1877 - Pratt, W. T. Colonial Experiences - CHAPTER XIII: RETIREMENT.

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  1877 - Pratt, W. T. Colonial Experiences - CHAPTER XIII: RETIREMENT.
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AS my reminiscences draw near the present time, and consequently their conclusion, I may be excused for observing a little more reticence regarding purely personal matters than was observed in the earliest stages.

With this almost involuntary limitation, I cannot help feeling my "occupation gone."

Individuals of the most taciturn dispositions can often be very garrulous upon their own affairs; and forestalling the reader, by placing myself in this category, there remains little more for me to write about. I have no imagination; hard "Gradgrind" facts, that are easy to deal with, have here been simply treated,

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and with their elimination my "happy dispatch" follows as a matter of course.

I may, therefore, briefly state, that my sons not taking to the business I had so successfully established for them, and having made some judicious investments in 1872, I closed with an eligible opportunity that presented itself for its disposal, and it only remains for me to make a few remarks in a short chapter which will conclude this to me pleasant review of old times, hoping the reader will derive equal pleasure from its perusal.

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