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Proposed additions to the collection

Many potential candidates for the Early New Zealand Books Collection are not held at the University of Auckland and attempts are being made to locate them in other New Zealand libraries.

A partnership agreement has been signed with Auckland Libraries to include around 60 items from their collections, including missing issues of the Missionary Register. A similar agreement has been signed with the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

A start has also been made on including published collections of letters and journals from the period to 1800-1870. Some of these are out of copyright (e.g. the Richmond-Atkinson Papers, the Letters and Journals of Samuel Marsden and Marsden's Lieutenants). With others it has been necessary to obtain permission from editors and their estates (e.g. The Founding of New Zealand: the Journals of Felton Mathew and the Turanga Journals).

The long-term goal is to make the collection as complete as possible as far as published primary sources are concerned.

ePub versions of complete books for online reading on devices can now be downloaded from website chapters.


Auckland Libaries contributions:

1832 - Busby, J. Authentic Information relative to New South Wales and New Zealand

1836 - Report of the Formation and Establishment of the New Zealand Temperance Society

1838 - Beecham, J. Remarks Upon the Latest Official Documents Relating to New Zealand.

1838 - Hinds, Samuel. The latest Official Documents relating to New Zealand

1839 - Walton, John. Twelve Months Residence in New Zealand

1839 - White, William. Important Information Relative to New Zealand

1841 - Bright, John. Handbook for Emigrants and Others

1844 - Colenso, W. Excursion in the Northern Island of New Zealand in the Summer of 1841-42

1845 - Churton, Henry. Letters from Wanganui, New Zealand

1847 - Selwyn, G. England and the New Zealanders, Part I

1852 - Shaw, John. A Tramp to the Diggings [New Zealand sections only]

1852 - Rules and Regulations of the Constabulary Force of New Zealand

1854 - Grey, George. Memorandum upon a Letter addressed by Lord Lyttelton to Sir George Grey

1854 - Malone, R. E. Three Years' Cruise in the Australasian Colonies [NZ sections only]

1854 - Richardson, J. The First Christian Martyr of the New Zealand Church

1854 - Richardson, J. A Summer's Excursion in New Zealand

1855 - Davis, C. O. The Renowned Chief Kawiti and other New Zealand Warriors

1856 - Brown, A. N. Brief Memorials of an Only Son [2nd ed.]

1856 - Busby, James The First Settlers in New Zealand and their Treatment by the Government [2nd ed.]

1857 - Baker, A. New Zealand compared with Great Britain in its Physical and Social Aspects

1858 - Moon, H. An Account of the Wreck of H.M. Sloop "Osprey"

1860 - Bell, F. D. Notes by the Governor on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet entitled The Taranaki Question

1860 - Voices from Auckland, New Zealand

1860 - Weld, F. A. Hints to Intending Sheep-Farmers in New Zealand [New Zealand chapters]

1861 - Bunbury, T. Reminiscences of a Veteran [New Zealand chapters]

1863 - Wakefield, E. J. What will they do in the General Assembly?

1864 - Muter, E. Travels and Adventures of an Officer's Wife in India, China and New Zealand. [NZ Sections only]


Auckland War Memorial Museum contributions:

1836 - Murray, John. An Account of the Phormium Tenax, or New Zealand Flax

1836 - Yate, William. Letters to the Rev. William Yate, from Natives of New Zealand...

1837 - Coates, D. The Principles, Objects and Plan of the New-Zealand Association

1838 - Beecham, J. Colonization, Being Remarks on Colonization in General...

1839 - Popular Account of New Zealand as a Field for British Colonization 

1840 - Campbell, E. The Present State, Resources and Prospects of New Zealand

1840 - Johnson, J. Pitts. Plain Truths, Told by a Traveller [New Zealand sections]

1840 - Rudge, J. An Address to the New Zealand Emigrants

1841 - Australia, Van Dieman's Land, and New Zealand [New Zealand section]

1842 - Fox, William. Colonization and New Zealand

1842 - Mangles, R. How to Colonise

1842 - Martin, S. M. D. New Zealand in 1842 

1843 - Butler, S. The Emigrant's Hand-Book of Facts [New Zealand sections]

1843 - First Annual Report of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of Auckland 

1843 - Jennings, J. New Zealand Colonization

1843 - Yate, William. A letter to the Committee of the Church Missionary Society [photocopy]

1844 - Waterhouse, J. Journal of a Second Voyage from Hobart-Town [New Zealand sections]

1844 - Woolls, W. A Short Account of the Character and Labours of the Rev. Samuel Marsden

1845 - The Petition of the New Zealand Company, presented to the House of Commons by Joseph Somes 

1845 - Scheme of the Colony of the Free Church at Otago

1846 - The Auckland Pocket Almanack for the Year 1847

1848 - An Account of the Earthquakes in New Zealand

1848 - Arrangements for the Adjustment of Questions relating to Land in the Settlements of the New Zealand Company

1848 - Byrne, J. C. Twelve Years' Wanderings in the British Colonies [New Zealand sections]

1848 - Mantell, G. A. On the Fossil Remains of Birds Collected in New Zealand

1848 - Owen, R. On the Remains of the Gigantic and Presumed Extinct Wingless or Terrestrial Birds of New Zealand

1848 - Southey, T. The Rise, Progress and Present State of Colonial Wools. [New Zealand chapter]

1849 - Arrangements for the Adjustment of Questions relating to Land in Wellington 

1849 - Earp, G. B. Hand-book for Intending Emigrants to the Southern Settlements of New Zealand

1849 - Enderby, C. The Auckland Islands

1849 - Pompallier, J. B. F. Notes grammaticales sur la langue Maorie ou Neo-Zelandaise 

1850 - Brief Information about the Canterbury Settlement 

1850 - Mantell, G. A. Notice of the Remains of the Dinornis

1851 - Four Illustrative Views of the Canterbury settlement

1851 - Marsh, E. G. Letter to Church Missionary Society

1852 - Gann, A. J. The New Zealand Emigration Circular for 1852

1852 - Kennedy, A. Notes of a Short Tour into the Interior of the Northern Colony of New Zealand 

1852 - Martin, A. Journal of an Emigrant from Dorsetshire to New Zealand. [Typescript]

1852 - Peppercorne, F. S. Geological and Topographical Sketches of the Province of New Ulster

1852 - Rough, David. Narrative of a Journey through Part of the North of New Zealand

1853 - Savage, H. Circular to the President, and all the Members of the Canterbury Association

1853 - Swainson, William. Auckland, the Capital of New Zealand 

1853 - Collinson, T. B. Remarks on the Military Operations in New Zealand

1854 - Drury, Byron. Revised Sailing Directions... for the Northern Part of the Colony of New Zealand 

1854 - Golder, W. The Pigeons' Parliament

1854 - Selfe, H. S. - The Accounts of the Canterbury Association, with Explanatory Remarks, in a Letter to Lord Lyttelton

1855 - The Monthly Record of Church Missions in Connection with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel [New Zealand sections]

1856 - Beardsworth, C. A. C. An Epitome of the Geography of New Zealand

1856 - Bonwick, J. Geography of Australia and New Zealand [New Zealand section only]

1856 - [Campbell, John Logan] Politics and Politicians Dissected 

1856 - Proposed Scheme of Education for the Province of Auckland 

1856 - Wynyard, R. H. The following Brief Narrative... relating to my Career... in New Zealand, from 1851 to 1856 

1858 - Batkin, C. New Plymouth the Seat of Government

1858 - The New Zealand 'Emigrant's Bradshaw' : or, Guide to the 'Britain of the South'

1858 - Shaw, D. D. A gallop to the Antipodes, Returning Overland through India [New Zealand sections only]

1858 - Stones, W. New Zealand, (the Land of Promise) and its Resources

1858 - Thomson, J. T. Sketch of the Province of Otago

1859 - Harding, I. Roman Catholicism: a Letter to Colonel Thomas Gore Browne

1859 - Pompallier, J. B. F. Correspondence between His Excellency the Governor and the Right Rev. Bishop Pompallier

1859 - "Uncle John" Hints to Colonists

1860 - Bennett, G. Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australasia [NZ chapter only]

1860 - Buddle, T. The Maori King Movement in New Zealand

1860 - Busby J. Illustrations of the System called Responsible Government

1860 - Carrington, F. A. The Land Question of Taranaki

1860 - Extracts from the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry, for the use of the New Zealand Militia

1860 - New Zealand: a Hand-book for Emigrants, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information regarding Auckland.

1860 - Suggestions in Reference to Military Operations in New Zealand

1861 - The Church Quarterly [Christchurch]

1861 - Haast, J. von. Report of a Topographical and Geological Exploration of the Western Districts of the Nelson Province, New Zealand

1861 - Johnstone, J. C. The Maories and the Causes of the Present Anarchy in New Zealand

1861 - Jones, S. Handbook to the Ferns of New Zealand

1861 - The New Zealand War of 1860: an Inquiry into its Origin and Justice

1861 - Paul, R. B. New Zealand As it Was and As it Is

1861 - Whytlaw, M. New Zealand Flax

1862 - Algar, F. Handbook to Otago and Southland

1862 - [Gray, G. R.] A List of the Birds of New Zealand and the Adjacent Islands

1862 - Heaphy, Charles. A Visit to the Greenstone Country

1862 - Richardson, J. L. C. Sketch of Otago, New Zealand, as a Field of British Emigration

1862 - The Southern Provinces Almanac, Directory, and Yearbook for 1862

1862 - Voices from Auckland, New Zealand

1863 - Heaphy, C. New Zealand, Province of Auckland Government Loan

1863 - He Pukapuka Whakaatu i nga Tikanga a te Pakeha

1863 - Pasley, C. The War in New Zealand

1863 - Silver's Guide to Australasia [New Zealand sections only]

1863 - Speed the Plough: or, the Colonial and New Zealand Farmers' Guide

1863 - Warren, J. The Christian Mission to the Aborigines of New Zealand

1863 - Williams, H. The Fall of Kororareka in 1845 [Photocopy]

1864 - Haast, Julius von. Report on the Formation of the Canterbury Plains

1864 - Te Iho-o-te-rangi, Raniera. Enei Korero na Raniera Te Ihooterangi

1865 - Browne, J. A. England's Artillerymen [New Zealand chapter only]

1865 - Buller, W. Essay on the Ornithology of New Zealand 

1865 - The Case of New Zealand

1865 - Crawford, James C. Essay on the Geology of the North Island of New Zealand

1865 - Howitt, W. The History of Discovery in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand [New Zealand sections]

1865 - Ludlam, A. Essay on the Cultivation and Acclimatization of Trees and Plants 

1865 - The Murder of the Rev. C. S. Volkner, in New Zealand

1865 - Official Catalogue of the New Zealand Exhibition, 1865.

1865 - Old Colonist. The Middle Island, New Zealand

1865 - Powditch, W. Observations on the Harbour of Auckland 

1865 - Remarks on the Credit of New Zealand and the Honour of Great Britain

1865 - Vogel, J. Great Britain and her Colonies 

1866 - A Campaign on the West Coast of New Zealand

1866 - Catalogue of Books recently added to the Library of the Provincial Council, Auckland, New Zealand.

1866 - Clark, A. A Sketch of the Colony of New Zealand 

1866 - A Clergyman. Australia in 1866... with Notices of New Zealand [New Zealand pages only]

1866 - Haast, Julius von. Report on the Headwaters of the River Rakaia

1866 - Henderson, G. Otago and the Middle Island of New Zealand

1866 - [Luckie, D. M.] Illustrated Narrative of the Dreadful Murders on the Maungatapu Mountain

1866 - New Zealand Exhibitiion, 1865

1866 - Thiercelin, Louis. Journal d'un Baleinier [NZ sections]

1867 - Algar, F. A Hand-book to Auckland 

1867 - Hay, David. The Management of the Kitchen Garden

1867 - Mercer, A. H. H. The late Captain Henry Mercer, of the Royal Artillery: who was killed... at the Battle of Rangiriri

1867 - An Old Beekeeper. How to Manage the Honey Bee in New Zealand

1867 - Stevens and Bartholomew's New Zealand directory for 1866-67

1867 - Taylor, R. The Age of New Zealand

1867 - White, John. Nga Tikanga o te Whakatupu me te Mahinga o te Tupeka 

1868 - Haynes, S. L. A Ramble in the New Zealand Bush

1868 - Johnston, A. A handy Book for the Coroners of New Zealand

1868 - Lindsay, W. Contributions to New Zealand Botany

1868 - Melvin, J. On the Causes which seem to have led to the Extinction of the New Zealand Moa

1868 - Pyke, V. The Province of Otago in New Zealand 

1868 - Sadler, W. E. Free Trade in New Zealand 

1868 - Saunders, Alfred. New Zealand: its Climate, Soil, Natural and Artificial Productions...

1868 - Wylde, J. A Geography and History of New Zealand

1869 - Browne, D. A Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Taranaki and of the District of Wanganui

1869 - Buller, James. The Maori War: a Lecture

1869 - Martin, Ann. He Pukapuka Whakaatu Tikanga mo nga Rongoa mo nga Kai 

1869 - Mr. J. C. Firth's Conference with Tamati Ngapora and the King Natives at Orahiri

1869 - The Native Minister's Interview with Tamati Ngapora, Rewi, and other Leading Chiefs of Waikato 

1869 - Sewell, Henry. The Case of New Zealand and our Colonial Policy 

1869 - Waite, Reuben. A Narrative of the Discovery of the West Coast Gold-fields

1869 - Wakefield, E. Jerningham. True Self-Reliance

1869 - Young, H. W. Hints on House Defence, Blockhouses and Redoubts

1870 - Catalogue of the Colonial Museum, Wellington, New Zealand.

1870 - Taylor, W. The Education of the People: Ten Letters...

1871 - Haast, J. von. Moas and Moa Hunters

1873? Chapman's Settler's Hand-book to the Farm and Garden

1873 - The Province of Canterbury, New Zealand: Information for Intending Emigrants. 

1868 - The History of Local Government in New Zealand

1878 - Ashwell, B. Y. Recollections of a Waikato Missionary

1884 - Bellairs, E. H. W. Thirty Years Ago 

1885 - Hall, John. Experience of Thirty Years in the Provincial District of Wellington 

1887 - "Old Hand". Memories of the Past: Auckland from 1847 

1889 - Colenso, W. A few brief Historical Notes and Remarks concerning the Early Christian Church at Ahuriri 

1891 - Bezar, E. Some Reminiscences of the "Die Hards" (57th West Middlesex Regiment) 


Last updated: 6th April, 2017