1971 - Sharp, A (ed.) Duperrey's visit to New Zealand in 1824. - [Front matter]

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  1971 - Sharp, A (ed.) Duperrey's visit to New Zealand in 1824. - [Front matter]
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IN 1824


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© Alexander Turnbull Library 1971

Published by



Set in 8, 10 and 12 point Monotype Bembo
and printed by The Pelorus Press Ltd
Auckland New Zealand


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1 Preface

2 Introduction

26 Extract from Mémoire sur les opérations géographiques faites dans la campagne de la corvette de S. M. La Coquille, pendant les années 1822, 1823, 1824 et 1825, by Louis Isidor Duperrey. Translated by K. J. Hollyman.

31 'Voyage de M. Duperrey', in Voyage de la corvette L'Astrolabe, by Jules Sébastien César Dumont d'Urville. Translated by Olive Wright.

51 Extract from Voyage autour du monde... sur la corvette La Coquille, by René Primavère Lesson. Translated by Diana Quarmby.

111 'Rapport d'une Visite aux Villages de Ranghihou, Tippouna & Kidikidi' and 'Visite à Payéha, Matowhe & Cororadica', being official reports by Jules Alphonse René Porret de Blosseville. Translated by Andrew Sharp.

119 Bibliography

121 Index

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Facing page 32 Naturels de la Nle Zéalande

48 Ecao Jeune fille de la Nlle Zealande

64 Nlle Zélandaise, de 20 a 22 ans

80 Untitled illustration showing seven Pacific Islands artefacts, including five from New Zealand

96 Habitants de la Nlle Zélande, avec une vue de leur place fortifié ou Hippah.-- Nlle Zélande

112 L'établissement des Missionaires Anglais a Kidikidi. --Nlle Zélande.

The six plates listed above are all reproduced from the unpublished atlas of Jules Lejeune, artist on Duperrey's expedition. The titles are translated in the captions to the reproductions.


Facing page 11 Bay of Islands and Environs.

At back of book Map of Bay of Islands, reproduced from chart no 19 in Voyage autour du monde... sur... La Coquille, 'Hydrographie. Atlas'

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This book had its inception in a proposal, made some years ago by Mr Ormond Wilson to the Alexander Turnbull Library, for the translation and publication of the New Zealand segment of René Primavère Lesson's Voyage autour du monde, held by the Library as part of its comprehensive coverage of published accounts of Duperrey's expedition. The Department of Internal Affairs, which was then responsible for administrative and financial aspects of the Library's work, approved the proposal, the first fruits of which were a commissioned translation of the Lesson extract by Miss Diana Fussell, now Mrs Diana Quarmby. As the result of a later initiative on Mr Wilson's part, Miss Olive M. Wright, translator of other works by d'Urville, kindly provided a translation of Dumont d'Urville's 'Voyage de M. Duperrey' in his Voyage de la corvette L'Astrolabe, another of the Library's valued holdings. During my tenure of the Senior Research Fellowship in Arts at the University of Auckland I undertook the completion of the proposed publication. As it was desirable to have something from Duperrey, the commander of the expedition, I selected the New Zealand segment of his published Mémoire giving a condensed narrative of the voyage; this was kindly translated by Professor K. J. Hollyman, the French text being again provided by the Alexander Turnbull Library. In the Library's profuse microfilm coverage of the voyage, supplied by the Director-General of the Archives de France, are two short manuscript accounts by Jules de Blosseville of his visits during the expedition's stay at the Bay of Islands to mission stations on its shores; these, translated by me, completed the selections included in the book. Again from the Library's microfilms came the six illustrations, taken from the atlas of Jules Le Jeune, the expedition's artist. I desire to thank the Director of the Service Hydrographique de la Marine for permission to translate and publish the Blosseville extracts and reproduce the Lejeune illustrations, and also the Director-General of the Archives de France, in which the Blosseville extracts are lodged, for his permission.

My indebtedness in the preparation of the Introduction and annotations to numbers of previous writers is indicated in my citations of them in the footnotes. I desire also to acknowledge my debt to Mrs Ruth M. Ross for helpful suggestions leading to the elucidation of several of Lesson's references. I have also received much help from the staff both of the Alexander Turnbull Library and the Auckland Institute and Museum Library. Part of my research was done under my Fellowship at the University of Auckland, to which I express my thanks.

Andrew Sharp

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[Map of the Bay of Islands]

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