 88. Cook notifies purchase of articles for, 88, 89. Arrives at Madeira, 106. Arrives at Spithead, 115. At Queen Charlotte Sound, 189. Parts company with Cook, 193. Massacre of cutter's crew, 197-98. Parted from "Resolution" 210. Meets "Resolution" again in Charlotte Sound, 210. Parted again off New Zealand coast, 210. Arrived London, 210.

Alcock (Admiralty Office)--

Cook notifies approval Gothiry's appointment, 48.

Alms,Mr., passenger, "Endeavour"-- See Arms, Mr.


See Jacobsen, 15-16.


Discovery of, 4.


See Pickersgill, 191.

Anchor Bay--

See Spirits Bay.

Anchor Island Cove--

Vancouver anchors in, 485. "Chatham" anchors in, 496. "Britannia" and "Francis" arrive, 514.

Anderson, Robert, gunner--

Recommended for second voyage, 84. To Cook, 119, 120.

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Almost absent (Bayly), 206. None at Tolaga Bay (Bayly), 213. None at Dusky, 500.

Arms,Mr., passenger, "Endeavour"--

Visits Seal Islands, 523. Visits Cormorant Cove, 523. Quarrels with Waine, 528, 529.

Arnoy Island--

See Jacobsen, 16.

Aroe Island--

See Arnoy Island.

Arsacides Islands--

Name given by de Surville 257. Taken possession of by de Surville, 260.


See Jacobsen, 16, 17.

Astronomer Royal--

Cook writes re tides in South Sea, 86.

Atkins, Eneas, boatswain--

Capt. Clerke applies for his appointment to the "Discovery," 123.

"Atlantic," American ship-- Clendon reports loss of, 605.

Attorney-General, London--

His opinion re "Elizabeth" case, 597.

Aumont, M., "Mascarin"--

Fires a Maori village, 461.

Babuyannes Islands--

Sighted by de Surville, 240. Appearance described, 240.

Bachy Islands--

De Surville anchors at, 240. Named by Dampier, 241. Described by Monneron, 241-42. Costumes and houses described, 243. Chief occupation of inhabitants, 244. Heavy seas in neighbourhood of, 247.

Balleny, J., Captain, "Eliza Scott"--

Arrives Chalky Bay, 562. Provisions short, 563. Difficulties in taking observations, 563-64. Position of Port Chalky by Balleny, 564. Appearance of country at Cape West, 564. Visits Edmondson's Arm, 565. Boat visits Dusky, 565. Visits Preservation, 565. Desertions, 565-66. Christmas Day in Dusky, 567. Leaves Chalky, anchors Preservation, 568. Leaves Preservation, 568. Arrives Stewart Island, 568. Leaves Stewart Island, 569. Rescues four men, Campbell Island, 569. Returns Preservation, 569.

Balleny, J.--continued.

Agrees to take off Preservation men, 569. Copy of agreement made, 570. Meets Captain Biscoe at Preservation, 570. Sails from Preservation, 570. Doubtful position of Campbell Island, 570.

Balleny's Mate, "Eliza Scott"--

Anchors in Port Chalky, 571. Insubordination amongst crew, 571. Mutinous spirit amongst crew, 572. Boat visits Chalky, 573. Captains visit Preservation, 573. Five men desert, 573. Deserters steal stores, 573. Drunkenness on board, 574. Boat from Preservation visits, 574. Chalky to Preservation, 574-75. Preservation, to Stewart Island, 575. Three men desert from "Sabrina," 575. Stewart Island, 575. Campbell Island, 576. Rescue of four persons, 576-77. Returns to Preservation Harbour, 577. Departure from Preservation, 577. The brig "Emma," 577.

Bampton, commander "Endeavour"--

For full particulars of the voyage to Dusky see Murry's Journal, pp. 518 to 534. Arrives Norfolk Island, 552-53.


See Jacobsen, 15, 16.


Cook writes particulars of voyage to leaving Cape of Good Hope, 113-14.

Banks, Joseph--

Pasenger per "Endeavour," 52, 53. Refused permission to land at Rio, 59. Lands at Rio, 59, 60. Employs Menzies, botanist, 482.

Banks Peninsula-

Scene of Rauparaha's raid, 579. Village destroyed, 582.

Bashee Islands--

See Bachy Islands.

Bass Strait--

Opinions of Furneaux and Bayly, 200.


Natural starting-point for southern discovery, 5.

Bay of Ingely, in the Ganges--

De Surville leaves, 233.

Bay of Islands--

Report on alleged house-burning, 609-11.

Bayly, William, Astronomer--

To go on "Adventure," duties, &c, 101-2. To join "Resolution," third voyage, 135. Short biography, 200. His observations published, 200.Date of his journal and log, 200.

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Bayly, William--continued.

His opinion regarding Bass Strait, 200. Journal kept Cook's second voyage, 201-18. Cape Farewell and Cook's Strait 201. Off Rocky Point, 201. Sights Mount Egmont, 201. Determines longitude Admiralty Bay, 202. Arrives Queen Charlotte Sound, 202. Observes eclipse of moon, 202. Maoris visit the "Adventure," 202. Observes loose morality of Natives, 203. General appearance of the Maoris, 204. No sign of cannibalism, 204. Maori costume described, 204. Two kinds of flax described, 205. Describes Maori flghting-weapons, 205-6. Observations on New Zealand flora, 206. Soil fertile, 206. Observations on fauna, 206-7. Various seeds sown and thrive, 207. Cook arrives Charlotte Sound, 208. Establishes observatory, 207.Observatory dismantled, 208. Maori chief visits "Resolution," 208. Rubbing noses noticeable, 209. Describes greenstone, 209. Ships leave Charlotte Sound, 209. Obtains good view of Southern Alps, 209. Off Table Head, 216. Hawke's Bay and Cape Kidnappers, 210. Tolaga Bay, 211. At Cape Palliser Natives come off, 211. Off Cape Campbell, 211. Position of Cape Palliser determined, 211. "Adventure" in danger, 212. "Adventure" anchors, Tolaga Bay, 212. Latitude and longitude determined, 212. "Adventure" leaves the bay, 212. Lands Tolaga Bay; observations on cultivation, fauna, and flora, 213. Abreast Gable-head Foreland, 213. Latitude and longitude determinted, 213. Off Cape Turnagain, 214. Off Cape Terawhiti, 214. Anchors in Ship Cove, 214. Finds Cook's letter, 214. Sets up observatory, 214. Pilfering by Maoris, 214-16. Dismantles observatory, 217. Massacre of "Adventure's" sailors, 217-18. "Adventure" leaves Sound, 218. Log from 11th February, 1777, to 25th February, 1777, 218-21. At Charlotte Sound, 218. "Discovery" in danger, Ship Cove, 219. Erects observatory, Ship Cove, 219. Maoris visit "Discovery," Ship Cove, 219. Mentions slight trouble with Natives, 220. Mentions fierce tribal fighting, 221. "Adventure" visited by splendid young Maoris, 221. Maoris fond of oil and fat, 221.Leaves Charlotte Sound, 221.

Bay of Houses--

See Tom Bowling Bay.

Bay of Islands--

Cook, "Endeavour," coasting, 151. Entered by Marion, 373. Country described, 399, 469. Iron and haematite, 469. Coal reported at, 469.

Bay of Islands--continued.

Anti-scorbutic herbs, 471. Biscoe, in "Tula," anchors, 555. Shipping. See Clendon.

Beach, Provinces of--

See Jacobsen, 16.

Beachy Harbour--

Visited by Vancouver Expedition, 489.

Bell, M., seaman--

Massacred, Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.

Big Hill-

Sighted by de Surville, 249.


Found at Dusky, 534.


Charlotte Sound (Bayly), 206-7. At Tolaga Bay (Bayly), 213. Described by de l'Horne, 341. Very abundant at Dusky, 500. Music in Charlotte Sound, 224. Sweet singers, Dusky, 487.

Biscoe, John, Captain, "Tula"-- Obtains wood in Bull Bay, 555. Reaches Bay of Islands, 555. Hansen and Maori chiefs visit, 555. Refits and trades with Maoris, 556. Remarks on Kororareka as a port, 556. Obtains pigs and spars, 556. Shortcomings of missionaries, 556. Determines to make for Chathams, 557. Sights the "Forty-fours Rocks, 557. Sights "Lively," 557. Gets a few seals at Forty-fours, 557-58. Arrives Chathams, meets "Lively," 559. Returns to Forty-fours, 559. Stood away for Cornwallis Islands, 559. Finds pigs on Cornwallis Islands, 560. No seals, 560. Wreck of "Glory" seen, 560. Visits Sister Rocks, 560. Sights and visits Bounty Islands, 561. Leaves Bounty Islands for the south, 561. Meets Balleny at Preservation, 570.

Boddington, J. --

To Cook, re supplies of gunpowder, "Resolution" and "Discovery," 131.

Botany Bay--

Cook's observations r«rise and fall of tides, 86.


Brought Mayou (Tahitian) to France, 348.

Bounty Islands-

visited by Biscoe and Avery, 561. Traces of former visitors, 561.

Bourchier, Charles-

Writes Treasury re search for Captain and crew of "Elizabeth," 599-600.

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Bowell, chief officer, "Endeavour"--

Wishes to resign, 523. Action of Bampton, 523. Visits Seal Islands, 523.

Boyador, Cape--

De Surville passes and takes bearings, 240.

Breaksea Island--

Visited by Raven, 511-12.

"Brilliant," American brig--

Lost with part cargo, 607.


For record of first voyage, see Murry's Journal, 509 to 512. For record of second voyage, see Murry's Journal, 514 to 517.

Broughton, Captain, "Chatham"--

Explores Facile Bay, 483. See various journals, Vancouver Expedition.

Broughton Arm, Dusky Bay--

Vancouver's party explore, 490. Character of country described, 490.

Brouwer, Henrick--

Dutch chartered East India Company, 2.

Brown, William, seaman, "Elizabeth"--

Evidence, "Elizabeth" raid, 584-86. Evidence of cannibalism, 585. Payment to be made Stewart, 585.

Browne, Gordon Davies, Sydney--

Sworn evidence re Stewart's raid at Banks Peninsula, 579.

Bull Bay--

Biscoe, in "Tula," anchors, 555.

Burney, James, H. M. S. "Discovery"--

To Captain Cook, notifying absence of captain, and asking instructions, 135. Burney's Journal, 12th February to 27th February, 1777, 197-99. Arrives Charlotte Sound, 197. Gardens neglected, 197. Massacre at Grass Cove, 197-98. Maori characteristics, trading, &c, 198-99. Left Queen Charlotte Sound, 199. Passed through Cook Strait, 199. Two Maoris accompany Cook, 199. Ships leave Palliser, 199.

Busby, J., British Resident--

Report on riot at Bay of Islands, 609-11.

Buton Strait--

Tasman sails through, 36.


At Rio de Janeiro, 59, 66.

Cannibal Cove--

Charlotte Sound, 223.


Evidence of, in Ship's Cove, 194. No evidence of, seen by "Adventure," 204. Evidence by Monneron (de Surville), 283. Asserted by de l'Horne, 319. Further evidence by de l'Horne, 329. Undoubted at Bay of Islands, 401. Governor King's opinion, 542-43. On board "Elizabeth," 582. Brown's evidence, 585.


At Chatham Island, 503-4.

Cape Brett-

Doubled by Marion, 365. Appearance of, 367. Maoris visit Marion, 367.

Cape Campbell--

"Resolution" and "Adventure" off (Bayly), 211.

Cape East-

Sighted by "Endeavour," 145.

Cape Egmont--

Passed by Tasman, 26.

Cape Eolus--

See North Cape.

Cape Farewell--

Cook's Expedition in vicinity of, 188. "Adventure" off (Bayly), 201. "Endeavour" leaves, 182.

Cape Jackson--

"Endeavour" off the Cape, 189.

Cape Kidnappers--

"Resolution" and "Adventure" abreast of (Bayly), 210.

Cape Maria van Diemen--

Passed by Tasman, 28. De Surville passes, 265. Sighted by Marion, 353.

Cape of Currents--

In Bay of Islands, 381.

Cape Oriental-

Passed by de Surville, 263. Observation of currents, 263.

Cape Palliser--

Cook's Expedition off the Cape, 192. 196. "Resolution" and "Discovery" leave (Burney), 199, 211. Position determined, 211.

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Cape Palliser--continued.

"Adventure" nearly wrecked, 212. "Discovery" and "Resolution" depart from, 229.

Cape Surville--

See North Cape.

Cape Terawhiti--

"Adventure" off (Bayly), 214.

Cape Turnagain--

"Adventure" off (Bayly), 214. Cook's expedition in vicinity, 191. Cook passes (facsimile log), 166.

Captain Cook's father--

Description of, 88.

Carr, W. --

Appointed by Cook, 107.

Cascade Cove--

Visited by Menzies, 489. Good winter harbour, 532.

Cavernor, J., seaman--

Massacred, Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.


North coast of, 36

Chalky Bay--

Examined by Malen of "Britannia," 533. Balleny, in "Eliza Scott," arrives, 562. Balleny determines position, 564.


Maoris at Norfolk Island draw charts, 542.

"Chatham," armed tender--

New Zealand sighted, 496. Enters Dusky Bay, 496. Fish plentiful at Dusky, 496-97. Refuge at Anchor Island, 496-97. Anchors in Facile Harbour, 497. Code of signals agreed upon, 498. Deserted huts found, 498. Spruce-beer made, 498. Shooting at Parrot Island, 498. Survey of arm of sound, 498. Leaves Facile Harbour, 499. Description of Dusky Bay, 499-500. Facilities for watering at Facile, 499. Visits Pickersgill's Harbour, 499. No Maoris seen, 499. Signs of minerals, 500. No signs of any animals, 500. Birds very plentiful, 500. Poe-bird description, 500. No signs of Cook's geese, 500. No reptiles seen, 501.

"Chatham," armed tender--continued.

Leaves New Zealand coast, 501. Heavy gale experienced, 501. Sails between the Snares, 501-2. Bad weather still met with, 502. Sights the Chathams, 503. Anchors in Skirmish Bay, 503. Mr. Broughton and party land, 503. Johnstone's account of the landing, 503-8. Chatham Island canoes, 503-4. Fishing-nets of the Morioris, 504. Flora at Chatham Island, 504. Possession taken of Chatham Island, 505-6. Threatening behaviour of Morioris, 505-7. Description of Morioris, 506. Captain Broughton fires on Morioris, 508. Natives attack, 508. Position of Chatham Island, 508.

Chathams, The--

Discovered by "Chatham," 503-8. Latitude and longitude observed, 508.


See Jacobsen, 15.

Chevalier Cove--

In Doubtless Bay, 271.


De Surville arrives at, 293. Labé fails in attempt at landing, 293. De Surville is drowned, 293-95. De Surville's body recovered, 295.


See Jacobsen, 16.

Chillewey, Port-

See Jacobsen, 16.

Clark, David, "Resolution"--

Appointed by Cook, 107.

Clementson, first mate, "Elizabeth"--

Mentioned by Montefiore, 580. Converses with Kemmis, 583.

Clendon, James R., American Consul--

Receives consular documents, 604. Applies for seal, flag, and archives, 605. Reports, shipping arrivals, 605. Reports loss of "Atlantic," 605. Shipping lists--January to July, 1839, 606 July to December, 1839, 611-13. January to July, 1840, 615-16. July to December, 1840, 618. January to June, 1841, 619. Reports loss of brig "Brilliant," 607. Disposition of her crew, 607. Reports "Richmond," condemned, 608. Reports house burnt at Kororika, 608. Report on riot, Bay of Islands, 609-11. Reports death of Jenkins, 609.

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Clendon, James R.--continued.

Outrages on American shipping, 611. Necessity for man-of-war, 611-12. Receives consular commission, 613. Notifies arrival of Captain Hobson, 613. Forwards copy, Treaty of Waitangi, 614, Governor Hobson assists, 614. Wilkes's Expedition arrives, 614. Acknowledges receipt seal, flags, &c, 616. Forwards his resignation, 618. Recommends Mayhew as successor, 618. Transmits accounts, 619-20.

Clerk, R. 0. --

Cook recommends promotion, 77.

Clerke, Captain Charles--

Appointed on Gore's promotion, 75. To Banks, re the "Resolution," 91, 95, 96. To Banks, farewells and thanks, 98, 99. To Banks, reporting return, 116, 117. Appointment of Atkins and Reynolds, 123. To Secretary Jackson, re officer's servants, 123. To Stephens, re exchange of two men, 132. To Stephens, asking for Naval Instructions and Acts of Parliament, 134. To Stephens, applying for leave, 134. To Banks, re financial difficulties, 135-36. To Banks, asking his good offices, 136-37. To Stephens, reporting "Discovery" at Plymouth, 137. To Banks, reporting "Discovery" at Cape, 138, 139.


In Dusky Bay, 493-94.


Maoris', described by Bayly, 204. Bay of Islands described, 471-73.


Reported to exist, Bay of Islands, 469.

Co Coah,Maori boy--

Accompanies Tabbarooa, 226.

Coen, John Petersen--

Dutch Chartered East India Company, 2.

Cole Fish--

At Dusky, 500.

Columbus, Christopher--

Discovery of America, 4.

Commissioners of Treasury, London-

Write Secretary of State re "Elizabeth," 595. Minute re "Elizabeth" case, 597-98. Letter to Secretary of State, Sydney, re "Elizabeth," 602-3.

Compagnie des Indes--

De Surville granted permission to trade to India, 231.


See Dr. Knight's azimuth compasses.

Conseption, Port--

See Jacobsen, 16.

Contrariety Island--

Sighted by De Surville, 260. Fight with Natives, 261-62. Natives and canoes described, 262.

Cook, Captain--

Appointed to "Endeavour," 47. Notifies his appointment to Secretary Stephens, 48. Notifies approval of appointment of Gathiry, 48. Forwards statement, state and condition of "Endeavour" to Stephens, 49. Asks Stephens to obtain more guns, 49. Asks Stephens for more medical supplies, 50. Stephens notifies more guns and medical supplies, 50. Asks Stephens for supply of instruments, 51. Stephens notifies instruments granted, 51. Encloses to Stephens an account of stationery, &c, 51. Stephens notifies grant of twenty cork jackets, 51-2. Receives notice of passengers for "Endeavour," 52-3. Asks Stephens to procure azimuth, 53. Regarding payment for micrometer, 53. Asking for pay due, 53, 54. Stephens notifies azimuth and micrometer granted, 54. Lords of Admiralty give instructions for treatment of scurvy, 54, 55. Stephens notifies more guns granted, 55. Lords of Admiralty notify increased complement, 55. Notifies Stephens of arrival at Funchal, 56. Notifies Stephens of treatment at Rio, 56-73. His memorial sent to Viceroy at Rio, 63-64. Writes Viceroy, Rio, demanding his boat and crew, 66. Replies to the Viceroy's memorial to himself, 66, 67. Writes Viceroy re pendant, 70. Re evidence as to "Endeavour," a King's ship, 71. Reply to Viceroy, Rio, re "Endeavour," a King's ship, 72, 73. To Secretary Stephens, notifying his sailing from St. Helena, and the forwarding of journals of his voyage, 73, 74. Reports loss of twenty-four men from disease, 73, 74. Reports to Stephens arrival at the Downs, 74. Encloses journals, &c, to Stephens 74, 75. To Secretary Stephens, reporting on Dr. Knight's azimuth compasses, malt for scurvy, and general state of his command on return, 75, 76. To Secretary Stephens, recommending promotions, 77. Raised to rank of Commander, 77. To Secretary Stephens, re wheat and oatmeal, 77.

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Cook, Captain--continued.

To Secretary Stephens, recommends Forward as a gunner, 78. To John Walker, account of his voyage, 79-81. To Secretary Stephens, re cost of victualling at Rio, 81. To Secreatry Stephens, list of petty officers, 82. To Secretary Stephens, re victualling sloop " Scorpion, " 83. To Secretary Stephens, asking leave, 83. To Secretary Stephens, recommending Grey and Anderson for second voyage, 84. To Secretary Stephens, re officer's servants, 85. To Secretary Stephens, re picked men for "Resolution," 85. To Astronomer Royal, re South Sea tides, 86. To Secretary Stephens, re appointment Edward Terrel, 86. To Stephens, re gun equipment of "Resolution" and "Adventure," 86, 87. To Stephens, asking additional carpenter's mates, "Resolution" and "Adventure," 86, 87. To Stephens, asking supplies orange and lemon juice, "Resolution" and "Adventure," 87. To Stephens, accepting James Maxwell as midshipman, 87. To Stephens, re spirits and wines for "Resolution" and "Adventure," 88. To Stephens, notifying purchase of articles for "Adventure" and "Resolution," 88, 89. To Stephens, notifying arrival of "Resolution" at Long Reach, 89. To Stephens, notifying too many marines on "Resolution," 89, 90. To Stephens, asking payment for instruments and stationery for "Resolution," 90. To Stephens, re Lieutenant Cooper, in charge "Resolution," 91. To Stephens, gives his opinion of cause of " Resolution's" crankiness, 92. To Stephens, notifying pushing forward alterations to "Resolution," 92. To Stephens, denying any sign of fear or desertion in ship's company, 94. To Stephens, re marines, 94. To Banks, notifying discharge of his effects, 96, 97. To Stephens, recommending J. Dods- worth's appointment to "Resolution," 97. To Stephens: Alterations to "Resolution" effected, asks week's leave, 98. To Stephens, notifying names Banks's suite victualled on "Resolution," 99-100. To Stephens, asking duplicate order victualling Banks's suite be sent, 100. To Stephens, reporting on good sea-going qualities "Resolution," 100. To Furneaux, re reception of Mr. W. Bayley on board "Adventure," his duties, treatment, Ac, 101, 102. To Furneaux, notifying that future orders will issue from Cook, 102. To Stephens, acknowledging instructions and private code, 103. Cook, Captain--continued. To Stephens, acknowledges letter re Mr. W. Hodges, 103. To Lieutenant Cooper, re Mr. W. Wales and his duties, 103-4. To Furneaux, re Prince of Orange's letter to Dutch East India Company, Cape of Good Hope, 104, 105. To Furneaux, enclosing orders re sealed instructions from Admiralty, 105. To Furneaux, noting first rendezvous and instructions, 105. To Furneaux, noting second rendezvous and instructions, 105. To Stephens, notifying arrival at Madeira, and vouches for sea-going qualities of "Resolution," 106. To Furneaux, re supply of wine for "Adventure," 106. To D. Clark, appointing him master-at-arms on "Resolution," 107. To W. Carr, appointing him master-at-arms, "Adventure," 107. From Furneaux, re John Rayside, stowaway, 108. To Furneaux, giving decision re Rayside, 108. To Stephens, re experiments with inspissated juice of malt in beer-making, 108-9. To Stephens, notifying departure from Madeira, changes in his officers, and other important matters, 109, 110. Lieutenant Shank applies to be invalided home, 111. Asks surgeons for report on Lieutenant Shank, 111. Surgeons accordingly report, 112. Writes granting Shank's application, 112. To Kemp, appointing him First Lieutenant "Adventure," 112. To Burney, appointing him Second Lieutenant "Adventure," 113. To Banks, giving particulars of voyage to leaving Cape of Good Hope, 113, 114. To Furneaux, as to rendezvous after leaving Cape of Good Hope, 114. To Furneaux, authorizing extra rations during cold weather, 115. To Furneaux, instructions in case of separation, 115. To Stephens, two days from Cape, all well, 115, 116. To Stephens, re letters sent by various ships, 116. To Stephens, notifying "Resolution" at Long Reach, 117. To Stephens, applies vacancy Greenwich, 127. To Stephens, re unauthorized accounts of voyage, 119. To Stephens, re examination of officers, 118. To Stephens, re extra rations issued, 118-19. From Anderson, re unauthorized publication of voyage, 119-20. To Jackson, Secretary, reports on Frazer's application for an appointment, 121. From Admiralty, re " Discovery's" complement of marines, 121. To Secretary Jackson, applying command third expedition, 122. Appointed to command Third Expedition, 122.

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Cook, Captain--continued.

To J. Walker, notifying him of Third Expedition, 122. To Jackson, Secretary, re officer's servants, 123. To Stephens, Secretary, regarding victualling "Resolution," 123. To Stephens, asking portable soup for "Resolution," and "Discovery," 124. To Stephens: Supplies for "Resolution" and "Discovery," 124. To Stephens: Detailed list, goods, &c, required "Resolution" and "Discovery," 124-25. To Stephens: Tools required "Resolution" and "Discovery," 125-26. To Jackson, re supply of wine, 126. To Jackson, regarding complement of men, 126. To Stephens: Applies appointment of Mackie as midshipman "Resolution," 126, 127. To Sir John Pringle: Measures taken to prevent scurvy, 127-29. To Sir J. Pringle: Observations on the tides, Endeavour River, 129-30. To Stephens, re equipment for " Resolution" and "Discovery," 130. To Stephens: Applies for boy from Mathematical School, Christ's Hospital, 131. To Stephens, re supplies of gunpowder, 131. From Boddington, re supplies of gunpowder, 131. To Stephens: "Resolution" at Long Reach, 133-134. To Stephens, acknowledging orders calling at Plymouth, also Mr. Bayly, 134. To Stephens, re sailing of "Discovery," 134-35. From Burney, asking instructions, 135. To Stephens: Reports "Resolution" at Plymouth, 135. To Stephens, acknowledging instructions re Mr. Webber and Omai, 135. To Stephens, reporting arrival Teneriff, 137. To Stephens: "Discovery" at Cape of Good Hope, 138. Stephens, reporting "Resolution" and "Discovery" both provisioned thoroughly and ready for sea, 140. Arrives in "Resolution" Charlotte Sound (Bayly), 208. Observes transit of Mercury, 147. '* Endeavour" Log, 143-182. Pickersgill's Log, 183-96. Burney's Log, 197-99. Bayly's Journal, 201-21. Edgar's Log, 222-29.

Cook Records--

Editor's notes on publication of Cook records, 44.

Cook Strait-

Existence suspected by Tasman, 26. Discovered by Cook, 222-24. "Discovery" and "Resolution" pass through, 229.

Cooking (Maori)--

Described by Monneron, 281. Described by de l'Horne, 319.

Coomans, Abraham--

Appointed to Council as Secretary, 12.

Cooper, Lieutenant, "Resolution"--

Cook writes re Wales, 103, 104.

Cooper's Island--

Visited by Menzies, 488.

Coqoa, Maori--

Accompanies Cook, 199.


Tasman sails for, 30.

Comorant Cove--

Menzies visits, shooting, 486. Arms visits, 523.

Cornwallis Islands--

Visited by Biscoe and Avery, 559. Pigs found on islands, 560.

Court of Aldermen Rocks--

Passed by "Endeavour," 146.

Cowell, interpreter--

Engaged on board "Elizabeth," 579-80.

Cramaroo, Cape--

Entrance to Charlotte Sound (Edgar), 222.


At Dusky, 501.


Took command on Marion's death, 349, 421. His management questioned by Roux, 441. Explores the coast, 447. Takes charge of the "trade," 469.

"Daedalus" --

Brings two Maoris to Sydney, 536. Method of obtaining Natives, 540-41.

Dalrymple, Alexander--

Reason for not commanding "Endeavour," 46.


Names Bachy Islands, 241. Observations at Bachy Islands, 242.


Despatch to Secretary of State, re " Elizabeth " atrocity, 592-94. To Lords Commissioners Treasury, 595.

De Bougainville--

Treatment at Rio, 57. Sighted First Sight Island, 250.

De Bonne Esperance, Cape--

See Jacobsen, 15.

De Carpentier, Pieter--

Dutch Chartered East India Company, 2.

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De Gama, Vasco--

His discoveries, 4.

De l'Horne, First Lieutenant, "Saint Jean Baptiste"--

Journal, 297-347. Sights New Zealand coast, 297. Natives friendly, 297. Obtains wood and water, 297. Changes in demeanour of Maoris, 299. Ceremony on de Surville's landing, 299. De Surville and de l'Horne land, 301. Chief pays a visit, well received, 303. De Surville presents pigs, 303. Sanatorium established, 303. Boat in great danger all night, 305. The sick kindly received by Maoris, 307. "Saint Jean Baptiste" in danger, 309. De l'Horne's party return, 309-11, 313. Account of ship's dangerous time, 311-13. Visits Refuge Cave, 313. Cause of rupture with Maoris, 313-15. Sympathy for captured Maori, 315. Opinion of Tasman's information, 315. Description of Maoris, 315-17. Description of clothing of Maoris, 317-19. Notices the use of flax, 319. Kinds of food in use, 319-21. Cannibalism exists, 319-21. Method of cooking, 319. Tattooing described, 321, 323-25. Greenstone described, 323. Huts and methods of construction, 325. Pas (citadels), their use in war-time, 325. No idea of fortification, 327. Weapons of war described, 327. Cannibalism asserted, 329. Tribal wars frequent, 329. Ascribes bad qualities to Maoris, 331. The Chaplain's experience, 331. Greediments and voracity of Maoris, 333. Maori tools decribed, 333. Maori canoes described, 333. Methods of fishing and tackle, 333-35. Methods of agriculture, 335. Maori music and musical instruments, 335. Religion and images, 335. Salutations amongst Maoris, 337. Maoris uncleanly, 337. Character of soil, 337. Description of New Zealand flora, 337, 339. New Zealand herbs on scurvy, 339-41. Sweet potatoes cultivated, 341. Dogs and rats only quadrupeds, 341. Small lizards seen, 341. Birds enumerated and described, 341. Kauri-gum seen, 343. Tobacco unknown, 343. De Surville gives various seeds, 343. De Surville gives pigs and poultry, 343. Bad state of the expedition, 343. Leaves New Zealand coast, 345. Arrives Callao, 345. Particulars of de Surville's death, 345-47. Salutes exchanged with Callao, 347. Requiem Mass for de Surville, 347. Labé takes command, 347.

Deliverance Islands-

Sighted by de Surville, 263.

De Lorimier, Chevalier--

Wounded at attack of pa, 467.

Dell, E. T., Captain, brig "Fancy"--

Leaves Port Jackson, in company "Endeavour," 520. Visits Luncheon Cove, 522. Visits Pickersgill Harbour, 523. Secures Murry as officer, 531.

De Moura, D. Antonio Rolim--

His treatment of and correspondence with Cook at Rio de Janeiro, 56-73. His answer to Cook's memorial, 65-66. His reply regarding Lieutenant Hicks, 68. Memorial in reply to Cook's second, 68-69. Doubts "Endeavour" being a King's ship, 70, 71, 72.


Report that Danes intended form colony at Nicobar Islands, 233.


From "Eliza Scott," 566. From "Sabrina," 568.

De St. Paul, Captain, Grenadiers--

Joins "Saint Jean Baptiste," 233.

Desolation Island--

Named by Cook, 110.

De Surville's Voyage--

Editor's notes regarding, 230.

De Surville, Captain--

Arrangements with de Lauriston, 231. Elected King's Commissary, 231. Indian trade abandoned, reason, 231-32. Decides on making for Tahiti, 232. Sails from Bay of Ingely, 233. Arrives Yanam, 233. Arrives Masulepotam, 233. Arrives Pondicherry, 233. Anchors at Varela Island, 233. Arrives and leaves Malacca, 234. Anchors at Pulotimon, 235. Anchors Tronganon, 236. Sails from Tronganon, 240. Philippine Islands coasted, 240. Sights Babuyannes Islands, 240. Lands at Bachy Islands, 241-42. Good opinion of Bachians, 244. Carries away three Natives, 246. Crosses the equator, longitude 145° 32'. Sends Labé to find anchorage, First Sight Island, 250, 251. Anchors in Praslin Port, 251. Hostilities with natives, 253, 254, 255. Names coast around Port Praslin, 257. Takes possession of Arsacides, 260. Sets course for New Zealand, 263. Sights New Zealand coast, 265. Off Cape Maria Van Diemen, 256. Maoris at North Cape visit de Surville, 267. Seamanship of, saves ship, 273. Burns canoes and takes a prisoner, 277. Decides to make for Peru, 279. Forestalled in New Zealand by Cook, 279. Gives Maoris pigs and seeds, 287. Sails from New Zealand for Peru, 287. Sights Juan Fernandez, 291. Arrives off Chilca, 293. Orders Labé to attempt landing, 293.

[Image of page 632]

De Surville, Captain--continued.

Attempts himself, and is drowned, 293-94. See also Monneron, 231-95. See also De l'Horne, 297-347. Requiem Mass (Calloa), 347.

De Todos los Sanctus, Bay--

See Jacobsen, 15.

De Velarde, Father Murillo--

Observations agree with de Surville, 240.

"Discovery," H. M. S. --

See Burney, James, 197-99. See Bayly, Astronomer, 218-21.

Dodsworth, John--

Writes Cook, for appointment, 97, 98. Recommended by Cook, 97.

Dogs, New Zealand--

Bred for provisions (Edgar), 225.

"Dolphin," ship--

At Rio de Janeiro, 59, 60, 66.


Council of Calcutta want concessions, 238.

Doubtful Harbour--

Cook's Expedition in vicinity, 188.

Doubtless Bay-

Named by Cook, 269. Named later by de Surville, 269. De Surville interviews Natives, 271. De Sur ville recruits his sick here, 271. Residence of Tuki, 551. "Fancy" at, 551.

Drie Coningen Island--

Tasman at anchor, 28, 29. See also Three Kings Island.

Dr. Knight's azimuth compasses--

Report on, by Cook, 75.

Duck Cove-

Visited by Menzies (described), 488.


At Bay of Islands, 479. Paradise ducks at Dusky, 516. Paradise ducks at Cormorant Cove, 523.

Du Clesmeur, Chevalier--

Sights Mount Egmont, 445. Appearance of coast, 445. Sights Three Kings, description of, 445. M. Lehoux reconnoitres coast, 447. Anchors and sends Croizet to explore, 447. Cuts cables and stands to sea, 447. Scurvy in ship, 449. Statement of supplies, 449. Meets with Maoris, 449. Shoots quail, 449. Doubles North Cape, 449. " Mascarin " visited by Maoris, 451. Maori language, similar to Tahitian, 451. Good opinion formed of Maoris, 451.

De Clesmeur, Chevalier--continued.

Anchorage, good, found, 451-53. Discovers and names the reef Razeline, 453. Sergeant helps Maoris, 453. Refitting both boats, 455. Marion and party camp in forest, 457. Explores the country, 457. Visits Maori village, 459. Maoris guide them safely to camp, 459. M. Vaudricourt's experience, 459. Suspicious conduct of Natives, 461. Maori village burnt, 461. Maori prisoner accuses Piquiore, 461. Treaty of peace made, 461. Marion refuses to doubt Maoris, 463. Learns news of Marion's death, 463. One man saved, 463. Goes to rescue sick camp, 465. Timber camp deserted and pillaged, 465. Attacks pa, 465-67. Refit "Mascarins's" masts, 467. Maoris renewed attempt on camp, 467. Supplies of wood and water obtained, 467. Burns Tacoury's village, 467. Finds evidence of Marion's fate, 469. Council of officers called, 469. Decide to make for Manilla, 469. Croizet takes charge of the "trade" 469. Description of Bay of Islands, 469. Appearance and character of Maoris, 471. Kauri and kauri-gum, 455, 469-71. Herbs growing, 471. Clothing of Maoris described, 471-73. Food of Maoris described, 473. Method of cooking, 473. Description of fortifications, 473. Dwellings and storehouses described, 473. Furniture and cooking-utensils, 473. Government by chief, 475. Religion of Maoris, 475. Marriage, 475. Weapons, 475. Cultivation 475. Maori spade described, 475. Description of canoes, 477. Boat-building tools, 477. Fish hooks and lines, 477. Method of hunting, 477. Game enumerated, 479. Musical instruments, 479. Vocabulary, 479-81. Leave New Zealand coast, 481. Negro deserts, 481. Tasman's inaccuracies, 481.

D'Urville Island--

Tasman anchored, at, 25

Dusky Bay--

"Resolution" off; seeks anchorage, 183. Pickersgill gets plenty fish, 183. Cook's Expedition leaves, 187. Vancouver enters, 483. Described by Menzies, 493. Vancouver leaves, 494. "Chatham," 496, 499. Raven visits in "Britannia," 510. "Britannia" and "Francis," 514-17. Difficulty of locating, from the sea, 533.

Dutch Chartered East India Company--

Resolutions regarding Expedition, 2. Names of Governor and Councillors, 4.

[Image of page 633]


Maori method of wearing ornaments (Edgar), 225.

Earshell Harbour--

Visited by Menzies, 491. Murry obtains water, 526.


At Dusky, 512-13.

East Island--

"Endeavour," first voyage, passes, 145.

Easter Island--

See Pickersgill, 196.

Edgar, Thomas, master, "Discovery"-- Log, 222-29. Off Admiralty Bay, 222. Rounds Point Jackson, 222. At Ship Cove, 222, 227. Sailing directions, Charlotte Sound, 222. Description of New Zealand, 222. Ship Cove described, 222-23. Cannibal Cove, in Charlotte Sound, 223. Shinbone Cove, in Charlotte Sound, 223. Queen Charlotte Sound described, 224. Quantities of fish, 224. Singing-birds numerous, 224. Maoris described, 224-25. Maori ornamentation. 225. War-dance described, 225. Fern-root used as bread, 225 Dogs bred for food, 225. Account of Tay-we-he-rooa, 225-26. Account of Grass Cove massacre, 227. Account of tribal fighting, 228. Leaves Ship Cove, 228. Greediness of the Maoris, 229. Pass through Cook Strait, 229.

Edgecombe, John,Royal Marines--

Cook recommends promotion, 77. Receives lieutenant's commission, 77.

Edwardson's Arm, Dusky--

Balleny visits, 565. Origin of name, 565.

"Elizabeth,"brig (Stewart)--

Brief synopsis of her history, 578. Chartered by T. Street, 579. Arrives Entry Island, 579. Chartered by Rauparaha, 579. Arrives Banks Peninsula, 579. Returns Entry Island, 579. Steps taken to punish offenders, 578-603.

"Eliza Scott," schooner--

See Enderby Expeditions, 554. See Balleny Journals, 562-70. See Balleny's Mate's Journal, 571-77.

"Endeavour,"Captain Bampton--

Murry considers unsafe, 524. Survey held shows rotten condition, 524. Dismantling of at Dusky, 523-26. Bampton reports abandonment of, 552.

"Endeavour," H. M. S. --

Purchase and fitting out, 45-46. Number of officers and crew, 47. Cook's statement re condition, 49. Repaired at Batavia, 73. Arrives at Cape and St. Helena, 74. Arrives in the Downs, 74. General condition of vessel, 76. Log, 144-82. Doubts as to writer of log of, 143. Anchors in Tegado Bay, 144. Obtains wood and water, 144. Off Gable End Head, 144. Anchors at Tolaga Bay, 144. Hostile demonstration by Maoris, 145. Off Koakhali Island, 146. Pass Court of Aldermen (rocks), 146. In Mercury Bay, 147. Off Cape Colville: hostile Maoris, 148. In Thames River, 149. Coasting northward, east coast, 150. Bay of Islands, 151. Pass Knuckle Point, 151. Off North Cape, 152. Off Three Kings Islands, 154. Off west coast, North Island, 156. In Ship Cove, 162. Leaves Charlotte Sound, 165. Off Cape Turnagain, 166. Sights West Cape, 176. Leave Cape Farewell, 182.

Endeavour River--

Cook reports on rise and fall of tides, 86. Peculiarity of tides, 129, 130.

Endeavour Straits--

Cook reports on rise and fall of tides, 86.

Enderby Expeditions--

Description of journals, 554. Biscoe's Journal, 555-61. Balleny's Journal, 562-70. Balleny's Mate's Journal, 571-77.

Entry Island-

Vancouver passes, 489. "Elizabeth" arrives at, 579.

Etanga roak--

A priest, 543.

Etanga teda Epodi--

Gentleman, 543.

Etanga teda Etiketica--

A principal chief, 543.

Evans, Samuel,boatswain--

Appointed on death of Gathrey, 75.

Facile Harbour--

Vancouver anchors at entrance, 483. Vancouver seeks harbour in, 483. "Chatham" anchored, 486, 497. Visited by Menzies, 491. Its advantages, 493. Facilities for watering, 499. "Raven" anchors in, 510. Raven leaves, 512. Murry leaves, 531. Worst harbour at Dusky, 532.

[Image of page 634]

Facy, W., seaman--

Massacred, Grass Cove, 218.


Sails in company "Endeavour," 520. At Norfolk Island in distress, 551. At North Cape, 551. At Doubtless Bay, 551. At River Thames, 551. Obtains spars, &c, at Thames, 552. Arrives Norfolk Island, 552.


Referred to by de l'Horne, 341.


Takes place of bread (Edgar), 225. Monneron records its use, 281. Method of preparation for food, 399. Used at Bay of Islands, 473.

First Sight Island-

Sighted by de Surville, 249. Sighted by de Bougainville, 250.


Plenty of, in Dusky Bay, 183, 496. Abundance in Charlotte Sound, 224. Murry reports plentiful, 526. List of, observed by Monneron, 281. Plentiful, Bay of Islands, 477. No flat-fish at Dusky, 501. Plentiful, River Thames, 552.


Of Morioris, 504.

Five Fingers Point-

Described by Menzies, 483. "Britannia" and "Francis" off, 514.


Two kinds, Queen Charlotte Sound, 204. De l'Horne notices its use, 319. Cultivated, Bay of Islands, 475. Menzies secures live specimens, 492. King wants Natives for dressing, 535-36. Great quantities Norfolk Island, 536. Flax from Bay of Islands in London, 536. King's remarks on preparing, 536. Prepared by women, 544. Maori method of preparation, 544-45. King's improvements, 545. Recommendations of, 546. Abundant at River Thames, 552.


Very troublesome at Chalky Bay, 564.


Described by Bayly, 206. Observations at Tolaga Bay (Bayly), 213. Description of, by de l'Horne, 337-39. At Chatham Island, 504.

"Flute,"a cargo ship--

Notes on, 350-51.


Food of Maoris described, 473.

Foreign Enlistment Act--

Applicable in "Elizabeth" case, 599.

Forster, Captain--

English officer in Portuguese service, 63.

Forty-fours Rocks--

Visited by Biscoe and Avery, 558-59.

Forward, Stephen--

Cook recommends S. Forward as gunner, 48.


Visits Dusky, relieves sealers, 509. Launched by Raven at, 513. Chartered for New Zealand, 513. Voyage to New Zealand, 514. Parts company with "Britannia" 514. Driven to leeward, 517. Arrives at Luncheon Cove, 517. Immediately refitted, 517. Sails in company with "Britannia," 517. Parts company from "Britannia," 517.

Frazer, John, corporal, "Resolution"--

Petition for appointment, 120-21.

Freeman, Captain, "Sabrina "--

With Balleny in Chalky Bay. 562-77.

Front Islands--

Menzies visits and camps, 488.

Furneaux, Captain, "Adventure"--

Notifies Secretary Stephens "Adventure" at Galleon's Reach, 88. Short biography of, 88. To Stephens, re distillation of sea-water, &c, 90. To Stephens, reporting on "Adventure," 93. To Stephens, re discharge of Mr. Banks's employees, 99. To Stephens, sending names of Banks's suite on "Adventure," 99. Meets Cook, Queen Charlotte Sound, 189. His opinion regarding Bass Strait, 200. Cook writes to, regarding Mr. Bayly, 101-2. Cook writes, notifying future orders will come from him, 102. Cook forwards Prince of Orange's letter to Dutch East India Company, Cape of Good Hope, 104, 105. Cook forwards orders re sealed instructions from Admiralty, 105. Cook notifies first rendezvous and instructions, 105. Cook notifies second rendezvous and instructions, 105. Cook writes re shipping wine on "Adventure," 106. Recommends W. Carr to Cook for appointment, 107. To Cook, re John Rayside, stowaway, 108. From Cook, re decision Rayside, 108. From Cook, authorizing extra rations, 115. From Cook: Instructions in case of separation, 115. Reports arrival at Spithead, 115.

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Gable Head Foreland--

Bayly describes, 213. Latitude and longitude determined, 213. "Endeavour" off, 144.

Gathery, John--

Appointed boatswain, 48. Dies at sea, 73, 75.

George Island, tropical island--

Cook's description of people, &c, 78-79.

George's Island--

See Pickersgill, 191-96.

Gilolo Island--

Tasman passes, 36.

Gilsemans, Jsaack, merchant--

Selected for Tasman's Expedition, 3. Attempts to land, Golden Bay, 20. Appointed to Council of Expedition, 12.


The wreck on Cornwallis Island, 560.

Goose Cove-

No sign of Cook's geese, 500. Visited by Raven 516. Maori hut described, 516.

Gore, J., Second Lieutenant--

Appointed on death of Hicks, 75.

Governor-General and Councillors, Batavia--

Resolution on Tasman's return, 35-38. Rewards given Tasman and crew, 36. Instructions for further voyage, 36-38.

Grafton Island-

Sighted by de Surville, 247.

Granby, Marquis of--

Notified of purchase of "Endeavour" and her equipment, 47.

Grass Cove-

Massacre, 197, 217-18, 227. Maoris' account of massacre, 219-20. Visited by Captains Cook and Clerke, 227.

Green, Charles-

Approved by Admiralty for "Endeavour," 52. Observes transit of Mercury, 147. Dies at sea, 73.


its appearance and uses, 209. De l'Home describes, 323.

Greenstone Ornaments-

Mentioned by Monneron, 283.

Grey, James,boatswain--

Recommended for second voyage, 84.

Grose, Lieutenant-Governor--

Sends Maoris to Norfolk Island, 541.

"Gros Ventre," French ship--

Discovers land meridian Mauritius, 110.

Guthrey, John--

See Gathiry, John.


De Surville witnesses, 283.


Visits Biscoe at Bay of Islands, 555. Charges against missionaries, 556.

Hawke's Bay--

Passed by "Resolution" and "Adventure" (Bayly), 210.


Selected for Tasman's Expedition, 3. Number of crew, 11. To carry Commander's flag, 12. Ready for departure, 17. Arrives at Batavia, 35. See also Tasman.

Heeres, J. E. --

Editor of Tasman's Journal, 1.

Hely, F., J. P., Sydney--

Reports Stewart's atrocities, 578-79.


At Bay of Islands, 469.

Hen Cove--

Visited by Menzies, 487. No sign of Cook's geese, 487.

Henrick, first steersman--

Appointed to Council Expedition, 12.


Anti-scorbutic, Bay of Islands, 471.


See War-dance.

Hicks, Lieutenant--

Cook's messenger to Viceroy, 57-61. Dies on homeward voyage, 74, 75. Possible author log "Endeavour," 143.

Hill, T., seaman--

Massacred at Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.

Hippa Island-

See Burney's Journal, 198. Bayly establishes observatory, 207. Observatory dismantled, 208. Cook visits, 164.

Hocken, Dr. T. M. --

Paper on Tasman's Journal, 1.

Hodges, W., artist--

To go with Cook in "Resolution," 103. Short biography of, 103. Pictures by Hodges, 111.

[Image of page 636]

Holman, Ide Tercxsen,Skipper--

Rescues survivors cockboat, 23.

Hombron, Monsieur--

Editor's notes, 230.

Hoorense Islands--

Tasman sails for, 30.


See Pickersgill, 191.


Method adopted, Bay of Islands, 477.

Hutchins, Richard,boatswain's mate--

Cook recommends promotion, 77. Recommended to Admiralty, 84, 85.

Indian Island--

Visited by Menzies, 488.


At Bay of Islands, 469.

Jackson, Secretary, Admiralty--

From Cook, reporting on Frazer's application for appointment, 121. From Cook, applying command third expedition, 122. From Cook, regarding instructions officers' servants, 123. From Clerke, re officers' servants, 123. From Cook: Supply of wine to ships, 126. From Cook, regarding complement of men, 126.

Jacobsen, Franchoijs, Tasman Expedition--

Signs the memoir re procedure of expedition of Tasman, 19. Attempts to land, Golden Bay, 20.

Jacobsz, Francois,pilot major--

Appointed to Council of Expedition, 12.

Janssen, Gerrltt, Skipper--

Selected Tasman Exploring Expedition, 3. Appointed to Council Expedition, 12.

Johnstone, master "H. M. S.. Chatham "-- Visits Goose Cove, 486. Account of reception of landing-party at Chatham Island, 503-8.

Jones, J., seaman--

Massacred at Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.

Juan Fernandez Islands--

Sighted by de Surville, 291.

Kahoora, Maori--

Visits "Discovery" Cove, 219. Gives account of massacre, 219-20.


At Dusky Bay, 492.

Karioi, mountain--

Sighted by Tasman, 26

Kauri forest--

Discovered by Marion, 383, 455. Kauri described, Bay of Islands, 471.


Observed by Monneron, 287. Referred to (de l'Home), 343. Described, Bay of Islands, 471.


See Kororareka.

Kelgar, F., Captain "Kronenberg'''--

Takes Cook's despatches, 73.

Kemmis, Arthur--

Sworn evidence "Elizabeth" raid, 583-84. Cause of the raid of Rauparaha, 583.

Kemp, Mr. --

Appointed First Lieutenant "Adventure," vice Shank invalided home, 110.

Kerguelen Land--

Discovery of, by Kerguelen, 110.

King, P. G., Lieut.-Governor--

Journal, 535-53. Desire to obtain New Zealand Natives for flax-dressing, 535-36. Two Maoris in Sydney to give instruction flax-dressing, 536. Experience with Maoris at Norfolk Island, 537. Determines to visit New Zealand, 537. Treats Natives kindly, 538. Describes Maoris, 539-40. The method of securing them, 540-41. Further experiences with Maoris, 542. Social divisions amongst Maoris, 543. After-death beliefs, 543-44. Maori method of preparing flax, 544-45. Improves method of preparing flax, 545. Number of workers at flax, 545. Rounds North Cape, 546. Visited by Maoris, 546. Friendly relations established, 546. Returns the flax-dressers, 549. Gives presents, 550. Presents sows and boars, 550. Supplies "Fancy" with necessaries, 551. Bampton arrives Norfolk Island, 552. Revictuals "Fancy" and "Providence," 552-53. Bampton reports re "Resource," 553.

King's Advocate, London--

Opinion re "Elizabeth" case, 597.

King's Proctor, London--

Submits his opinion re "Elizabeth" case, 595-97.

Knight's Islands-See Snares.

[Image of page 637]

Knuckle Point--

Passed by Cook, 151. Maoris from there visit Norfolk Island, 537.

Koakhali Island--

"Endeavour" off, 146.

Koamaroo, Cape--

Cook's Expedition passes, 193. Burney's Journal, 198.


Bay on which Russell stands, 556.

"Kronenburg" Dutch Indiaman-- Carries Cook's letters, 73.

Labé, Monsieur, first officer "Saint Jean Baptiste"--

Searches for landing-place, First Sight Island, 250. Wounded in battle at Praslin Port, 254. Fight with natives, Contrariety Island, 261. Tries to land with letter at Chilca, 293. Receives clothing, decorations, Sc^v. of Captain de Surville from Chilca, 295. X Editor's notes, 230.

"La Fortune," French ship--

Discovers land meridian Mauritius, 110.

Lameer, Strait of-- See Jacobsen, 15.

Lauriston Bay-See Doubtless Bay.

Law, M. --

Arrangements with de Surville, 231. Object, to trade with India, 231. Indian trade abandoned: Reason, 231-32. Sends M. de St. Paul on board "Saint Jean Baptiste," 233.

Leith, second mate, "Britannia"--

Meets Raven, Anchor Island Harbour, 515.

Le Maire, Strait--

See Jacobsen, 16.

Lijn, Cornells Vander. Hon. --

Instructed to see to provisions and stores of expeditionary vessels, 4.

"Lively," cutter--

Tender "Tula," q. v. 554. See Biscoe, 555-61.


Hogs and fowls disappeared from Charlotte Sound, 199. De Surville gives Maoris pigs and fowls, 287. De Surville gives pigs and poultry (de l'Horne), 343.

Long Island--

Cook's Expedition anchors at, 196.

Lova Saregua--

Native captured at Port Praslin, 257. Description of, 257-58.

Luncheon Cove--

Visited by Raven, 12. Visited by Raven and Leith, 515. "Francis" reaches safety, 617. Visited by Bampton, 522. State of vessel built by sealers, 522. Visited by Murry, 525. Visited by Bampton and Murry, 527-28.

Luzon Island--

High mountains and bush, 240.

McLeay, A.,Colonial Secretary--

Orders Crown Solicitor to file criminal informations, 589. Writes for position of inquiry, "Elizabeth" raid, 590. Letter to, from Crown Solicitor in reply, 590-91. Calls on Superintendent Police for explanation, 591. Requests Moore to state what steps taken to secure evidence, 591-92. Moore replies to, as to evidence, 594. Letter from Treasury, London, re " Elizabeth" case, 602-3.

Mackie, Root. --

Cook applies for his appointment, 126-27.

Magellan, Strait--

See Jacobsen, 16.

Maitraranui, Maori chief--

See Tamaiharanui.


De Surville arrives at, 234. Question of Dutch occupation, 238, 239.


Attack on Portuguese, Varela Island, 234

Malen, mate of "Britannia"--

Examines Chalky Bay, 533.


Report on by Cook, 76.

Manly, Isaac, "Endeavour"--

Cook highly praises, 77.


Found at Dusky, 485-86.


Come out to Tasman's ships, 21. Description of, by Tasman, 21. Attack Tasman's boats, 22. Seen by Pickersgill in Dusky, 183. Visit Captain Cook's ships in Dusky, 185. Tribal fighting, 196. Their contempt for Europeans, 199. Their keenness in trading, 198. Visit the "Adventure" and trade 202-3, General appearance described, 204. Venereal disease, 204.

[Image of page 638]


Nose-rubbing salutation (Bayly), 209. Very friendly at Tolaga Bay (Bayly), 213. Pilfering from Bayly, astronomer, 214-16. Trade with "Discovery," Ship Cove, 219. Young men visit "Discovery, " 221. Reported fond of oil and fat, 221. Maoris afraid on board "Discovery": Reason (Edgar), 224. Appearance, dress, and weapons, 224-25. Contempt for Europeans, 228. Their ravenous greediness (Edgar), 229. Visit de Surville, 257. Kindness to de Surville's sick, 277. Suspected of stealing boat, 277. Described by Monneron, 279, 281, 283, 285. Mode of salutation, 285. Canoes described, 285. Dwellings described, 285. Description of, by de l'Home, 315-17. Immorality of the women, 317. Possess many bad qualities, 331. Greediness and voracity, 333. Visit Cook, Tegado and Tolago Bays, 144. Hostile demonstrations, 145, 148. Visit Marion at Cape Brett, 367-69. Marion entertains Maori chiefs, 371. Description of Maoris, Cape Brett, 371. Character of, at Bay of Islands, 377, 471. Constant visitors to Marion, 379. Pilfering at Bay of Islands, 391. Fight duel at Bay of Islands, 395. Help de Roux in the bush, 395. Power of Maori chiefs, 397. Designs on Marion's Expedition, 407-9. Chiefs visit sick camp, Marion Island, 409. Maoris give notice of Marion's death, 413. Massacre Marion and some of crew, 415-17, 463. Threaten Marion Island camp, 421. Great slaughter of Expedition, 427-33. Cannot fight without leaders, 433. Bury their dead, 435. Insulting behaviour, Bay of Islands, 443. Visit "Mascarin," 451. Good opinion of by Marion, 451, 461. Kind behaviour of Maoris, 459. Marion's trouble with, commences, 461. Dress in murdered men's clothes, 465. Vancouver meets none at Dusky, 488-94. Seen by Raven at Dusky, 512. Brought to Sydney re flax-dressing, 536. Method of preparing flax tedious, 536. At Norfolk Island, re flax, 537. Kindly treated by King, 538. Give King much information, 542-44. Draw charts, 542. Social divisions according to Tuki, 543. After-death Maori beliefs, 543-44. Computation of time, 544. Suicide common, 544. Visit King at North Cape, 547. Maori Canoes-Described by de l'Horne, 333. War-canoe described, 383. Canoes, Bay of Islands, described, 477. Maori Cooking-Described by de Roux, 399. Method of, Bay of Islands, 473. Cooking utensils enumerated, 473.

Maori dwellings--

Described, 325, 363, 473.

Maori fishing-tackle--

Described by de l'Horne, 333-35. Described by Roux, 363. Hooks and lines, Bay of Islands, 477.

Maori fortification--

Maoris no idea of fortification, 327. Description of, at Island Bay, 473.

Maori Government-

Referred to by Du Clesmeur, 475.

Maori language-

Vocabulary, Bay of Islands, 479. Similarity noticed to Tahitian, 451.

Maori mats--

Described by Edgar ("Discovery"), 225.

Maori pas--

De l'Horne explains their use, 325. Position in which placed, 325. Attack on, described, 427, 429, 431, 433, 467.

Maori religion--

Remarks by de l'Horne, 335. Guessed at by Roux, 397. Opinion of du Clesmeur, 475.

Maori salutations--

Described by de l'Horne, 337.

Maori tools-

Described by de l'Horne, 333. Described by Roux, 397-99. For cultivation, Bay of Islands, 475. Those used for boat-building, 477.

Maori uncleanliness--

Remarked upon by l'Home, 337.

Maori weapons--

Described by de l'Home, 327. Described by Roux, 377. Bay of Islands weapons, 475.

Maori women--

Monneron says grossly immoral, 283. Their duties and status, 399-401.


Number on board "Resolution," 89.

Marion, Captain--

Short account of his career, 348-49. Sights Van Diemen's Land, 348. Follows same route as Tasman, 349. Sights Mount Egmont, 349-51. Directions for voyage, 351. Sights Cape Maria Van Diemen, 353. Sights Three Kings, 355. Sights Thumb Mountain, 355. Off North Cape, 355. Anchors Spirits Bay, 357. In Tom Bowling Bay, 361. Doubles Cape Brett, 365.

[Image of page 639]

Marion, Captain--continued.

Arrives Bay of Islands, 375. Marion Island, 379. Explores Bay of Islands, 383. Establishes relations with Maoris, 395. Warnings disregarded, 407. Murdered by Maoris, 413-15. Marion's character, 417. See Roux, 351-443. See also du Clesmeur, 445-81.

Marion Island(Bay of Islands) --

Named by Marion, 379. Expedition establishes a camp, 379. Defence of camp after massacre, 421-27. Du Clesmeur goes to assistance, 465.


See Pickersgill's Log, 196.

"Marquis de Castries"--

Part of Marion's Expedition, 348. Touches at Madeira, 110. Consort of the " Mascarin, " 351. See Du Clesmeur.


Among Natives, 475.

"Mascarin,"French ship--

Touched at Madeira, 110. Part of Marion's Expedition, 348. Off New Zealand coast, 351. See Roux.

Mascarin Peak-See Mount Egmont.

Mataura Island--

Ridge of rocks runs out, 223.

Maule, solicitor--

Opinion re prosecution, parties concerned "Elizabeth" case, 600-2.


Port of call, Tasman Expedition, 2.

Maxwell, James, midshipman--

Appointed to the "Resolution," 87.

Mayhew, William, Vice-Consul, U. S. --

Recommended by Clendon as his successor, 618. Sends shipping lists, 620, 622. Great Britain assumed sovereignty, 621. Hardships to Americans reported, 621. Whaling (American) interests affected, 621. Difficulties in refitting ships, 621.

Mayoa, Tahitian--

Brought to France by Bougainville, 348. Sails with Marion, 348. Died at Madagascar, 348.

Menzies, botanist with Vancouver-- Botanizing at Dusky, 484-85. Finds manuka, 485. Camp and brewery established, 485.


Praises Cook's charting, 486. In Facile Harbour, 486. Visits Cormorant Cove, 486. Further botanical discoveries, 486. Discovers Maori hut, 486. Visits Goose Cove, 486. Notices singing of birds, 487. Visits Hen Cove, 487. No sign Cook's geese, 487. Visit Cooper's Island, 488. Camps at Front Islands, 488. Visits Duck Cove, 488. Visits Indian Island, 488. Visits Cascade Cove, 489. Reaches Beachy Harbour, 489. Through Resolution Passage, 489. Passes Entry Island, 489. Continues Cook's uncompleted exploration, 490. Reaches Sandy Cove, 490. Honours Captain Cook's memory, 490. Visits Pickersgill Harbour, 491. Visits Facile Harbour, 491. Camps at Earshell Harbour, 491. Shooting kakas, 491-92. Continues botanic collection, 492. Secures specimens growing flax, 492. Shoots poe birds, 492. Describes Dusky Bay, 493. Advantages of Facile Bay, 493. Climate, temperature, and flora, 493-94. Notes absence of Maoris, 494. Leaves Dusky for the south, 494.

Mercury Bay--

Endeavour moored in, 147. Cook surveys, 147. Transit of Mercury observed, 147. "Endeavour" (first voyage) leaves, 148.


At Bay of Islands, 475.


No sign of any at Spirits Bay, 365. Signs of, noticed at Dusky, 500.

Meteorological conditions--

See Tasman, 7.

Milton, W., seaman--

Massacred at Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.


Disparaging remarks of Biscoe, 556. Complaints of Hansen, 536.

Molineaux, R.,master "Endeavour"-- Died at sea, 75.

Monkhouse, midshipman--

Died at sea, 73.

Monkhouse, W. B., surgeon--

Died at Batavia, 75.

Monmouth Islands--

De Surville anchors near, 240. Coast-line and navigation, 247,

[Image of page 640]

Monneron, P., supercargo--

Editor's notes on, 230. Journal. 231-93. Makes for New Zealand, 263. Sights New Zealand coast, 265. Stormy weather experienced, 265. Abreast Cape Maria Van Diemen, 265. Sights Three Kings Islands, 267. Round North Cape, 267. Description of, 267. Maoris, visit at North Cape, 267. "Saint Jean Baptiste" in great danger, 273. Anchored in Refuge Cove, 273. Great storm, continued danger, 275. Kindness of Maoris to the sick, 277. Natives suspected of stealing boat, 277. De Surville takes one prisoner, 277. Description of Maoris: manners, customs, weapons, &c, 279, 281, 283, 285. De Surville decides to make for Peru, 279. Cook forestalled de Surville in New Zealand, 279. De Surville gives stock and seeds to Maoris, 287. Sails from New Zealand for Peru, 287. Sights Juan Fernandez, 291. Sights Peruvian coast, 291. Arrives Chilca, 293. Labé unsuccessfully attempts landing, 293. De Surville attempts landing himself and is drowned, 293-95. Captain de Surville buried at Chilca, 295.

Montefiore, J. B. --

Evidence re raid, 580-81. Acts as interpreter for Pery, 582.

Moon, Mr., clerk, Woolwich--

Cook wishes order victualling Banks's suite be sent to, 100.

Moordenaers' Bay--

See Murderers' Bay.

Moore, W. H., Grown Solicitor--

Doubts if master of "Elizabeth" can be committed, 588. Ordered by Colonial Secretary to file criminal information, 589. Writes re arresting " Elizabeth" raiders, 589. Notifies he has filed information Supreme Court, 590. Colonial Secretary asks information from, 590. Writes Colonial Secretary, notifying arrest of Stewart, 590. Notifies Stewart admitted to bail, 590. Notifies failure to arrest others, gives reasons, 591. Asked for further information as regards evidence, 591-92. Replies re efforts to get evidence, 594.


Loose morals of Maori women (Bayly), 203. De l'Horne's observations on, 317.


Visited by "Chatham," 503. Threatening behaviour, 505, 507. Description of, 506. Description of weapons, 506. Attack Broughton, 508.

Morris, E. E., Professor, Melbourne--

Identification of "Endeavour's" log, 443.

Motuara Island--

Gardens neglected, 197.

Mount Egmont--

Sighted by "Adventure" (Bayly), 201. Sighted by Marion, 349, 351, 445. Latitude and longitude determined by Marion, 353.

Mount Mascarin--

See Mount Egmont.

Murderers' Bay--

Named by Tasman, 24. Marion off, 301.

Murphy, F., quartermaster--

Massacred at Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.

Murry, Robt., "Britannia"--

Leave Sydney for Dusky, 509. Sights New Zealand, 509. Anchors in Facile Harbour, 510. Explores Dusky Harbour, 510-11. Good report of Seal Islands, 511. Visits Breaksea Island, 512. Sees Maoris, who flee, 512. Building house for sealing gang, 512. Earthquake experienced, 512, 513. Visits Luncheon Cove, 512. Leaves Facile Cove, 512. Sights the Snares, 513. Second voyage in "Britannia," 513-17 His journals found at Salem, 518. Accepts position on "Endeavour," 518, 519. In Port Jackson in company with "Fancy," brig, 520. Leaves Port Jackson, 520. Journal to, 520-22. Appointed third officer, 523. Considers "Endeavour" unsafe, 523. Storehouses built at Dusky, 524. Crew not working well, 524. Survey of "Endeavour" held, 524. Visits Luncheon Cove, 525. Pilfering amongst the crew, 525. Obtains water, Earshell Cove, 526. Fish plentiful, 526. Trouble with workers, 526. Builds sawpits, 527. Visits Luncheon Cove and Seal Islands, 527, 528. Account of quarrel Waine and Arms, 528, 529. Distribution of crews, 530. Christmas Day at Dusky, 530. Asked to stay with "Resource," 530. Busy getting timber, 531. Provisions divided amongst ships, 531. Captain Bampton and Waine quarrel, 531. Ordered to go with Captain Dell, 531. Leaves Facile Harbour, 531. Facile Harbour worst at Dusky, 532. Cascade Cove a good harbour, 532. Remarks on winds in Dusky, 532. Difficulty of locating Dusky, 533. Preservation Inlet as a harbour, 533. Remarks on timber at Dusky, 533. Efforts to obtain turpentine and pitch, 533-34. Joins "Providence," 534.

[Image of page 641]


Maoris decided taste for, 283. Maori music and instruments 335. Musical instruments, Bay of Islands, 479.


Found at Dusky, 534.

Naquinovi, Maori--

Taken prisoner by de Surville, 277. Died off Juan Fernandez, 291.

New South Wales--

Cook describes to Walker, 80, 81.

New Zealand-

Cook describes to Walker, 79-80. Geographical description of, 222-24. De Surville sets course for, 263. De Surville leaves, 279, 345. Marion off coast, 349-51. Description of country and inhabitants, 469-81. Sighted by "Chatham," 496. "Chatham" departs, 501. Sighted by Raven in " Britannia, " 509. Various districts named by Tuki, 542-43.

New Zealand tea--

See Manuka.

Nicobar Islands--

Passed by de Surville, 233. Rumour, Danes going to form colony at, 233.

North Cape-

Named by Cook, 266. Named by de Surville, 267. Described by Monneron, 267. Passed by Cook, 152. Passed by Marion, 355, 449. Coast and character of, described, 365. Rounded by King, 547.

Nowell, George, carpenter--

Appointed on death of Satterley, 75.

Observatory Island--

See Hippa Island.


Explains to Tabbarooa his prospects at Tahiti, 220. Acts as interpreter, 227.

Oporege Bay--

See Mercury Bay.

Oratory, Maori--

Bayly notices their power of oratory, 208.

Orchard, Vancouver Expedition--

Superintends brewery at Dusky, 485.

Orton, R., ship's cleric, "Endeavour"--

Referred to by Editor, 143.


See George's Island.


Chief village of Pulotimon Island, 235.


Plenty in Mercury Bay, 147. Plentiful at Bay of Islands, 391.

Parkinson, Mr., painter with Banks-- Died at sea, 73.

Parrot Island--

Visited by Menzies, 492. "Chatham's" officers shooting, 498.


At Bay of Islands, 479.

Pascal, J. B., Palmerston North--

Editor's notes, 231.

Patterson's River--

"Eliza Scott" and "Sabrina" anchor, 568.

Pelham, Secretary, Victualling Office--

Cook tries his plan of beer-making, 108-9.

Perry, W., surgeon, "Endeavour"--

Appointed at Batavia on death of Monk-house, 75.


The coast sighted by de Surville, 291.

Pery, native of Akaroa--

Sworn evidence, "Elizabeth" raid, 582-83.

Philippine Islands--

Coasted by de Surville, 240.

Pickersgill, R.,master, "Endeavour"-- Appointed on death of Molineux, 75. Cook recommends his promotion, 77. Leave of absence approved by Cook, 82. Admiralty instructions regarding his voyage of discovery in brig "Lyon," 132, 133. Log, 183-96. Exploring Dusky Bay, 183, 185-7. Maoris come on board, 185. Off Doubtful Bay, 188. Coasting New Zealand, 188. Vicinity Cape Farewell and Port Stephens, 188. Meets Furneaux, 189. Exploring in Queen Charlotte Sound, 189, 190. Off Cape Turnagain, 191. Off Cape Pallisser, 192. "Adventure" parts company, 193. Sights Snowy Mountains, 193. Arrives Queen Charlotte Sound, 194. Refitting in Ship's Cove, 195-96. Leaves Queen Charlotte Sound, 196. Off the Two Brothers, 196. Off Terra Witte, 196. Off Cape Palliser, 196.

[Image of page 642]

Pickersgill Harbour, Dusky--

Named by Cook, 183. Visited by Vancouver, 491. Overgrown with vegetation, 491. Visited by Chatham; traces of Cook, 499. Visited by Bampton and Dell, 523.


At Bay of Islands, 479.


King gives Maoris, 550.

Piquiore, Maori chief--

Accused of robbery, 393. His village burnt, 443. Accused of theft, 461.


Found at Dusky, 534.


See Greenstone.


At Facile Harbour, 492, 494 Described, 500.

Point Five Fingers--

See Five Fingers Point.

Point Jackson-

See Burney, 198. "Discovery" rounds (Edgar), 222. Entrance to Charlotte Sound 222.

Point Pocock--

See Cape Wiwiki.

Point Stephens-

Cook's Expedition in vicinity of, 188.

Pool, Gerrit Thomassen, Hon. --

Commands expedition, 2. Copy of his instructions given Tasman, 9.

Port Jackson--

"Britannia" refits, 513. Francis launched at, 513.

Port Marion-See Bay of Islands.

Potatoes, sweet--

Monneron reports Maoris grow, 287. Noticed by de l'Horne, 341.

Potier de l'Orne--

Editor's notes, 230.

Praslin, Port--

De Surville anchors in, 251. Appearance of Natives threatening, 252. Battle with Natives, 253-54. Water, and wood, 255. Bad holding-ground, 255. Description of country, 256-57. Weapons and canoes of Natives, 256-57. The King's prerogatives, 258. Religion, trade, customs, 258-59. Fauna of the country, 259.

Preservation Inlet--

Referred to by Murry, 523. Boat from settlement visits Dusky, 565. Visited by Balleny, 565. 568. Balleny returns, 569. Balleny ships men at settlement, 569.

Priestly, Joseph,Dr. --

Proposals distillation sea-water, 90.

Pringle, John, Sir H. --

From Captain Cook: Measures taken to prevent scurvy, 127-29. From Cook: Tides, Endeavour River, 129-30.


Bampton's voyage, 430. Murray joins at Norfolk Island, 534. Visits Loyalty Islands, 534. Position of "Providence," 534. "Providence" arrives Norfolk Island, 553. Sails from Norfolk Island, 553.

Puget, Lieutenant, "Discovery"--

Visits Facile Harbour, 491.

Palo Braba Island-

Malacca Straits, 239.

Pulo Capar Island-See Pulo Braba Island.

Pulo Condon-

Sighted by de Surville, 240.

Pulo Sapate--

Sighted by de Surville, 240.

Pulotlmon Island--

"Saint Jean Baptiste" anchors at, 235. Its productions described, 235. Under rule King of Tronganon, 235. Ouang-Tenga chief village, 235. "Saint Jean Baptiste" loses anchor, 236.


Cultivated, Bay of Islands, 475.


shot in Taranaki, 449. At Bay of Islands, 479.

Quast. Matthijs, Commander--

Associated with Tasman, 3.

Queen Charlotte Sound--

Cook meets Furneaux, 189. Cook's Expedition departs from, 190. Cook's Expedition returns, 194, 197, 218. Cook's Expedition refits, 195-96. Cook's Expedition leaves, 196. Tribal fighting, 198. Westerly gales then come, 198. Natural features described (Edgar) 224.

[Image of page 643]

Rauparaha, Maori chief--

Charters "Elizabeth," 579. Seizes Tamaiharanui and others, 579. Returns Entry Island, 579. Kills his prisoners, 579. Montefiore's account of raid, 580-81. Pery's account, 582-83. Kemmis' account, 583-84.

Raven, Captain, "Britannia"--

Visits Dusky, 509. Places sealing gang Dusky, 509. Launches and fits out "Francis," 513. Visits Luncheon Cove, 515. Effects repairs "Britannia," 515. Refits "Francis," 517. Leaves Dusky, 517. See also Murry, 509-34.

Rayside, John, stowaway--

To be entered as supernumerary, 108.

Razeline Reef-

Discovered and named by Du Clesmeur, 453.

Refuge Cove--

"Saint Jean Baptiste" anchors, 273. See de l'Home, 313.


None at Dusky, 501.

Resolution Passage--

Vancouver uses, 489.

"Resolution," ship--

Cook on gun-equipment, 86, 87. Two additional carpenters' mates, 87. Spirits, wine, and marines, 88. Cook notifies purchase of articles for, 88-9. Arrives at Long Reach, 89. Cook notifies too many marines, 89-90. Reported too cranky by Gierke, 91-3. Alterations instituted, 92. At Plymouth Sound, 100. Good sea-going qualities, 100. Arrives at Madeira, 106. Good sea-going qualities, 107. Leaves Madeira, 109, 110. Arrives at Long Reach, 117. Selected for Third Expedition, 122.


Bampton's voyage to Dusky, 530. Bampton reports on to King, 553. See also Murry, 513-17.

Reynolds, Peter-

Captain Clerke applies for his appointment as carpenter to "Discovery," 123.

Ridang Islands--

Council of Calcutta want concessions, 238.


At Bay of Islands, 479.

Rio Janeiro--

See Jacobsen's, 15. Cook arrives at, 56.

Rochon, Alexis, Abbé--

Editor's notes, 230, Publishes story Marion's Expedition, 349.

Rockey Point--

"Adventure" off (Bayly), 201.

Rolim, Count

See de Moura, D. A. R., Viceroy.

Rossi, F., J. P., Sydney--

Reports atrocities, Captain Stewart, to Governor Darling, 578-79. Moore writes re arresting "Elizabeth" raiders, 589. Moore notifies information filed, 590. Colonial Secretary calls on Superintendent for explanation, 591.

Roth, H. Ling, translator-- Editor's notes, 230. Translates Marion's Journal, 349.

Roux, Lieutenant, "Mascarin"--

Off New Zealand coast; sight Mount Egmont, 351. Description Taranaki coast, 351. Latitude and longitude of Mount Egmont determined, 353. Sights Cape Maria Van Diemen, 353. Sights Three Kings, 355. Tasman's description erroneous, 355. Sights Thumb Mountain, 355. Off North Cape, 355. Anchors in Spirits Bay, 357. "Mascarin" and "Marquis de Castries" get under weigh, 357-59. Enters Tom Bowling Bay, 361. Meets Natives, Tom Bowling Bay, 361. Recovers " Mascarin's " anchors, 361. " De Castries" anchors lost, 361. Character of country described, 361. Fishing-nets and houses described, 363. No sign of metals, 365. Coast and country of North Cape, 365. Maoris visit the vessel, 367. Description of Maori chief, 369. Maori chiefs entertained, 371. Enters the Bay of Islands, 373. Method of tattooing, 375. Native battle, Bay of Islands, 375. Maori weapons described, 377. Character of Bay of Islands Natives, 377. Refit and recruit, Bay of Islands, 377-79. Establishes camp, Marion Island, 379. Tacoury (chief) described, 379-81. Search for timber for masts, 381. War-canoe described, 383. Explores western part of Bay, 383. Kauri forest discovered, 383-85. Efforts to get spars to the coast, 385-87. Officers appropriate a canoe, 389. Pilfering by Maoris, 391. Maori chief bound a prisoner, 393. Tacoury and Piquiore accused, 393. Marion blames officers for the arrest, 393. A Native duel witnessed, 395. Meets party of Natives, 395. Power of the chiefs, 397. Possibly some kind of religion, 397. Tools described, 397-99. Character of country and cultivation, 399.

[Image of page 644]

Roux, Lieutenant--continued.

Fern-root, 399. Natives described, 399. Method of cooking, 399. Women: their duties and status, 399-401. Venereal disease present, 401. Undoubted cannibals, 401. Kissing amongst Natives, 403. Doubtful visit of Maoris, 403. Marion's perfect faith in the Maoris, 405. Undefended state of camp, 405-7. Marion warned of danger, 407. Maoris make Marion a chief, 407. Suspicious visit of chiefs, 409. News of Marion's death, 413, 415. Sailor's account of the massacre, 415-17. Marion's character, 417. Tacoury shot, 419. Camp surrounded by Maoris, 421. Longboat visits scene of murder, 423. Camp Marion Island fortified, 425. Maoris attack camp, 425. Description of Tacoury's fortified pa, 427. Roux attacks Natives, 427. Fight at pa, Marion Island, 427, 429, 431, 433. Pa on Marion Island burnt, 435. Wood and water obtained for ships, 437. More fighting with Maoris, 437-39. What was found in Tacoury's house, 439. Too much delay by Croizet, 441. Village burnt, 443. Canoes captured, 443. Insulting behaviour of Natives, 443. Bad state of Expedition, 443. Bury bottle at Marion Island, 443. Expedition sails for Manilla, 443.

Rowe, Mr. --

Massacred at Grass Cove, 197-98, 218.


See Balleny Journals, 562-77.

Sailing directions--

For entering and leaving Ship Cove (Edgar), 222.

Sailor's Journal-

Error in date, 1.

Kept during Tasman's Expedition, 31-34. In original Dutch, 39-43.

"Saint Jean Baptiste,"sailing-vessel--

Selected for de Surville's Expedition, 231. Refitted and provisioned for three years, 232-33. Sails from Bay of Ingely to Yanaon, 233. Sails from Yanaon to Masulipotam, 233. Sails from Masulipotam for Pondicherry, 233 Sails from Pondicherry for Tahiti, 233. Anchors Varela Island, 233. Arrives Malacca, 234. Anchors Palutimon Island, 235. Leaves Tronganon, 240. Anchors Bachy Islands, 240. Anchors Port Praslin, 251. Passes Unexpected Island, 260. Passes Contrariety Island, 260. Passes Cape Oriental, 263. Passes Deliverance Islands, 263. Thirty men die from scurvy, 263. Deaths from scurvy, 269.

"Saint Jean Baptiste"--continued.

Narrowly escapes destruction, 273. Great danger in Doubtless Bay, 275. Passes Juan Fernandez, 291. Arrives Chilca, 293. Arrives Callao, 295. Editor's notes, 230. See also de 1'Horne, 297-347.

Salomonis Islands--

See Jacobsen's memoir, 15-16.

"Samuel," Sydney sealer--

Natives kill four of the crew, 583.


Plentiful and troublesome at Dusky, 501.

Sandwich, Earl of--

Cook writes recommending Richard Hutchins, 84-5. From J. Frazer, "Resolution," applying for position of boatswain, 120-21.

Sandy Cove--

Vancouver visits, 490.

Sanford, F. C--

Reports to Secretary of State, U. S.: Delivery of documents to Clendon, 607-8.

Sangallan Island (Peru)--

Doubled by de Surville, 291.

Satterly, John, carpenter-- Died at sea, 75.


Built by Murry at Dusky, 527.

Schouten, Justus, Hon.

Drafted Tasman's instructions, 17. Wrote Governor of Mauritius, 17. To install Tasman commander, 17. Directed to draw up instructions for Tasman's Expedition, 4.


Cook's methods of preventing it, 127-29. Heavy mortality, de Surville Expedition, 263 and 269, 343. De Surville finds benefit New Zealand herbs, 285, 339-41. Still troubles de Surville's Expedition, 291.

Seal Islands, Dusky Bay-

Good accounts brought Raven, 511. Gang to be left by Raven, 511. Visited by Bowell and Arms, 523. Visited by Bampton and Murry, 527, 528.


Gangs in Dusky Harbour, 509. Gang left by Raven, Dusky, 511. Build a boat, 515. Raven, on return, finds "all well," 515. Necessity for early departure, 515.


At Dusky, 187. At Forty Fours, 557-58.

[Image of page 645]

Secretary of State, England--

Governor Darling's despatch re "Elizabeth," 592-94. Reply to Governor's despatch, 598-99.

Secretary of State, U. S., Washington--

Letter to, from Clendon, acknowledging documents, 604. Letter to, from Clendon, asking for seal, flag, &c, 605. Clendon reports shipping arrivals, 605-6, 611-13, 614-16, 617-18, 619. Clendon reports loss of "Atlantic," 605. Clendon reports loss of brig "Brilliant," 607. Sanford reports delivery of documents to Clendon, 607-8. Clendon reports ship "Richmond" condemned, 608. Clendon reports house burnt at Kororika, 608. Clendon reports Jenkins relieved; afterwards drowned, 609. Clendon reports outrages on ships, 611. Advises sending men-of-war, 611. Letter from Clendon acknowledging Commission, 613. Clendon notifies arrival Lieut.-Governor Hobson, 613. Clendon forwards copy, Treaty Waitangi, 614. Clendon reports Commodore Wilkes arrival, 615. Clendon acknowledges receipt seal, flag, &c, 616. Clendon resigns, 618. Recommends Mayhew, 618. Clendon transmits accounts, 619-20. From Mayhew, complaining hardships to Americans, 620, 621.


Various kinds sown and thrive, 207. De Surville gives peas, rice, wheat to Maoris, 28, 343.

Sevilly, J., Captain's steward-- Massacred, Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.

"Shah Hormuzear"--

Brings Maoris to Norfolk Island, 541.


Cook's Expedition at, 191.

Shank,Lieutenant, "Adventure"--

Invalided home from Madeira, 110. Applies to be invalided, 111. Leave granted by Cook, 112.

Sheriff, mate, "Chatham"

Lands at Chatham Island, 503. Further investigations, 507.

Shinbone Cove--

Charlotte Sound, 223.

Ship Cove-

Cook anchors in, 162, 194, 197. Cook's Expedition refits, 195-96. Cook's Expedition leaves, 196. Roughness of coast, 198. "Adventure" anchors (Bayly), 214.

Ship Cove--continued.

"Discovery" in danger (Bayly), 218. Bayly erects observatory, 219. Maoris visit "Discovery," 219. "Discovery" anchors (Edgar), 222. Position defined (Edgar), 222. Excellent anchorage, 223. Wood, water, anchorage, provisions, 223. "Discovery" and "Resolution" leave, 228.

Shipping List--

American vessels at Bay of Islands, 603, 611-13, 615, 617-18, 619, 622.

Sick and Hurt Office--

Supplies of orange and lemon juice wanted for "Resolution" and "Adventure," 87.


"Discovery" and "Chatham" arrange code, 498.

Sister Rocks--

Visited by Biscoe, 560.


At Dusky, 500.

Skirmish Bay, Chathams--

The "Chatham" anchors, 503.

Smith, Isaac--

Cook highly praises, 77. Promoted Lieutenant, 118.


Sighted by Vancouver, 495. Inspected by "Chatham," 502. Sighted by Raven, 513.


At Bay of Islands, 479.

Snowy mountains--

Sighted by Cook, 193.

Society Islands--

See Pickersgill, 196.


Described by Bayly as very fertile, 206. De l'Horne's observation of, 337.

Solicitor-General, London--

Opinion re "Elizabeth "case, 597.


Director of Finance and Commerce, Tronganon, 238.

Southern Alps--

Viewed by Bayly in "Adventure," 209.

Spirits Bay--

Marion anchors in, 357. "Mascarin" and "De Castries" weigh anchor, 359. Character of surrounding country described, 361.

[Image of page 646]

Sporing,Mr., passenger with Banks--

Died at sea, 73.

Spruce Beer--

Made by Vancouver from Cook's recipe, 498.

Square Cape--

See Cape Brett.

Staten Landt--

Named by Tasman, 24. See Jacobsen's memoir, 15

Staten River--

See Jacobsen's memoir, 16.

Stephens, Secretary--

Cook notifies his acceptance appointment, 48. Cook notifies state and condition of "Endeavour," 49. Cook recommends Forward as gunner, 49. Cook asks more guns for "Endeavour," 49. Cook asks more medical supplies, 50. Notifies Cook steps to secure more guns, 50. Notifies Cook extra medical supplies granted, 50. Cook asks for scientific instruments, 50-51. Notifies Cook instruments granted, 51. Cook encloses account stationery, 51. Notifies Cook grant of twenty cork jackets, 52. Cook asks for azimuth, 53. Cook asks payment micrometer, 53. Cook asks pay due, 53, 54. Notifies Cook more guns granted, 55. Cook notifies arrival at Funchal, 56. Cook reports on his treatment at Rio, 56-73. Cook reports on voyage, 73-74. Cook asks allowance for wheat, &c, 77. Cook recommends Forward, 78. Cook writes re victualling at Rio, 81-82. Cook approves leave to Pickersgill, 82. Cook sends list of petty officers and fore-mastmen, 82. Cook writes re victualling sloop "Scorpion," 83. Cook asks leave of absence, 83. Cook acknowledges letter re officers' servants, 85. Cook writes re picked men for "Resolution," 85. Cook writes re gun equipment, "Resolution" and "Adventure," 86, 87. Cook applies for additional carpenter's mates, 87. Cook applies for supplies orange and lemon juice, 87. Cook signifies acceptance of J. Maxwell as midshipman, 87. Furneaux reports "Adventure" at Galleon's Reach, 88. Cook writes re spirits and wine, 88. Cook writes notifying purchase of articles for ships, 88, 89.

Stephens, Secretary--continued.

Cook writes asking payment instruments and stationery for "Resolution," 90. Furneaux writes re distillation sea-water, and Nautical Almanac, 90. Cook writes re Lieutenant Cooper, in charge "Resolution," 91. Cook writes giving his opinion of crankiness of "Resolution," 92. Cook notifies alterations to "Resolution" proceeding, 92. Furneaux reports on "Adventure," 93. Cook writes denying desertions, 94. Cook writes re marines, 94. Cook writes alterations "Resolution" effected; asks week's leave, 98. Furneaux writes re discharge of Banks's suite, 99. Furneaux writes enclosing names of Banks's suite on "Adventure," 99. Cook writes notifying names Banks's suite victualled on "Resolution," 99, 100. Cook writes for duplicate order victualling Banks's suite, 100. Cook writes good sea-going qualities of "Resolution," 100. Cook acknowledges instructions and private code, 103. Cook acknowledges letter re Mr. W. Hedges, 103. Cook notifies arrival Madeira, and vouches for " Resolution's " qualities, 106. Cook writes re experiments with inspissated juice of malt in beer-making, 108, 109. Cook notifies departure from Madeira and other important matters, 109-10. Furneaux reports arrival at Spithead, 115, From Cook, two days from Cape; all well, 115-16. From Cook, Cape, re letters, &c, forwarded by other ships, 116. From Cook, "Resolution" at Long Reach, 117. From Cook, applying vacancy Greenwich, 117. From Cook, re examination of officers for promotion, 118. From Cook, re extra rations issued, 118, 119. From Cook, re unauthorized accounts of voyage, 119. From Cook, re portable soup for "Resolution" and "Discovery," 124. From Cook: Supplies for "Resolution" and "Discovery," 124. From Cook: Application stores, goods, &c,. necessary, "Resolution," and "Discovery," 124, 125. From Cook: Tools required, "Resolution" and "Discovery," 126. From Cook, applying appointment of Mackie, midshipman, 126-27. From Cook: Extra equipment, "Resolution" and "Discovery," 130. From Cook, applying for boy from mathematical school, 131. From Cook: Supplies of gunpowder, 131. From Clerke, asking for exchange of two men, 132. From Clerke, notifying "Discovery" at Galleon's Reach, 132.

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Stephens, Secretary--continued.

From Cook, "Resolution" at Long Reach, 133. From Cook, re calling at Plymouth and receiving Mr. Bayly, 134. From Clerke, asking Naval Instructions and Acts of Parliament, 134. From Clerke, applying for leave, 134. From Cook, re sailing of "Discovery," 134, 135. From Cook at Plymouth, 135. From Cook, acknowledging instructions re Mr. Webber and Omai, 135. From Clerke at Plymouth, 137. From Cook at Teneriffe, 137. From Cook at Cape of Good Hope, 138. From Cook: "Resolution" and "Discovery" fully provisioned and ready for sea, 140. From Lieutenant Young, reporting "Lyon" at Peterhead for repairs, 142. From Lieutenant Young: "Lyon" at Disco, ice impenetrable, 142. From Lieutenant Young, re presents on board "Lyon," 142.

Stephens Island--

Tasman anchors near, 25. Passed by "Resolution," 189.

Stewart, John, brig "Elizabeth"--

Reported by Magistrates guilty murder, 578-79. Arrives Entry Island, 579. Enters into agreement with Rauparaha, 579. Visits Banks Peninsula, 579. Browne's evidence regarding raid, 679. Montefiore's evidence, 580-81. Fails to get payment from Rauparaha, 582. Crown Solicitor doubts power to convict, 588. Arrested in Sydney, 590. Admitted to bail, 590.


Editor's notes, 230.


Discovered on "Endeavour," 520. Their description, 520.

Street, J. --

Charters "Elizabeth," 579.


Common among Maoris, 544.

"Sultan Mank Souron"--

Native title King of Tronganon, 237.


In Dusky Bay, 494.

Swan, John, carpenter, "Elizabeth"--

Sworn evidence, 88. Places irons on Tamaiharanui, 587. Payment to be made to Stewart, 588.

Sweet Potatoes--

Cultivated, Bay of Islands, 475.


"Britannia" leaves for Dusky, 509.

Ta Ane Emoki--

A labourer, 543.

Tabbarooa, Maori--

Gives account Grass Cove massacre, 220. Determines to go in "Resolution," 220. His behaviour on board, 225-26.

Table Head--

"Adventure" and "Resolution" pass (Bayly), 210.

Tacoury,Maori chief--

His village, Bay of Islands, 379. His appearance and character, 379-81. Accussed of robbery, 393.. Massacres Marion and boat's crew, 419. Shot by Roux, 419. Suspected of Marion's murder, 467. His village burnt, 467.


Discovered by Captain Wallis, 232. Selected as Cook's location observe transit of Venus, 232. De Surville makes it his objective, 232. Gold expected to be found, 232.

Tallico Bay--

"Resolution" and "Adventure" reach (Bayly), 211.

Tamaiharanui, Maori chief--

Seized with others by Rauparaha, 579. Killed at Entry Island, 579. Montefiore's account of his treatment, 580-81. Decoyed on board "Elizabeth," 582. Pery describes incident, 582.

"Tamer," ship--

At Rio de Janeiro, 59-60, 66.

Taranaki Coast--

Marion off, 351.

Tasman, Abel Janssen--

Selected for command of Exploring Expedition, 3, 12. General sailing-instructions, 3. Instructions issued to, 4. Rules governing deliberation of Council, 12. Instruction for taking possession of New lands, 13. List of papers handed to commander, 14.. Journal, 18-30. Off the coast of New Zealand, 18. Council held on "Zeehaen," 18. High mountains sighted, 18. Describes Cape Foulwind, 19. Off Cape Farewell, anchors, 19-20. Describes coast at Cape Farewell, 20. Attempts to land, 21. Describes appearance of Maoris, 21-22. Council convened, 22, 23. Maoris attack Tasman's boats, 22.

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Tasman, Abel Janssen--continued.

Passes Stephen Island, 24. Names the coast " Staten Landt, " 24. Anchors under Stephen Island, 25. Suspects Cook Strait, 26. Passed Cape Egmont, 26. Sights Mount Karioi, 26. Describes coast north of Egmont, 26-27. Sights Three Kings Islands, 28. Passes Cape Maria Van Diemen, 28. Anchors and attempts to obtain water at Three Kings, 29-30. Sails away, 30. Rewards on return, 36. Memoir touching discovery of South Land, 14. Reaches Batavia on return, 35. De l'Horne's opinion of Tasman's notes, 315. Description of Three Kings incorrect, 355. See Tasman, 18-30. See also Sailor's Journal, 31-41.


De l'Horne describes, 321. Method and appearance of, 375.

Tay-we-he-rooa, Maori--

See Tabbarooa.


Young Maori lad of Charlotte Sound, 225.

Tegado Bay--

"Endeavour" anchors, 144.

Tempest Roads--

In Dusky Bay, 497. "Discovery" anchors, waiting wind, 498

Terawhiti Cape--

See Terra Witte.

Terra Witte, Cape--

Cook's Expedition passes, 193. Cook anchors at, 193. Cook passes on return to Queen Charlotte Sound, 196.

Te Rauparaha--

See Rauparaha.

Thames River--

Named by Cook, 149. Described by Tuki, 543.

Thirsty Sound--

Cook reports on rise and fall of tides, 86.

Three Kings Islands--

Cook sights, 154. Sighted by Tasman, 28. Tasman at anchor, 28, 29. Sighted by de Surville, 267. Sighted by Marion, 355, 445.

Three Sisters Islands--

Sighted by de Surville, 262.

Thumb Mountain-

Sighted and named by Marion, 355.

Tibarua, Maori--

Lives on "Resolution," Ship Cove, 198. Accompanies Cook from Charlotte Sound, 199.


Rise and fall in Charlotte Sound, 223.

Tierexz, Ide, Tasman Expedition--

Attempts to land Golden Bay, 21.


Search for, at Bay of Islands, 381. Murry's opinion of timber at Dusky, 533.

Timon Chioumasse Island--

See Pulotimon Island.


Name given by Maoris to sergeant of "Mascarin," 455.

T'Jercksen, Jde, Skipper--

Selected Tasman Exploring Expedition, 3. Appointed to Expedition Council, 12. In case of Tasman's death, to command, 13.


Unknown to Maoris (de l'Horne), 343.

Tolaga Bay--

"Adventure" anchors (Bayly), 212. Latitude and longitude determined, 212. Supplies plentiful, 212. Bayly, from "Adventure," lands, 213. "Endeavour" anchors in, 144.

Tom Bowling Bay--

Visited by Marion, 361.


See Tuki.


Maoris learn to be keen, 198. Maoris trade with "Adventure," 202-3. Maoris trade with "Endeavour," 220. Cunning of Maori traders, 228.


Sighted and passed by Vancouver, 495.

Tribal war--

Fierce battle in Charlotte Sound 221. Fighting in Charlotte Sound (Edgar), 228. Frequent in New Zealand, 329. Fight at Bay of Islands, 375.

Trinkaboo, Maori chief--

Tribal wars, 220. Killed in battle, 221.


"Saint Jean Baptiste" arrives, 236. The King's powers, 237. Places with which trade is carried on, 237. Live - stock and provisions plentiful, 239-40. De Surville sails from, 240.

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Monneron observes, 287.


Spends six months at Norfolk Islands, 539. Method of obtaining Tuki, 540-41. Draws chart of New Zealand, 542. Returned by King to his friends, 547-48. Visits " Fancy, " 551.


Unobtainable at Dusky, 533.

Two Brothers--

"Resolution" passes, 190. Cook's Expedition passes, 196.

"Tula," brig--

Engaged in Enderby Expedition, 554. See Biscoe, 555^61.


See Pickersgill, 191.

Unexpected Island-

Sighted by de Surville, 260.

United States Consular Records--

Correspondence, Consul, Bay of Islands, 604-22.

Vacoua (probably flax) --

Its cultivation, Bay of Islands, 475.

Valsche Hoecq---

See Jacobsen's memoir, 16-17.


Account of his voyage published, 482. Short biographical notice, 482. Menzie's work as botanist, 482. Instructions, bring two Maoris to Sydney, 536. See also Menzies, 483-95. See also "Chatham," 496-508.

Vancouver Arm, Dusky Bay-

Explored by Vancouver, 491.

Vander Stel, Commander, " Adriaen"-- Reports on requirements of Mauritius, 4. Fortress Fredrick Henrick, Mauritius, 6.

Van Diemen's Land--

Marion visits, 348.

Varela Island, Malacca Strait--

De Surville anchors at, 233. Capabilities and general information, 234.

Vaudricourt, M., Officer of the Legion-- Night experience with Maoris, 459. Marion, Vaudricourt, and sailors visit shore, 463.

Venereal disease--

Present amongst Maoris, 204, 401.

Venus, Transit of--

Tahiti selected to observe transit of Venus (Captain Cook), 232.

Vesputius Americus--

Discovery of America, 4.

Visscher, Frans Jacobssen,pilot--

Consulted and reports on plans for Tasman's Expedition, 2. Selected second in command Tasman Exploring Expedition, 3.

Waine, second officer, "Endeavour"--

Appointed first officer, 523. Quarrels with Mr. Arms, 528-29. Quarrel with Captain Bampton, 531.

Waitangi, Treaty of--

Clendon sends Secretary of State, U. S., copy, 614.

Wales, W.

To go with Cook in "Resolution,": his duties, 103-4.

Walker, John, coal-merchant--

Cook sends account first voyage, 79-81. Cook notifies him of his Third Expedition, 122.

Wallis, Captain, "Dolphin"-- Discovers Tahiti, 232.


Maori war-dance described (Edgar), 225.


Discovered in Dusky by Vancouver, 489.


Dangerous to "Resolution" Expedition, 189.


Description of those in use, Port Praslin, 256-57.

Weapons (Maori)--

Described by Bayly, 205-6. Described by Monneron, 283. Moriori weapons, Chatham Islands, 506. Noted by Edgar ("Discovery"), patoo-patoos, spears, darts, battle-axe, 225.

Weathrall, third officer, "Endeavour"--

Shows kindness to Murry, 520. Appointed second officer, 523.

"Wesel," yacht--

Exploring Nova Guinea (1636), 2.

West Cape--

"Endeavour" (first voyage) off, 176. Appearance country, no mountains, 564.

Whidbey, master, "Discovery"--

Explores Facile Bay, 483.

[Image of page 650]

Wilkes' Exploring Squadron--

Clendon reports arrival at Bay of Islands, 675.

"William and Ann"--

Whaling, north-east coast, New Zealand, 536.

Master engaged by King to obtain Maoris for Norfolk Island, 536.

Williams, Rev. Henry--

Action regarding riot at Bay of Islands, 610-11.

Willems River--

See Jacobsen, 16.

Wilson, Charles, librarian--

Translates account Marion's voyage, 349.


Observation on, in South Seas (de l'Horne) 289. Winds at Dusky, 532.

Woodhouse, T., midshipman--

Massacred, Grass Cove (Bayly), 218.

Wiwiki Cape-

Northern head, Bay of Islands, 556.

Woodoo, Maori--

Spent six months Norfolk Island, 539. Method by which obtained, 540-41. Returned by King to his friends, 547-48.


De Surville arrives in "Saint Jean Baptiste," 233.

Young, Lieutenant, brig "Lyon"--

From Admiralty Lords: Full instructions exploring voyage, Baffin's Bay, 140-41. To Stephens: "Lyon" puts into Peterhead for repairs, 142. To Stephens: "Lyon" at Disco, ice impenetrable, 142. To Stephens, re presents on board "Lyon," 142.

"Zeehaen," flute--

Selected for Tasman's Expedition, 3. Number of crew, 11. Ready for departure, 17. Arrives Batavia, 35. See also Tasman.

A. R. Shearer, Government Printer, Wellington, New Zealand--1973

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