1867 - An Old Beekeeper. How to Manage the Honey Bee in New Zealand - [Advertisements for books] p 69-74

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  1867 - An Old Beekeeper. How to Manage the Honey Bee in New Zealand - [Advertisements for books] p 69-74
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[Advertisements for books]

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GEO. T. CHAPMAN, Queen Street, Auckland.

Chapman's Index to the Statute Law of New Zealand:

An alphabetical Index to the Laws of the General Government, to January, 1867. The date or number of the ordinance of the Legislative Council or the Act of the General Assembly. The short title of the Ordinance or Act. The page of the authorised edition of the Statutes. The Page of the Abridgment, and remarks as to how the Ordinances or Acts are repealed, reserved, superseded, not confirmed, disallowed, or otherwise disposed of. Price 10s.; by post, 10s. 6d.

This Index will be found invaluable as a reference book to solicitors, auctioneers, agents, &c.; it contains the short title of all the Acts, including those of last session, and explains which Acts are now in force.

Chapman's Handy-Book of the Statute Law of New Zealand:

A Second Edition of the Abridgment of the Ordinance of the Legislative Council and the Acts of the first three Parliaments of New Zealand, forming a complete epitome of the Laws of New Zealand. The first edition of this popular manual was declared by His Honor Sir George A. Arney to be one of the best abridgments of the laws of any country he had ever seen. Price 20s.; by post, 22s.

This Handy-Book should be on the desk of merchants, agents, &c., and every person engaged in business in New Zealand.

1 Chapman's Map of New Zealand.

The most correct and comprehensive Map of New Zealand, showing the divisions of the nine Provinces; a sketch Map of Australasia; and outline Map of the World, with the various Mail routes and distances. Price 4s.

2 Chapman's Map of the North Island of New Zealand,

Including the Provinces of Auckland, Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, and Wellington; the new divisions of Counties, Settlements, Roads, and all the recent additions from the Military surveys. Price 2s. 6d.

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3 Chapman's Map of the Middle Island of New Zealand,

Including the Provinces of Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Otago, and Southland, with the Towns, Stations, Gold-fields, Roads, and Railways. Price 2s. 6d.

4 Chapman's Map of the Province of Auckland,

Showing the Harbours, Islands, Rakes, Rivers, Mountains, Roads, Counties, Villages, &c. Price 2s. 6d.

5 Chapman's Enlarged Map of the Province of Auckland,

No. 1. The Northern part,

Containing the Counties Wynyard, Mangonui, Hokianga, Bedford, Hobson and Marsden, or from the North Cape to Whangarei. Price 2s. 6d.

6 Chapman's Enlarged Map of the Province of Auckland,

No. 2. The Middle part,

Containing the Counties Hobson, Marsden, Eden, Banks, and Queens, or from Whangarei to the Waikato; the Villages, Roads, Counties, Parishes, Blocks, Settlements, &c. Price 2s. 6d.

7 Chapman's Enlarged Map of the Province of Auckland,

No. 3. The Waikato District,

Containing the Counties Eden, Banks', Queen's, Rutland, Cook's, and Grey's, with the districts of Raglan, Aotea, Kawhia, Thames, Taupo, and Tauranga, with the Confiscated Lands, Military Settlements, &c., on a large scale. Price 2s. 6d.

8 Chapman's Plan of the City of Auckland

On a large scale. This is the only complete and reliable one, compiled from the Government Registration Plans, shewing the Blocks, Sections, number and area, the principal Buildings and Public Places. Price 2s. 6d.

9 Chapman's Chart of the Colony of New Zealand,

With the adjacent Islands, showing the boundary of the Colony, as defined by the Imperial Parliament. Price 1s. 6d.

Nos. 5, 6 and 7 are drawn on a large scale, to shew more distinctly the Surveyed Blocks, Forty acre Lands, Special and Military Settlements,

[Image of page 71]

Counties, Parishes, Native Reserves, Villages, Confiscated Lands, Roads, Rivers, Harbours, &c., in the Province of Auckland, and will be found invaluable to guide intending settlers in the selection of land.

THE PUBLISHER has much pleasure in calling the general attention of the inhabitants of the Provinces of New Zealand to the above series of very popular new Maps, the sale of which has already greatly exceeded his expectations.

Having been compiled and printed in Auckland under his own inspection, with the assistance of the principal Government Surveyors and Draughtsmen, they contain more accurate information, and are more complete and better finished than any Maps of New Zealand yet published.

The very great expense at which they have been got up, has induced the publisher to offer them at the very reasonable and low prices as above, knowing that only a very extensive sale in the Provinces will repay him for the outlay.

At the above prices they will be forwarded free by post.

Chapman's Gazetteer of the Province of Auckland,

Second edition, carefully revised, giving the names of nearly fifteen hundred places, with a description of the locality, boundaries, position, extent, resources, and prospects, &c., and a fine large Map of the Province. Price 4s.

Chapman's Handy Book to the Farm and Garden,

Containing hints on ploughing, digging, manuring, sowing, planting, transplanting, training, propagating, pruning, budding, reaping, and gathering seeds, and the general management of the Field, Kitchen Garden, Orchard, Flower Garden, and Greenhouse. Price 1s.

New Zealand Ball Boom Pocket Companion,

Containing hints on deportment and the correct figures of the several dances, compiled by an Auckland Lady Teacher. Price 1s.

Kemp's First Step to Maori Conversation,

Being a new and very much improved and enlarged edition of this very popular easy guide to the Maori language, by Henry Tacy Kemp, Bay of Islands, late Native Secretary and Interpreter to the Government. Price 2s. 6d.

Taylor's The Age of New Zealand,

A Geological Paper, by the Rev. Richard Taylor (of Whanganui), M.A., F.G.S., author of "Te Ika a Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants." Price 1s.

[Image of page 72]

Taylor's Our Race and its Origin,

An Ethnological Paper, by the Rev. Richard Taylor, M. A., F. G. S., author of "Te Ika a Maui, or New Zealand and its Inhabitants." Price 1s.

"The above two papers by Mr. Taylor are well worth reading carefully. The first on the Geological Age of New Zealand, is the deductions from his personal experience in his sojourn for nearly a life-time in these islands. The second paper on the Human Race, its Origin and Migrations, for six thousand years, until at last the representatives of Shem, Ilam, and Japheth meet together in New Zealand is exceedingly curious and instructive." They will be sent post free at the above price.

Hay's Annual Garden Book, 1867,

With the prices of ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Conifers, Evergreens, and Climbers, Fruit Trees, Flower Seeds, &c., and a New Monthly Calendar of operations in the Kitchen Garden, Orchard, Flower Garden, and Greenhouse. Price 6d.

Hay's Pine Tree in New Zealand,

Being a list of Pines raised from Seed introduced into New Zealand, with hints to parties wishing to grow them for ornament or shelter. By David Hay, Nurseryman, &c. Price 6d.

McEwin's Best method of Saving Seeds,

The time of Sowing and Planting, and how to grow Fruit Trees on grass lands. By Andrew McEwin, Nurseryman, &c. Price 6d.

The Want of the Country:

A Sermon by the Rev. David Bruce, Presbyterian Church, Auckland. Price Is.

Providence and Prayer:

A Sermon by the Rev. P. Barclay, St. Paul's Church, Napier, and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. Price Is.

Chapman's New Zealand Almanac and Directory

For 1867, eighth year of publication, contains Tides, Astronomical Phenomena, Sailing Directions for New Zealand and the Pacific, General Government Directory, Directories for the nine Provinces, Statistics compiled expressly for the Almanac, Fanning and Gardening, Mail Routes, Customs Tariff, Stamp Duties, Army List, Postage Rates, &c. Price 2s. 6d.

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Has pleasure in bringing before the public the following branches carried on in connection with his business in Queen Street:--

The Manufacture of Account Books--

All sizes of Mercantile Account Books, such as Journals, Ledgers, Cash, Bay, Letter, Invoice, Minute, and Guard Books in stock or made to order, with machine or hand made paper--medium, demy, post or foolscap, folio, quarto, or octavo--ruled, paged, and indexed on the shortest notice, by first-class workmen.

The Ruling of Paper by Machinery.

Account Sales, Account Current, Sermon, Music Paper, &c., ruled to any pattern, in black, blue, red, or fancy colored inks.

Engraving and Copper-plate Printing.

Visiting Cards, Wedding Cards, Crests, Initials, &c., engraved and printed in the best style with despatch, and at reasonable prices.

Lithographic Printing, in black, bronze, and colors.

Charts, Maps, Plans, Circulars, Music, Views, Show Cards, Window Tickets, Bottle Labels, Copies of Photographs, Pencil Sketches, or Drawings of Houses, Estates, or Scenery. The writing and printing in this department cannot he excelled in Auckland.

Letter-press Printing.

Circulars, Hand-bills. Posters, Law, Mercantile, and Customs' Forms, Lectures, Sermons, Essays, Speeches, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Books, and every description of Letter-press Printing on the shortest notice.

Miscellaneous Bookbinding.

Pamphlets, Books, Music, Portfolios, Albums, Fern Books, Invoice Books, &c., in every style of binding, in paper, cloth, goat, sheep, roan, rough or smooth calf, morocco, or velvet. The very best workmanship and finish, with moderate charges.

Paper-cutting, Perforating, Numbering, and Paging.

Paper or Cards cut to any size; Cheque Books, Receipt Books, &c., Perforated; and Books and Papers numbered or paged consecutively, alternately, or the number repeated two or three times from 1 to 9,999.

Printing and Publishing.

Authors or Compilers may have net cost of Printing, Binding, and Publishing Lectures, Sermons, Pamphlets, Periodicals, Books, &c.

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