1855 - Taylor, Richard. Te Ika a Maui - WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED By Wertheim and Macintosh

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  1855 - Taylor, Richard. Te Ika a Maui - WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED By Wertheim and Macintosh
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WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED By Wertheim and Macintosh

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By Wertheim and Macintosh


In One Volume, 8vo., with Portrait on steel, price 10s. 6d.,
Memoirs of tile Rev. Charles Jerram,
Late Rector of Witney, Oxfordshire, Comprising Notices and. Reminiscences of his Contemporaries: --Newton, Cecil, Venn, Simeon, Robinson of Leicester, and others.
Edited by his Son, the Rev. JAMES JERRAM, Rector of Fleet, Lincolnshire.
"The volume before us presents us not only with a faithful representation of him who is its immediate subject, but, as we have said, a gallery of portraits in the ranks of Evangelical religion."--Christian Observer.

In One Volume, 4to., bound in cloth, with gilt edges, price 25s.; oil in whole morocco, gilt edges, price 2l. 2s.,
The Book of Family Prayer.
Comprising a Course of Original Prayers for Every Morning and Evening in the Year, arranged in the Order of the Ecclesiastical Year, according to the Book of Common Prayer.

In Demy 4to., cloth, price 2l. 2s.; or calf interleaved, 3l.
The Bible Student's Guide
To the more Correct Understanding of the English Translation of the Old Testament, by reference to the Original Hebrew.
By an Alphabetical arrangement of every English Word in the Authorized Version, the corresponding Hebrew may at once be ascertained, with, its peculiar Signification and Construction.
By the Rev. W. WiLSON, D. D., Canon of Winchester.

In One Volume, 8vo., price 14s. cloth,
The National Restoration and Conversion of the Twelve Tribes of Israel;
Or, Notes on some Prophecies believed to Relate to those two Great Events, and intended to show that the Conversion will take place after the Restoration, and that the occasion of it has been uniformly predicted. Collated with the Hebrew, and the Works of most eminent Commentators, and containing some Remarks upon the Theory of Professor Lee.
By the Rev. WALTER CHAMBERLAIN, M. A., Perpetual Curate of the new parish, of St. John's, Little Bolton, Lancashire.

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Allerton and Dreux; or, the War of Opinion. By the Author of "A Rhyming Chronicle." In two vols., 10s. 6d., neatly bound in cloth.
"Written in an elegant yet unaffected style, and at times with a geniality and quaintness of humour that is highly amusing."--Church of England Quarterly.
"Deserving of high praise for its pictures of rural scenery, its portraits of manners, and its exhibition of provincial society. "--Spectator.

Sermons Doctrinal and Practical. By the Rev. H. A. ATKINSON, M. A., Rector of Escomb. In two vols., 5s. each.

The Child's Preacher; or, the Gospel taught to Children in very Simple Language. By the Hon. and Rev. L. BARRINGTON, M. A., Rector of Watton, Herts. Second Edition. 16mo., with a beautifully coloured Frontispiece (prepared expressly for this edition), 2s.

Religion in Heart and Life; or, "The Fruit of the Spirit." By the Rev. F. G. BARTON, late Curate of Ossett, near Wakefield. 3s.

Gleanings from British and Irish Ecclesiastical History. By the Hon. BARBARA BEDFORD. One vol., crown 8vo., with an Engraving of the Martyrdom of St. Alban, and Portrait of Wickliffe. Cloth, 5s. 6d.

Bible Cartoons for the School and the Cottage. A suitable Sunday Book. Handsomely bound in cloth, price 4s. 6d.; or in paper covers, price 3s.

Blots on the Escutcheon of Borne. A Brief History of the Chief Papal Persecutions. Edited by Miss CHRISTMAS, Author of "Glendearg Cottage." &c. With an Introduction by the Rev. HUGH STOWELL., M. A., Hon. Canon of Chester, &c. 7s. 6d. cloth.

Hymns and Scripture Chants, arranged according to the Prayer-book, for Children of the Church, of England. With an Explanation of difficult words, a simple Introduction to Chanting, and a few short Prayers. By the Rev. ABNER W. BROWN, A. M., Pytchley, Northamptonshire. 8d.

A Textual Commentary on the Booh of Psalms. By H. N. CHAMPNEY, Esq. Cloth, 3s.

The Church Catechism made Plain, with Texts of Scripture, for Schools and Young Persons. By the Rev. W. W. CHAMPNEYS, Rector of Whitechapel, and Canon of St. Paul's. Sixth. Edition. Revised and Corrected. 6d.

By the same Author,

The Sunday-school Teacher: his Strength, his Studies, and his Duties, Second Edition. 2d.

Floating Lights. Second Edition. 18mo., cloth, Is. 6d.; gilt edges, 2s.

Tender Grass for Christ's Lambs. Third Edition. 6d.; cloth, 1s.

The Golden Cord; or, Faith, Hope, and Charity, 4d.

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The Child's Booh of Homilies. By HELEN TAYLOR. Second Edition,cloth, gilt, 1s.

The Christian Lyre: a Selection of Religious and Moral Poetry. Royal 32mo., cloth, Is. 6d.; or in morocco, 3s. 6d.

The Coach Companion: a True Story. By a CLERGYMAN. 6d.

The Struggles of an Infant Parish: together with some Sermons and Lectures, delivered on particular occasions, in the new Church thereof. By the Rev. JOHN CONOR, M. A., Incumbent of St. Simon's, Liverpool. 5s.

Memorials of a Beloved Mother: being a Sketch of the Life of Mrs. COOPER, Sister of the late Rev. E. Bickersteth. By the Author of the "Memoir of John Lang Bickersteth." 4s.

The Cottage by the Lake; or, the Wilmer family. Translated from the German. By MATILDA WRENCH. With a Frontispiece. 2s.

The Country and London. A Tale for Little Boys and Girls. By the Author of "Aids to Development," "Open and See," &c, &c. With Engravings. 2s.

Plain Sermons. By the Rev. EDWARD CROW, M. A., Incumbent of Tuckingmill, Cornwall. Second Edition. 12mo., cloth lettered, 3s. 6d.

Lectures on a few Portions of Scripture, Delivered in Glenchree, parish, of Powerscourt. By ROBERT DALY, Bishop of Cashel. 2s. 6d.

The Delmar Family, A Peep into the Family of Mrs. Delmar; or, a Book for Me and my Children on National and Important Subjects. By the Author of "Obedience the Great Lesson." 5s.

Early Training; or, Warnings and Encouragements for Christian Parents. 1s.

The Early Dead; or, Our Loved and Lost Ones. A Selection of Poetry; to which, are added, Texts of Scripture, and Extracts from the best prose writers on Affliction. 1s.

The Life of Moses: with the leading Incidents of Israel's Journey. Intended for Youth. By the Rev. JOHN ELLISON, Senior Curate of Wellingborough. Cloth, 1s. 6d.

Emily Bathurst; or, at Home and Abroad. By the Author of "A Book for Young Women." With, an Engraving. Foolscap 8vo., cloth, 3s.

By the same Author, A Book for Young Women. By the Wife of a Clergyman. Fourth Edition, stiff cover, 6d.; or cloth lettered, 1s.
"A book which may most advantageously be placed in the hands of young women."-- Church of England Magazine.

A Book for Wives and Mothers. Second Edition. 6d., or cloth, 1s,

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Evening Home Circle; or, Social Study in the Gospel History of the Life of our Lord; consisting of forty-two cards, accompanied by Mimpriss's Chart of our Lord's Life and Ministry. 4s. 6d.

Justification by Faith; Cleared from Error, founded on Scripture, and built up on the Testimony of Protestant Divines. By the Rev. JAMES G. FAITHFULL, M. A., Vicar of North Mimms, Herts. Foolscap 8vo., 4s. 6d.

Cottage Lectures on the Epistles to the Seven Churches in Asia. By the Rev. J. A. FENTON, M. A. 1s.

First Steps to the British Flora: arranged according to the Natural System. By the Author of "Wild Flowers and their Teachings, &c." 5s. 6d.; or in a box, with Natural Specimens, 8s. 6d.

"Our Father;" or, Jesus Teaching to Pray, An Exposition of the Lord's Prayer. By the Rev. S. GARRATT. Cloth, 2s. 6d.; or, in paper wrapper, 1s. 6d.

The Million-Peopled City; or, One Half of the People of London made known to the Other Half. By the Rev. John GARWOOD, M. A., Clerical Secretary to the London City Mission, and Editor of "The London City Mission Magazine." 4s. 6d.

The Revelation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Historically and Critically Interpreted; in which the principal subjects treated originally are--
1. The. AEra of the Fifth Seal.
2. The Fulfilment of the Latter Part of the Sixth, the Four Winds, and the Sealing.
3. The Whole Interpretation of the Seventh, Silence in Heaven, &c,
4. The Stars Cast Down.
5. The Woman Flying into the Wilderness.
6. The Flood from the Mouth of the Serpent.
7. The Image of the Wild-Beast.
8, The Second Angel of Chap. xiv. 8.
9. The Vintage.
10. The Latter Part of the Sixth Vial, the Gathering at Armageddon.
11. The Last Head of the Wild-Beast not the Pope.
12. The Angel standing in the Sun.
13. The Reign of the Saints with Christ a Thousand Years.

14. The New Heaven and Earth, and the New Jerusalem.
To which is added, a Chronological Synopsis in the form of a Chart. By the Rev. PHILIP GELL, M. A., late Rural Dean of the District of Derby, in the Diocese of Lichfield. In two thick volumes, 12mo., price 11. cloth lettered.

Good out of Evil; or, the History of Adjai, the African Slave Boy: an Authentic Biography of the Rev. S. Crowther, Native Missionary in Abbeokuta, West Africa. Edited by the Rev. C. F. CHILDE. With a Map, 2s.

Grace Overton; or, the Service of the Heart. With Engravings. 18mo., cloth, 1s. 6d.

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Reconciliation. "God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto Himself." By the Rev. E. D. HAMMOND, M. A. 2s.

The Old Missionary Box and its Owners. By HARRIET D'OYLEY HOWE. With Illustrations. 1s.

By the same Author, Clara Eversham; or, the Life of a School-girl. A Narrative founded upon Fact. With four steel etchings. 2s. cloth.

The Irish Widow; or, a Picture from Life of Erin and her Children. By the Author of "Poor Paddy's Cabin." Limp cloth, 1s. 6d.; or cloth boards, gilt, 2s. 6d.

Israel Hartmann, as Youth, Husband, and Orphan Schoolmaster. A Biography, from his Diary and Letters. Translated from the German by Mrs. Thompson. With a Prefatory Notice by the Rev. ROBERT BICKERSTETH, Rector of St. Giles's-in-the-Fields, London. Price 2s. 6d.

A Catechism on the Collects of the Church of England; with Scripture Proofs in full, and the Collects rendered into Verse. By MARG. JACOT. 1s.

"Christ is All." The Gospel of the Old Testament (Genesis). By the Venerable HENRY LAW, M. A., Archdeacon of Wells, 3s.

Spiritual Truths, extracted from the Writings of Archbishop Leighton. Compiled by the Rev. W. WILSON, D. D., Canon of Winchester. Cloth gilt, 2s. 6d.; morocco, 5s.

Lessons in Ancient History, in Question and Answer, to which is added, a General, Chronological, and Scriptural Index. Sixth thousand. Carefully revised by the Her. B. W. BEATSON, Tutor and Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge. 1s.

Little Annie; or, Is Church Time a Happy Time? In 18mo., 1s. 6d.
The MS. of this little work--being an endeavour to interest children in the public services of the Church--underwent the revision of the late Rev. EDWARD BICKERSTETH of Watton.

Scripture Portions; with Prayers for Invalids. By ELIZABETH MARIA LLOYD. 1s., in stiff covers; 1s. 6d. in cloth, lettered.

Childhood's Daily Offerings, and the Breathings of Flowers; consisting of Hymns and Prayers for the daily use of little children; in four parts. By the late Rev. J. LOXLEY. 2s. 6d.

Lucy Ashford. A Story for Children. With an Engraving. 1s. 6d.

Maude Bolingbroke. A Roman Catholic Story. By EMMA JANE, Author of "Alice Cuninghame," &c, &c. Cloth lettered, 5s.
#*** This narrative elucidates in a striking manner the corrupt doctrine and practice of the Church of Rome, and is written in a very pleasing manner.

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Christian Duties in the Closet. By the Rev. ROBERT MEEK, Rector of Sutton Bonnington, Notts, Author of "The Mutual Recognition of Glorified Saints," &c, &c. 2s. 6d
Also, by the same Author, price 2s. 6d., The Time of Affliction.
"Devout, evangelical, judicious."--Christian Times.

The Steps of Jesus: a Narrative Harmony of the Four Evangelists. For the use of Children and Schools. By Robert MIMPRISS. Limp, 8d.; or cloth boards, 1s.

Money and its Influence. A Tale Translated from the German. By A Lady. 2s.

Helps and Hints for Bible Readers; being Practical Comments on some of the most Remarkable Passages in the New Testament. By the Rev. NICHOLAS J. MOODY, Vicar of St. Giles's, Oxford. 3s. 6d.

The Morning Land: a Family and Jewish History. By the Author of "Leila Ada." With Portrait on steel. 5s.

"My Flowers." Containing a Monthly Chapter of operations in small gardens. With suitable reflections. In 18mo., cloth lettered, 2s. 6d.
"This neat little volume is reprinted from the pages of the 'Cottage Gardener,' and is a perfect gem in its way."--Critic.

Cottage Sermons; or, Plain Words to the Poor. By the Rev. ASHTON OXENDEN, M. A., Rector of Pluckley, Kent. In Two Series, 2s. 6d. each.

Pocket Companion for a Pilgrim Through the Brief Space of Life, to the Grand Consummation of all our Hopes, even the Appearing of the Great God, and our Saviour Jesus Christ. 1s.

Poor Henry; or, the Pilgrim Hut of Weisenstein. Translated from the German of Dr. Barth. 1s.

Poor Paddy's Cabin; or, Slavery in Ireland, A True Representation of Facts and Characters. By An Irishman, Author of the "Irish Widow," &c. Fourth Edition, with, an Engraving, 1s. 6d.; ditto, cloth, extra, with. Three Engravings, 2s. 6d.

The Two Brothers and the Two Paths. By the Rev. P. B. POWER, M. A. With Engraving. 1s. 6d.

The Living Epistle; or, Some Passages from the Life and Last Illness of Mrs. Joseph Tanner. Addressed to the suffering Children of God. 8vo., cloth lettered, 2s.

The Holy Ghost: His Nature and Office. Whitsuntide Lectures. By Rev. JOSHUA R. WATSON, Lecturer of Clapham. 8vo., 3s. 6d.

London: Wertheim and Macintosh, 24, Paternoster-row.

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