1807 - Savage, John. Some Account Of New Zealand [Hocken Library facsim., 1966]

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   1807 - Savage, John. Some Account Of New Zealand [Hocken Library facsim., 1966]

   1814-1853 - The Missionary Register [Sections relating to New Zealand.]

   1817 - Nicholas, J. L. Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand [Vol.I]

   1817 - Nicholas, J. L. Narrative of a Voyage to New Zealand [Vol.II]

   1824 - Cruise, R. Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in New Zealand [2nd ed.][Capper 1974]

   1827 - Murray, H. Adventures of British Seamen in the Southern Ocean [New Zealand chapter only]

   1829 - Dillon, P. Narrative and Successful Result of a Voyage... Vol. I. [Selected chs.]

   1829 - Dillon, P. Narrative and Successful Result of a Voyage... Vol. II. [Selected chs.]

   1830 - Craik, George L. The New Zealanders

   1831 - Tyerman, D. Journal of Voyages and Travels... Vol. II. [One chapter]

   1832 - Busby, J. Authentic Information relative to New South Wales and New Zealand

   1832 - Earle, A. A Narrative of a Nine Months' Residence in New Zealand, in 1827

   1832 - Morrell, B. A narrative of Four Voyages... [Fourth Voyage, Chapters 2 and 3]

   1834 - MacDonell, Thomas. Extracts from Mr. M'Donnell's MS Journal

   1835 - Yate, William. An Account Of New Zealand [2nd ed.]

   1836 - Report of the Formation and Establishment of the New Zealand Temperance Society

   1836 - Marshall, W. B. A Personal Narrative of Two Visits to New Zealand

   1836 - Murray, John. An Account of the Phormium Tenax, or New Zealand Flax

   1837 - Coates, D. The Principles, Objects and Plan of the New-Zealand Association

   1838? - Description of a view of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and the surrounding country

   1838 - Beecham, J. Remarks Upon the Latest Official Documents Relating to New Zealand.

   1838 - Beecham, J. Colonization, Being Remarks on Colonization in General...

   1838 - Hinds, Samuel. The latest Official Documents relating to New Zealand

   1838 - Polack, J. S. New Zealand [Vol.I] [Capper reprint, 1974]

   1838 - Polack, J. S. New Zealand [Vol.II] [Capper reprint, 1974]

   1839 - Darwin, Charles. Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H.M.S. Beagle. [Chapter XX only] [ Brussels: Editions Culture et Civilisation, 1969]

   1839 - Fitzroy, R. Narrative of the Surveying Voyages of His Majesty's ships Adventure and Beagle [New Zealand chapters] [New York: AMS, 1966].

   1839 - Lang, John Dunmore. New Zealand in 1839: or Four Letters to the Right Hon. Earl Durham on the Colonization of that Island.

   1839 - Walton, John. Twelve Months Residence in New Zealand

   1839 - White, William. Important Information Relative to New Zealand

   1840 - Campbell, E. The Present State, Resources and Prospects of New Zealand

   1840 - Hawtrey, Montague J. G. An Earnest Address to New Zealand Colonists, with Reference to their Intercourse with the Native Inhabitants.

   1840 - Johnson, J. Pitts. Plain Truths, Told by a Traveller [New Zealand sections]

   1840 - Missions of the Church Missionary Society at Kishnaghur and in New Zealand [New Zealand Section Only].

   1840 - Polack, J. S. Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders [Vol. I.] [Capper reprint, 1976]

   1840 - Polack, J. S. Manners and Customs of the New Zealanders [Capper reprint, 1976]

   1840 - Rudge, J. An Address to the New Zealand Emigrants

   1840 - Ward J. Supplementary Information Relative to New Zealand

   1841 - Australia, Van Dieman's Land, and New Zealand [New Zealand section]

   1841 - Bidwill, J. Rambles in New Zealand [Capper facsimile, 1974]

   1841 - Bright, John. Handbook for Emigrants and Others

   1841 - Franklin, Jane. Letter from Lady Franklin to Sir John Franklin. [Australian Historical Monographs New Series, Vol. 18, Part II, 1977]

   1841 - Hodgskin, R. A Narrative of Eight Months' Sojourn in New Zealand

   1841 - Information Respecting the Settlement of New Plymouth in New Zealand

   1842 - Fox, William. Colonization and New Zealand

   1842 - Mangles, R. How to Colonise

   1842 - Petre, H. W. An Account of the Settlements of the New Zealand Company [5th ed.][Capper 1971]

   1842 - Ritter, Carl. Die Colonisation von Neu-Seeland

   1842 - Wade, William A Journey in the Northern Island of New Zealand

   1842 - Latest Information from the Settlement of New Plymouth

  1842 - Heaphy, C. Narrative of a Residence in Various Parts of New Zealand [Hocken 1970]

   1842 - Ward, J. Nelson, the Latest Settlement of the New Zealand Company

   1842 - Terry, Charles. New Zealand: its Advantages and Prospects as a British Colony

   1842 - Jameson, R. G. New Zealand, South Australia and New South Wales [Part]

   1843 - Butler, S. The Emigrant's Hand-Book of Facts [New Zealand sections]

   1843 - Chapman, H. The New Zealand Portfolio

   1843 - Letters from Settlers and Labouring Emigrants

   1843 - Dieffenbach, Ernest. Travels in New Zealand [Vol.I] [Capper reprint, 1974]

   1843 - Dieffenbach, Ernest. Travels in New Zealand [Vol.II] [Capper reprint, 1974]

   1843 - Jennings, J. New Zealand Colonization

   1843 - Russell, Michael. Polynesia; or an Historical Account of the Principal Islands in the South Sea [New Zealand Chapter Only]

   1843 - Selwyn, George Augustus. New Zealand Mission: Views of the Bishop of New Zealand.

   1843 - Yate, William. A letter to the Committee of the Church Missionary Society [photocopy]

   1844 - Burns, Barnet. A Brief Narrative of a New Zealand Chief [Hocken Library facsim. 1970]

   1844 - Coates, D. The New Zealanders and their Lands

   1844 - Colenso, W. Excursion in the Northern Island of New Zealand

   1844 - Waterhouse, J. Journal of a Second Voyage from Hobart-Town [New Zealand sections]

   1844 - Woolls, W. A Short Account of the Character and Labours of the Rev. Samuel Marsden

   1845 - Brodie, W. Remarks on the Past and Present State of New Zealand

   1845 - Churton, Henry. Letters from Wanganui, New Zealand

   1845 - Great Britain Parliament. House of Commons, A corrected report of the debate in the House of Commons

   1845 - Martin, S. M. New Zealand: in a Series of Letters

  1845 - Scheme of the Colony of the Free Church at Otago

   1845 - Wakefield, E.J. Adventure in New Zealand [Vol.I.]

   1845 - Wakefield, E. J. Adventure in New Zealand [Vol.II.]

   1845 - Wilkes, C. Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition Vol. II. [Part only]

[No EPUB]   1845 - Williams, W. Three Letters Addressed to the Right Hon. the Earl of Chichester
                             Relative to the Charges Brought Against the New Zealand Mission

   1846 - Aborigines Protection Society. On the British Colonization of New Zealand.

   1846 - The Auckland Pocket Almanack for the Year 1847

   1846 - Fitzroy, Robert. Remarks on New Zealand: in February 1846

   1846 - Marjoribanks, A. Travels in New Zealand

  1847 - Angas, G. F. The New Zealanders [Reed facsim., 1966]

   1847 - Angas, G. F. Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand [Vol I.]

   1847 - Angas, G. F. Savage Life and Scenes in Australia and New Zealand Vol.II

   1847 - Grimstone, S. E. The Southern Settlements of New Zealand.

   1847 - Plain Facts Relative to the Late War in the Northern District of New Zealand

   1847 - Ross, J. C. A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions [New Zealand Chapters Only].

   1847 - Selwyn, G. Annals of the Diocese of New Zealand

   1848 - An Account of the Earthquakes in New Zealand

   1847 - Selwyn, G. England and the New Zealanders, Part I

   1847 - Whiteley, J. He Rongo Mau, he Rongo Mau.

   1848 - Arrangements for the Adjustment of Questions Relating to Land in the Settlements of the New Zealand Company.

   1848 - Byrne, J. C. Twelve Years' Wanderings in the British Colonies [New Zealand sections]

   1848 - Chamerovzow, L. A. The New Zealand Question

   1848 - Correspondence Between the Wesleyan Missionary Committee and the Rt. Hon. Earl Grey

  1848 - Mantell, G. A. On the Fossil Remains of Birds Collected in New Zealand

   1848 - Owen, R. On the Remains of the Gigantic and Presumed Extinct Wingless or Terrestrial Birds of New Zealand

   1848 - Southey, T. The Rise, Progress and Present State of Colonial Wools. [New Zealand chapter]

   1849 - Brees, S. C. Pictorial Illlustrations of New Zealand

[No EPUB]   1849-1850, 1857 - Church Missionary Intelligencer [Sections relating to New Zealand] - 1849 [Vol. 1]

   1849 - Enderby, C. The Auckland Islands

   1849 - Earp, G. B. Hand-book for Intending Emigrants to the Southern Settlements of New Zealand

   1849 - Fox, William. Report on the Settlement of Nelson in New Zealand

   1849 - Hursthouse, C. An Account of the Settlement of New Plymouth

   1849 - McKillop, H. F. Reminiscences of Twelve Months' in New Zealand [Fac. ed. Capper, 1973]

   1849 - Pompallier, J. B. F. Notes grammaticales sur la langue Maorie ou Neo-Zelandaise

   1849 - Power, W. T. Sketches in New Zealand

   1850? - Brees, S. C. Guide and Description of the Panorama of New Zealand

   1850 - Mantell, G. A. Notice of the Remains of the Dinornis and Other Birds...

   1851 - Brown, William. New Zealand and its Aborigines [2nd ed.]

   1851 - Burton, J. H. The Emigrant's Manual. New Zealand, Cape of Good Hope and Port Natal [NZ sections only]

   1851 - Cooper, G. S. Journal of an Expedition Overland from Auckland to Taranaki

  1847-1851. Selwyn, G. A. New Zealand

   1851 - Four Illustrative Views of the Canterbury settlement

   1851 - Fox, William. The Six Colonies of New Zealand

   1851 - Hursthouse, C. New Zealand: the Emigration Field of 1851.

   1851 - Kemp, H. T. He Pukapuka Ako.. i nga Ritenga Pai.. o te Moni.

   1851 - Lucett, E. Rovings in the Pacific, from 1837 to 1849 [New Zealand sections]

   1851 - Marsh, E. G. Letter to Church Missionary Society

   1851 - Shortland, E. The Southern Districts of New Zealand: A Journal, with Passing Notices of the Customs of the Aborigines.

   1852 - Barrett, A. The Life of the Rev. John Hewgill Bumby

   1852 - Defoe, D. He Korero Tipuna Pakeha no Mua, ko Ropitini Kuruho tona Ingoa

   1852 - Gann, A. J. The New Zealand Emigration Circular for 1852

   1852 - Kennedy, A. Notes of a Short Tour into the Interior of the Northern Colony of New Zealand

   1852 - MacGillivray, J. Narrative of the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake [New Zealand pages only]

   1852 - Martin, A. Journal of an Emigrant from Dorsetshire to New Zealand. [Typescript]

   1852 - Mundy, G. C. Our Antipodes. [Vol. II.]

   1852 - Peppercorne, F. S. Geological and Topographical Sketches of the Province of New Ulster [Vol. II.]

   1852 - Rough, David. Narrative of a Journey through Part of the North of New Zealand

   1852 - Rules and Regulations of the Constabulary Force of New Zealand

   1852 - Shaw, John. A Tramp to the Diggings [New Zealand sections only]

   1853 - Adams, C. W. A Spring in the Canterbury Settlement

   1853 - Collinson, T. B. Remarks on the Military Operations in New Zealand

   1853 - Earp, G. B. New Zealand: Its Emigration and Gold Fields

   1853? - Farewell Address of the Native Tribes in the Southern Province of New Zealand

   1853 - Grey, H. G. The Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell's Administration. [New Zealand chapters]

   1853 - New Zealand and its Six Colonies Historically and Geographically Described.

   1853 - Rochfort, J. The Adventures of a Surveyor in New Zealand... [Capper reprint, 1974]

   1853 - Savage, H. Circular to the President, and all the Members of the Canterbury Association

   1853 - Swainson, William. Auckland, the Capital of New Zealand

   1854 - Cholmondeley, T. Ultima Thule

   1854 - Drury, Byron. Revised Sailing Directions... for the Northern Part of the Colony of New Zealand

   1854 - Golder, W. The Pigeons' Parliament

   1854 - Grey, George. Ko nga Mahinga a nga Tupuna Maori.

   1854 - Grey, George. Memorandum upon a Letter addressed by Lord Lyttelton...

   1854 - Malone, R. E. Three Years' Cruise in the Australasian Colonies [NZ sections only]

   1854 - Richardson, J. The First Christian Martyr of the New Zealand Church

   1854 - Richardson, J. A Summer's Excursion in New Zealand

   1854 - Young, Robert. The Southern World [New Zealand sections only]

   1854 - Selfe, H. S. - The Accounts of the Canterbury Association, with Explanatory Remarks, in a Letter to Lord Lyttelton

   1855 - Davis, C. O. Maori Mementos...[and a] Collection of Laments...

   1855 - Davis, C. O. The Renowned Chief Kawiti and other New Zealand Warriors

   1855 - The Monthly Record of Church Missions in Connection with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel [New Zealand sections]

   1855 - Taylor, Richard. Te Ika a Maui

   1855 - Tucker, S. The Southern Cross and Southern Crown

   1856 - Beardsworth, C. A. C. An Epitome of the Geography of New Zealand

   1856 - Bonwick, J. Geography of Australia and New Zealand [New Zealand section only]

   1856 - Brown, A. N. Brief Memorials of an Only Son [2nd ed.]

   1856 - Busby, J. The First Settlers in New Zealand and their Treatment by the Government

   1856 - [Campbell, John Logan] Politics and Politicians Dissected

   1856 - Fitton, Edward. New Zealand: its Present Condition, Prospects and Resources

   1856 - New Zealand Pilot

[No EPUB]   1856 - The New Zealand Church Almanac, for the Year of Our Lord 1856

   1856 - Proposed Scheme of Education for the Province of Auckland

   1856 - Shortland, Edward. Traditions and Superstitions of the New Zealanders

   1856 - White, J. Maori Superstitions

   1856 - Wynyard, R. H. The following Brief Narrative... relating to my Career... in New Zealand, from 1851 to 1856

   1857 - Askew, J. A Voyage to Australia and New Zealand [New Zealand sections]

   1857 - Baker, A. New Zealand compared with Great Britain in its Physical and Social Aspects

   1857 - Busby, James. Colonies and Colonization.

   1857 - Busby, James. A letter to His Excellency Colonel Thomas Gore Browne

   1857 - Cooper, I. R. The New Zealand Settler's Guide

   1857 - DEwes, J. China, Australia and the Pacific Islands in the Years, 1855-56. [Chap VII only]

   1857 - Domestic Scenes in New Zealand. [First ed. was 1845]

   1857 - Hursthouse, C. New Zealand, or Zealandia, the Britain of the South [Vol.I.]

   1857 - Hursthouse, C. New Zealand, or Zealandia, the Britain of the South [Vol.II.]

   1857 - Nordhoff, C. Stories of the Island World [New Zealand chapter]

   1857 - Paul, R. B. Letters from Canterbury, New Zealand

   1858 - Batkin, C. New Plymouth the Seat of Government

   1858 - Marsden, J. B. Memoirs of the Life and Labours of the Rev. Samuel Marsden

   1858 - Moon, H. An Account of the Wreck of H.M. Sloop "Osprey"

   1858 - The New Zealand 'Emigrant's Bradshaw' : or, Guide to the 'Britain of the South'

   1858 - Puseley, Daniel. The Rise and Progress of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. [New Zealand Chapters Only]

   1858 - Shaw, D. D. A gallop to the Antipodes, Returning Overland through India [New Zealand sections only] [New Zealand Chapters Only]

   [1858] - Smith, S. P. An 1858 Journey into the Interior [Published 1953]

   1858 - Stones, W. New Zealand, (the Land of Promise) and its Resources

   1858 - Thomson, J. T. Sketch of the Province of Otago

   1859 - Busby, J. The Pre-emption Land Question

   1859 - Fenton, F. D. Observations on the State of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of New Zealand

   1859 - Fuller, F. Five Years' Residence in New Zealand

   1859 - Harding, I. Roman Catholicism: a Letter to Colonel Thomas Gore Browne

   1859 - Pompallier, J. B. F. Correspondence between His Excellency the Governor and the Right Rev. Bishop Pompallier

   1859 - Swainson, William. New Zealand and its Colonization

   1859 - Thomson, A. S. The Story of New Zealand [Vol.I]

   1859 - Thomson, A. S. The Story of New Zealand [Vol.II]

   1859 - "Uncle John" Hints to Colonists

   1859 - Willox, J. Willox's New Zealand Hand Book

   1859 - Wilson, E. Rambles at the Antipodes [Part only]

   1860 - Bell, F. D. Notes by the Governor on Sir William Martin's Pamphlet entitled The Taranaki Question

   1860 - Bennett, G. Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australasia [NZ chapter only]

   1860 - Buddle, T. The Maori King Movement in New Zealand

   1860 - Busby J. Illustrations of the System called Responsible Government

   1860 - Busby, J. Remarks upon a Pamphlet entitled 'The Taranaki Question...'

   1860 - Browne, E. H. The Case of the War in New Zealand

   1860 - Carrington, F. A. The Land Question of Taranaki

   1860 - Chapman's New Zealand Almanac

   1860 - Extracts from the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry, for the use of the New Zealand Militia

   1860 - Hadfield, O. One of England's Little Wars

   1860 - New Zealand: a Hand-book for Emigrants, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information regarding Auckland.

   1860 - Johnston, A. Notes on Maori Matters.

   1860 - Suggestions in Reference to Military Operations in New Zealand.

   1860 - Voices from Auckland

   1860 - Weld, F. A. Hints to Intending Sheep-Farmers in New Zealand

   1861 - Bunbury, T. Reminiscences of a Veteran [New Zealand chapters]

   1861 - Church Missionary Society. Memorial to His Grace, The Secretary of State for the Colonies...

   1861 - The Church Quarterly [Christchurch]

   1861 - Gilbert, T. New Zealand Settlers and Soldiers or The War in Taranaki

   1861 - Haast, J. von. Report of a Topographical and Geological Exploration of the Western Districts of the Nelson Province, New Zealand

   1861 - Hadfield, O. A Sequel to 'One of England's Little Wars'

   1861 - Hadfield, O. The New Zealand War: the Second Year of one of England's Little Wars

   1861 - Hawtrey, M. Justice to New Zealand, Honour to England

   1861 - Johnstone, J. C. The Maories and the Causes of the Present Anarchy in New Zealand

   1861 - Jones, S. Handbook to the Ferns of New Zealand

   1861 - Martin, W. Remarks on 'Notes published for the New Zealand Government'... and on Mr. Richmond's Memorandum on the Taranaki Question...

   1861 - Martin, W. The Taranaki Question. 3rd ed.

   1861 - The New Zealand War of 1860: an Inquiry into its Origin and Justice. 3rd ed.

   1861 - Paul, R. B. New Zealand As it Was and As it Is

   1861 - Whytlaw, M. New Zealand Flax

   1862 - Algar, F. Handbook to Otago and Southland

   1862 - [Gray, G. R.] A List of the Birds of New Zealand and the Adjacent Islands

   1862 - Grayling, W. I. The War in Taranaki, during the years 1860-1861

   1862 - Heaphy, Charles. A Visit to the Greenstone Country

   1862 - Maning, F. E. History of the War in the North of New Zealand

   1862 - Marjouram, W. Memorials of Sergeant William Marjouram

   1862 - Richardson, J. L. C. Sketch of Otago, New Zealand, as a Field of British Emigration.

   1862 - The Southern Provinces Almanac, Directory, and Yearbook for 1862

   1862 - Swainson, W. New Zealand and the War

   1862 - Voices from Auckland, New Zealand

   1862 - Ward, R. Lectures from New Zealand

   1863 - Alexander, J. Incidents of the Maori War

   1863 - Butler, S. A First Year in Canterbury Settlement.

   1863 - Carey, R. Narrative of the Late War in New Zealand

   1863 - Heaphy, C. New Zealand, Province of Auckland Government Loan

   1863 - Heywood, B. A. A Vacation Tour at the Antipodes [Chapters 3-5 and Appendix and NZ Map]

   1863? - von Hochstetter, F. Hochstetter's Atlas.

[No EPUB]   1863 - Hodder, Edwin. Memories of New Zealand Life. 2nd ed.

   1863 - Maning, Frederick. Old New Zealand

   1863 - Pasley, C. The War in New Zealand

   1863 - He Pukapuka Whakaatu i nga Tikanga a te Pakeha

   1863 - Scherzer, K. Narrative of the Circumnavigation... by the Austrian Frigate, Novara [Ch. XIX]

   1863 - Settler. The Waikato and Ngaruawahia, the Proposed New Capital of New Zealand

   1863 - Silver's Guide to Australasia [New Zealand sections only]

   1863 - Speed the Plough: or, the Colonial and New Zealand Farmers' Guide

   1863 - Stones, W. New Zealand, the Land of Promise, and its Resources

   1863 - Wakefield, E. J. What will they do in the General Assembly?

   1863 - Ward, Crosbie. Letter to the Rt. Hon. the Lord Lyttelton

   1863 - Warren, J. The Christian Mission to the Aborigines of New Zealand

   1863 - Williams, H. The Fall of Kororareka in 1845 [Photocopy]

   1864 - Gorst, J.E. The Maori king

   1864 - Haast, Julius von. Report on the Formation of the Canterbury Plains

   1864 - von Hochstetter, Ferdinand. The Geology of New Zealand

   1864 - Muter, E. Travels and Adventures of an Officer's Wife in India, China and New Zealand. [NZ Sections only]

   1864 - Partridge, C. Calumny Refuted, the Colonists Vindicated...

   1864 - Sewell, H. The New Zealand Rebellion

   1864 - The New Zealand Government and the Maori War of 1863-64.

   1864 - Te Iho-o-te-rangi, Raniera. Enei Korero na Raniera Te Ihooterangi

   1865 - Alexander, J. Notes on the Maories of New Zealand

   1865 - Browne, J. A. England's Artillerymen [New Zealand chapter only]

   1865 - Buller, W. Essay on the Ornithology of New Zealand

   1865 - The Case of New Zealand

   1865 - Crawford, James C. Essay on the Geology of the North Island of New Zealand

   1865 - Davis, R. A Memoir of the Rev. Richard Davis

   1865 - Howitt, W. The History of Discovery in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand [New Zealand sections]

   1865 - The Murder of the Rev. C. S. Volkner, in New Zealand

   1865 - Ludlam, A. Essay on the Cultivation and Acclimatization of Trees and Plants

   1865 - Old Colonist. The Middle Island, New Zealand

   1865 - Powditch, W. Observations on the Harbour of Auckland

   1865 - Puna, Aterea. Letters on the Present State of Maori Affairs

   1865 - Remarks on the Credit of New Zealand and the Honour of Great Britain

   1865 - Shortland, E. A Short Sketch of the Maori Races.

   1865 - Vogel, J. Great Britain and her Colonies

   1866 - Angas, G. F. Polynesia [Selected chapters relating to NZ]

   1866 - Busby, J. Our Colonial Empire and the Case of New Zealand

   1866 - A Campaign on the West Coast of New Zealand

   1866 - Carter, C. R. Life and Recollections of a New Zealand Colonist Vol. II . [New Zealand sections only]

   1866 - Catalogue of Books recently added to the Library of the Provincial Council, Auckland, New Zealand.

   1866 - Clark, A. A Sketch of the Colony of New Zealand

   1866 - A Clergyman. Australia in 1866... with Notices of New Zealand [New Zealand pages only]

   1866 - Fox, W. The War in New Zealand

   1866 - Haast, Julius von. Report on the Headwaters of the River Rakaia

   1866 - Hector, J. First General Report on the Coal Deposits of New Zealand

   1866 - Henderson, G. Otago and the Middle Island of New Zealand

   1866 - Hunt, F. Twenty-five Years' Experience in New Zealand and the Chatham Islands

   1866 - [Luckie, D. M.] Illustrated Narrative of the Dreadful Murders on the Maungatapu Mountain

   1866-1869 - Maunsell, G. Letters to the Church Missionary Society

   1866 - Mitchell and Seffern's Directory of the City and Suburbs of Auckland, for 1866-7.

   1866 - New Zealand Exhibition, 1865

   1866 - The New Zealand Handbook (11th ed.)

   1866 - Thiercelin, Louis. Journal d'un Baleinier [NZ sections]

   1867 - Algar, F. A Hand-book to Auckland

   [1867] - Cooper, T. A Digger's Diary at the Thames, 1867 [Hocken 1978]

   1867 - Hay, David. The Management of the Kitchen Garden

   1867? - Hutton, F. W. Geological report on the Lower Waikato District

   1867 - Mercer, A. H. H. The late Captain Henry Mercer, of the Royal Artillery: who was killed... at the Battle of Rangiriri

   1867 - Moillet, J. K. The Mary Ira

   1867 - An Old Beekeeper. How to Manage the Honey Bee in New Zealand

   1867 - Stevens and Bartholomew's New Zealand directory for 1866-67

   1867 - Taylor, R. The Age of New Zealand

   1867 - Taylor, R. Our Race and its Origin.

   1867 - Thomson, J. T. Rambles with a Philosopher

   1867? - Thomson, Mrs. Twelve Years in Canterbury New Zealand

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   1867 - von Hochstetter, Ferdinand. New Zealand

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   1868 - Haynes, S. L. A Ramble in the New Zealand Bush

   1868 - Hector, J. Abstract Report on the Progress of the Geological Survey of New Zealand during 1866-67

   1868 - The History of Local Government in New Zealand

   1868? - Hursthouse, C. 'New Zealand Wars': a Letter to the Times

   1868 - Johnston, A. A handy Book for the Coroners of New Zealand

   1868 - Liverpool, C. Foljambe, Earl of. Three Years on the Australian Station

   1868 - Lindsay, W. Contributions to New Zealand Botany

   1868 - Melvin, J. On the Causes which seem to have led to the Extinction of the New Zealand Moa

   1868 - Pyke, V. The Province of Otago in New Zealand

   1868 - Richardson, J. L. C. Our Constitutional History

   1868 - Sadler, W. E. Free Trade in New Zealand

   1868 - Saunders, Alfred. New Zealand: its Climate, Soil, Natural and Artificial Productions...

   1868 - Taylor, Richard. The Past and Present of New Zealand.

   1868 - The Thames Miners Guide

   1868 - Williams, T. C. New Zealand, the Manawatu Purchase Completed

   1868 - Wylde, J. A Geography and History of New Zealand

   1869 - Bowden, T. A. Manual of New Zealand Geography

   1869 - Browne, D. A Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Taranaki and of the District of Wanganui

   1869 - Buller, James. The Maori War: a Lecture

   1869 - Hawthorne, J. A Dark Chapter from New Zealand History. [Capper reprint 1974]

   1869 - Martin, Ann. He Pukapuka Whakaatu Tikanga mo nga Rongoa mo nga Kai

   1869 - May, J. Guide to Farming in New Zealand.

   1869 - McDonnell, Thomas. An Explanation of the Principal Causes which led to the Present War on the West Coast of New Zealand.

   1869 - Mr. J. C. Firth's Conference with Tamati Ngapora and the King Natives at Orahiri

   1869 - The Native Minister's Interview with Tamati Ngapora, Rewi, and other Leading Chiefs of Waikato

   1869 - Sewell, Henry. The Case of New Zealand and our Colonial Policy

   1869 - The Taranaki Almanac and Directory.

   1869 - Waite, Reuben. A Narrative of the Discovery of the West Coast Gold-fields

   1869 - Wakefield, E. Jerningham. True Self-Reliance

   1869 - Young, H. W. Hints on House Defence, Blockhouses and Redoubts

1870 [No ePUB version]- Catalogue of the Colonial Museum, Wellington, New Zealand.

   1870 - Fitzgerald, J. The Self-reliant Policy in New Zealand

   1870 - Frere, A. The Antipodes and Round the World [New Zealand chapters]

   1870 - Grey, G. Polynesian Ethnology.

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