1862 - The Southern Provinces Almanac, Directory, and Yearbook for 1862 - GENERAL GOVERNMENT OF NEW ZEALAND, p 189-200

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  1862 - The Southern Provinces Almanac, Directory, and Yearbook for 1862 - GENERAL GOVERNMENT OF NEW ZEALAND, p 189-200
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NOTE. --For General Government Officers in the Provinces of Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, and Otago, see Directory for those Provinces.

Governor and Commander-in-Chief, His Excellency Sir George Grey, K. C. B.; Private Secretary, ---; Assistant Private Secretary, J. Holt; Aide-de-Camp, ---.

Executive Council.

The Honorables Lieut.-Colonel Duncan A. Cameron, C. B., William Fox, Henry Sewell, Reader Gillson Wood, Walter Baldock Durrant Mantell, Crosbie Ward, Thomas Henderson, and Daniel Pollen Clerk, ---.

Executive Departments.

Colonial Secretary, Honorable William Fox; Under Secretary, William Gisborne; Chief Clerk, G. E. Elliot.

Colonial Treasurer and Commissioner of Customs, Honorable Reader Gillson Wood; Assistant Treasurer, R. F. Porter.

Attorney-General, Honorable Henry Sewell; Assistant Law Officer, ---.

Minister for Native Affairs, Honorable Walter B. D. Mantell; Native Secretary, Thomas Henry Smith; Clerk and Interpreter, H. Munro.

Secretary for Crown Lands and Postmaster General, Honorable Crosbie Ward.

Chief Land Purchase Commissioner, Donald McLean.

Auditor-General, Charles Knight; Chief Clerk, W. Dover.

Registrar-General, John B. Bennett.

Land Claims Commissioner, Francis Dillon Bell.


Legislative Council.

Honorables Thomas Houghton Bartley (Speaker), William Swainson, Frederick Whitaker, William Henry Kenny, George

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Alfred Arney, Henry Sewell, John Salmon, Sir Samuel Osborne Gibbes, George Cutfield, Daniel Pollen, James Coutts Crawford, W. H. Russell, Matthew Richmond, C. B., Charles Robert Blakiston, Henry John Tancred, John Charles Watts Russell, John Hyde Harris, James Menzies, John Johnston, W. H. Baillie; Clerk to the Legislative Council, ---.

House of Representatives.

AUCKLAND. --Mongonui, W. Butler; Marsden, J. Munro; Bay of Islands,H. Carleton; Northern Division, Hon. T. Henderson, J. O'Neill; Parnell, Hon. B. G. Wood; Newton, G. Graham; Auckland City East, T. Russell; City West, J. Williamson, J. C. Firth; Onehunga, G. M. O'Rorke; Pensioner Villages, W. Mason; Raglan, C. J. Taylor; Franklin, M. G. Nixon, R. Graham.

TARANAKI. --Grey and Bell, H. Atkinson; New Plymouth, C. W. Richmond; Omata, J. C. Richmond.

HAWKES BAY. --Napier, W. Colenso; Cline, J. D. Ormond.

WELLINGTON. --Wanganui, W. S. Harrison; Rangitikei, Hon. W. Fox; Porirua, A. De B. Brandon; City of Wellington, I. E. Featherston, W. B. Rhodes, W. W. Taylor; Hutt, W. Fitzherbert, A. Rendle; Wairarapa, C. R. Carter.

NELSON. --Collingwood, A. J. Richmond; Motueka, H. F. Curtis; City of Nelson, F. W. Stafford, A. Domett; Nelson Suburbs, W. Wells; Waimea, A. Saunders.

MARLBOROUGH. --Picton, Dr. Munro; Wairau, W. H. Byes. Canterbury. -- Cheviot, F. A. Weld; Kaiapoi, J. T. Cookson; Avon, A. R. Creyke; Heathcote, G. W. Hall; Ellesmere, T. Rowley; City of Christchurch, J. C. Wilson, C. B.; Lyttelton, Hon. Crosbie Ward; Akaroa, A. E. White; Timaru, F. Jollie.

OTAGO. --Hampden, W. Fraser; Bruce, T. B. Gillies, W. H. Kettle; City of Dunedin, T. Dick, E. McGlashan.

SOUTHLAND. --Wallace County, Hon. W. B. D. Mantell, F. D. Bell.

Supreme Court.

Chief Justice, Hon. G. A. Arney. Auckland, Registrar, T. Outhwaite; Sheriff, L. O'Brien. Taranaki, Registrar, J. Ritchie. Puisne Judge (Central District), Wellington, A. J. Johnston; Registrar, R. R. Strang.

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Resident Magistrate's Court.

Resident Magistrates: Auckland, T. Beckham. Wangarei, H. R. Aubrey. Russell, R. C. Barstow. Raglan, W. Harsant. Taranaki, J. Flight. Wellington, B. A. Ferrard. Napier, J. Curling.


Commissioner, Honorable C. W. Richmond. Auckland, Collector, &c., W. Young. Russell, Sub-Collector, G. M. Mitford. Monganui, Sub-Collector, --. Hokianga, Sub-Collector, J. R. Clendon. Wangarei and Kaipara, Sub-Collector, H. R. Aubrey. Taranaki, Acting-Collector, J. Flight. Wanganui, Collector, C. Sharp. Wellington, Collector, &c., S. Carkeek. Napier, Collector, E. Catchpool. Chatham Islands, Collector, ---.


Postmaster-General, Honorable Crosbie Ward. Auckland, Postmaster, W. Corbett. Taranaki, Postmaster, J. T. Smith. Napier, Postmaster E. Catchpool. Wellington, Postmaster, J. F. Hoggard. Raglan (Auckland), Richard Naza. Kawhia (Auckland), H. N. Brewer. Russell (Auckland), G. M. Mitford. Wangarei (Auckland) C. Eugene. The Hutt (Wellington), C. Keys. Grey Town (Wellington), S. Moles. Otaki (Wellington), R. Eager. Rangitikei (Wellington), T. Scott. Waikanae (Wellington), J. A. Knocks, Castle Point (Wellington), T. Guttun. Porirua (Wellington), J. Taylor.

Returning Officers under the Representation Act, 1860.

Mongonui (Auckland), W. B. White. Bay of Islands (Auckland), R. C. Barstow. Marsden (Auckland), H. R. Aubrey. Auckland, Northern Division, City of Auckland East, City of Auckland West, Parnell, Newton, L. O'Brien. Pensioner Settlements (Auckland), Town of Onehunga (Auckland), Franklin (Auckland), Raglan (Auckland), C. H. M. Smith. Taranaki, Grey and Bell, Town of New Plymouth, and Omata, James Ritchie. Wellington, Porirua, City of Wellington, and Hutt, B. A. Ferrard. Wairarapa (Wellington), H. S. Wardell. Wanganui and Rangitikei (Wellington), D. S. Durie. Hawkes Bay, Napier, and Clive, J. Curling.

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1. An Act to enable certain Commissioners appointed under the Seal of the Colony to Examine Witnesses on Oath. (Commissioners' Powers Act.)

2. An Act to Define the Boundary between the Provinces of Canterbury and Otago. (Canterbury and Otago Boundary Act.)

3. An Act to Amend the Law relating to Advances bona fide made to Agents entrusted with goods. (Advances to Agents Act.)

4. An Act for amending "An Ordinance for Establishing Standard Weights and Measures, and for the Prevention of the use of such as are False and Deficient." (Weights and Measures Ordinance Amendment Act.)

5. An Act to Declare that certain Statutes do not apply to Civil Cases before Resident Magistrates and Justices of the Peace. (Resident Magistrates' Ordinance Amendment Act.)

6. An Act to Extend to the Province of Marlborough certain provisions of the Naval and Military Settlers' Act, 1860. (Naval and Military Settlers Marlborough Act.)

7. An Act for the Naturalization of certain persons in the Colony of New Zealand. (Naturalization Act.)

8. An Act to Amend the Ordinance of the late Legislative Council, intituled "An Ordinance for the Relief of persons Imprisoned for Debt." (Imprisonment for Debt Ordinance Amendment Act.)

9. An Act to Amend the Jury Amendment Ordinance. (Jury Ordinance Amendment Act.)

10. An Act to Amend the New Zealand Company's Land Claimants' Ordinance, Session 9, No. 15. (New Zealand Company's Land Claimants' Ordinance Amendment Act.)

11. An Act to Regulate the Practice of the Profession of the Law in New Zealand. (Law Practitioners' Act.)

12. An Act to Authorise the Issue of a Grant for certain Land to Henry Collin Balneavis. (Balneavis Remission Act.)

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13. An Act for Authorising the Issue of Crown Grants in certain cases of Loss of Original Land Orders. (Lost Land Orders Act.)

14. An Act to Amend the "Registration of Electors, 1858." (Registration of Electors Act, 1858, Amendment Act.)

15. An Act to Amend the Canterbury and Otago Boundary Act, 1861. (Canterbury and Otago Boundary Act, No. 2.)

16. An Act to Authorise the Preparation and the Interim Validity of Amended Standing Orders for Private Bills. (Standing Orders for Private Bills Act.)

17. An Act to Continue the Arms Act, 1860. (Arms Act Continuance Act.)

18. An Act to Apportion the Public Debts of the former Province of Otago between the Provinces of Otago and Southland. (Otago and Southland Public Debt Apportionment Act.)

19. An Act for Declaring the Effect of the "Waste Lauds Act, 1858," as far as the same relates to Naval and Military Settlers in the Province of Hawkes Bay. (Hawkes Bay Naval and Military Settlers Act.)

20. An Act to Amend the Regulations for the Sale or Disposal of Crown Lands in the Province of Nelson. (Nelson Waste Lands Regulations Amendment Act.)

21. An Act to enable the Superintendent of the Province of Auckland to Issue Certificates by way of Land Orders to certain persons. (Auckland Immigration Certificate Act.)

22. An Act to regulate the Descent of Lands held by persons of the Native Race under title derived from the Crown. (Intestate Natives Succession Act.)

23. An Act to Prevent the Importation of Diseased Cattle. (Diseased Cattle Act.)

24. An Act to Provide for the Audit of the Accounts of Provincial Government. (Provincial Audit Act.)

25. An Act to Amend the Public Debt Apportionment Act, 1858. (Public Debt Apportionment Act, 1858, Amendment Act.)

26. An Act to Amend the New Provinces Act, 1858. (New Provinces Act Amendment Act.)

27. An Act to Amend the "Customs Duties Act, 1858." (Customs Duties Act Amendment Act.)

28. An Act to Provide for the Protection of certain Animals and

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and Birds within the Colony of New Zealand. (Protection of Certain Animals Act.)

29. An Act to Divide the Province of Auckland into new Electoral Districts for the Election of Members of the Provincial Council. Auckland Representation Act.)

SO. An Act for the due Rendering of Accounts by Official Administrators ceasing to hold the office of Registrar of the Supreme Court. (Official Administrators' Act.)

31. An Act to Provide for the Settlement of certain outstanding Claims by Pensioners lately serving in the New Zealand Fencible Force. (Pensioners' Claims Act.)

82. An Act to Amend the Act of the Legislature of the Province of Auckland, intituled the "Immigration Certificate Act, 1858." (Auckland Immigration Certificate Act, 1858, Amendment Act.)

33. An Act for the Taxation of Costs on Private Bills in the General Assembly. (Parliamentary Costs Taxation Act.)

34. An Act for Giving Effect to Regulations under "The Land Registry Act, 1860," and for Amending the said Act. (Land Registry Amendment Act.)

35. An Act for Correcting Surveys of Land. (Survey Correction Act.)

36. An Act to Amend the "Civil Service Superannuation Act, 1858," (Civil Service Amendment Act.)

37. An Act to apply certain sums out of the Ordinary Revenue and other moneys to the service of the year ending the 30th day of June, 1862. (Appropriation Act.)

Private Acts.

1. An Act to Incorporate the Proprietors of a certain Banking Company, called the "Bank of New Zealand," and for other purposes. (New Zealand Bank Act.)

2. An Act to Incorporate the Proprietors of a certain Banking Company called the "Bank of New South Wales," and for other purposes. (Bank of New South Wales Act.)

3. An Act to Empower the Dun Mountain Copper Mining Company (limited) to Construct a Railway, and for other purposes. (Dun Mountain Railway Act.

4. An Act to Enable the Superintendent of the Province of Marlborough to construct a Railway from Picton Harbour to the Wairau, both in the said Province of Marlborough. (Picton Railway Act.)

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United Church of England and Ireland.

Bishops: New Zealand, Eight Rev. G. A. Selwyn, D. D., 1841, Metropolitan. Christchurch, Right Rev. H. J. C. Harper, D. D., 1856. Wellington, Right Rev. C. J. Abraham, D. D., 1858. Nelson, Right Rev. E. Hobhouse, D. D., 1858. Waiapu, Right Rev. W. Williams, D. C. L., 1859. Missionary Bishop for the Western Islands of the South Pacific, J. C. Patteson, D. D., 1861.

Archdeacons: Tauranga (Auckland), Ven. A. N. Brown. Taranaki, Ven. H. Govett. Kapiti, (Wellington), Ven. O. Hadfield. Waitemata (Auckland), Ven. G. A. Kissling. Akaroa, Ven. O. Mathias. Waikato (Auckland), Ven. R. Maunsell. Waimea (Nelson), Ven. R. B. Paul. Waimata (Auckland), Ven. H. Williams. Rural Deanery of Otago, Rev. T. A. Fenton.

Clergy: The Reverends C. Alabaster, J. C. Andrew, B. Y. Ashwell, W. Aylmer, J. C. Bagshaw, C. Baker, W. Bird, S. Blackburn, T. A. Bowden, C. Bowen, R. R. Bradley, H. H. Brown, R. Burrows, H. F. Butt, T. Chapman, G. J. Cholmondely, E. Clarke, R. H. Codrington, G. Cotterill, C. P. Davies, R. Davis, B. W. Dudley, E. G. Edwards, H. Fendall, J. A. Fenton, J. W. Gedge, F. Gould, T. S. Grace, C. H. Halcombe, J. Hamlin, H. W. Harper, E. H. Hey wood, T. B. Hutton, H. Jacobs, G. H. Johnstone, D. Jones, D. Kawhia, J. Kinder, G. T. B. Kingdon, F. Knowles, T. Lanfear, J. F. Lloyd, V. Lush, C. Mackie, J. Matthews, J. Morgan, C. H. S. Nicholls, J. C. Patteson, S. Poole, L. Pritt, A. G. Purchas, J. Raven, W. Ronaldson, S. M. Spencer, H. W. St. Hill, A. Stock, W. P. Tanner, S. Tarawhiti, B. K. Taylor, R. Taylor, R. T. Ahu, P. T. Karari, J. T. Moanoroa, H. Torlesse, T. L. Tudor, H. M. Turton, C. S. Volckner, R. Waitoa, E. Wheeler, S. Williams, W. L. Williams, W. W. Willock, J. Wilson, J. A. Wilson, A. H. Wyatt, E. C. Wyvill.

Church of Scotland.

The Reverend W. Kirton,

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Roman Catholic Church.

Bishops: Auckland, Right Rev. J. J. B. Pompallier. Wellington, Right Rev. P. T. Viard.

Clergy: The Very Reverends O. Barsanti, J. Forest, V. G., Jos. Garavel, V. F., J. McDonald, V. G., J. J. P. O'Reilly, V. G., and J. L. Segala, V. F. The Reverends J. Alletang, J. B. Chataigner, F. B. del Monte, H. J. Fynes, D. Galosi, A. Garin, G. Gregori, S. Hallum, N. Jourdan, J. Lampila, W. M'Donald, P. M. Michel, D. Moreau, M. D. O'Hara, S. Pasinetti, J. Paul, E. Pertius, J. B. Petit Jean, S. Pezant, E. Reignier, J. Seon, J. M. Tresallet.

Free Church of Scotland.

The Reverends W. Bannerman, P. Barclay, G. Brown, D. Bruce, T. Burns, P. Calder, J. Duncan, C. Fraser, W. Johnstone, J. Macky, R. McKinney, N. McLeod, J. McNicol, P. Mason, J. Moir, T. D. Nicholson, T. Narrie, A. H. Stobo, D. M. Stuart, J. Thom, A. B. Todd, J. Urie, W. Will.

Wesleyan Methodist Society.

The Reverends J. Aldred, T. Buddie, J. Buller, J. Crump, J. H. Fletcher, W. Gittos, I. Harding, J. Hobbs, J. Innes, W. Kirk, H. H. Lawry, J. Moorhouse, A. Reid, W. Rouse, C. H. Schsckenberg, G. Stannard, Te Kote, R. L. Vickers, J. Wallis. J. Warren, W. Walkin, J. Whiteley.

Congregational Independents.

The Reverends T. Hamer, R. Laishley, A. Macdonald, J. F. Mandeno, H. W. Scott.


The Reverends William Biss, D. Dolamore, E. Thomas, J. Thornton.

Primitive Methodist Society.

The Reverends J. Long, J. Smith, R. Ward.

Lutheran Church.

The Reverends J. W. C. Heine, J. H. F. Wohlers.

Hebrew Congregation.

Mr. I. Doitsh, Mr. P. S. Solomon.

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IN the case of persons dying intestate, i. e., without making a will, the next of kin may apply for letters of administration; but if there be no next of kin, or if the next of kin do not apply, the estate is administered by the Official Administrator, in which case the personal property of the deceased is sold by auction, and after all debts and demands against the estate are satisfied, the residue of the money, if any, is paid into the Colonial Treasury, subject thereafter to be paid out by an order of a Judge of the Supreme Court, on receiving proof of claim.

Wills are proved by the executors of a deceased person before a Judge of the Supreme Court, when probate is given.

Persons about to marry must obtain from the Registrar's Office a certificate; for without this certificate no minister can perform the ceremony of marriage, under a penalty. The persons applying for this certificate must lodge with the Registrar their names, and other particulars as to age, &c., and pay a fee of 2s. 6d.; and at the expiration of 14 days, on payment of an additional 5s. the certificate is granted. But the certificate can be granted and the marriage performed without any delay, on payment of a fee of £1 2s. 6d. Persons married by the Registrar pay an additional fee of £3. No persons can be married according to the form of the Episcopal Church unless the "banns" have been published three times in the church, or unless a special license is obtained from the Bishop's Surrogate. This special license costs £3, and is in addition to the minister's fee, and to the Registrar's fee for the certificate.

Births may be registered, without fee, any time within 62 days from the date of the birth; and after the expiration of the 62 days, births may still be registered on payment of a fee of 10s. 6d. The name of the child may be registered without fee at the time of registering its birth, or the name may be registered at any time within 12 months

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after the child's birth, on payment of a fee of 2s. 6d. Parents neglecting to register the births of their children are liable to a penalty of £10 for each offence.

In the case of persons dying, any one living in the house at the time of death, or an undertaker, may, within 31 days from the date of such death, give notice thereof to the Registrar, state the cause of death, and obtain from the Registrar, without fee, a certificate. Any minister or other person burying a corpse without such certificate is liable to a penalty of £10, unless notice of such burial and particulars as to the death of the individual are given to the Registrar within two months from the date of such burial.


The Queen (Alexandria) Victoria;-- Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; --Defender of the Faith; --Only daughter of his late R. H. the Duke of Kent; --Born, 24th May, 1819; --Married, 10th February, 1840, H. R. H. Albert Francis Augustus Charles Emanuel, Duke of Saxe Coburg and Gotha: -- Crowned at Westminster, 28th June, 1838.

Prince Albert was born, 26th August, 1819.

ISSUE. I.--Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, Princess Royal:-- Born 21st November, 1840;--Married, 25th January, 1858, Prince Frederick William of Prussia. II.--Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, born, 9th November, 1841. III.--Alice Maud Mary, born 25th April, 1843. IV.--Alfred Ernest Albert, born, 6th August, 1844. V.--Helena Augusta Victoria, born, 25th May, 1846. VI.-- Louisa Carolina Alberta, born, 18th March, 1848. VII.--Arthur Patrick William Albert, born, 1st May, 1850. VIII.--Leopold George Duncan Albert, horn, 7th April, 1853. IX.--Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, born, 14th April, 1857.

A CORD OF WOOD is 4 feet broad, 3 feet deep, and 8 feet long, being 128 cubic feet. --A STACK of wood is 3 feet broad, 3 feet deep, and 12 feet long, being 108 cubic feet.

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It appears from an examination of the Weather book of the ship Bruce, Thomas Meiklejohn, commander, in her passage from Otago by the south of New Zealand to Calcutta, in November last, when passing the south-east extreme of South or Stewart Island, discovered a dangerous reef which is not laid down in the Admiralty or any other Charts, or noticed in the New Zealand Pilot or Sailing Directions.

This danger, which is described as two low rocks from 3 to 6 feet high, and close together, on which the sea breaks heavily, lies in the direct track of vessels closely rounding Stewart Island, in proceeding to or from the southern settlements of New Zealand.

Its position, which appears to have been determined with some accuracy, is as follows:--

7 1-l0ths miles E. by N. 3/4 N. from Owen Island off Lord's River.

5 1-l0ths miles E. by N. 1/4 N. from the extreme of the Break Sea Isles.

3 1/4 miles E. by S. 2/3 S. from Wreck Reef off Port Adventure.

7 1/4 miles S. E. 3/4 E. from East Head, north of Port Adventure.

Or, in latitude 47 deg. 7 min. 35 sec. S., and long. 168 deg. 21 min. 35 sec. E.

Soundings, though tried for, were not obtained in its neighbourhood, from the rapid rate of sailing of the ship in passing the danger.


It is creditable to Captain Meiklejohn to have entered the discovery of this Reef in his Weather-book; but it is greatly to be regretted that he did not take some steps immediately on his arrival at Calcutta or in England to make public the existence of this very serious danger which lies but little out of the sailing track of vessels bound to the southern settlements of New Zealand.

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Had not the remark been seen by Rear-Admiral Fitz Roy (who was searching this book for Meteorological facts, and at once transmitted it to the Admiralty for publication) this reef might not have been heard of until it had caused the wreck of a vessel. On being applied to for further information, Captain Meiklejohn readily sent up his original Chart on which the reef was marked at the time, and there can be little doubt of its existence. Masters of vessels are therefore warned to keep a good look out in this neighbourhood. They are further requested on the discovery of any danger to report the same immediately on arriving at the first port, in order that other vessels may be put on their guard, and for the general benefit of the mariner.

[All bearings are Magnetic. Variation, 16 deg. 20 min. East in 1861.]

By Command of their Lordships,
Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, Hydrographer.
London, August 15, 1861.

This Notice affects the following Admiralty Charts:-- New Zealand General, No. 1212; Foveaux Strait and South Island, No. 2533; New Zealand Plans, No. 2542; Pacific Ocean, General, No. 2683; and Sheet 10, No. 2468; and New Zealand Pilot, p. 224.

New Zealand Gazette.


Measure round the animal close behind the shoulder, then along the back, from the fore part of the shoulder-blade to the hone at the tail. Multiply the square of the girt by five times the length, both expressed in feet. Divide the result by 21, and you have the weight of the four quarters, in stones of 14 lbs. Thus, if the girt be 6 1/2 feet, multiply it by 6 1/2, making 42 1/4 feet--then if the length be 5 1/4 feet multiply by 5, making 26 1/4: next multiply the results 42 1/4 by 26 1/4, and you have 1109 l-16th, this divided by 21, gives 52 stones 11 lbs. as nearly as possible. In very fat cattle, the weight is about a twentieth more than that ascertained in this manner, while very lean ones weigh about a twentieth less. The quarters are little more than half the weight of the animal. The skin weighs about the eighteenth and the tallow about the twelfth of the beast.

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