1817 - Nicholas, J. L. Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand [Vol.II] - [Books for Sale]

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  1817 - Nicholas, J. L. Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand [Vol.II] - [Books for Sale]
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[Books for Sale]

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STUDIES in HISTORY: containing the HISTORY of GREECE, from its earliest Records to its final Subjugation by the Romans, with Reflections, &c. Embellished with a Map of Ancient Greece. By Thomas Morell. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The same, with a Map, for the Use of Schools. 12mo. 6s. 6d. boards.

STUDIES in HISTORY: containing the HISTORY of ROME, from its earliest Records to the Death of Constantine, in a Series of Essays, accompanied with Reflections, References to original Authorities, and Historical Questions. By the same. Second edition, 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

The same, with a Map, for the Use of Schools. 12mo. 5s. boards.

The CHRISTIAN PASTOR, a Poem, in three Parts. By the same. Crown 8vo. 5s. boards.

QUESTIONS RESOLVED in DIVINITY, HISTORY, and BIOGRAPHY: including a concise Explanation of above Four Hundred difficult Texts in the Bibles and a great variety of instructive and entertaining information in General Literature. The whole methodically arranged, with Indexes. By the Rev. GEORGE GLYN SCRAGGS, A. M. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s. 6d.

The FRENCH PREACHER: a Translation of the Sermons of the most eminent French Divines, with Biographical Notices of the Authors, &c. Selected, translated, and compiled by the Rev. INGRAM COBBIN, A. M. In one vol. 8vo. Price 14s. boards.

An HISTORICAL VIEW of the REFORMED CHURCH of FRANCE, from its Origin to the present Time. With an Appendix, containing a variety of interesting Documents. By the same Author. Price 5s. boards.

PHILANTHROPY; a Poem, with Plates. By the same Author. Foolscap 8vo.

The BATTLE of WATERLOO: a Poem, by JOHN HASKINS. --4s.

FRENCH ACCOUNT of the LAST CAMPAIGN of BUONAPARTE; written by an Eye-Witness. --Translated by Capt. THORNTON, 78th Highlanders. --With a PLAN of the BATTLE of WATERLOO, sketched by the Translator, and approved by Col. Brooke. --Dedicated to Major-Gen. Sir J. Willoughby Gordon, K. C. B Quarter-Master-Geueral to the British Forces. --Price 5s. stitched.

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Published by James Black and Son, Tavistock Street.

FLORA AMERICAE SEPTENTRIONALIS: or, a Systematic Arrangement and Description of the PLANTS of NORTH AMERICA; containing, besides what have been described by preceding Authors, many new and rare Species collected during Twelve Years' Residence and Travels in that Country. By FRED. PURSH. Second Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 1l, 16s. plain. 2l. 12s. coloured.

PHAEDO: a Dialogue on the Immortality of the Soul. -- Translated from the Greek of Plato, by T. R. Joliffe, Esq. A. M. In one vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

FABLES for (he FIRE-SIDE. --By J. Lettice, D. D-- With each Fable is connected a Praxis for the Investigation of its Moral. A new edition, in one vol, 8vo. fine paper, 7s. --common, 5s. boards.

PASTORAL LETTERS ON NONCONFORMITY. Addressed to a Young Member of a Society of Protestant Dissenters. By the Rev. Robert Whiter, D. D. Post 12mo. 3s. 6d.

SERMONS for the USE of VILLAGES and FAMILIES: By Thornhill Kidd, 2 vols. 8vo. 16s. boards. --Third edition.

The WORKS of PRESIDENT EDWARDS, Complete, with occasional Notes on Controverted Subjects, and an accurate, copious Index. --By the Rev. Edw. Williams, D. D. and the Rev. E. Parsons. New Edition. 8 vols, royal 8vo. 41. 16s.

The LIFE of PRESIDENT EDWARDS. By John Hawksley. 12mo. 4s. boards-

An EXPOSITION of the EPISTLE to the HEBREWS, with the Preliminary Exercitations. By John Owes, D. D. -- Revised and abridged, with a full and interesting Life of the Author, a copious Index, &c. by the Rev. EDW. WILLIAMS, D. D. A new Edition, with Corrections and Improvements. 4 vols. 8vo. 2l. 2s.

A DEFENCE of MODERN CALVINISM, in answer to the Bishop of Lincoln. --By the same Author. 8vo. 12s. boards.

An ESSAY on the Equity of Divine Government and the Sovereignty of Divine Grace. --By the same Author. --Printed uniformly with the above, 12s. boards.

A SELECTION of SERMONS and CHARGES. By the same Author. 1 vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The LIVES of the PURITANS. By B. Brook. Containing a Biographical Account of those Divines who distinguished themselves in the cause of Religious Liberty, from the Reformation under Queen Elizabeth, to the Act of Uniformity in 1662. 3 vols. 8vo. royal paper, 2l. 14s. --demy, 1l. 16s. boards.

ROMAINE's WORKS; 3 new Edition, with additions. With a Portrait. In 6 vols. 8vo, 31. 3s. boards.

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